Game Post 9/30



Sunday: 2:20 pm CT on NBC Sports Chicago/670AM



1. Matt Carpenter (L) 1B
2. Jose Martinez (R) RF
3. Paul DeJong (R) SS
4. Tyler O'Neill (R) LF
5. Patrick Wisdom (R) 3B
6. Harrison Bader (R) CF
7. Yairo Munoz (R) 2B
9. Jack Flaherty (R) P
1. Daniel Murphy (L) 2B
2. Ben Zobrist (S) RF
3. Javier Baez (R) SS
4. Anthony Rizzo (L) 1B
5. Kris Bryant (R) 3B
6. Jason Heyward (L) CF
7. Kyle Schwarber (L) LF
Bullpen Usage

Lineups and Bullpen Usage via Baseball Press.

Opposing pitcher

Scouting Report from Brooks Baseball.

Jack FlahertyJack Flaherty has thrown 2,900 pitches that have been tracked by the PITCHf/x system between 2017 and 2018, all of them occuring in the MLB Regular Season. In 2018, he has relied primarily on his Fourseam Fastball (94mph) and Slider (84mph), also mixing in a Sinker (92mph) and Curve (78mph). He also rarely throws a Change (86mph).

His fourseam fastball has less armside movement than typical and has essentially average velo. His slider generates a high number of swings & misses compared to other pitchers' sliders, has less than expected depth and results in somewhat more flyballs compared to other pitchers' sliders. His sinker generates an extremely high number of swings & misses compared to other pitchers' sinkers, is a real worm killer that generates an extreme number of groundballs compared to other pitchers' sinkers and has less armside run than typical. His curve generates an extremely high number of swings & misses compared to other pitchers' curves, has a sharp downward bite and has slight glove-side movement. His change is slightly firmer than usual.

Sean's Note: Flaherty, only 22, has had a very good rookie year for the Cardinals. He is striking out a whopping 29% of batters faced this season. He is good with runners on base, stranding 81% of them for the season. One issue has been home runs, a 16% rate is above league average. Flaherty has allowed just one run to the Cubs in two starts, although both starts were only five innings.

Final Thoughts: Well it all comes down to this, 161 games has decided nothing between the Cubs and Brewers. They are tied a top the NL Central and there are now three possible outcomes for Chicago: a division title, a wild card berth, or a one-game division tie-breaker. The Cardinals, eliminated from the playoffs, are sending out a lineup of some veterans and some young kids. The Cubs lineup is very similar to one they may use in the playoffs. Mike Montgomery struggled his last start, Joe Maddon will likely have a quick hook with Monty Sunday. Everyone buckle your seatbelts, things are going to get wild now.


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  • Get it done, boys. It's time.

    And get it done Tigers!

  • For those who aren't aware, MLB.TV has labeled ALL of today's games "free game of the day." I'm not sure if a login is necessary, but it might be an opportunity for someone to see a game, or to track one game on phone / PC while watching another on TV.

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    Wow. Molina & Ozuna not in the lineup. I know the Cards aren't going to give us a freebie, just surprised they're not playing.

  • Now we see why mlb insisted on the cubs traveling to dc on their long awaited off day a few weeks ago instead of playing it tomorrow.

  • Baseball is a game. It's entertainment. It's supposed to be fun, to bring great joy. And it certainly does. But it wouldn't be as fun and rewarding if it was all easy, IMO.

    A big part of that fun and entertainment is making predictions. Guessing the score of a particular game, pouring over stats and WAR totals to nail the total season victories, trying to decide which big free agent makes the most sense. The attempts are all futile, of course, because we are merely fans. My attempts at predicting the events or outcomes of single games this season have been abysmal, so I won't even try. I gave up long ago. But there is one prediction I wish I could make, or more precisely know the answer to, that doesn't involve numbers or home runs or key double plays:

    What kind of mood will I be in four hours from now?

    Go Cubs!

  • In reply to BarleyPop:

    Speaking of entertainment and fun, where is Mr Greg Simmons?

  • In reply to clarkAddson:

    He's packing up his belongings for the offseason...ya know just like his cardinals lol

  • Let's go Cubbies!!!

  • fb_avatar

    Yelich just wont make outs.

    Crew up 2-0 already.

    Looks like we are going to be playing tomorrow if we handle out bid'ness !

  • Was it me or did it seem like Baez was not running really hard until after he passed 3rd base? Oh and then he, once again, ran through a stop sign.

  • In reply to INSaluki:

    What's funny is right when Rizzo hit that ball, I knew it was too hard for a runner to score from 2nd base, but I knew Javy would try and be out. Wait, that's not really funny, just sad.

  • Hope 2 runs isn’t the usual insurmountable deficit , please not today.

  • The ump called that last strike out on carpenter like Leslie Nielsen in naked gun lol. That was an emphatic call

  • Someone said it yesterday and I tend to agree...might be better to get tomorrow off and prep for Tuesday. The Webster move makes me think Joe agrees.

  • In reply to Stubbs:

    Give up and not try to win? C'mon, Stubbs.

    We Never Quit!

  • In reply to Stubbs:

    3rd inning and we talking about giving up. Come on bro.

  • In reply to WaitTilNextYear:

    Not giving up...exercising discretion.

  • In reply to Stubbs:

    That was me. I wouldn't have expected Webster and Mills, but right now it sure was the right call by Maddon, to not waste anyone we need to rely on either for Monday or Tuesday. Hoping the Cubs bats keep applying the pressure and we save our bullpen. I would like to see the Tigers make their game close, and force the issue of Counsell using a couple bullpen arms he'd rather save for Monday.

  • Murphy, Zobs and Rizzo are the only hitters in the lineup that I have any semblance of confidence in right now at the plate. Speaking of...........nice hit Murphy !!!

  • Yeaaaa!!!!!!

  • Zo!

  • Good ab Baez, take the walk

  • Benjamin on the board for Rizzo!

  • fb_avatar

    Thats the Offense I remember.......great ABs by Murphy and Javy

  • Dodgers and Rockies definitely gonna win , both up football scores

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to bolla:

    Thats the kinda score I was hoping from our boys yesterday or today.

  • In reply to Jim Odirakallumkal:

    We got enough runs now gets outs and get ready for 163

  • I was just over at Viva el Birdos. Their game thread did a quick 180 from the glee of ruining the Cubs season and pen to the despair of realizing what their team is. One commenter called Rizzo "frat-douche antichrist". I guess the hatred goes both ways.

  • Someway, somehow, El Mago scores here. He has to.

  • fb_avatar

    12 more outs

  • fb_avatar

    Lets break their backs here and put this one away

  • In reply to Jim Odirakallumkal:

    Like that?

  • Way to go KB!

  • Finally Willy!!!

  • Feel better, rbrucato?

  • In reply to BarleyPop:

    Nope. Still an awful year for him.

    I would feel better if he happens to get white hot for 3 weeks.

  • fb_avatar

    Finally WILLSON !!

    Double Digit bombs !

  • There we go Contreras... making baseball fun again!

  • Unbelievable that I think that's the 2nd or 3rd time we've seen that happen this year, and I've never seen it happen in all my years of watching Cubs baseball (like I can remember at least since '83).

  • In reply to Cubber Lang:

    Nevermind. I guess it was a HR.

  • Willy didn't "Hot Dog" it this time - He respected 90

  • Was Almora pinch hitting for Schwarber matchup related?

  • In reply to Treebeard:

    Yes. LH pitcher and now he's in for defense with the lead.

    Edwards up in the pen. Would be nice to see a solid, confidence-boosting appearance.

    Way to go Mills!

  • fb_avatar

    Willy and KB heat up and we are going to favorites to KO everyone except maybe the Dodgers on our way to the WS.

    Key is, they have to keep it up.

    We know Rizzo, Javy, Murphy, and Zorilla are going to get theres.

  • In reply to Jim Odirakallumkal:

    Brewers are favorites. Then dodgers. Then probably rox.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Stubbs:

    Brewers are going to be 1 and done

  • In reply to Jim Odirakallumkal:

    Jim ,
    I hope you're right, but the Brewers are tough !

  • In reply to Stubbs:

    Is that your ranking. Based on your predictions there may be some flaws.

  • In reply to Jim Odirakallumkal:

    not sure I'd agree in putting Javy in that group. it's a whole different ball game in the playoffs and from what we've seen the last week +, I see only Rizzo, Murphy and Zo as ones to be confident in. But that's just me.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to INSaluki:

    Javy is what you call a Prime Time Performer...... he lives for the big moments. I am not worried about him. He will get his. Do you remember that huge ( cards were up 2-0 I think) 2 out 3 run HR he hit in 2015 vs the Cards off our soon to be new friend John Lackey in the clincher?

    Yea, some of the tough relievers are going to catch him fishing, but he's going to his damage off some quality pitchers esp LH starters.

  • In reply to Jim Odirakallumkal:

    Agree with this, baez hit .318 in the '16 nlcs and .372 in the '16 nlds including the 2 biggest hits of the '16 nlds.

    along with the 3 run go ahead hr in '15 nlds and a hr in game 7 of the world series

    he won co nlcs mvp with the most pressure the cubs have faced ever

    He can also go cold like last postseason and the world series he is what he is a streaky hitter, he shows up more than he doesn't. That's the last guy I'm questioning

  • Wow joe, this is a bold move

  • I am (pleasantly) shocked at this turn of events..if all of the relevant games keep going the way they're going, there's going to be 2 division title tiebreakers tomorrow and the NL wild card becomes a de facto "loser's bracket" game.

    It seemed like the Cubs were asleep the first couple of innings but when they woke

  • That hit by Baez was the best I've seen his swing look in a while. His body stayed aligned without his butt sticking way out, a la Starlin Castro.

  • In reply to Cubber Lang:

    Javy has always been streaky. The difference in this MVP-caliber season is the hot streaks are longer and the cold ones shorter. Imagine what happens if he goes on a two-week tear.

  • In reply to BarleyPop:

    Yeah... Yet in the last so many weeks, his swing mechanics have looked severely out of wack even though he's had some success. I'm just happy to see him stay more upright in that last AB, and hope to see the same in his next AB. The difference is he can hit the ball hard to RF when he's not sticking his butt out. The bad posture swings result, at best, in dink and dunk hits that are luckily falling in for him and don't add up to an MVP season.

  • 8-0 Brewers. We need a few more runs.

  • In reply to BarleyPop:

    Seems when Baez is on base, we score.

  • Love this DirtyBird D!

  • fb_avatar

    That should be game

  • fb_avatar

    Anyone know what time the tie breaker games are tomorrow?

    Tix should be available right?

  • In reply to Jim Odirakallumkal:

    I was just thinking the same thing. I don't think times have been set because no one knew what would be necessary. The picture is getting clear so I would expect an announcement shortly.

    I think I saw earlier today that if a NL Central tie-breaker was necessary, tickets will be available starting at 7:30 (CT?) tonight.

  • In reply to BarleyPop:

    I read about the scenarios yesterday on the cubs website. If there were to be only one game 163, it would've been at 4 ET, but if there were 2 games, they would be 1 ET and 4 ET, and the Cubs would host the early game.

  • In reply to Cubber Lang:

  • fb_avatar

    I heard the game is 3pm? SO Dodger game is after ours?

  • In reply to Jim Odirakallumkal:

    Game would've been at 3 ET if it was the only game. I believe the game will be 1pm ET.

  • In reply to Cubber Lang:

    Just seeing my typo now, I meant 4 eastern. those buttons are so close to each other.

  • In reply to Jim Odirakallumkal:

    Noon game , dodger game at 3 eastern time

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to stix:

    That makes more sense

  • In reply to stix:

    Oops 1&4 ET starting times.

  • From what I just saw online, tickets for tomorrow's game will go on sale at 7:30 central time tonight.

  • fb_avatar

    Well we can't let Yelich get any RBI's tomorrow. Last thing we need is him getting the triple crown, taking our division title, and knocking us into the WC game

  • In reply to Jim Odirakallumkal:

    game 163 doesn't count towards the regular season stats, so what he finishes with today is what he gets. Besides, Arenado hit his 37th HR today anyway, so it won't matter anyway.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Cubber Lang:

    Actually it does my friend.

  • In reply to Jim Odirakallumkal:

    I believe Len and JD have said differently.

  • In reply to Cubber Lang:

    Game 163 numbers will be applied to the 2018 season,They said it earlier.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to bolla:

    Yup so if Javy has the kinda game BP forecasted for today but tomorrow, like 17 homers and 44 rbi's, he may may have a chance to wrestle that MVP away.

    Cubs win 77-4

  • In reply to bolla:

    Ok thanks. I must’ve misunderstood them (or maybe they were wrong too) whenever they e spoken about it a couple times in this past week.

    Well I hope Javy goes 4 for 5 with 2 HRs and 6 RBIs in a Cubs win tomorrow and takes back that MVP award.

  • Kintzler better not make the postseason roster.Dude sucks, it's the same thing every time he enters the game.

  • In reply to bolla:

    Cishek isn’t much better now. He appears to be overused and tired.

  • In reply to stix:

    yup, chavez is the only reliever I personally trust right now.

  • fb_avatar

    Damn, I did not want to see Cishek today. He needed the rest so we can use him tomorrow( plus Tues if necessary) for however many outs needed

    He's been overworked lately

  • In reply to Jim Odirakallumkal:

    I agree, but we have to win this game. It isn't over yet.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to BarleyPop:

    I know but w out Morrow and maybe Strop, he's arguably our best RP asset......we need him at full strength and dominant to make a run.

  • Well that got a little tense there for a moment.

  • fb_avatar

    Counsell going w Chacin or bullpen game tomorrow?

    Which way are you guys leaning?

    I don't think he's announced

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Jim Odirakallumkal:

    I say Chacin. You gotta play to win if it's dependent on the #1 playoff seed.

  • fb_avatar

    We should definitely have Chavez, Cishek, Rosario, and possibly Monty tomorrow. Monty only pitched 33, so I doubt it. If Q starts tomorrow, Lester or Hamels could piggyback. If Cubs win tomorrow, game 1 of DS isn't until Thursday, right?

  • In reply to Wrigley0923:

    Wilson didn’t pitch today and I would guess if they had to that Hendricks could go an inning. We also have our secret reliever (Chatwood). hasn’t pitched since 2017 when he pitched or the Rockies.

  • This is the most intense 10-5 game I have ever watched. With all these not so good relievers going so Maddon can save the pen for tomorrow.

  • I remember a game years ago with the Cubs ahead of the Cards 9-4 going into the 9th at Wrigley and lost.
    I’m tired of this shit.......PUT IT AWAY.

  • fb_avatar

    Thank goodness, De la rosa is burnt for tomorrow's game. He couldn't throw a strike for the life of him. Yeah he got the job done, but I'd rather not see him again.

  • They should name a sandwich after our relievers, called a heart attach on a bun !

  • In reply to ronvet69:

    What should the name the sandwich for our offense?

  • In reply to Milk Stout:

    What should the name “of” the sandwich “be” for our offense? Jeez, I can’t type well sometimes...

    A song title for our offense, “When will I see you again?”

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