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The Target List: Javy Baez And Adjusting Back

It’s pretty rare when a player like Javier Baez comes around. Potential and ceiling are words that inspire all sorts of fun feelings when applying them to the talented middle infielder. In 2014 those words lost their luster as Baez traversed a difficult season bookended by bouts of extreme failure and disappointment, hurling Baez into... Read more »

The Target List - Chicago Baseball Foods

The Target List - Chicago Baseball Foods
Chicago Baseball Foods My first exposures to baseball came at a young age when my desires and urges were more primal in nature. Food, drink, and the occasional shiny object sustained me well into elementary school. Those three ingredients are ingrained in me as I seek those three things out when enjoying live baseball as... Read more »

The Target List: ARod, Chuck and Spring Training

ARod  There’s a phrase I hang onto from back in the Barrold Bonds days, “We know about Barry but if it turns out A Rod is unclean it’ll be a dark, dark time for baseball.” The author has faded from memory as the line was poignantly delivered around a dark pool table right around whiskey... Read more »

The Target List - JRW Thoughts, Campana Feels and Hamels

The Target List - JRW Thoughts, Campana Feels and Hamels
#HotTakes “First, let’s start with this: Of course the Evergreen Park team is dirty when it comes to residency. All the teams are to be honest. — Mikki Kendall (@Karnythia) February 12, 2015 The last thing you need at this point is another Jackie Robinson West #hottake and the second-to-last thing you need at this... Read more »

The Target List: Baseball Draws Near and James Shields Thoughts

It was 40 and sunny on Saturday which under any normal type of circumstances wouldn’t qualify as a feel-good warm day. This is Chicago however and the years of brutal winters have created enough scar tissue for me to enjoy the occasional February “heat wave”. It’s not terribly unlike Stockholm syndrome. I digress. Yes, it... Read more »