Anarchists' Brunch: Let's Go Back To The Original

Four years ago this past Friday, my brother Adam stepped on a rainbow. I don't know how many of you remain from those days, my guess is it's far more than I would ever imagine. So then most of you were familiar with Felzzy's unique brand of writing and voice. I thought it was time to reprint one of his posts to celebrate his time here, and maybe even his life in general. 

It wasn't an easy choice. The conniving little brother in me was heavily tempted to repost something that would make him look stupid, because that's what we little brothers do. And there were plenty of choices. He hated the Schwarber pick. He loved Samardzija. He constantly complained about when "The Plan" would come together. I could go on. But through all of it, all Adam wanted was to enjoy Cubs baseball on its own terms, and I think you'll see that here. I've chosen the last Brunch he ever did, and though it'll take some filtering, you'll see his true passion and how he enjoyed one baseball game for its own charm and that's it. That everything didn't have to fall into a bigger picture and how you could still be just a Cubs fan for one day. What's clear is the passion, and that's what made Adam stand out. 

I'd also like to say that even though I stay out of the comments (rightly or wrongly), at least once a year and always at this time I go back and read all of the ones from the post John did when my brother passed. To see how much he entertained all of you and how many of you there were, and all the kind words, it makes a very hard day livable. And I thank you for that. Anyway, here it is, The Baseball Cops...(I've even left it with Adam's woeful grammatical style because you should get the full effect)

So it was a very infant Friday night. The Cubs were putting the finishing touches on a very exciting win. Justin Ruggiano, who has been stuffing it up my giggy since I called him one of the worst players in the game…Ooops. Mea culpa, just drove in Asmirendy Alcantara and the Cubs had a victory over the Atlanta Braves. I was making a joyous walk over to the Southport L stop when I was hastily pulled over by the baseball cops.

"Baseball fan card and proof you've been drinking in the last ten minutes please….."

I handed him a Cubs pocket schedule- the equivalent to a bond card, and then obnoxiously breathed all over them. Needless to say I passed.

"Do you know why we pulled you over sir?

"Nary a clue" I retorted.

"You seem to be celebrating the victory a little too hard sir. Just want to make sure you understand that wins aren't necessarily a good thing and that you're in accordance with the "Big Plan".

"Big Plan"

Yes, the Big plan. You build up prospects through the draft and then in a few years, when the scoreboard and the TV deals have positioned the Cubs with tons of Cash, then you make your move. and win numerous titles on end…"

"Sounds like a hell of a plan."

It is. So until then, no cheering please…..

"But this was just one game. This didn't affect their draft position in the least. What if I just enjoy the victory till I get on the train. Then the obnoxious lady who won't get off her cell phone will depress me. Just to the train stop…..please. I don't ask much.

"Sorry sir. Gonna have to insist that you don't cheer at all. If you cheer, then she cheers. She cheers then they cheer. Before you know it, it's legitimately fun up in here. Then what? Winning streaks? People calling for FA signings over the winter…… Anarchy.

" I suggested they should try and acquire a hitter at this year's deadline….. Like Colby Rasmus-"

" I SHOULD HAVE YOU LOCKED UP FOR JUST THINKING THAT!!!!!!!! You listen up and you listen up good. You think draft pick son. Not just draft pick.But Draft pick pool allocation money… you say that back to me.

Isn't that like just a couple hundred thousand dollars- the equivalent to a HS pitcher or something….?"


I was getting tired. And I had to pee. "Sigh. Draft pick pool allocation money."

"That's better. Here's your schedule. You have a nice night….."

But officer." I countered. "Wasn't this victory the result of "building through the draft" and thus a verification that the Big plan is working……? Am I not showing that I'm supporting the big plan by going when they lose and supporting the players that are going to be here when the Cubs are a competitive club?

"That's for the Lawyers. All I'll tell you is that you're bringing sense and logic into it. And when you do that, you're gonna get yourself in trouble. Unless you're gonna totally neanderthal it, stay behind and "Sing 'Go Cubs Go', go to Sluggers and have a pitching machine brake you in the nuts, you're gonna be considered a fairly intelligent baseball fan. And right now, we can't have fairly intelligent baseball fans cheering after Cubs wins…"

There was a long pause. I might have been broken. I might have fallen asleep. I'm not sure.

"I hear ya officer. I'll try and keep it stupid. Here? How about this?" I started to soil myself.

The officer smiled. "That's what we like to see…."

Go Cubs.


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  • So appropriate to think of Adam ... we miss him and John. Adam's comments about Cardinal fans were always awesome,

  • I always enjoyed your brother’s writing, perspective, and humor.

  • I often disagreed with what Adam had to say, but I almost always enjoyed the way he said it.

    That is the sign of a good writer.

  • In reply to Michael Ernst:

    If it helps we often disagreed in life.

  • Man, loved Felzz’s recaps. I mean LOVED them. He was so funny. Yet very insightful. He knew baseball. And he loved his Cubs. I appreciate what everyone does here, but John and Adam were both truly irreplaceable. I miss them both very much.

  • 4 years, wow, what a loss. I have my file labeled Felzz. I wept when Walter Payton passed and the next time I wept over a sports figure was when Adam passed. When I think about how much the blogosphere has grown in just this four years. What his ceiling was. All the people who have passed through Cubs Den, thanks to John. Really, it wouldn’t be hard to argue that we are in a golden age of sport writing. But I can’t not think, that maybe the best I ever read, at capturing the heart of a Cubs fan, was Adam Fels.

  • Sam - as you suspected, there are more than a few of us still hanging out here that remember reading and enjoying (generally - sometimes the humor didn't work for me) Adam's columns and contributions. Four years,... wow. Thanks for sharing this and for your own contributions here.

  • I was travelling last week and missed this, thanks Mike for the link today.

    I didn't realize how long I've been reading this blog. I read it for years without ever commenting; I just loved John's insight and positivity. Actually, I loved the positivity of the entire commenting community, such a relief from the standard blogosphere blah.

    But it was Felzzy's game recaps that really brought the fun and comic relief through the agony of being a lifelong Cubs fan. I loved his way of slipping classic rock n roll lyrics into hilarious diatribes and cutting humiliation of Red Bird fans.

  • In reply to JohnCC:

    I loved Felzzy's recaps. He made me laugh out loud at times. They were go to reading after every game.

    Sam, thanks for sharing an article. Your brother was able to connect with many through his writing. He had great insight and was able to convey in writing the emotions of the everyday Cub fan. He is missed!

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