Cubs in the Off-Season Leagues - Week 15

Good Morning, and Happy Martin Luther King Day! As we enter championship week for Cubs in the off-season leagues, some players rose to the playoff occasion in the previous week. To find out more, take a look inside today's report.

Dominican Winter League

Leones del Escogido

Escogido ended round-robin play on Monday, as a 7-0 victory over Licey forced a playoff with Este. Ryan Court was back in the lead-off spot and was 2-for-4 with a walk, an RBI, and a run scored. The Lions’ season would come to an end on Tuesday as they lost 4-3 to Este.  Escogido 7 - Licey 0

Mexican Pacific League

Carlos Sepulveda by Lauren Usiak

Carlos Sepulveda by Lauren Usiak

Yaquis de Obregon

As the LMP postseason moved into semifinals, Obregon fought off a ninth inning rally by Los Mochis on Monday to win 4-3 in ten innings. Carlos Sepulveda got the start at second base and delivered as he went 2-for-3 with a double, a walk, an RBI, and a run scored. Obregon 4 - Los Mochis 3, 10 innings

Obregon was able to make the most of their six hits on Tuesday as they defeated Los Mochis 2-0. Carlos Sepulveda returned to start at second base and was 1-for-2 with a walk in the win. Obregon 2 - Los Mochis 0

The Yaquis were able to force a Game 7 in their semifinal series on Friday by scoring all the runs they would need in the first inning to defeat Los Mochis 4-3. Second baseman Carlos Sepulveda got the key hit as his RBI single would provide the winning margin. Sepulveda was 1-for-4 for the game. Obregon 4 - Los Mochis 3

It’s onward to the LMP finals to face Jalisco as the Tribe were able to put Game 7 away early on Saturday and beat Los Mochis 6-2. Adding Carlos Sepulveda has really bolstered the Yaquis’ defense as he helped turn two double plays and went 1-for-4 in the victory. Obregon 6 - Los Mochis 2

Roberto Clemente League

Gigantes de Carolina

On Friday, Carolina’s bullpen was unable to preserve a potential victory as it surrendered 6 runs in an 8-3 loss to Mayaguez. Raidel Orta did his part for the Gigantes as he came on with two out in the third and tossed two scoreless innings, giving up two hits and striking out three batters.  Mayaguez 8 - Carolina 3

Venzuelan Winter League

Cardenales de Lara

Lara remained ahead in their semifinal series as they defeated Magallanes 3-0 on Thursday to go up three games to one. Luis Lugo finished out the sixth as he faced two batters, walking one as he tossed 0.1 scoreless innings. Lara 3 - Magallanes 0

Australian Baseball League

Brisbane Bandits

Brisbane improved their playoff chances on Thursday as they pummeled Geelong-Korea 21-5. Wynton Bernard started in left field and blasted a three-run homer in the seventh inning as he went 1-for-6 with four RBI and two runs scored. Brisbane 21 - Geelong 5

The Bandits were pushed to the limit by Geelong on Friday, but an offensive spurt in the ninth led to a 7-3 victory. Wynton Bernard moved to centerfield and was 2-for-3 with a walk, a run scored, and a stolen base in the win. Brisbane 7 - Geelong 3

On Friday, Brisbane was able to take full advantage of last place Geelong on their schedule as they won 9-2. Wynton Bernard returned to centerfield and was 0-for-3 with a walk and a run scored.  Brisbane 9 - Geelong 2


Geelong-Korea was in position to upset Brisbane on Friday, but a bullpen collapse in the ninth led to a 7-3 loss. Right fielder Kwang-Min Kwon was able to go 1-for-4 with a double in the loss. Geelong 3 - Brisbane 7

Geelong jumped out to a 1-0 lead after the first inning on Friday, but it was all downhill from there as they lost 9-2 to Brisbane. Kwang-Min Kwon gave the Koreans their final run as he belted his sixth home run in the second inning and went 2-for-4 in the loss. Geelong 2 - Brisbane 9


Cubs Den is seeking your input on who will the Cubs' Winter League Player and Pitcher of the Year. Follow the Twitter feeds of Cubs Den and Tom U for information on the nominees starting tomorrow and a chance to vote in their poll beginning on Thursday, January 31.


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  • Nice to see how our prospects are progressing. We have many good
    prospects in the lower minors

  • Very slow offseason this time. Cannot wait for P & Cs to report

  • The jump from AA to AAA seems to be the issue for Wynton Bernard. He looks to be having a decent time in the Australian league, but it's hard to see how the competition there will help him advance. He's getting pretty old to expect much. AAA depth may be beyond his abilities...

  • In reply to Cliff1969:

    With the unfortunate lack of progress by players such as Charcer Burks, Eddy Julio Martinez, Connor Myers, DJ Wilson, Chris Pieters, etc, outfield is one of the weakest positions in the Cubs minor league system. At least at the upper levels.

  • fb_avatar

    These players are really playing year round--ST starts in a few weeks. Not much down time.
    Thanks for the updates Tom.

  • In reply to Jonathan Friedman:

    You're welcome!

  • Well looks like Sonny Gray will be a Red for the next 3-4 years. I guess the Cubs can still do well enough to finish in 4th place... lulz.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Cubber Lang:

    I'm not happy about that either, but how many games do we think he will win? Is it possible that Yu, a healthy Yu, will win more than Gray will? I think so and so it will be like the Cubs signed a better pitcher than he is. We won 95 games last year (ok, that's the last time I will mention that--we all know that) but that was with Yu winning only 1 game and Chatwood winning only 4 games.
    The real elephant in the room has been the total lack of contribution by our pitchers drafted by this FO. By now we should be seeing them contribute, and of the ones who might this year I don't see any plus pitcher, most have low to mid velocity with maybe plus secondary pitches. No #1 pitchers or even #2 pitchers coming through.

  • In reply to Jonathan Friedman:

    Oh I agree on everything you said. I think healthy Darvish and Bryant can possibly push the cubs up to having more than that unmentionable number of wins from last year.

    I just wanted to see what it feels like to be the first person to overreact to the day’s big news. It was so invigorating that I feel superior to all the homers now too!

  • In reply to Cubber Lang:

    Sorry, I missed the humor first time around. However, if you really want to overeact, it's KOOLAID GUZZLING homers!

  • In reply to Cliff1969:

    Yeah I didn't do a good job of letting my sarcasm shine through. I'll try to do better next time, but first let me wipe this blue mustache off my face....

  • In reply to Jonathan Friedman:

    Alzolay is a pretty good pitching prospect & probably would have seen time in MLB last year if it wasn’t for his injury.

  • In reply to Cubber Lang:

    The same folks who constantly criticize the Darvish signing are upset that the Cubs didn't go after Sonny Gray. There's a reason why no contending team went after him. I'll take Darvish in 2019. The Reds MAY be a better team with Gray, but it doesn't make them contenders.

  • In reply to Cliff1969:

    I know... We could've possibly wasted Jimenez and Cease on either Archer or Gray!

    Some people like to use the Sonny Gray road stats as his bench mark for how he'll do moving forward since he's out of Yankee stadium. Well let's take a deeper look at his road starts that have some people thinking the Cubs should now also fear the Reds.

    6 or Gray's 12 road starts met the criteria of a quality start. I like that simple measurement, because you know that's a start where the team isn't having to overuse their bullpen (better set up to win tomorrow's game), and his team should have a decent shot to win the current game. His 6 quality starts were against the Astros, KC, Balt, Tor, Balt, and yes, again Baltimore. He finished 4-1 in those starts (the loss was to the Astros). So he's capable of earning a quality start on the road against teams that average out to have a .386 winning percentage, or 62.5 wins out of 162 games. Not very impressive.

    His 6 road starts that he was not good enough to earn a QS, were against Tor, Bos, Wash, TB, Tor, and Minn. He was 1-4 in those games (the Loss was to the Red Sox, and the no decision was against Toronto, in which the Yankees still lost that game). So he fell short against some better competition that equaled a .519 W%, or an average of teams with 84 wins.

    TL;DR... 12 road starts, 5-5 on decisions. 1-3 record vs teams above .500. The single win was against the Nationals who had lots of problems in 2018. 4-0 when pitching against teams with less than 60 wins. All this with a Yankee team that scored 851 runs (over 5/game) and just set a single season record for hitting 267 home runs. How does this translate to help the Reds?

  • the cubs were shut down by garbage pitchers like dillon peters(season #'s 7.71 era 1.77 whip and held the cubs to 0 runs LOL) caleb smith,tyhler mahle,anibel sanchez,heath fillemeyer,luis castillo to name a few.All these dudes suck.

    but sonny gray doesn't help the reds *rolls eyes*, especially when The cubs get shut down routinely by 4-5 starters

  • In reply to bolla:

    Gray has not been a good pitcher the past three seasons. He is not going to move the needle for the Reds.

  • In reply to bolla:

    So your point is that the Cubs should sign some pitchers who suck? Man, you've lost ALL objectivity. Cincinnati is at a completely different place than the Cubs are. Of course, they're going to make deals and sign free agents to improve their chances. They still aren't the Cubs.

  • In reply to Cliff1969:

    Yet...the reds beat the 95 win cubs 8-9 times last season.I'm bringing substance and not saying "the cubs have the most talent or the cubs won 95 games last season".Not gonna keep going in circles over my opinion, the cubs have holes if you think otherwise so be it. better pray the dodgers don't get harper unlike the cubs they can actually draft and develop good players(bellinger,buehler,have the #1 c prospect in mlb,verdego) and arent maxed out in payroll.That's why other teams can add and improve instead of fooling their giddy fans with the budget constraints non sense.

    Don't worry golden boy bryant will save the day just like 2017 when the golden boy hit .237 with risp while healthy

  • In reply to bolla:

    Sure the Cubs have holes but every team in the division has more holes. The Cubs are the favorite to win the division next season.
    Bryany is a much better player than you give him credit for.

  • In reply to bolla:

    Yep....and Baez hit about .160 against those guys too......wanna get rid of him too?

  • I want the Cubs to sign Hunter Strickland and Oliver Perez.

  • The first winter Player of the Year profile has been posted on Twitter.

  • Braves re-upped Markakis. He’s a guy I would have liked as an alternative to the big 2 guys out there on the FA market for a short term deal.

  • In reply to Milk Stout:

    Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. You don't want to cause a meltdown, do ya?

  • In reply to Cliff1969:

    Yes... ;o)

  • If we can also vote for Winter League Sportswriter of the Year , can I nominate Tom U.?

  • In reply to DropThePuck:

    Ha ha! And he did it with a bum flipper. :o)

  • In reply to DropThePuck:

    Thanks a lot for the support, but I would probably lose out to Emily Waldon.

  • HoF was announced. Rivera (unanimous), Mussina, Haladay & Edgar Martinez. Rivera on all 425 ballots. Guess he’s best player ever...

  • fb_avatar

    Congrats to all of them, but especially to Mariano Rivera. He dominated for years and a class act all the way. In his last year, his farewell tour, he met with all the employees of the clubs from ticket takers ball "boys" custodians--and not just hello but took time with them. That's the way to do it.

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