Burn the Tape--Reds 10 Cubs 1

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Sonny Gray was really good. Kyle Hendricks was not. That about sums up this one.

The Cubs offense was held in check by Gray for six innings. Cubs hitters managed two hits against the Reds righty with reverse splits in that time. Both hits came from left handed pinch hitters in the fifth and sixth frames. The Cubs put a runner in scoring position in each of those innings with a walk as well, but it was all for naught. The Cubs never put the tying run in scoring position and it was a game that was over early.

The Reds offense went to work right away against Kyle Hendricks pitching more like a TA than the Professor in the first inning. Joey Votto hit a ball into center field which bounced off of Albert Almora Jr.'s glove for a one out double to start the onslaught. Eugenio Suárez hit an easy flyball which Almora actually caught. Josh VanMeter received a generous ball call on the first pitch. The curveball crossed up Jonathan Lucroy who wasn't able to frame the pitch and a clear strike was called a ball. The extra pitch loomed large when VanMeter doubled on a 2-2 pitch to drive in the Reds first run. VanMeter must have felt bad about the break because he inexplicably took off for third with two outs and was easily picked off by Hendricks for the final out.

Aristides Aquino and Nick Senzel hit back to back homers to start the second inning. Tucker Barnhart and José Peraza hit back to back singles as the bottom of the Reds order absolutely wore out Cubs pitching all evening. Sonny Gray sacrificed the pair into scoring position. Hendricks struck out Jesse Winker and Joey Votto to give some hope that he might settle in.

Those hopes were dashed completely as Hendricks wasn't able to record the final out in the third inning. The Professor retired Suárez and VanMeter to start the frame. Cubs pitchers were still throwing strikes to Aquino for some reason and he launched his second homer of the game. Nick Senzel hit what should have been a routine single, but the only Cub in the running for having a worse night than Hendricks was Albert Almora who misplayed the ball allowing Senzel to reach second. Barnhart singled to extend the Reds lead to 5-0. Peraza hit a ground rule double next, proving that it was just going to be one of those nights Sonny Gray bounced a ball out of reach of Ian Happ to drive in another pair of runs. Jesse Winker doubled to end Kyle Hendricks worst start as a big leaguer.

Dillon Maples recorded the final out of the third inning, and he was the first Cub reliever to get a chance to put a goose egg on the board. Suárez hit a homer to lead off the fourth to dash that hope. And then Aquino hit another mammoth blast to put the Reds up 9-0.

Alec Mills was able to put a zero on the board in the fifth inning. It wasn't exactly clean though with a two out free pass issued to Jesse Winker. Votto hit it to deep center, but Almora was able to grab it for the final out. Kyle Farmer crushed a ball to start the bottom of the sixth to make sure that no Cubs pitcher felt good. Mills was the first Cubs pitcher to decide issuing a free pass with a base open to Aquino was a smart strategy. Unfortunately that decision came with the Cubs down by double digits. Mills loaded the bases with two outs with another walk and a hit by pitch. David Bell had reliever Sal Romano ground out to end the inning in a bit of a sportsmanship.

The Cubs put traffic on the bases against Romano in his two innings of work, but were unable to salvage any dignity with a late inning rally for a few runs. Mills pitched the Cubs only 1-2-3 inning in the eighth inning to save the bullpen. Kyle Schwarber hit a bomb to lead off the ninth to prevent the Cubs from being shutout for a fifth time, but Romano completed the three inning save.

Random Reference

This was my expression the second time the Cubs decided it would be smart to throw anything near the zone to Aquino.


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  • Road Woe-rriers.

  • In reply to Cubs09:

    Nice call. We have gotten pounded in this series. We are supposedly the team with power and we have been thoroughly out classed. Gotta keep the ball in the park. Change hitters eye levels and start missing to the corners not in the center of the plate.

    Good thing it is 1 of 162. Get em tomorrow and get out of town with a split.

  • In reply to Cubs09:

    "Warriors... come out to play.
    Warriors... come out to play!"

    We're gonna have to win at least one in Atlanta to win at least one in LA so that we can win at least one in Houston.

    We need to figure this out.

  • In reply to BarleyPop:

    They're gonna have to win more than one on the road before then, or they may not even get to Atlanta or LA.

  • I know Jonathan is closing the diner early tonight, and I can't blame him.

    But it's on the table,
    The fire's cooking.
    And they're farming babies,
    The slaves are all working."

  • I know I have said it before, but the 2019 Cubs team, if it makes the postseason, will be a weak sister.

    The window of opportunity grows shorter and this team does not inspire confidence.

    I am afraid to admit it, but they play a boring brand of baseball, much too dependent on the long ball. Maybe its just me, but they just do not appeal to my sensibilities.

  • In reply to brownjay:

    That's fine, to each their own. We have flaws and aren't on a path of complete domination and destruction. Baseball is hard, there are a multitude of other teams trying to beat us, and that's the way I've always remembered it. If it was easy, IMO, it wouldn't be as enjoyable.

    For the past century-plus we were an afterthought in postseason play. I've told my story of religiously reading the baseball box scores every single day in the local newspaper, but never even glancing at the standings listed right above. No need to, we are the Cubs. We're not in this.

    Now we are on an annual basis. I love it.
    We have flaws and something to discuss as we prepare for our postseason run. I repeat, our annual postseason run.

    I expect us to lose at some point this season. It is so very rare to win it all, especially if you're a Cubs fan. But I take solace in the fact my hope will end sometime in mid-October rather than the customary mid-April.

  • With Aquino and Bauer, Cincinnati is clearly a better team than the Cubs. The Cubs will finish ahead of them this year, but their acquisitions and young players make for a difficult opponent. The Reds are now the best team, talent wise in the division. Bullpen isn’t deep but, Iglesias, Garrett and Lorenzen are tough. Would not want to play them in a one game playoff.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Swarf:

    Aquino is the same age as Happ and Almora, and Bryant and Schwarbs are only 2 years older. The oldest starters we have are Heyward and Rizzo and they just turned 30 this week. We have a young team, but for some reason we've turned away from what won us a championship. Theo wanted low SO and high OBP. We're in the top 5 or 6 in OBP but among the worst in SO. That's what's changed. Our batters want to hit the long ones but even though some have patience how many swing on the first pitch? Sure it's cool when Schwarbs or JHey swing on the first pitch and hit it out, but to win games we have to take pitches until we like one and that also makes their pitchers throw more--it works, we've proved it. We have the talent and the youth, but our pitching is unreliable. We go in waves and that might be barely enough in the regular season it won't be good enough against LA or Houston or NY.
    We have a 1/3 of the season to figure it out. That's all.

  • In reply to Jonathan Friedman:

    What if the first pitch is the best pitch the batter is going to see. Like a get me ahead fastball down the middle with ducks on the pond? I see Cubs hitters take that pitch all the time.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to 44slug:

    I don't have an answer to that but I've seen good hitters take the first pitch even if it is down the middle, especially lead off men. I'm not advocating to always take the first pitch, just take more and make the pitcher work harder.

  • In reply to Jonathan Friedman:

    I agree, but with runners in scoring position I'd like to see a more aggressive approach. Ready to do damage if the pitch catches the the big part of the plate, but what do I know. The Cubs don't seem to be to effective with risp.

  • Solar with his 33rd homerun, and Montgomery going 7 scoreless while striking out 12............even though it was against Detroit.......

  • Could somebody please walk Aquino? I know the man has talent, but do we even HAVE a "book" on the guy, or do Cubs pitchers just heave it and hope? Did he come from some league where the Cubs have no scouts, like Mars?

  • In reply to Cliff1969:

    Joe doesn't do intentional walks much. Could be pitcher command thing.

  • Jon has looked pretty wore down lately but I don’t fault him for it, hopefully he can give a decent outing. You can’t get a runner on 3rd with no out and he doesn’t score.....that has to change so the offense needs to show up. They really shouldn’t be losing to this team.....

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