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Spraying to all fields

Michael Sam and baseball Ken Rosenthal asked seven baseball executives about potentially signing an openly gay baseball player. All seven responded on the record that they would indeed sign a player who was open about his sexuality. Theo Epstein was one of the execs who backed the idea of signing an openly gay player which... Read more »

Cubs Den Live Chat 3/24

Cubs vs. Sox Chat


Live Chat during Cubs-Sox game at 2 pm today

Live Chat during Cubs-Sox game at 2 pm today
This is just a reminder that I’ll be chatting live today during the Cubs-Sox game.  Follow along, join the discussion, share frustrations and celebrations, and ask whatever question is on your mind.  If you have access to WGN, it’s a Cub fan’s alternative to Hawk Harrelson’s homerism!  If you don’t have access, follow along with... Read more »

Chat postponed until Friday

Some last minute changes to my schedule for today will leave me unavailable to hold a chat. To make up for it, I’ll be chatting on Friday for the first televised exhibition game in which the Cubs will play the White Sox. Don’t want to listen to Hawk Harrelson wax nostalgia? Then turn the sound... Read more »

Cubs Den Live Chat

Cubs Den – Spring Training Live Chat