Crosstown Catastrophe -- White Sox 10, Cubs 4

Nothing much came in the way of positivity for the Cubs today, except for the return of Kyle Schwarber. The White Sox defeated the Cubs with a season-high 19 hits and starter José Quintana struggled through five innings.

Daniel Murphy got things started for the Cubs with a leadoff homer off of White Sox starter Reynaldo López. Kris Bryant followed with a flyout, and Anthony Rizzo singled to right field. Javier Báez struck out, and Ben Zobrist grounded out for the final out. The Cubs left the inning leading 1-0.

Quintana had a strong first inning against his former teammates, inducing a groundout from Tim Anderson and two swinging strikeouts from José Rondón and Avisail Garcia.

The White Sox took a 3-1 lead in the second with a three-run homer from Kevin Smith. The home run brought in Matt Davidson and Welington Castillo, both had gotten on base with singles. Yoán Moncada and Ryan LaMarre followed with more singles, and the first out was recorded on a flyout to left from Adam Engel.The final two outs were recorded on another strikeout from Anderson and one from Rondón.

Zobrist got on base with one out in the fourth after a Rizzo single on what should have been a routine double play, but an error was charged to Davidson when he failed to make the play. Unfortunately, both were stranded on a strikeout from Victor Caratini.

Smith led off the White Sox fourth with a double and scored on a single from LaMarre. The inning ended with the Sox up 4-1.

Dillon Maples replaced Quintana in the sixth. Quintana went five innings, with nine hits, five runs (all earned), eight strikeouts, and no walks.

Maples faced Daniel Palka, who was pinch hitting for Smith, and gave up a two run home run to bring the score to 6-1. Moncada followed with a single, and LaMarre brought him in with a line drive to right. Maples then exited the game with the score at 7-1.

Jaime García came in to pitch and induced a flyout from Engel. Anderson grounded into a double play for the final two outs. The White Sox challenged the call but it was upheld.

Jason Heyward led off the seventh with a double and was replaced by pinch runner David Bote. Bote advanced to third on a groundout from Kyle Schwarber, hitting in the designated hitter spot. Heyward was stranded on an inning-ending pop out from Albert Almora Jr.

New pitcher Randy Rosario entered the game in the bottom of the seventh and gave up a double to Rondón and a single to Garcia. Rondón scored on a single from Davidson, bringing the tally to 8-1. Moncada then singled and scored Garcia, putting the Sox ahead 9-1. James Norwood replaced Rosario with the bases loaded. The Sox scored again on a sac fly from LaMarre and the inning mercifully ended after a flyout from Engel for the final out. The White Sox left the inning ahead 10-1.

Jace Fry replaced López in the eighth, and the Cubs were able to add on a few runs. Murphy led off with a single and Bryant followed with the same. José Ruiz was then brought in to replace Fry and faced pinch hitter Taylor Davis, hitting in place of Rizzo. Murphy advanced to third, with two outs, on a flyout from Báez. Zobrist followed with a walk and was replaced by pinch runner Terrance Gore. Murphy scored on a wild pitch with Bote batting, and Bote then singled to score Bryant and Gore. The Cubs were now trailing 10-4.

The Sox made another pitching change and brought in Aaron Bummer with two outs, who faced Caratini and walked him. The third out came from a lineout to right from Schwarber.

Davis remained in the game at first, Ian Happ replaced Báez and played third, Gore remained in at left field, and Bote moved from third base to shortstop. Brian Duensing took the mound and faced Anderson, who singled to third. Rondón grounded into a 4-3 double play. Brandon Kintzler replaced Duensing after a single from Ryan Cordell and a walk to Davidson and recorded the final out on a 5-4 forceout from Castillo.

The Cubs had one last chance to add on against new Sox pitcher Nate Jones. The first two outs were sandwiched around a single from Murphy, with Almora grounding out to first and Bryant lining out to short. Murphy advanced to second on a wild pitch. Davis popped up in foul territory near first to end the game.


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    My only comment is that at the end of 4, Pitts is winning 3-1.

  • Yea.....this one sucked, not much more I can say about it....
    Come on you Pittsburghs!

  • If we don't start hitting, its not going to matter if we make the playoffs.

  • In reply to clarkAddson:

    Yup the offense is honestly my biggest concern. Not the starting pitching not the bullpen this extremely inconsistent offense.

    It seems like when Báez isn’t hitting the offense really stagnates.

  • Yeah, today sucked.

    I thought about putting my thoughts into a "Green eggs and ham" theme, but I'm just too lazy, and frankly unmotivated.

    We've had a long day of debate and things got testy at times. Who didn't see that coming? I've seen people I respect say things that make me cringe, and people I've never heard from before make me think.It was a tough day on a tough topic.

    I'm a baseball fan. A life-long, die-hard Cubs fan to be specific. Today sucked. I've read a million opinions, seriously considered a fraction of those, and expressed a few of my own. I got a sick sense that some people, I won't call them fans, took pleasure in the day's developments. I was saddened at first but quickly reminded that many of these fools have no purpose in life except to attempt to cause havoc anonymously with their keyboards. I felt better after that realization.

    Here's my take, and I try to be fair. I'll put it right out there: I think Addison Russell is a POS. I've met him, had drinks with him, and think he is a worthless, immature punk.I've seen the way he treats people, notably women, and that leads to my personally biased opinion. I've seen people today question the DV allegations, which is fair, but also ask for proof that he is a cheating husband. They want proof of his dalliances and infidelity. Are you serious? He has spit out more illegitimate kids than Jonny Appleseed, and I am a direct eyewitness of his debauchery.

    His ex-wife made some serious allegations, enough to get a player suspended. Why this statement came out now, and the motivations behind it, are legitimate questions. Melisa's post, all 2000(?) words of it, was powerful and disturbing. It was also vague and lawyerly. I cannot and will not attempt to tell a victim of this type of abuse when and how to speak out. I, fortunately, have no experience with this situation.

    I fully understand there have been cases of heartbreaking abuse as well as false accusations. Whenever I think of anything baseball-related I think a lot. It is something Cubs Den and the community here has taught me. I try not to do hot takes, but gather every piece if information I possibly can to form an educated opinion. And when I'm off, people here will correct me.

    As I've stated, I think Russell is (bleep) and I have no reason to doubt Melisa.It is possible that it is all staged for financial gain or vengeance. If so, they have done an Oscar-worthy job. That post was like a thesis on spousal abuse.

    Then there is baseball. No more Russell. I've shared my joy over the addition of Murphy's bat while admitting my fears of the baseballs, and potentially game-winning runs, that will undoubtedly slide by his glove. I game-planned for Murphy to start and lead off at 2B, get his 3 AB's, and then slide Javy to 2B when Addy comes in as a defensive replacement. Like everything else this season, those plans have changed.

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    In reply to BarleyPop:

    Thats the only reason why I didn't like here purposely vague cryptic message. She just left the door wide open for him and the MLBPA on his behalf deny it.

    Surprise Surprise! Russell just released a statement thru the MLBPA that he's completely innocent and all allegations are false. SHOCKER.

    I hope I am wrong, but I have a sick feeling ( I believe 100% she's telling the truth) that her lawyers/people told her not to come out w a public statement ( as it hurts her future income, childs income, and the lawyers income), but she wanted to help other women in this situation. So they came up w carefully worded message to get her point across, but leave enough wiggle room for debate and denial.

    Honestly I can't blame her, 1. she's very young and naive and 2. Money is a very very powerful motivator.

  • In reply to BarleyPop:

    Your experiences, insights and opinions are valuable to me and much appreciated. I, too, feel strongly that Russell is simply reaping what he has sown. That said, and without your experience of personal contact and observation, I'd like to see more than Melissa's emotional (but vague) missive before I declare Russell guilty of physical abuse. I hope the MLB investigation turns up some tangible evidence or at least an admission from Addison. Mostly, I hope that all the parties involved are able to heal and move forward.

  • In reply to BarleyPop:

    In this country we get due process. Check it out it is in the constitution

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    Now you know why I wanted to see at least 2 more games of solid offense to believe this O was back and ready for the playoffs.

    We still have time to get this O going again, but time is running out.

    This was a perfect time for our O to go wild. Coming off an off day, wind blowing out, last place team w a horrible pen. Yes a last place team, but not the normal kind of last place team you normally can't get up for....... can't say its a rivalry, but games do have bragging rights.

  • In reply to Jim Odirakallumkal:

    I know it's easy to look at the White Sox as a last place team, but I'm not sure how many Cubs fans are aware that the Sox are now 24-23 since August 1st. Especially as a rival, they should not be taken lightly.

    Watching today's game, in tandem with the Russell news just made me sick! You've got to think that in a little way, the Russell fiasco probably had a slight effect on our team's mental game today. Not making any excuse, but when something like that blows through the clubhouse, the guys can't be feeling as good about themselves as they did the day before. And I'm not even talking about whatever the truth of the matter is, but just that stuff like that can shake a family up, even if it's the black sheep that you're not all as close to, if that may or may not be the case.

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    I just read an article about someone (a man) who came out and wrote that he was abused by a priest when he was a young boy. He is just revealing this now. He is also being praised for coming out now with all the other boys who were abused. With Russell, his ex-wife is being questioned about her timing and whether it's true or not. In this society, males mostly rule.
    Now we've all had a day to give our opinions and gotten nasty with each other and her and Addison. Can we please get back to baseball talk. I certainly understand today's comments, and I'm just as guilty as everyone else, but I'm already exhausted reading about it here.
    Let's talk Cubs. Go Cubs. Score some runs tomorrow.

  • In reply to Jonathan Friedman:

    Jonathan, my friend, I feel your pain. I would rather debate whether Maples can locate his pitches, if Mills would be a legit #5, or if Caratini's framing abilities makes him a better option in a big game. But life happens.

    How do you think, as you have declared yourself over this topic, every single Cubs player feels for every single day over every single week for the rest of this season being asked about Addison Russell? It sucks.

    We all want to move on and talk positive baseball. But sometimes life happens. We deal with it. Today was uncomfortable for you and I, but I promise it was much more uncomfortable for those teammates closer to the story, and the conversations they have to have are much more uncomfortable than ours.

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    In reply to BarleyPop:

    BP, I understand completely what you’re saying and I know that I don’t feel 1% of those who are close to Russell or his ex-wife or even those who have been abused in their life or cheated on. I have empathy but luckily no personal experience of any of that. I certainly don’t want to stifle expression but just tried to gently nudge us back to baseball. Life does get in the way and this is one of those times. I don’t know the balance of baseball talk and talking about what intrudes and affects those who we talk about?
    We try and live in a bubble here where we can come and forget about the life around us but sometimes that isn’t possible, as you have appropably mentioned. I don’t have the answer and I didn’t want to stifle the conversation.

  • In reply to BarleyPop:

    Remember when baseball was only a game ?

    Yeah, me neither.

  • fb_avatar

    Pirates and Brewers game resumed.........

    Got to give Hurdle credit as he's managing this game like its a playoff game. Hope his pen is up for the challenge.

    Yelich just led off the 6th w single and Aguilar doubled him home and its 3-2 and Crew still batting

  • In reply to Jim Odirakallumkal:

    Damn Brewers really looking like they intend to take the NL Central Division title away from us.

  • fb_avatar

    That dirty son of gun Clint Hurdle brought a real gas can into the game......single, double, homer, walk and a 3-1 game is now 4-3 w no outs still

  • In reply to Jim Odirakallumkal:

    We can’t blame Clint. Cubs need to take care of themselves.

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    Even better.........

    New pitcher......single, double, 2 run HR, walk, New pitcher, 2 run HR, HR

    3-1 game is now 7-3 and still none out

  • Losing to the white sox makes me sick to my stomach. I hate that fan base, when the white sox had their run in 2005 I wasn’t cheering for them to lose because collectively Chicago baseball was so bad and both teams had title droughts that were 80-90+ years at the time seeing one of the 2 teams go on a World Series run was great.Despite the fact I’ve been a cubs fan my whole life.

    This “rivalry” is not authentic it’s just south Siders who hate the cubs and are insecure. The cubs need to win these next 2 games for my sanity

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to bolla:

    I am the exact same way. Granted I was living in Florida during the white sox run, but I was cheering my balls off for them ( even after the collapse of 03) for the city.

    I am by far a white sox hater, but I have so many friends who act like they don't give a damn about the Cubs, but are on top of every negative story on them esp before we won the title.

    I never took soon much abuse and random texts " Is Bryant the real deal" ..... Theo is sure good as losing games. When it got turned around, then they all got defensive. Then they got scared after we made the playoffs and KOd the cards and bucs. Boy did they take a huge breath of relief when we ran into the Mets pitching and Murphy.

    When they decided to rebuild, I told all them they are doing the right thing, you guys will be much better for it. I follow the team more then the so called "die hards". Coming into this year, barely any of them knew the top prospects outside of a few. Its a shame because they have something brewing down there. I doubt they win any titles, but anything can happen once you get to the dance.

    The sad thing is most of them get more enjoyment out of us losing then them winning.

  • In reply to Jim Odirakallumkal:

    'The sad thing is most of them get more enjoyment out of us losing then them winning.'

    Exactly.In 2015 a bar on the southside gave free beers to anyone in the house during the '15 nlds whenever the cards hit a hr.The cards hit 3 hr's(all solo) and STILL lost.So those idiots gave out free beer and the cubs won.That's the try hard corny stuff I'm talking about

  • In reply to bolla:

    I moved away from Chicago because of a job but stupid stuff like that makes me glad I don't live there any more. I actually live in Charlotte now - home to Sox AAA team-and actually have talked to a few of the knights employees and they are good people. Won tickets to a game and had fun there.

  • I hope you came through Florence unscathed!

  • That’s good the brewers are winning tonight,keep pressure on the cubs.

    They couldn’t beat a team that’s 30 games under .500 in a pennant race with a dh which is one less automatic out in the lineup. They brought it on themselves

  • Cubs lost, all the other closet pursuers (MIL, StL, COL) won, so no change in the Magic Numbers.

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    I'm tired of Madden. This should be the EVERYDAY lineup.
    Murphy 2nd
    Zobrist rf
    Rizzo 1b
    Bryant 3b
    Heyward cf
    Baez ss
    Schwarber lf
    Caratini c
    He's really boring me. He doesn't know how to set a good lineup and he does not know how to handle a pitching staff.

  • In reply to RClax3:

    Heck, you don't even know his name dude??????

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to RClax3:

    It doesn't matter how Maddon sets the lineup. Especially with the 2018 squad. The players actually have to have better AB's and put more balls in play to get the offense going again. Like someone said above, it seems like if Javy's off, everyone is off. Kinda like Fowler was, You go We go.

  • In reply to Wrigley0923:

    Funny, I said that about Báez a couple months ago. We’ll go as far as Javy is willing to take us. And brought up Fowler and “You go, we go.” Maybe that’s why I’m so hard on Javy and wanting to see him accept the walks when pitchers aren’t throwing him anything to hit.

  • Forgive my lame analogy but this is how I feel about the team. It has a light switch. When the light is turned on it takes a while for it to heat up and shine bright. The second you turn it off it goes dark. You turn it back on it takes a while to heat back up..... Can we just leave the lights on the rest of the way!

  • fb_avatar

    I didn't watch the game, but looking at the box score it looks like Q threw quite a few meatballs that got hit hard. I'd ask if his command was off, but he had 8 k's & 0 bb. Was the defense bad?
    Obviously the offense was stagnant again.

  • I was hoping by the time the Cardinals get here Friday it would be meaningless but now it certainly looks as if will go down to the wire.
    We should be fine with Lester and Hendricks lined up for the rest of this weekend but man....we have to start hitting the ball.

  • Felt like the cubs got hit with a sledgehammer on and off the field yesterday. Today is a new day Hope to see better performances from here on out,the last 2 losses were bad.Doug Glanville wrote a great article about several World Series champs that limped into October then got hot. While multiple 100 win teams didn’t make it to the ws. I want to see a cubs vs red sox World Series

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to bolla:

    I agree about a Cubs/Sox WS. It would also be a huge boost in TV ratings for MLB. A Cubs/Yanks WS would be huge too, but I'd give the edge to Cubs/Sox only because Theo & Co. would be playing their old team. Even though all the players are different, it's just the fact he finally 3nded long droughts in both cities.

  • We are going to need at least 5 more wins Denizens......better pick off the low hanging fruit while it is there.....

  • Man people are still worried about getting in to post season? With 9 games to play and the best record in the NL. We have 1.5 game over Milwaukee. Who would people rather be? In cubs shoes or brewers shoes???

  • Anyone notice the Cubs were beat by relatively young unknowns and recent minor leaguers the last 2 games?

  • In reply to clarkAddson:


  • In reply to WaitTilNextYear:

    And what - you tell me ??????

  • In reply to clarkAddson:

    I thought you had something important to follow up with it? I see not.

  • There must be something to it but I don't know what? Its like when Bote first came up, he was hitting a ton. In fact, as far as I remember, a lot of the young players seem to hit real good at first when coming up to the major leagues. I am just wondering why.

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