The Cubs fan at Work/Man this game sucked and I'm glad I didn't get to see most of it; Mets 348,903,582, Cubs 3


Today's recap is fueled by coffee, apathy due to a blowout loss, and the letter L.  The conclusion of last night's suspended game was fine.  Cubs got the win, and that is good.  It was fortunate then, that I was busy at work during the regularly scheduled game, which started at 1:30.  The following is my experienced for the day:

1:30 - My sophomores have been given the instructions for their short research assignment over World Religions.  I'm moving around the room attempting to trouble-shoot some tech issues, provide answers to questions that were answered during directions, and listen to a complaint from a student that her group was assigned Taoism instead of Shintoism.

1:45 - I'm still doing my thing, thankfully oblivious to the Cubs game - at this point, I don't even know if the first game was over, or if it was in the fourteenth inning.  Around this time, Alec Mills gives up a grand slam to Todd Frazier with two outs in the top of the first.

2:20 - My juniors are divided into "states," and each one is coming up with a plan for a government based on the ideas of the enlightenment.  They are told to forget everything they know about our current government (this requires me to pretend that they actually know how it works anyway), but devise a plan that limits the powers of the national government and must represent the will of the people.  The "states" then bring their ideas to a convention to try to hash out a basic outline of a new government.  Kids are frustrated that we cannot come to a consensus within the 50 minute class period.  Intended lesson: A democracy is not easy and requires hard work and critical thinking skills to make it work.  If you can't or don't want to think for yourself, then a dictatorship is the government for you.  Actual lesson learned: Mr. Atchley is mean because he makes us think during the last hour of school.

It's at this approximate time that Ian Happ knocks in the Cubs' first run of the game with an infield single just past the pitcher's mound, plating Willson Contreras.  Boy, we've seen a lot of weak contact in this series.  I'm still blissfully unaware of anything going on, or that the Cubs trail 4-1.

3:05 - Kids are out the door, and on their way to the parking lot and buses.  I finally get to sit down and see the results of last night's continuation.  I type up a short update to last night's recap and hit "update."  I turn on the game to listen to the regularly scheduled game, and learn the score.

3:07 - I turn off the radio as a co-worker comes in to visit about a rough day.  If I could make anybody understand what it means to be a teacher, it's that the content is probably about #10 on the list of most important things we do on a day-to-day basis.  The co-worker didn't want to complain about administrators or kids - he was concerned about one of his kids (by the way, they are not your students - they are your kids).  The best teachers build relationships with their kids, but there is an emotional price to pay.  Empathy is so important, but when you work with kids who have all sorts of trauma happening in their lives, it gets to you.  Who cares about the score?

3:40 - The contract day has been over for a bit, but I finally head home.  I joke with a co-worker who is there late about how he's letting down the rest of the teachers in the district because he's giving us a bad name.  I live in a right-to-work state, and working late is the expectation in our profession, but I still compare him to the guy who lets down the players' union by accepting less than he's worth on a contract.  We all remember Jake Arrieta's stance on free agency and taking a "hometown discount."

3:50 - I'm home and turn on the game just in time to see the game go to 8-1.  Also, I get to see a rather embarassing play that sees a collision between shortstop David Bote and pitcher Brandon Kintzler.  I think to myself, "thank God I don't have to watch more of this mess in order to recap it."

4:15ish - Anthony Rizzo has just flied out to left field to end the Cubs half of the 8th inning.  The Cubs went 1-2-3 in the inning, and trail by seven runs.  I don't care about that.  Left fielder Michael Conforto has just handed the ball over to a kid in foul territory who got to go to Wrigley Field to see his favorite team, and gets to go home with a ball that was struck by Anthony Rizzo.  You know what? As awful as this game is, I'm going to refuse to be upset with it.  The Cubs took two out of three, and had just won seven straight games.  To hell with anymore negativity today.


So much for that optimism.

4:30ish - The game is mercifully over.  Victor Caratini hits a two-run home run in the bottom of the 9th, and a fan makes a nice catch on the ball.  It's Caratini's first home run of the season.  Too little, too late, and the Cubs go down 10-3.

It's over.  Let it go.  Tomorrow's another day.


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  • Yep. Don’t even pine over that one. We won the Syndergaard & deGromm starts, went 2 outta 3 & that’s all that matters.

  • In reply to Milk Stout:

    Pretty much

  • fb_avatar

    Wasn't Caratini's first ML homerun, it was his first this season. Hit his first (and only before today) last July in Milwaukee.

  • In reply to Daniel Treadwell:

    Dang it...will fix as soon as I can.

  • Based on the headline, did you have the over on the over or under?

  • Who knows how the game woulda went if mills didn't serve up a juicy meatball to frazier in the 1st.

    Bruce levine confirmed The cubs are getting their own network after 2019, rights will be negotiated in the next year fox sports,disney and others are interested.Next season will be the last on nbc sports or whatever it's called.

    Not sure about wgn that's a staple , but the cubs will be like the yankees with yes network,red sox nesn,dodgers with time warner etc.

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    The 2nd game was a disappointment but I'll take 7 out of 8 anytime. We've been waiting for a run and we've been on a good one. I thought Mills pitched well but he did give up a grand slam, and say he pitched well but..well, that's like saying except for the 90 yd TD we played well. Ditka used to say that.
    When KB and Morrow come back I have no idea who's going. Bote really needs to be on the roster by Sept 1, Caratini is our backup catcher (unless we get a veteran) so Tommy seems to be the one left off. We are looking strong going into Sept, especially with the pitching staff doing so well.
    Right now Pitts is beating StL 2-0 in the 5th and Cincy is beating Milw 7-6 in the 6th. Scoreboard watching in Aug.

  • In reply to Jonathan Friedman:

    Yeah, I'm just not going to get too upset about this one. The Cubs have won 7 of 8, and took the series from the Mets.

    Don't look now, but Bote has really struggled the past few games and the average is down in the .260s. He still adds so much more to the team than say, Tommy La Stella at this point, as he at least has some pop and can play some defense. Still, when the playoffs come around you know that experience and specific skill sets are going to be preferred...not saying I want him left off the playoff roster, or that he necessarily will be, but...

  • In reply to Sean Atchley:

    It looks like KB will be back next week. The pitchers have found a hole in David's swing. Now its his turn to make the adjustment to start hitting again.

  • In reply to ronvet69:

    Yes, this is the key to every young player who wants to stay in the big leagues. Once the pitchers figure you out, can you make the adjustments to keep your place?

    Just in general with this team, they are so streaky. Hopefully today/last night's games aren't the beginning of the end for their mini hot streak.

  • In reply to Sean Atchley:

    Only time will tell. Going into Atlanta and Philly won't be easy.

  • In reply to Sean Atchley:

    Agreed we know Bote has the defense and he has some pop in his bat but from what I know about him in the minors, as excited as I was with how well he was filling in for KB I was just skeptical whether or not he had the hit tool to sustain his success. I just didn't see him as much more than a .250-260 hitter even at his upside before his big league call up. With a decent walk rate, decent power and good defense that's still a solid player but I think we were all bracing for the league to make adjustments to Bote. I still think he should probably make the postseason roster over La stella though at this point unless Tommy really shows good form at the plate the remainder of the season and Bote continues to struggle

  • In reply to kkhiavi:

    I think both Bote and Tommy make it. Monty moves to the bullpen which means one of the other lefty's doesn't make it and I can't see any way Kintzler makes it as of right now.

  • In reply to KJRyno:

    Good point KJ I haven't really mapped out how exactly we're going to map out the postseason roster but I'd say a healthy Montgomery almost certainly makes the roster and I generally value having at least 8 relievers but I admit that at this point until we see some sustained success that I have absolutely no trust in Kintzler doesn't have the type of swing and miss stuff that most successful postseason relievers have. Tommy is also a nice pinch hitter as a guy that can come in and give a good AB against a hard throwing RHP. I do have Bote over La stella at this point though unless we really see la stella dominate bote's production at the plate over this next month

  • In reply to kkhiavi:

    In the past, we usually had 3 catchers on the playoff roster. Don't see that this year.

  • The Schwarb has got to start fouling off pitches that are too close to the strike zone. He can't rely on the Umpire to give him the benefit of doubt.

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    In reply to ronvet69:

    He seems to foul off pitches but then takes the 3rd strike that he thinks is off the plate. He’s not getting those calls and truthfully those pitches are too close to take. Those are ones he needs to get the bat on.

  • In reply to Jonathan Friedman:

    Absolutly, I meant to say it with two strikes on him.
    Cards lose ! Stop the presses !

  • St. Loses lost to the Pirates 2-0 so that helps. They have 5 more losses & 4 less wins than us. I’ll let Norway

  • In reply to Milk Stout:

    “ ...let Norway” do his magic # update. **shoulda said**

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    In reply to Milk Stout:

    Those losses are huge, too. They are running out of games to make up 5 losses. The Cubs are really hot right now. If I were Greg Simmons I would be forecasting the Cubs to win 105 games. But I'm not him so I won't go that far. But the Cubs have 30 games left. Realistically they will have 10-12 losses in that stretch. That means that the Cardinals can only lose about 5-7 games the rest of the season. If the Cubs can manage to do better than .660 ball then the margin for error for the Cards basically disappears. That is the problem for teams trying to gain ground in September. Obviously it has happened before. But it is rare and extremely difficult and unlikely. And I don't think the Cards have the talent to pull it off.

    There will be days where the Cards gain ground on the Cubs. There will be days when the Cubs gain ground on the Cards. But right now the Cubs are in the cat-bird seat. All they have to do is hold serve.

  • In reply to Joel Mayer:

    While your #s are technically accurate the fact is that 9 of those 30 games are with the Brewers and Cards. They each count as 2. If the Cubs go 5-4 or even 4-5 they should be alright. Add to their problems tho is this 11 game road trip to the East with Atl (1), Phil (3) with Nola and WA (4) w Strasburg and Scherzer, wrapped around 3 in Milwaukee. This is brutal when you think it is part of 23 games without a day off. Add in 3 in AZ which is always tough and holding serve is going to be a big task.

  • In reply to veteran:

    That's unnecessarily alarmist. The Cubs have played at a .632 clip since July 1. In that same stretch the Brewers are playing .500 ball and the Cards, despite their vaunted and clearly unsustainable run, are also behind the cubs at a .615 clip. On top of that there are now just over four weeks left in the season with the Cardinals five games behind in the loss column and the Brewers six. The rule of thumb, even with head to head matchups, is that you can make up about a game a week. In other words unless the Cubs mess the bed in the next week the division will be all but wrapped up (not mathematically but practically) by the end of next week. Looking at facts and figures I don't see how one could even be angsty about the season at this point.

  • In reply to TC154:

    Agree completely TC.....the Cubs are in excellent shape.....
    Just look at the path to say...95 wins.....
    It’s gonna suck to be St Louis or Milwaukee for the division but is actually more realistic to think one of those 2 will face the Cubs in the NLDS.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to veteran:

    Yes, the Cubs schedule can be difficult, especially with the long stretch with no off-days. I think that the next couple days will tell us a lot. It is brutal to have 3+ games in 3 days in 3 different cities. But the Cards schedule isn't a cake-walk either. While they have more off-days they still have 6 left against MIL and CHC, 4 against the Dodgers (home), and still have 3 games each in ATL and in WAS--though it looks like they might neatly side-step Scherzer and Strasburg. The Brewers might have the easiest schedule but 6 against the Cubs will be tough on them if they don't win at least 4 of those 6. And I am not sure they have the horsepower to do that.

  • In reply to Joel Mayer:

    One thing that will help this long stretch with no off days is the September first call ups. This will especially help Joe by having more arms in the pen to give Cishek and Strop rest days. And if he sees a particular player needing a day off, he will have plenty of replacements.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to KJRyno:

    I have thought of that too. However, if the game is close it will be hard for him not to use Cishek et al. If it is a game like yesterday (ahead or behind) there will be more options available for "mop-up" duty which will help.

  • Said the same thing last week about the our schedule and heard crickets. Now through in the fact that our offense disappears for games at a time it could get real interesting.

  • Yes, StL lost. Since the Cubs could only take the suspended game, the Magic Number Countdown only gets a nice double dip instead of an extremely rare triple dip, and now sits at 26. Any combination of 26 Cubs wins and StL losses clinches the NL Central.

    I have been cognizant of/worried about this road trip for weeks now. I think 5-6 or better still leaves the Cubs in a good place. I think our team is playing well right now and KB will be back soon, maybe today. I am, for now, willing to chalk up the loss to NYM in the «losing the battle, but winning the war» category.

    I note that WSH will have a lot to say about the NL Central race the next week and a half, as they host in succession MIL, StL, and our Cubs. So it is not only the Cubs that get to deal with Scherzer and Strasborg.

  • In reply to CubsFanInNorway:

    Hey Denizens and CFIN.....I need some help. I watch most every inning of every game by viewing in real time or recording the games on the MLB package with my cable provider. So, I am definitely spoiled when it comes to viewing Cubs baseball.
    Starting early next week, during the heat of the race, I will be in Europe, for 3 weeks. Needless to say, I will be jonesing for some Cubs! Due to time zones , etc., viewing the games will not be possible.
    So.......are there any good visual options to supplement the great recaps here on Cubs Den with the game highlights or summary.
    I have the usual devices that we all have these days; however, I am old enough to remember when Ernie Banks was called up as a rookie, so my tech awareness and skill set are definitely “old school”.
    Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated . GO CUBS!

  • In reply to captjack:

    Hey, Capt’n!
    If you have a subscription to MLB.TV, it is no problem to log on watch as normal. I do it all the time. Actually, all the afternoon games are great because it is evening here, so work doesn’t interfere. Yes, games in the States starting at 7 or 8 pm Stateside start at late at night (or early in the morning), so I just watch the highlights on with breakfast.

    Note that new European regulations involving protection of private data shared over the Internet makes it impossible to access Cubs Den via normal channels. This is because the Trib, who runs Chicago Now, opted to block all traffic to Europe rather than work out a policy that adhered to the new regulations. Even after 3 months, the Trib is still «engaged on the issue and committed to looking at options [and] identify technical compliance solutions». Bollocks, if you ask me. So, to access Cubs Den, I am using a VPN app that hides my IP address. I am using Tunnel Bear, it is easy to install and use on my iPad. A month subscription will cost you about $12, and it appears to be easy to cancel your subscription, but you have to actively do it, otherwise it is automatic renewal.

    Good luck, and I hope you enjoy your vacation.

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