MAILBAG: Send Us Your Questions for Thursday's Podcast!

This Thursday, we're going to have a very special episode of The Den Podcast. Our usual guests, Luis, Lead Writer at BleacherNation Bears and Jared, beat reporter at SportingNews and NBCSChiacago, have typically appeared on separate episodes. Not this Thursday!

That's right, those two dudes will join me at the same time to talk everything Cubs. We'll touch on the run at a third consecutive NL Central title, Javy's MVP chances, and a whole host of other stuff. And we want to hear from you!

Do you have a Cubs or MLB related question that you want answered? Let's hear it! Feel free to drop a note in the comments, reach out on Twitter, or send an email to

Let's have some fun.

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  • A lot was made of Willson's almost homerun the other day and his showboating out of the box. I agree with the fact he should have been hustling. I always loved Montero's speedy trips around the bags.

    However, in Game 1 with the Diamondbacks, Baez did a pretty good job of pimping his homerun, but I didn't hear anything in the broadcast or in the articles post game. What are you thoughts on it?

  • Great question. We will cover that.

  • The acquisition of Cole Hamels was a great pickup. Will his 20 million
    dollar option deter the Cubs from picking him up, considering it may put the Cubs into luxury tax territory ?

  • How high can the payroll go before the luxury tax applies ? What is the penalty for a team in the luxury tax bracket ?

  • The AL is loaded this year who do you like for their pennant?

  • Question for Jared. What is the press area like at Wrigley? Are there monitors to watch to check close plays and strike and balls calls? I've always wonder if it's easier to see and react to things from watching my tv on the couch in my living room. Saw Jared during a recent cubs game on tv so thought Id ask.

  • These are all great questions! Thank you!

  • What's life looking like without those onerous TV contracts?

  • Good evening.

    I was a big fan of watching the Cubs down at Kane County - I cant get the same excitement for the long drive out to South Bend. It also feels like the fan facilities aren’t as good either.

    Are Cubs ownership happy with the facilities at South Bend Cubs and is there any thoughts regards moving again...?

  • What is the latest on the previously much touted big TV deal... is that still in the pipeline for the Cubs?

  • In 2016, it seemed like Manny Ramirez had a positive effect on the Cubs players batting.

    Is there any thoughts to trying to bring him back...?

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