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John Arguello, Founder/Editor In Chief

Arguello has been a Cubs fan for as long as he can remember.

As a kid he heard stories about Ernie Banks, Fergie Jenkins, and Billy Williams as well as the Milt Pappas perfect game that "shoulda been". That's what made him love the Cubs.

It also helped that the crosstown rival White Sox were on Channel 44 and, no matter how he adjusted the rabbit ears on my 1970's black and white Zenith TV, he couldn't get anything but a gloomy picture of Comiskey Park and those odd uniforms...were they really wearing shorts or did the antenna need to adjusting again?

Anyway, great stories and a clear reception is as good a reason as any to become a fan. And a century of"wait 'til next year" has yet to change his mind.

Also writes on prospects for 2080 Baseball and founder of Appraising Arizona.

For any feedback, comments, or suggestions, you can contact John below.

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Dan Travis, Feature Writer/Rumor Thread

Father, writer, fountain of useless information, Cubs Season Ticket Holder/Glutton for Punishment. Occasional contributor at Cubs Den.

Twitter: @riley_daddy


Gunther Dabynsky,  Lead Recap Writer/Analyst

Fringe average parent, replacement level teacher, prospect hipster, also an occasional blogger at World Series Dreaming/Cubs Insider.

David Ross is my spirit guide

Twitter: @dabynsky


Myles Phelps, Recap Writer/Analyst

Myles has lived in more places than you. At least probably. California, Texas, St. Louis (boo), New York, back to Texas, to Illinois.

Through it all, he's always maintained his loyalty to the Chicago Cubs. Check out pictures of him as a kid at his mom's house. He'll have a Cubs hat on in most of them. Actually, don't do that. You'll freak out Mama Phelps. Just take our word for it, you creep.

With a girlfriend named Jordan, a cat named Bubba, and a dog named Bunk (shout out to "The Wire" enthusiasts), Myles lives on the Northside of Chicago. A graduate of DePaul University, he majored in Political Science and minored in Philosophy thinking he was going to make a difference in the world. Now he just writes about the Cubs. Whoops.

Before he had season tickets of his own, as a child, Myles used to attend Wrigley with his great-grandpa, grandma, and parents. That's 4 generations of Cubs fans in one place. Sprinkle a little Sammy Sosa home run action and you have a little kid hooked. Since then, he's followed his favorite team religiously through good and bad. That's a common Cubs cliche, but just trust that he's sincere and not a wiener.

Jared Wyllys, Recap Writer/Analyst

Jared grew up in a remote corner of Michigan reading box scores all summer, every summer, and relishing the times when the Cubs were on WGN on his cable-less television in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Now, he lives in the outer suburbs of Chicago with his wife and four young children who he enjoys sharing his love of baseball and the Cubs with. When he's not doing that, he teaches 9th grade English and reads baseball history.


Twitter: @jwyllys


Sam Fels, Feature Writer

Sam is the editor of and, in pursuit of being the best alcoholic, sports photoshopper and ranter on the internet.

Twitter: @cubsivydrip @realfansprogram

Michael Ernst, Minor League Contributor 

Suburban Chicago native and Cubs fan for life. I’m too young to remember 1984, but the Boys of Zimmer made a young boy cry. I was old enough by 1998 to understand they were lucky just to get there, and mature enough by the Hendry years to cope with the heartbreak.
I devote more time to watching minor league baseball then a single thirty-something should.

Sean Holland, Recap Contributor

Sean was born and lives in Billings, Montana. He is a 4th generation Cubs fan. Going all the way back to when his great grandfather lived in Chicago. Having a degree in history he enjoys bringing the historical perspective to baseball. Also the history of the Simpsons is a particular area of expertise. Sean usually attends Cubs games in Denver every year he can.

Twitter: @sth85

Tom Loxas, Writer/Analyst

Twitter: @TomLoxas

Mike Moody, Editor

Mike is currently on sabbatical as he pursues his PhD at Vanderbilt, but we expect him back sometime in 2016 after a few simulated articles and a rehab piece at AA Tennessee.