Myles Monday Meltdown: An Almost Sweep, Annoying Brewers, and Heyward Homered!

I watched a documentary on Stephen Spielberg last night. If you have HBO, I'd highly recommend it. I personally had no idea he was so successful so early into his career. That's impressive. Jaws is what launched him into the mainstream. It's also what completely ruined any chance that I'll ever swim in the ocean. I know that the statistics say that I have a better chance of meeting Tupac or having an ACME anvil fall on my head, but I am certain I'd be one--the one dummy who goes out to swing in the sea for the first time and loses their leg, or arm, or entire middle half. It'd be me.

I'm good on land. It's where they play baseball.

The Almost Sweep:
If the Cubs sweep the Cardinals last night, I think it puts St. Louis on a course with being sellers at the deadline. I know that may seem like a stretch to say since we're still a month away from the All-Star game. But I just get the sense that this team is hanging on by a thread. The offense just isn't there like it has been in years past and their bullpen is being held together by a young kid name Hicks. A sweep would've been devastating to take at home. But that didn't happen. The Cubs offense was nowhere to be found and the third time through the order, once again, proved to be the downfall for Quintana. But the series is still the Cubs. And that's not nothing.

Pesky Brewers:
It was a big week for the NL Central. Prior to the Cardinals series, the Cubs were in Milwaukee to take on the first place Brewers. The Cubs also were shutout. Twice. It was a really frustrating series to watch at home. Not only because of the lack of offense by Chicago, but because the Brewers are so annoying. It's not one particular thing, it's just the fact that we can't seem to get over that hump of being in first place for more than a day. The Cubs are the better the team. The offensive, defensive, and pitching stats will tell you so. But there the Cubs are, in second place to a team from Milwaukee.

Jason Heyward homered:
No analysis here. I just felt that it needed to be written down so that we all could read it and smile.

What's next?
I'm excited for the next couple of weeks. First, the Cubs take on the Dodgers at home for a quick homestand. Then it's off to face the lowly Reds in Ohio. Then a quick trip to the West Coast to face the Dodgers. The 2018 Dodgers, however, are not the same Dodgers the Cubs have seen in years past. And they're definitely not the Dodgers we saw make it to the World Series last year. No Kershaw. Injuries have plagued Justin Turner. And Matt Kemp is somehow one of their best offensive players (what year is it?). It'll give the Cubs a chance to potentially get on a good little run. The Brewers on the other hand take on the Pirates and Cardinals next: no gimmes there.

Let's see if the Cubs can put together a little run before the ASG.


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    I like to smile, so thanks for that. Myles, sometimes I'm so baseball oriented that when you wrote about the HBO documentary about Steven Spielberg I first read it as Stephen Strasburg and thought, hmm, I didn't know how successful he was other than baseball. I did see that one and it is very good.
    As bad as the Cubs were last night we have another game tonight. I hope Javy is alright (I haven't seen the line up for tonight) but we can get back to winning in a few hours. Chatwood--if he can limit his pitches and walks we can win, but I certainly don't want to see his line of 4 walks in 3 innings and behind 3-0. This is a good Dodger team.
    So, Go Cubs!!

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    My comment was eaten. thanks.

  • The summer of Jaws had my sisters afraid of swimming because of Northern Pikes in Big Green Lake WI. Fantastic whenever we caught one and brought it up onto the pier flopping around.

    OK baseball. ESPN statistics posted a graphic about the Cubs possessing a 7.1 run scoring average in their 40 wins and 1.9 average in their 27 losses. Wish they would have credited the Cubs blogosphere for enlightening them to this anomaly...anyway...Cubs possess a record 27-1 when they score 6 or more runs, while a 9-21 record scoring 3 runs or less; and finally the balance, 4-6 when scoring 4 or 5 runs, that distribution tells you a lot.

    In short 75% of their losses define opposition quality starts from their starter, 3 runs or less . It also should tell you that for the Cubs to get over the hump they also need to improve their own quality starts.

  • In reply to rnemanich:

    Those Pike are about the closest freshwater equivalent to sharks, aren't they? I've seen them chase a lure out of the water and those teeth are lethal!

    Myles, "I'm good on land" too. Baseball is only one of the reasons.

  • In reply to Cliff1969:

    Actually the Muskie's are the Great White or Tiger Sharks and they lived across the lake, unusual that an inland lake can support both pike species more like duo apex predators like lions and leopards, the muskies will attack toes in the water, northern's just ignore or keep their distance laying in the weed beds. But yes they have teeth and will strike you when you are trying to take the hook out and why if not big enough simply cut the line and let them live with the hook.

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