Spring Training Notes 3/8

Jen-Ho Tseng

Jen-Ho Tseng

  • AZ Phil, staying on top of all the pertinent contract details as usual, brought up a couple of topics in the comment section of TCR that are worth highlighting. Next Wednesday (3/13) is the deadline to release a player signed to a non-guaranteed contract in order to minimize their termination pay. He brings up Xavier Cedeno, and more importantly Jen-Ho Tseng as candidates to watch. I detailed on Twitter yesterday the squeeze that is bound to occur at Iowa to begin the year, and I fail to see a way Tseng still fits into the team's future plans:

  • There is some other interesting tidbits in AZ Phil's breakdown regarding the contract situations for the bullpen so I highly recommend taking a few minutes to give it a gander.
  • In on-field news, Dillon Maples made his fourth spring appearance without a walk yesterday, and Dakota Mekkes hurled his fourth scoreless inning (one hit allowed). Nico Hoerner got his first start of the spring and promptly went 3-3 with a triple, run scored and another batted in.

  • And Jon Lester gave up another couple of home runs. I'm not saying we need to panic about Lester, but here is something to file in the back of your mind regarding the 35-year old hurler:

  • Crane Kenney spoke on 670 The Score in broad terms regarding the rollout of Marquee Network next spring. They have been meeting with cable carriers recently in an effort to prevent a disaster like the Dodgers have experienced in Los Angeles, where huge swaths of cable subscribers are unable to get the channel depending on their carrier. I remain skeptical this is going to be a smooth transition, but we'll see.
  • In more tangible news, the Cubs will be kicking off a YouTube channel on Monday, and Kenney noted that they do have plans to integrate with YouTube and other non-traditional outlets for Marquee, so I would expect at least some of the programming will be available for fans that do not have access to Marquee. Don't hold your breathe on games being broadcast outside of Marquee though. MLB has strict blackout policies that will prohibit anything along those lines.
  • The Cubs look like they will have an interesting video, perhaps even a series (not specified) coming soon about how some of the players spend their offseason, so you may want to stay on the lookout for that. I assume it will be available on Cubs.com, but may also be a perfect piece to help launch their YouTube channel:


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  • I think the Cubs can find a better pitcher to be on the 40 man roster than Jen-Ho Tseng. He was awful last year at Iowa and he is getting hammer this year in spring training.

  • In reply to 2016 Cubs:

    I agree. Sometimes the clock strikes midnight on prospects especially when it starts getting crowded with similar, yet younger &/or more veteran experienced talent.

  • Trying not to get overly excited, but it's good to see the performances of Chatwood and Maples so far this spring. Small sample size, but both have been finding the strike zone much more consistently. And Mekkes -- all he does is get guys out. Really hope he finds a home in Chicago sooner rather than later.

  • Remember all those years when there was hardly any pitching worth mentioning in the Cubs upper level farm system? Man I don't miss those years.

    Too many quality arms in AAA? Now that's a First World problem if I have ever seen one.

  • The Cubs can't afford to give up on Lester..He still has the best pick off move in baseball.

  • I used to get caught up in Spring Training. But last year I finally came to the conclusion that it literally means nothing. What Chatwood, Lester, Nico, and others are doing now with have no relation to what happens during the season. The only thing that matters is health.

  • In reply to Cubs09:

    It used to be that all Cub fans had was spring training hope before the season started.
    Things change, like Bob Dylan says.

  • Looks like Bote wants to take Bryant's job.

  • In reply to John57:

    Bote has looked good. But without injuries, he will probably spend most of the year in Iowa. He will start with Cubs because of Russell’s suspension, but when he’s back, Russell will join Descalso, Happ & Caratini as their 4 bench players.

  • In reply to Cubpack:

    I think Russell starts and you would add Zobrist to the bench

  • That Dak Mekkes deserves to make the team......been doin the job all Spring....

  • In reply to Wickdipper:

    Any more injuries to pitchers and they'll HAVE to put him on the roster...

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