Cubs Game Post 8/9


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Friday: 6:10 PM CT on NBC Sports Chicago/670AM



1. Jason Heyward (L) CF
3. Kris Bryant (R) 3B
4. Anthony Rizzo (L) 1B
5. Javier Baez (R) SS
6. Ian Happ (S) 2B
7. Kyle Schwarber (L) LF
9. Yu Darvish (R) P
1. Jesse Winker (L) LF
2. Joey Votto (L) 1B
3. Eugenio Suarez (R) 3B
4. Josh VanMeter (L) 2B
6. Nick Senzel (R) CF
8. Jose Peraza (R) SS
9. Trevor Bauer (R) P
Bullpen Usage

Lineups and Bullpen Usage via Baseball Press.

Opposing pitcher

Scouting Reports from Brooks Baseball.

Trevor Bauer: Trevor Bauer has thrown 18,749 pitches that have been tracked by the PITCHf/x system between 2012 and 2019, including pitches thrown in the MLB Regular Season, the MLB Postseason and Spring Training. In 2019, he has relied primarily on his Fourseam Fastball (95mph) and Curve (79mph), also mixing in a Slider (80mph), Cutter (85mph) and Change (86mph). He also rarely throws a Sinker (95mph).

His fourseam fastball generates more whiffs/swing compared to other pitchers' fourseamers and has slightly above average velo. His curve has an exceptional bite and is a real worm killer that generates an extreme number of groundballs compared to other pitchers' curves. His slider comes in below hitting speed, sweeps across the zone, has exceptional depth, generates more whiffs/swing compared to other pitchers' sliders and results in somewhat more flyballs compared to other pitchers' sliders. His cutter generates an extremely high number of swings & misses compared to other pitchers' cutters, has heavy sink, has extreme cut action, has below average velo and results in somewhat more flyballs compared to other pitchers' cutters. His change is slightly firmer than usual and has slight armside fade. His sinker generates a high number of swings & misses compared to other pitchers' sinkers, has well above average velo, results in somewhat more flyballs compared to other pitchers' sinkers and has slight armside run.

Sean's Note: The controversial Bauer got shipped out of Cleveland when they got tired of his act. He had a tremendous season in 2018 with a 2.21 ERA. He gets a ton of whiffs with his off speed stuff, striking out 27% of batters. His homer total has risen dramatically this season with 22 allowed after just 9 all of last year. Fun fact, the Cubs actually beat Bauer twice in the 2016 World Series which they would win.

Final Thoughts: Despite a bad outing from Cole Hamels, the Cubs pounded out 12 runs to blow out the Reds. Nicholas Castellanos continued to tear the cover off the ball with two homers and a single. Ian Happ had a homer and four more RBI's, giving him eight the last two days. Yu Darvish has seen his control drastically improve the last couple of months. He looks to give Chicago a bit more length than his teammate Hamels did Thursday.


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    Joe is staying pretty consistent with this lineup as well he should. We've been hitting well since on Aug 1 when we were shut out by StL. Since then we've scored 6,4,7,6,4,10 and 12 runs. That also corresponds to when Nicky 2 Bags came to the Cubs and starting batting 2nd. No reason we can't continue this run although Bauer is a good pitcher, but we have a good club too.
    Big wheel keep on turnin'
    Proud Mary keep on burnin' Yes!!

  • Kyle Ryan to the bereavement list I wonder if Maddon knew about that ahead of time. I admit I didn't say anything last night but I was a little confused on why in the heck Maddon used Ryan for over 2 innings in a blowout. Sounds like Maddon had information us fans didn't, and that's a good example of how the fans don't have the information the manager has when it comes to the roster.

  • In reply to kkhiavi:

    Good point. I saw people having twitter meltdowns last night for bringing Ryan into the game. Things we don't know...

  • In reply to BarleyPop:

    Maybe all the fans who rip Maddon's managing would think otherwise if they knew what he knows before making his moves. Oh who am I kidding, they will still say he is doing a terrible job.

  • In reply to John57:

    In fairness, any manager is always a hot topic of conversation among the fan base. Almost all of them have this in common - they were hired, and then they were fired - even the "legendary" managers. I don't mind differing opinions, they make the world go 'round. What I don't like are the deep psychological dives (from not-deep pseudo-psychologists) that blame his ego or "what he thinks" for decisions they don't like.

  • Bauer worries me but we have Darvish who's been lights out and a resurgent lineup so here we go. Go Cubs!

  • I've been on a decent roll with my predictions lately, so we'll keep Rollin', Rollin', Rollin' (honestly that song started a free-for-all bar fight back in 2009, and I said in the middle of it I ain't never fought no dude wearing cashmere socks, but that's another story):

    We have to beat Bauer, and we can. Bauer is misunderstood, and takes a lot of heat because he is of the "wrong" persuasion, but he is fascinating. He's a little out there, but that's pretty typical for a genius. That guy knows pitching, and I've been following him a bit. He reminds me so much of Maddux in his understanding of the craft, though the methods of public delivery couldn't be more different.

    What do you think? Two more 2B for Nicky 2bags? Javy doing Javy things? Yu with an outing on the road to make us wonder if tonight was his best Cubs performance to date? All of the above, and then some? Yes, yes, yes, and Oh yes!

    Go Cubs!

  • In reply to BarleyPop:

    Bauer is a bit of a head case too at times and I think this zip code change is still affecting him.....hopefully at least until Sunday :)
    Would you consider a series split now as a loss? After winning the first game of a 4 gamer you would almost have to....yet if our lead is 5 by Sunday night? We’ll see.
    Let’s get ‘em! One atta time.

  • In reply to Wickdipper:

    I predicted sweeping the Crew and the A's at home, splitting this series in Cincy, and then offering dire warnings (though no numbers) on our swing through Pennsylvania. I'm close so far, and I'm encouraged enough by our re-tooled lineup to have higher hopes for this 10-game trip. 6-4 would make me giddy.

  • Good to see Happ back in the starting lineup. I'd like too someone given a real opportunity to take the job.

    We call him Ian.

  • fb_avatar

    When we started our road trip I said I would consider it a success if we came back up by 4 games. I was wrong then but we're up by 3.5 now and I don't see us slipping back.
    So far another second half Maddon winning streak as we've seen before. For some reason he does all these different lineups and position changes and he must be sorting everything out because in the second half he puts the puzzle together and it fits.
    Go Cubs!!

  • In reply to Jonathan Friedman:

    His lineups nearly always stabilize in early August. The bonus this year is that Heyward’s performance has allowed him to take the leadoff role which has been the most difficult piece since 2016. I figured that it would have to be Bryant eventually but I’m glad it worked out differently

  • In reply to Jonathan Friedman:

    Sorry but I can't resist. Joe's second half winning streak has more to do with the FO additions than Joe's lineups and pitching changes although he has been settling down with his pitching changes, etc.

    BTW, no one is perfect and that includes Joe so it stands to reason that their will be plenty of people questioning some of his moves.

  • In reply to clarkAddson:


  • If anyone is on the twitters, I floated an idea of #Nicky2bags. Seriously, I'm not into this stuff, but if anyone else is, run with it. #Nicky2bags @CubsDen.

  • In reply to BarleyPop:

    Is "the twitters" on the interwebs?

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Cliff1969:

    Can I use the google machine to find it?

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to BarleyPop:

    I don't know if we can give ourselves our own nicknames, but mine is
    Jonny on the couch. It somehow fits.
    Today is my 4th anniversary and we have 22 yrs together. How about a win for my special day.
    Someday BP I think we'd all like to hear about your "colorful" life and the Rollin Rollin situation. I know it won't be Cubs related but you could write a book, I'm sure.
    Now let's score some runs!!

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Jonathan Friedman:

    Actually I am Jonny the Couch. my mistake.

  • In reply to Jonathan Friedman:

    One of my all-time favorite songs:

    "Now some men like a fishin.'
    But some men like the fowlin'.
    Some men like to hear,
    To hear the cannonball roarin'.
    Me, I like sleepin',
    'Specially in my Molly's chamber."

    I have written a couple books, one titled "Pilbean: Tales of a Broke American Gypsy", but I self-published and didn't sell a lot.

    One of these days.

    Like you said, Go Cubs!

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    2 bags went 4 bags. What a great pickup.

  • How about Nicky4bags?

  • fb_avatar

    In KB's last 7 games he's hit 1 HR and 4 RBI. His last 15 games he has 2 HR and 8 RBI. He can look so good, and then for extended periods he can look so bad swing at that outside slider that's a foot into the next batter's box. I know he goes on runs, and for all the criticism I think he still has the highest OBS on the club.

  • In reply to Jonathan Friedman:

    A stretch of 15 games with 2 HRs and 8 RBI's - as being your 'cold stretch', I think, is not a terrible streak.

  • In reply to Jonathan Friedman:

    Rizzo leads him going into the game in OBP and Bryant leads in OPS. not sure who leads in OBS.:):):)

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    In reply to stix:

    another mistake!!

  • 10 pitches three strike outs for Yu.

  • Zobrist a leadoff home fun for myrtle beach. His 2nd straight game with a home run. His return will further lengthen a positional player group that keeps getting deeper after some early bench struggles

  • Is Yu Darvish a head case ? He shakes off his catcher in the second on a two strike count and gives up a double. Next guy up hits a homer. Anybody watching the game last night knew you didn't have to throw the kid in right field a strike to get him out. Unbelievable !

  • In reply to ronvet69:

    Pitch backed up on the HR. Sometimes those things happen.

  • In reply to ronvet69:

    It never ceases to amaze me how darvish gets bashed practically every time he gives up a run on this site even now during an impressive run. I know he’s left scars on all of us but he’s going to give up some runs sometimes not every run he gives up is because of his head. That kids been crushing the ball this entire series that isn’t solely on darvish the cubs clearly haven’t figured out how to pitch to him, and sometimes guys are confident at the plate. Frankly that’s a juiced ball home run too.

    I don’t mean to just pick on you but guys aren’t gonna be perfect every game. Darvishs Offense rarely gives him much help lately, and he can’t control if this lineup can’t score off Bauer with a runner on 3rd no outs. I think in general cubs fans are incredibly impatient with darvish, but the facts are he’s been pitching really well for an extended period of time and has only given up 2 hits even tonight

  • In reply to kkhiavi:

    Agreed. He's given up 25 HR this year, Justin Verlander has given up 29. It happens.

  • In reply to kkhiavi:

    I think part of the issue is that he averaged a HR a start. If he’d make the other team hit rather than allow as many HR he might not give up as many runs and not get as much grief.

  • In reply to stix:

    I’m not so much saying that he doesn’t have issues that he has to clean up that’s fair to say. What’s unfair to say is that every time he gives up a run he’s a headcase, or really just how he can’t even give up runs anymore without heavy negativity. Even last start he got several negative comments after giving up 1 run, which was all he’d allow. From a pitching standpoint he’s cleaned up the walls which obviously was the most important issue to clean up. Now he needs to clean up the home run issue. But frankly if he cleaned up the home run and walk issues then he’d practically be unbeatable. We can’t expect these guys to be perfect, but I’d be very satisfied if he pitches like he has been recently. Even today you can argue his line run-wise is a little misleading, as they barely have any hits and the K to walk ratio is stellar.

  • In reply to stix:

    Frankly too would any of our starters be winning this game with the way Bauer is mowing down this new look cubs offense

  • In reply to kkhiavi:

    I didn’t say he was pitching poorly, I was just trying to explain why others may take issue withYU. He’s been very good since June and pretty good tonight. Three runs the last two games would have been awesome.

  • fb_avatar

    Nicky4bags would hit 35-40 dingers over 162 playing for the Cubs.

  • Honestly I get this poor offensive outing is gonna dampen cubs fans recent enthusiasm. But sometimes like that game against jack Flaherty you just gotta tip your cap to the pitcher. When I watched Bauer strike out all those guys after castellanos 1st inning home run I said to a friend right away that he’s absolutely locked in with his pitch command tonight. These are the types of guys you need to be able to scratch away runs on during the playoffs, but Bauer is still pitching outstanding tonight. Tip of the cap to him

  • More annoying......the Brennaman’s or the Buck’s?

  • In reply to Wickdipper:

    Are newly minted, entitled Cubs' fans an option?

  • In reply to BarleyPop:

    How many years back are considered newly minted?

  • In reply to stix:

    For this discussion I would put the mark at 2015, when everyone knew we would be good. Of course I'm bellyaching about us losers who have dealt with this disappointment for decades.

  • In reply to BarleyPop:

    Thought that would be close to your answer.

  • fb_avatar

    Javy, Happ, and Schwarber have killed us tonight. So many opportunities created by Bryzzo that have died in that part of the order.

  • In reply to John Winter:

    Yeah I agree, I say release them all for not coming through in the clutch against a pitcher who was dealing tonight for one game.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to 2016 Cubs:

    Bauer wasn’t in there in the 8th with bases loaded, no outs. Anyway, did I say they should be released? I was just pointing out they had one terrible game, which they did.

  • This team again? arrrgh.

    12 strikeouts already?

    1st and 3rd, no outs in the 3rd and no runs
    1st and 2nd, 1 out in the 6th and no runs
    based loaded in the 8th, no outs and not a ball out of the infield.

    Maybe something clicks in the ninth.

  • In reply to Gunga:


  • Well that sucked.

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