Help Shave My Head (and Win a Cubs Poster)

Look, I'm not one for silly gimmicks. But I do enjoy raising some money for a noble cause. By now, you probably know that we are trying to raise $5,000 for NVRQT, Jon Lester's charity benefiting pediatric cancer research, in John Arguello's name. It was a cause John was passionate about (and one that is very easy to get behind).

As it stands today, our fundraiser is just past the 50% goal mark with only 4 days to go. Let's make it 100% shall we? I'll even raise the stakes.

If you can help us get past the $5k goal by this Sunday night, I'll shave my head. I don't have super long locks or anything. But I'm no doubt going to look weird. I'll post a video and everything.

Not impressed? Fine. We'll also do a drawing for a 2018 Cubs poster featuring the stars of this year's team... along with Yu Darvish (sorry, couldn't resist). Every $10 will get you one entry.

That enough? Let's do this.

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    I urge all the Denizens who read this every day to help raise the money and reach the goal of $5,000. We all get so much pleasure many times a day from coming here it's the least we can do.
    Thank you Myles for all you're doing.

  • In reply to Jonathan Friedman:

    Thank you so much!

  • In reply to Jonathan Friedman:

    I agree. A few bucks is all that's asked, and for a good cause.

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