Myles Monday Meltdown: It All Comes Down to This

How are you doing today? Nervous? Excited? Nauseous? All three?

This is funny:
For me, I'm mostly finding the whole situation hilarious and nuts. Don't get me wrong, I'm as nervous as they come right now. But think about it for a second: we watch a sport that needs 162 games, not to figure out who the final champion is, but to figure the playoff seeding that will ultimately decide the winner. Essentially, they play 162 games to figure out who gets to play in more games. That's so many regular season games for the end result to be "not the end."

So on top of that, needing to play an extra 163rd game is pretty funny to me. And for the National League to need two of them is pretty incredible and even more funny.

If you're still trying to sort everything out, here's the gist specifically for the Cubs:

Cubs win today:

  • Win the NLDS
  • Brewers play in the WC against the loser of the Rockies/Dodgers 163rd game
  • Play the Winner of the WC in the NLDS

Cubs lose today:

  • Brewers win the NLDS
  • Cubs play in the WC against the loser of the Rockies/Dodgers 163rd game

We Need Q:
I think it goes without saying, but if the Cubs want a great chance at winning today, they need a strong outing from Jose Quintana. I think Q is up to the task. For as great as the Brewers have been this year down the stretch (and they have been really great), Quintana has certainly held his own:

That's good news for the Cubs. But if Q doesn't last, things could get ugly:

Brewers are cute:

Milwaukee acting like they haven't faced the Cubs at least a million times this year already. There are no secrets for division foes. It'll be Chacin.


Let's go win this freaking division.


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    To me, today feels like I felt before the start of game 7 of the 2016 WS.

  • I'm way more calm than before any of the playoff games of the last 3 years. The Cubs have played well of late, and have not choked (as I stated - wrongly - that they had during the Pirates series). The Brewers have been hotter than almost any regular season team I can remember, and Yelich has been hotter than any hitter I can remember. A tip of the hat is deserved...

    But the Cubs are the better team. Their lineup has been hot for 5 games now, and Chacin has significant LH/RH splits. Let's wrap this up, spray some champagne, and send cocky little brother on their way.

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    Wow, just realized this is an ESPN exclusive. Since I watch the Cubs via streaming, I'm out of luck! 162 games in, and I can't watch the finale!

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