Cold Brew - Brewers 4, Cubs 0

After an extra-innings victory last night, the Cubs were shutout by the Brewers tonight at Miller Park. Chicago took two L's today, as the Cubs wives were defeated 10-3 by the Brewers wife earlier today. Win or lose, Cubs wives played for Cubs Charities, and that's something to cheer about!

Tyler Chatwood took the mound, and although he was able to limit himself to just two walks, he surrendered four runs on five hits over five innings. Travis Shaw was responsible for all four Brewers runs with RBI doubles in the 1st and 3rd innings.

On the flip side, the Cubs only managed two total hits in the game - one off of Brewers starter Chase Anderson, and the other off of reliever Taylor Williams. The Cubs' two hits came by way of a Willson Contreras infield single in the 2nd and Addison Russell's single to center in the top of the 8th.

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Just because the Cubs had two hits doesn't mean they didn't have any scoring chances. In the top of the 2nd inning, Ben Zobrist walked to lead off the inning. Willson Contreras singled, and the Cubs had two men on with nobody out. Unfortunately, Javier Baez struck out swinging, and Addison Russell lined into a double play to end the inning and squander a great opportunity. Other than that, the Cubs were pretty much shut out by Brewers pitching- managing only four total base runners in the game.

With a game as quiet as this one, the Cubs lost some streaks. One in particular was the hot streak Anthony Rizzo has been on. Prior to tonight, he had driven in a run in each of his last eight games which was a career-high stretch. Jason Heyward was another Cubs who lost his season-high hitting streak of six-games, but he did reach base on a first inning walk.

Tonight also marked the end of a 96 game streak dating back to August of 2017, in which the Cubs recorded at least one extra-base hit. That was the longest streak in franchise history since at least 1908.

With tonight's loss, the Cubs drop back to 2nd place in the Central, but it's only by 1/2 game. The Cubs have had major success against the Brewers this season and are 8-2

Tomorrow, Mike Montgomery will take the mound for the Cubs in the rubber game. He will be opposed by Jhoulys Chacin at 1:10 p.m. on WGN. Cubs fans shouldn't get discouaged though as the Cubs have been dominant against the Brewers this season going 8-2. Hopefully we can get back to our winnings ways and get back in first place!

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  • Not even the cold brew in the headline could get me excited tonight. I had heard about the charity softball game, and we lost that too. At least they raised some money. A loss is a loss, it just sucks when you don't play well.

    To try to cheer myself up, I'll break out some old CCR, with the same precision and results we had tonight:

    "Don't go 'round tonight.
    He's bound to take your wife.
    There's a bathroom on the right."

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  • Anderson pitched a good game, we got beat. Let’s win today, get another series and leave Milwaukee with a lead.

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    In reply to Wickdipper:

    I agree. I didn't lose a moment's sleep over this one. The team lost. It wasn't blameable on the umpire. It wasn't anyone's "fault." It was less than 1% of the games for the year. The team will likely lose 30-40 games. This was just one of them.

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    I don't know if I have ever seen so many ground balls to the 1B.

  • In reply to Joel Mayer:

    Never seen infield practice? the fungo guys hit them there all the time. : )

  • Article on ESPN about Bryant handling his slump....
    Always noticed that he squint/blinks lenses....
    I’d have no problem with him wearing glasses if that would help.

  • In reply to Wickdipper:

    Maybe he just does that to distract everyone from from being mesmerized by those dreamy blue eyes...

    Sorry, I'm still trying to humor myself after that forgettable game.

  • In reply to BarleyPop:

    Lol....that’s all I heard about from my wife after dragging her to a Suns game to see him in Double A

  • Personally I felt we were due to lose a few games to these guys over 19 head to head matchups their best players like Cain, Yelich and Shaw were going to get to us at some point and I didn't feel particularly confident in the form that Chatwood was in going into the game in general. I've been very critical of Chatwoods lack of command and I'm sure the cubs community isn't happy with Chatwood right now but I thought there were some good signs in that he limited the free passes, had a good strike:ball ratio and made some quality pitches in general especially after the 1st inning. I actually thought he threw the ball as well last night as he has in a while but the brewers best players just got to him on this night. When you think about it besides that 1st inning we somewhat gave away the 3rd and 4th runs due to that botched rundown and the pickoff error by Chatwood. I get we would've liked to have not been put into a 0-2 hole by Chatwood in the 1st inning but you're also not going to win many games when you can barely even get a single hit off Anderson, our offense in general isn't in good form right now even though I'm not concerned and I understand it's just baseball. To me either way this is the brewers series to win. Our offense isn't in good form and we're throwing our best starting pitchers against the cardinals this weekend and going into this series I didn't feel very optimistic about how Chatwood and Montgomery match up with this brewers lineup. I know Montgomery is pitching great and still has to pitch today but I'm not overly optimistic the brewers have beaten him up by far the most out of any opponent he has faced so I'd consider today to be a great team win if we can find a way to get this one here this afternoon. But either way I don't take much out of a June series in which we aren't really facing our division rivals with our better starters not to make excuses it's just the reality of how this series is aligned.

  • I'm DONE with tyler walkwood. He botched the run down and had a serious brain cramp. Lol @ how almora reacted to that play. The cubs always struggle vs anderson the difference is milwaukee scored some runs this time they usually don't.

  • In reply to bolla:

    Please explain to me how that is chatwood's mistake? Two guy on the same base, you run the guy all the way back to the base and tag them both. Rundown 101. Not his fault no one decided to cover first and Cain made a heads up play.

  • In reply to Pappy:

    Agreed that was just a team error and I'm not saying that rundown was handled well but give cain and yelich credit for some savvy baserunning too that's what they were brought into milwaukee in part for. They're both good athletes and intelligent baserunners and hopefully our guys learn from this misplay. Either way not going to win many games when you can barely even get a rally going. I'm not concerned it's only one game in which we were considered underdogs coming into the game according to Vegas lines.

  • In reply to Pappy:

    Ummmm holding the ball when he should of thrown it to 2nd , which allowed yelich to be safe.

  • In reply to bolla:

    Sorry, you just don't understand or didn't watch the play. When both runners are at the same base (which they were when chatwood had the ball), his job is to run to the base and tag both runners. Another throw to 2nd invites the lead runner to take back off towards 3rd and possibly have both runners be safe and have advanced into scoring positon. In this case, as soon as Cain saw there was no one at 1st, and once he saw Yelich would make it to 2nd safely, he broke back for first where no one was covering. Chatwood 100% did the right thing. To say otherwise is to not understand the basics of baseball. Yelich was not safe because chatwood held the ball. He was safe because the other runner was able to go back to 1st base. 9 times out of 10 both runners stay on the base, both get tagged, and one of them is out. Even the commentators on the radio broadcast said they had never seen that before.

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    In reply to Pappy:

    Sorry you don’t understand. The pitcher should not have been involved the run down. He should covering Home or backing up third. He inserted himself in the run down and guess what screwed it up.

  • I agree on this point actually I do think chatwood mixed himself into the rundown too soon and should've covered 3rd until Baez could reinsert himself into the play not saying chatwood handled this spot perfectly he does deserve some blame but the primary blame still falls on the guy that's supposed to cover 1st plain and simple but this was definitely a clumsy team mistake. But give Cain credit too I think sometimes as fans we refuse to tip our cap to the other teams players when it's deserved.

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    In reply to kkhiavi:

    Who should have covered first? Rizzo was covering Home since Contreras went to third. Chitwoid job was to back up or cover home or first. No way the guy should have gotten involved in the play. In American Legion play the right fielder would have been in covering first but we were kids who hustled

  • Just answered your own question and made my point. Heyward should have covered. Thanks.

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    You really couldnt be more wrong. MAYBE Baez could have gotten there, but it was close. Maybe Baez should have stepped in front of Chatwood. Chatwood went to the right spot. Ball up the middle and a rundown. He cant know Baez can make it from behind second to third. He was insurance.

  • Well, I will go with long time baseball guys like Steve Phillips when he said this morning on MLB Radio "Chatwood did the right thing by going to third base to get in (the rundown), then ran him back to the bag as you are supposed to do".
    The pitcher doesn't "back up" a base, he is a fielder like anyone else, and in a run down, it is all hands on deck.
    Guess we can agree to disagree. I won't argue my point anymore, especially when just about every person in the industry that I have heard or read today agrees with my assessment.

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    In reply to Pappy:

    Well the results speak that you are wrong the play was screwed up by Chatwood and the cubs. Oh and I talked to Joe this morning and other sports writers they agree with me. Oh and I don’t want to discuss anymore. Lil

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    In reply to Pappy:

    lol just based upon the way I was taught to play the game. The right way.

  • Exactly, that is what I have been saying. Had Heyward been covering 1st, and not ran to 2nd like he did, cain wouldn't have ran back towards first. Chatwood runs Yelich back to the base, they are both there, one is out. Always best when the person telling you that you are wrong proves your point with their own words. :)

  • I personally don't even know what your viewpoint is? So Contreras and Rizzo were covering home and 3rd yet we have 3 other infielders on the play yet nobody is covering 1st and that's chatwoods fault lol. What's your perspective and your reason for that perspective all I hear is you insulting other posters intelligence without even giving evidence to back your claims.

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    Of course, Pappy is correct on this one. Chapman did nothing wrong.

    You might say he should have shortened up at third and taken the throw closer to second (which was my original thought). But if you watch, Baez was very close to being in that position to catch the throw back to third. I guess he didnt quite get to the spot in time and Chatwood was basically at 3b acting as an second option, which they took.

    The absurd notion that he should have made a throw to second when he was running a second runner to second base, is just that. Absurd. When Heyward sees (should have seen, in this case) Rizzo cover the plate, he belongs at first....and in this case cheating way towards second base to shorten up Cain should he have tried to get into a rundown between 1st and second (I know, you are suppose to shorten on the base they are going to. Well, not in this case between 1st and 2nd. This time it would have been important to keep both runners as close to second as possible).

    If Heyward doesnt lose his mind on this play, rather than talking bonehead Cub play, smart Brewer play, we would be talking bone-head play by them (Yelich baserunning) and a heads up play by Javy.

  • In reply to bolla:

    But that would've been the right play if someone was covering 1st like basic fundamentals train them to do. The issue with the execution of that rundown is that nobody covered 1st plain and simple and give Cain credit for being an intelligent baserunner he's always had that reputation going back to his KC days. I get your criticism of Chatwood's overall performance and I'm not saying you're wrong there but the rundown wasn't really his fault that was on whoever was supposed to be covering 1st he's chasing down the runner. I get what you're saying in general also that if nobody's covered 1st then why didn't he throw to 2nd to get Yelich out but as a fielder you're not necessarily looking at 1st base when you're chasing down a runner to 2nd his intention was to run both runners to 2nd base and tag one of them out Cain just outsmarted our infield. Either way you have to primarily blame whoever was supposed to be covering 1st even if it wasn't the most heads up play by chatwood I see what you're getting at there

  • In reply to kkhiavi:

    Yes the cubs screwed up the run down but ppl RELAX. It was a tricky and usual run down. I am sure they will get on the same page so that doesn’t happen again.

  • Just saw today's lineup vs. Chacin. He's tough on RH hitters, so ALL THE LEFTIES! No Bryant, Contreras, Russell, or Almora Jr.

  • In reply to BarleyPop:

    Makes sense, especially day game after night game.

    Maybe Monty goes Hotlanta on us and goes yard!

  • In reply to BarleyPop:

    Also gives us righty bench when Council brings in Hader for three or five innings of relief work.

  • In reply to BarleyPop:

    I figured that Almora and Russell would be out of the lineup against Chacin given his splits but no Bryant or Contreras definitely hurts our chances. Joe does like to give certain every day guys days off heading into an off day he thinks it's good to give guys the full 2 days off at certain points of the year and I really don't like how Bryant or Contreras are swinging the bats right now so maybe they can use a mental break. We may need a backup catcher at the deadline I like Giminez behind the plate and as a veteran presence in the locker room but I have zero faith in his hitting and when we had Caratini I felt like I didn't trust him from a game management and throwing out runners perspective even though I understand he's a young and fairly inexperienced catcher. In addition, I don't think Caratini's bat is good enough to make up for some of his defensive deficiencies at this time. Not saying he can't or won't get better but I don't think he's ready to catch every day for a playoff contending team. In any even though the point is I wouldn't have a ton of faith in these guys handling every day duties if Contreras were to have another injury.

  • In reply to kkhiavi:

    Or at least a Rene Rivera type to add depth to our catching position.

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