Just Another Last At Bat Win--Cubs 6 Nationals 4 (10 innings)

The Cubs notched win number 83. They have equaled their high water mark over .500, and it was the 44th time that the Cubs have come from behind. The Professor was very good early on and then some struggles in the middle. Still it was enough as the Cubs offense tacked on enough late to extend their division lead to 4.5 games.

Stephen Strasburg was strong very good as well. He retired the first two batters. Anthony Rizzo walked with two outs, and Ben Zobrist singled to extend the inning. Kris Bryant struck out to end the inning. Kyle Hendricks and Strasburg faced the minimum for the next inning and a half.

The Cubs struck first in the third inning. The rally began with two outs. Javier Báez singled and then scored from first on Anthony Rizzo's double. Ben Zobrist provided a clutch hit with runners in scoring position to double the Cubs lead.

Hendricks kept the score at 2-0 until the bottom of the fourth inning. Bryce Harper reached on Báez's error with one out. He scored on Anthony Rendon's double. Juan Soto struck out, but Mark Reynold launched a two run shot to put the Nats ahead. Wilmer Difo was another strike out victim to end the inning.

Daniel Murphy and the Cubs offense went back to work in the fifth inning. Murphy singled to left. Báez struck out swinging. Anthony Rizzo hit a groundball single to Anthony Rendon. His error allowed the pair to move up another 90 feet. Zobrist hit a flyball into center to drive in Murphy. The sacrifice fly tied the game at 3. Kris Bryant walked, but Albert Almora Jr. grounded out to end the inning.

Spencer Kieboom put the kiboosh on Hendricks chances on the win with a single to leadoff the fifth inning. Strasburg sacrificed Kieboom to second. Adam Eaton grounded out to second moving Kieboom to third base. Trea Turner bounced a groundball into left to put the Nationals back in the lead. Harper grounded out and that ended Hendricks evening. He struck out six and walked none in his five innings of work. He left trailing but was only charged a single earned run due to the Báez error.

Strasburg pitched deeper into the game by two outs, and the bullpens were able to put zeroes on the board until the top of the eighth inning. Kris Bryant delivered his only hit to start the eighth inning against Justin Miller. Almora singled and Bryant's aggressive base running drew the throw. Both runners were safe in scoring position with no outs. Willson Contreras bounced the ball to the shortstop. Bryant tied the game, but Almora was nabbed at third. Gore took over for Contreras and stole second despite everyone being aware of what was happening. Ian Happ struck out for the second out, but Miller couldn't finish the inning by hitting Tommy La Stella with a pitch. Tim Collins induced an inning ending flyball.

Carl Edwards Jr. wiggled into trouble by walking Bryce Harper to start the bottom of the eighth. Rendon flew out, but Juan Soto doubled to put two runners in the scoring position. Justin Wilson entered the game and struck out Mark Reynolds to keep the game level. Wilmer Difo flew out to end the inning. Greg Holland and Pedro Strop matched clean innings in the ninth.

Jimmy Cordero retired Bryant to start the tenth inning. Almora doubled to start the rally, and he scored on David Bote's double. Ian Happ was intentionally walked to face pinch hitter Taylor Davis. The Stare was able to shoot the ball the other way to drive in Bote for a much needed insurance tally. Cordero struck out Báez to limit the damage.

Jesse Chavez entered for the save opportunity with a 6-4 score in the tenth. Chavez walked Trea Turner to start the inning. Harper struck out to confirm that it was indeed Chavez on the mound. It was a little confusing with the leadoff walk. Rendon singled to put runners on the corners. Chavez struck out Soto for the second out. Mark Reynolds hit an easy fly ball for the final out. Almora squeezed the glove and the Cubs are just a game away from yet another winning streak in 2018.


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    I thought Bote’s drive should have been caught but I will take it

  • Harper looks like he is just mailing it in these days....superstars take charge on plays like that.

  • Since MIL and StL were idle, the Magic Number is reduced by 1 and is now 18.

    Go Cubs!

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    In reply to CubsFanInNorway:

    Thanks for the updated "Magic Number." I am also still watching the "L Column." Right now they are ahead by 5 games. They can lose 4 more games than MIL and STL and still win the division. Time is running out for MIL and STL and makes every loss by them even more important than every Cubs L, or even Cubs W IMO.

    Just a different way of looking at the same "problem."

  • In reply to Joel Mayer:

    Yep lol......4 or 5 more losses by them means they have to win out if the Cubs only played out .500 ball.

    Greg says the Cards WILL win 17 in a row AND epic collapse by us.
    ......didn’t he?

  • In reply to Wickdipper:

    Speaking of which where is Greg lately lol probably more focused with his cardinals wild card race with milwaukee then he is with catching us at this point

  • In reply to kkhiavi:

    Anyone else love watching the wild card games (except when the Cubs are in it)? I think it's so exciting. Last year's ARI-COL version was incredible. I'm really looking forward to kicking off the playoffs with some stress-free elimination games in a couple weeks.

  • In reply to Kramerica20:

    Lol.....how about if Oakland bounced the Yankees? I’d like that.

  • In reply to Wickdipper:

    I've been firmly on the Oakland bandwagon for months now.

  • In reply to Wickdipper:

    I support anyone who bounces the Yankees.

  • Way to go Bote and T. Davis!

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    for you BP--Yes You May!!

  • 1. Almora. Glad to see him be impactful. Seems its been a while. Keep it up, kid! And that base running gaffe was no big deal cause of . . .

    2. Gore. He's a luxury of September's roster expansion. AA is out at second, Contreres is safe at first and two pitches later, Gore is on second. He'd also be a nice luxury in the playoffs. Will they?

    3. Wilson. I just read he has stranded 29 or 31 inherited runners this year. He should be our comeback player of the year. I have growing confidence in him. Much more than CJ lately. How 'bout Joe just give him the 8th?

    4. CJ. I hate to be so harsh, but the word gutless comes to mind. He just seems to crumble under pressure too often.

    5. Strop. I love that guy. He'll be worrisome as the closer in the playoffs, will probably not get it done 100% percent of the time, but he can be that guy.

    6. Chavez. Smoke and mirrors. How does he do it? I'm always bracing for a two or three run homer when he's out there. But somehow . . .

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    In reply to TTP:

    Fun insights, TTP.

    I am not a fan of having a guy on the roster for his "baserunning" as it would be with Gore. I want guys on offense who are a threat with the stick. But that is just a personal preference.

    I didn't realize Wilson had that high of a strand rate. That is playing with fire. That goes beyond skill IMO. That is a function of luck. Because of this he is due for a "regression to the mean." But it is not unheard of for a guy to carry luck like that for a full season. Regression to the mean doesn't honor "seasons." But don't be surprised if he "implodes" at least 1 time. Prompting outcries from people wanting Candelario back.

    I am not going to go as far as you in calling CJ "gutless." What I like about him is that he has swing-and-miss stuff and that is critical in the playoffs IMO. There is still time for him to "right" himself.

    I think Strop can be "that guy." To me if the Cubs have 2-4 guys in the bullpen that they believe in they will likely be fine. There are enough off days in the playoffs to keep everyone fresh. And it is the final sprint so no one is going to have to "save" anything for future games.

  • In reply to Joel Mayer:

    I felt strongly when I heard Joe's words on Morrow that it was a subtle push for him to really start to get going with a sense of urgency. Not a harsh rebuke, just a gentle push. Last night it was announced that he's throwing off a mound on Sunday. The other thing is that Joe never breaks player news in terms of when they're coming back etc. He might give clues, but if they really felt Morrow wasn't coming back we'd hear that from Theo or Jed. Now, all that said, maybe he won't be able to and that's certainly possible but if i were a bettin' man I'd say he'll be on the playoff roster.

  • In reply to Joel Mayer:

    I know that "gutless" goes too far. I'm just so frustrated with him. I've questioned his intestinal fortitude ever since he had the opportunity to be on the mound and throw the last pitch for the World Series Champions. I really like him and have been excited about him since the day John first wrote about him. He has wipe-out stuff and to far too often he just seems afraid to challenge the hitter. I'm constantly yelling ATTACK! when he's on the mound and nibbling. C'mon CJ! Man up! Go get 'em!

    Last year I never thought I'd say that I have more confidence in Wilson than CJ. But that's where I'm at these days.

  • In reply to Joel Mayer:


    I don't see how stranding INHERITED runners is "luck".
    Seems like stranding inherited runners is a "skill" that has made Wilson quite valuable this year.

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    In reply to DropThePuck:

    Why would stranding INHERITED runners (your emphasis) be a skill? Or, put another way, why would he be good at stranding "inherited" runners and not "non-inherited" (is that a word?) runners? What special skills/talent does he have that allow him to come into the game with go-ahead runners on 2nd and 3rd with 1-out that he doesn't have when he allows a hit with the bases empty and 1-out?

    Baseball is hard. It is more often that hitters fail to get a hit than succeed. This is also why stringing hits together is more difficult than we might expect. Off-topic: I am always mystified when people say things like, "Why don't the Cubs focus on getting their hits with runners on base rather than a meaningless hit when the bases are empty? I think the hitting coach needs to work with them on that." Back on topic: But the BABIP dragon will sometimes rear its head and the batter will get a hit with runners on base (inherited or otherwise, it doesn't matter to the offensive player). Afterall, Baez isn't trying more/less hard to drive in a runner if the runner is an "inherited" runner for the pitcher?

  • In reply to TTP:

    Agreed on Justin Wilson. A lot of cub fans including myself at times don't have the best impression of him as they're still trying to wash the sour taste from their mouths from his walk filled debut last season. But I think he's done a pretty good job this year he's not a lockdown guy but I look at him as a lock for our playoff roster he's our best lefty reliever at this point in time. And he has that heavy fastball with a ton of spin that opposing hitters seem to generally have a hard time squaring up. He's pretty solid when he's throwing strikes and I think he's the player of the game last night we can't even win that extra inning game if Wilson didn't bail Edwards out in the 8th. I never thought I'd talk about resigning Wilson and he's not the most exciting player but at this point I'd be open to negotiations with him we're short on lefty relievers and I like him a lot more than Duensing or any other lefty reliever that we have. I want to see how he does in the playoffs and down the stretch this season but whereas I was inclined to let him walk 2 months ago now I feel like he's had one of the better seasons from our bullpen this year and I'd be open to resigning him for the right price and if has a strong postseason showing. Good for him for turning around his cubs career.

    Good points and I get your frustrations with Edwards but I think it's maybe only partly mental. With all the movement on his cutter and curveball and due to the fact that command has always been his flaw, you can see why walks become a problem for him from time to time. I agree maybe at times he's worrying too much about not walking people but I also think the walks are a symptom of more than just mental toughness it's just part of who he is unfortunately at this point of his career. And it seems like he seems to always lose his command late in the season going into the playoffs as he fatigues. Hopefully we can at least see the good Edwards in the playoffs this time he does tend to get streaky. I agree with Maddon that the team needs to get him right though with no Morrow we need all the options we can get and Carl is still one of our best when he's locked in.

  • In reply to TTP:

    4. Yeah I usually hate to diagnose things like "grit" or "toughness," but watching Edwards does elicit question of how mentally strong he is. I'd like to think it's more measurable, like his body is so long and lanky that his mechanics get out of whack more easily than other pitchers'... but he seems like a mental midget.

    6. Chavez' new cutter with the Cubs is largely responsible for his success. Love how he goes after guys.

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    does anyone know Barley Pops real name?

  • In reply to John Nesbit:

    The administrators have an email address. I hope someone has tried to contact him.

  • In reply to Cliff1969:

    Maybe he forgot to pay his internet bill... I’m hoping that’s just the case.

  • In reply to Milk Stout:

    He uses his phone to contribute here.....hard to say

  • In reply to Wickdipper:

    Yeah, so do I sometimes. I was actually kidding about that. Trying to lighten the dialogue up.

    Sometimes when we go out of town I put the phone away for stuff like this & social media. When my dad passed, I didn’t post on any internet/social media sites for at least a couple weeks then as well.

    On a serious note, I hope everything is fine with & for him.

  • In reply to John Nesbit:

    I recall Cliff or Jonathan or someone else noting several days ago that we haven't heard from Barley in some time. I was camping down at Racoon Lake (Ind.) for four days around Labor Day weekend so I had no access to this site. Yesterday, I was actually searching to see of we'd heard from him. So, yes. I'm not the only one at little worried about him.

    And I too was thinking of asking Michael or someone to shoot him a private email inquiry to let him know that his fellow Denizens are thinking of him.

  • In reply to TTP:

    I'm concerned. It's not like him to stay away this long and when I was thinking of jumping ship a few months back he urged me to stay. I do hope someone tries to contact him and let us know.

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    In reply to TC154:

    Yeah, I thought perhaps the drama that stemmed from a couple of my comments recently could have sent him away. I hope that’s not the case, and your comment is reassuring in that regard.

    It’s an interesting aspect of the internet that you can seemingly get to know someone well on a site like this, but at the same time have no idea who they actually are.

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    In reply to John Winter:

    I am hoping he's just taking some personal time or "going off grid" for a little while he gets things situated in his life.

    Like some said above, nobody knows his name, not even his first name, just that he's a contractor and posts thru his phone. I think like a lot of people he prefers to be anonymous.

    One clue is he seems to have some inside info on cubs players, so anyone who has that kind of access may know where he's hanging out. Problem is, how would u identify him?

    Lets just pray he's okay, and he's back before the playoffs.

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    In reply to Jim Odirakallumkal:

    Come on, Jim. We all know eachother's names. Your name is Jim. My name is Joel. His name is Barley. Unusual name, yes. But to each their own. LOL.

    I am more "curious" than "concerned about BP. As you said he might simply have gone "off the grid." Or maybe he noticed he is spending a lot of time on this site and not getting his work done. Or simply decided, for whatever reason, he didn't have anything important to say. Though I think Jonathan Friedman would posit that he hasn't been doing his token "Thank You. May I have another."

    Obviously the worst case scenario is some kind of emergency. Whether something is wrong with him or his family/friends. We hope that isn't the case and I generally assume that it is not that. Either way, I hope he comes back.

  • In reply to John Winter:

    Detached family of sorts......when the season ends I’m messed up for about a week.....no baseball.

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    In reply to TTP:

    I don't know his email or name. I hope he's ok and we can find out.
    btw, Eugene won last night so they win the series!

  • I like Chavez because he doesn't back down. Challenges everybody.

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    Can I hijack this thread just for a little bit please? I'm having trouble watching videos on the Cubs.com web page. I keep getting a message that says a web page is slowing down my browser. Is anyone else having this problem? I can watch videos here at cubs den and on CSN, facebook, youtube etc... but not cubs.com
    I recently moved to southeast Missouri and have to stream the radio on gameday audio then usually watch the replays afterwards. Any help is appreciated and sorry for the intrusion. GO CUBS WS in 2018

  • In reply to cb56:

    If you use an I Pad or I Phone go back to where all your apps show up as icons across your screen then double click quickly on your round button.....it shows all your cluttered open pages and then just swipe each one upward and they will disappear and hopefully make it run better.

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    In reply to Wickdipper:

    Thanks for the reply, This was on my PC windows 10. I switched browsers from Firefox to Microsoft Edge and that fixed the problem. Now I can listen to the games and watch the replays again!

  • 7. Bote. I heard Cooms on The Score on my drive in this morning. He had a great insight about Bote, saying that the 10th inning double last night was way more meaningful than the grand slam walk off. He noted the grand slam came on a meatball, hanging slider on an 0-2 count whereas last night's double came off a good pitch by a high-end pitcher throwing heat. He said its a more encouraging sign.

    We also referenced stats that someone else recently noted. I don't recall all the details, but it was something like in 21 ABs in the 9th inning or later, Bote's got some crazy, crazy slash line like .450./.750/1.050. Mr. Clutch!

  • In reply to TTP:

    Found it. Chris Kamka of NBC Sports Chicago:

    David Bote in 21 plate appearances this season in 9th inning or later:
    .421/.476/1.053, 3 2B, 3 HR, 10 RBI

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    In reply to TTP:

    That’s coming through in the clutch. I like him at 3rd (he’s better than KB) but putting KB in left or right limits Heyward or Schwarber or Almora and I really want Almora out there most of the time.

  • The funny thing was that Bote didn’t know where he hit it... He looked up & looked around like he popped it up. What a great job he’s doing. The scout who recommended him is a genius, LoL!

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    It shows that a good player can come from anywhere. We had read a bit about him in ST but he wasn’t highly thought of as far as I know. His defense has been stellar and he’s hit not hit and adjusted to that. Our best infield defense is probably Bote, Russell Javy and Rizzo.
    I don’t want to look to far ahead but if Nico is as good as they say he’s another infield candidate and might displace Addy. All good problems to have.

  • There's some serious recency bias going on right now regarding edwards and wilson smdh.

  • In reply to bolla:

    10 BB and 12 K in his last 18 innings is not recency bias for Edwards. He has been bad. He had 13 BB and 48 K in his first half of 28 innings. Ignoring his awful 2nd half is worth SYDH at. That is a severe reversal of a season.

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    In reply to rbrucato:

    To me recency bias is the belief that what has happened recently is more likely to continue than what has happened over a longer period of time. Using that definition your comment is textbook "recency bias."

    That being said, technically "recency bias" has more to do with language than baseball so it is possibly a misnomer.

    So here is my question. I am fine with using splits and I know that you know how to use them responsibly. But do you know what happened that is causing these problems for him lately? Obviously he is walking batters at a much higher rate than we would like. But what is causing him to walk those guys? Are they laying off his breaking ball and he isn't getting calle strikes? Is he still battling injury? Has he lost command of one of his pitches? Is it one of those fluky things that happen over a small sample size (to me 18 innings is a small sample, especially spread over a month or two).

  • In reply to Joel Mayer:

    For a relief pitcher that is not really a small sample, considering an appearance is roughly 1 inning for them. It’s more like a trend. Definitely something to be concerned about going forward.

    We know what he can do, we’ve seen him do it. But right now, they cannot afford to run him out there in high leverage situations until they’re sure they can lock up the division. They can try & tweak him back in lower leverages in the mean time. We could use the lock down CJ...

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    In reply to Milk Stout:

    To me even "trend lines" for relief pitchers are tricky. As you point out an outing is usually about an inning. So if a starter gets 18 innings in 3 starts it might take a relief pitcher a month or two to get that. During that month or two he is pitching in different stadiums, likely very different weather conditions, possibly to a different catcher, against a different line-up. Whereas a starting pitcher might get those same 18 innings over a week-and-a-half.

    Also, a starting pitcher can "bury" his numbers in a mass of 1-2-3 innings (often the majority of innings. For a relief pitcher a single bad outing or two can REALLY screw up all his numbers.

    So, ultimately this is the question. Is he the guy who, before his injury was pitching brilliantly (2.88 ERA, 2.43 FIP)? Or is he the guy who, since coming off of injury in July was, possivly, even MORE brilliant (1.71 ERA, 2.82 FIP)? Or is he the guy that, since August 1 (1.35 ERA, 3.83 FIP)? Or is he the guy that, for the season, has an ERA of 2.35, 2.81 xFIP? How do we decide when/where to slice and dice?

    Don't get me wrong. I am not trying to be argumentative. There is a place for using splits to evaluate players. But over a small sample size things can easily be distorted. It reminds me of Anthony Rizzo at the beginning of the year. There was ample hand-wringing about him. After the Game on 5/16 his slash line was "Heyward-ian" (.195/.301/.358, wOBA of .294). Not what the Cubs were hoping for. And that was over 140+ PAs (not a small sample size, and he was getting consistent PAs). Since then he has been crushing the ball to the tune of a .317/.409/.533, wOBA of .394. How did I decide on the dates? Simple. I picked an arbitrary date from his game-log that would give me a nice big sample size and would illustrate my point. There isn't any significance to the date. Nothing happened that I know of to turn things around. He just started hitting the ball. He, like most players, goes through ups-and-downs over the course of the season. A significant "down" for him happened to be at the beginning of the year so he had to look at some ugly numbers posted on the scoreboard. Meanwhile if it happens to someone like Bote his cold streak happend after some strong games so while people saw his numbers decline he didn't have to look at the scoreboard and see a BA of .048/.045/.095 like he would have after the game on 9/3 if he had his first PA on 8/28. This is an extreme example but it does point out the peril of taking the worst that a player performs and extrapolating it out. The same is true for the extrapolation of the best a player can do. I always enjoy it when a guy hits multiple HR on Opening Day and someone points out, "If he keeps this up he will break the HR record held by Bonds/McGwire/Maris/Ruth" depending on who you consider the "legitimate" record holder.

    Obviously I am concerned about his BB rate. But as I asked rbrucato, do you know what CAUSED his BB% to spike? Or is it just a statistical anamaly (which can easily happen when we have things spread over a long time, but very few innings to "dilute" the numbers)? Most pitchers go through a stretch in the season where they suddenly lose their stuff (See Lester, Jon, 7/1-7/31). It is possible that there is a coincidence that he has had a couple of bad games and that they don't really "portend" anything.

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    In reply to Joel Mayer:

    Sorry, there were some typos in here. One simply a misspelling, the other is a wrong stat. I did not use xFIP but all should ERA and FIP.

    The misspelling that is most egregious is *anomaly (not anamaly). Also "possivly" isn't even a word that I am aware of. It should be *possibly

    I believe strongly in the power of words so when I make mistakes, especially in one of the points of my argument such as FIP and xFIP I like to clarify it.

  • In reply to Joel Mayer:

    If I were to apply that definition Inwoukd agree with you. I felt Bolla was applying the game at hand.

    I like Milk’s reply and wouldn’t reply much more.

    To answer one of your questions—I think he may still be hurt and mentally he is struggling. By watching him be frustrated and pissed with Joe’s short leash as well as getting tossed when he felt the ump missed the curve to Braun,

    There is a lot in play with him. And if he doesn’t get hot over the next 3 weeks, I’m not sure he has a spot on a playoff roster. You can’t come in walking guys in playoff baseball.

  • In reply to bolla:

    I somewhat get your mistrust of Justin Wilson Bolla I'm skeptical too that he can step up in big moments against playoff caliber lineups once the postseason starts. I don't think anyone is saying Wilson is better than Edwards it's moreso many of us are pleasantly surprised that we just trust Wilson a lot more than Edwards at this timing at least given the form they're both in. With Edwards he's as electric when he's on as anyone on this roster but he just seems to pitch bad down the stretch same thing last season with his late season fatigue/implosion and i'm starting to wonder if his thin framed body just can't handle the rigors of a major league season although we basically have no choice but to do everything we can to get him right he's too valuable to this teams postseason chances and he's our most talented reliever

    For me like you I still have that sour taste of Justin Wilsons 2017 tenure with the cubs he was awful last year I admit. But he's held up his end this season he hasn't been perfect or dominant by any means but he's been one of our better regular season relievers and the numbers reflect that. You may not trust him come playoff time and I'd understand that but if he proves you and me wrong and has a nice postseason run then in my eyes at least he's officially had a nice cubs season and held up his end of that Candelario trade his poor 2017 2nd half has nothing to do with this season. This bullpen is better with him then without him he's basically been the teams only decent lefty reliever. Now I'm not saying we're necessarily gonna resign him at age 31 but I'm just saying that I'd take what he's given us in the pen this year every season you can do a whole lot worse than this years Justin Wilson

  • In reply to bolla:

    It's just that we've seen this movie before with Edwards.
    Wilson's been great, but he was so bad last year that I'm hesitant to really trust him yet. First impressions and all

  • CJ's fastball has been MUCH higher (either top of the zone or higher) since his recent troubles began. Mechanical, injury, or game plan?

    And once batters start fouling off the same high pitch, CJ keeps throwing nearly identical 95.6 2-seamers, never switching to his wipe-out curve. Time to call his pitches from the bench?

  • I wonder if CJ has recovered from dl stint. He is throwing with velocity, but nor as filthy or with his usual command. Edwards isn't attacking with his normal confidence. There has not been many(any) dominate days for him since his return.

  • Let's talk about Bote;

    Since June 30th he has impacted 9 games offensively where he has was involved in a lead or tying run.

    6/30 David Bote singled to center (Grounder). Willson Contreras scored. Addison Russell advanced to 3B., Cubs down 5-7 in the 5th Bote eventually scored the lead run Cubs win 14-9.

    7/4 B2nd, David Bote homered (Fly).Cubs down 0-1

    7/8 B10th game tied, David Bote walked. Willson Contreras scored. Ian Happ advanced to 3B. Addison Russell advanced to 2B. walk off win.

    8/7 T1st David Bote tripled to right (Fly). Ben Zobrist scored. Jason Heyward scored.game tied 0-0.

    8/12 B9th Cubs down 0-3 David Bote homered (Fly). Jason Heyward scored. Albert Almora Jr. scored. Ian Happ scored.

    8/22 T5th Cubs down 0-1
    David Bote homered (Liner). Albert Almora Jr. scored.

    8/24 B10th game tied, 2-2 David Bote homered (Fly)

    8/29 B7th Cubs down 0-1 David Bote hit a sacrifice fly to center (Fly). Albert Almora Jr. scored.

    9/6 T10th game tied 4-4 David Bote doubled to right (Fly). Albert Almora Jr. scored.

    This is amazing

  • In reply to rnemanich:

    Since August 16th in 62 plate appearances here is his slash line .140/.194/.351 wOBA .232 wRC+ 40. That covers 4 of games you described.

    That is amazing also. He is Mr. Clutch. Not to mention the excellent defense he has been playing.

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    In reply to rnemanich:

    There was also the game tying home run on 7/26 before Rizzo's walk off blast. Amazing.


    Michael Kopech torn UCL. Done for rest of year and 2019.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to rbrucato:

    TINSTAAP indeed!

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