The Den Podcast - Ep 43: Jared Wyllys, NL Central Champs, and Who are the Marlins?

Jared joined Myles to chat about the Cubs chances in the postseason. Plus who the hell are these Marlins?

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    Who are the Marlins? A team that has never lost a playoff series.

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    Wow! It's not like when John was in charge.

  • No it's not. No one could replace him. I believe he does look down and appreciates all the work the guys have done to keep the blog with quaility writing.

  • In reply to HJW49:

    Still the best Cub site going, even with the ad infestation.

  • In reply to Wickdipper:

    Thanks. Wish I could do something about the ads, but not our call, that's ChicagoNow.

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