Myles Monday Meltdown: Hendricks is the One, Schwarber is Good, and Poor Hawk

It's been a long while since I've been able to get back on this Monday morning writing thing. Sometimes, the "real" job gets in the way. But what a better time to pick it back it up than when the Cubs magic number is 5. Also, my new iPhone comes today. What a special week already!

Good Schwarber is Good:
Kyle had himself a day on Sunday with a homer and a double. To see him in the lineup and hitting well gives me goosebumps. If this is him playoff ready, that's a huge boost to a Cubs offense that seems to disappear at times. That makes me much excite.

But that good day at the plate wasn't the only reason Good Schwarber is Good. During that second inning yesterday, Chicago City Alderman, Ed Burke, was presenting Hawk Harrelson (who was calling his last game in the booth) with some made-up honor that the City Council had just voted on. During the middle of Burke explaining what it was, Schwarber went yard. It was just so...perfect:

Kyle Hendricks:
As it stands right now on this Monday, Kyle 'The Professor' Hendricks is your number 1 pitcher in a playoff series. In his last two starts he's pitched 16.1 innings, given up 1 run in each start, struck out a total of 13, and only walked 1 (yes 1) batter. For a team that doesn't really know where they stand with their bullpen, a guy that can give you at least 7 innings is going to be a very, very nice tool to have.

The Magic Number:
It stands at 5 right as of today. The Brewers start a three game set with the St. Louis Cardinals today while the Cubs kick-off their series against the Pirates. That's a whole lot of NL Central action [Reds fans everywhere simultaneously kick dirt]. Both the Brewers and Cardinals are still in the hunt for those two wildcard spots and it's an important series for both clubs. The Brewers, as we know, are still in contention for the division while the Cardinals are trying to hold off the Rockies who are just 1.5 games back of that second WC spot. Ideally, the Cubs can sweep and the Cardinals can sweep. That would all but wrap up the divisional race. But that doesn't seem likely to me.

Every game from here on out is a must-win (obviously alert). But let me remind you, this is what having a competitive team is all about. Playoff races, tight games, struggles... now it starts to get interesting. I've certainly lost that perspective at times this year. This fun. We are having fun. Let's have fun.

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  • Yesterday was A Tale of Two Kyles. Schwarber with the big bat against a tough lefty, no less. And Hendricks who looks completely dialed in over the last month of baseball. This team has a lot of ways to win games.

  • BTW, Hawk later predicted that Kyle Schwarber's upside will be 40-50 HRs a year. I'll take that.

  • In reply to DropThePuck:

    The king of hyperbole and exaggeration

  • We also seem to forget that Kyle Schwarber is "only" 25, is completing his second ML season, and only played 158 MiLB games (28 at AAA). And, other than during last year's demotion, he never played an inning as a minor league outfielder. So, I tend to give him lots of slack as he learns the game at the Major League level.

    That said, I believe that Kyle's biggest issue is the borderline outside pitch. He gets rung up on those WAY too many times and probably gets more bad calls than anyone in baseball I'm hoping Kyle (along with our hitting coach, hint, hint.... ) can change his 2 strike approach to either foul off those borderline pitches or take them to LF ..... Anything besides watching them go by and rung up.

    Hoping for a big postseason from Kyle.

  • In reply to DropThePuck:

    I'd like to see Kyle spend the winter actively working to lower his K rate. If he could get to 20-21% consistently no one would ever complain about the guy. He'd be a .275/.390/.500 hitter. I think he definitely has it in him.

  • In reply to TC154:

    I think his future is still very bright. People need to remember that he has just over 1200 MLB plate appearances, after only 665 in the minors. So in 4 professional baseball seasons with a 1 year break (for 2016 knee injury) in between 2 and 2, he hasn't even amassed 2000 pro plate appearances yet. For a guy who's only 25 yrs old and has hit 72 HRs in MLB, and shows that he knows the strike zone pretty well, he's gonna do just fine.

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    In reply to DropThePuck:

    The postseason is where Schwarber shines the brightest. He hasn't let it s down the past 3, so I have to believe he plays his best in October.

  • Seriously though my friends, Kyle is batting .241 right now and is close to a .240 career hitter. That is a large sample size. But so many ignore that for the small sample size what is the 2015 & 2016 playoffs. Other than those two playoff runs, this guy has done nothing but underperform expectations. Do you realize how many .240 OF's there are that can hit 30 HR's? A majority of all major league OF's, that's who. Listen, I will NEVER EVER forget what he did in the playoffs, but it pains me to see everyone lauding this guy after one or two good games in a row when he really is not that special. As I've said, if he were on any other team, no one would bat an eye. Just bc someone wears Cubbie blue does not make them a stud.

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