Stomping The Giants - Cubs 6, Giants 2

The Cubs met up with the Giants for the first time this season and found themselves 6-2 winners.

The Cubs wasted no time as they got a tally in the bottom of the first inning. Ben Zobrist and Albert Almora led off the inning with back-to-back singles. They then advanced to second and third after a passed ball by Buster Posey. One out later, Anthony Rizzo singled, bringing Zobrist home and putting the Cubs up 1-0.

The Giants struck back in the top of the 4th inning when Gorkys Hernandez led off the inning with his 5th home run of the year, tying the game at one.

The scoring on both sides was quiet until the Cubs erupted for four runs in the bottom of the 7th. It started after Javier Baez was hit by a pitch, followed by a walk to Ian Happ. Next up was Addison Russell who executed a great sacrifice bunt, advancing runners to 2nd and 3rd. Tommy La Stella walked to load the bases for Ben Zobrist who did not disappoint. He smacked a two-run double scoring Baez and Happ, and putting La Stella on 3rd. After Albert Almora struck out, Kris Bryant lined a two-run single, scoring both La Stella and Zobrist and putting the Cubs up by four. They would go on too add on one more run in the bottom of the 8th on an RBI single by Addison Russell. At the end of 8 innings, the Cubs led 6-1.

Source: FanGraphs

The Giants had a little steam left in them as they scored one run in the top of the 9th, making it a 6-2 ball game. That RBI came on a two out single off the bat of Evan Longoria. Brandon Morrow came in and faced one batter, Mac Williamson and struck him out to secure his 11th save.

Cubs played some quality baseball all around today. Kyle Hendricks dominated over seven innings, giving up only one run on two hits, while striking out seven. The Cubs offense finally got him some run support, and the bullpen came in to shut it down as they usually do.

The same two teams will play tomorrow at 6:15 p.m CT on FOX. It’ll be José Quintana against Chris Stratton. Let’s hope the Cubs can string together some wins and gain some ground in the division!

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  • This is absolutely better than a loss. We can win when we want to, I would simply suggest we want to win more often. Yes, the will to win.

    These guys are good, there is no question. We keep trying to determine why it isn't 2016 magic. I believe there are some individual agendas. We've had ours, now I want mine. I can't blame them, but I also am disappointed.

    Someone said the other day that David Ross, hitting .220, could not influence a team. I guess they wouldn't listen because of his low BA? I didn't respond to that ridiculousness at the time, but wow! The influence of a guy like Grandpa Rossy is immeasurable. Maybe not in fantasy leagues, but in real baseball, and certainly in a big-league clubhouse. I bitched about the lack of leadership last season, and I think it is still an issue.

    Anyway, we won! We are getting into a section of the schedule that we need to stack some W's. We will glide into the AS break with an easy schedule, and come out of it in a make-or-break stretch that will determine our standing against our true foes. That stretch will determine the moves we make.

    I'm listening to some old Who. I hope the dog days are further away, and we have the depth to survive. The cancellations earlier in the season are going to bite us. But we are going to hit the wall at some point:

    "I'd like to help you, son
    But you're too young to vote."

  • I loved Baez’s reaction when Crawford made that barehanded play. Respect.

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    I loved watching Kyle pitch today. He hit his spots and all his piches were working. This is why i try not to be overly impressed with FB speed.
    Btw, Gleyber hit another HR tonight, sn oppo to RC. That’s ok, we won with Chapman.

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    Well written wrap up. I enjoy your style . It brings to mind a series of baseball books I read as a kid , Bronc Burnett! They always had that "!official" baseball dialogue going , kudos !
    Quick question. Maybe I missed it but why are all the staff / writer photos taken in dark shadowed tones. ??Are you guys on the lam? Any way. Good Cubs win!!

  • In reply to John Nesbit:

    I think you're seeing the photo of the founder of this blog, John Arguello. It's a picture of him at, I believe, Sloan Park. John loved to check out the prospects!

  • In reply to John Nesbit:

    I loved the Bronc Burnett series! That and the Blue Sox.

  • Three stars:

    1. Hendricks was awesome. Dominant. Great performance. He's really, really good and can be a stopper for us.

    2. Zobrist is Mr. Clutch. Anytime we really need a hit, he's my guy.

    3. KB has become Mr. Consistent. Solid all year long. Just keeps on keepin on.

    3a. It was fun to see Morrow come in and throw three pitches for the game winning K. The first one was 100 mph. Exclamation point!

    3b. Wrigley Field on the Friday of Memorial Day Weekend. I was fortunate to not only be there but in a seat two rows behind the Cubs dugout. Steamy for first 6 innings, but what a treat being able to see the players up close and interacting with each other: Longoria tipping his hat and waving to Joe as he came out for the bottom of the first; Zo and Longoria chatting around the bag during the pitching change in 7th; the players high fiving Zo after the big hit. Packed house, ivy bursting at the seams, clear blue sky. And we got to sing! Great way to start the Memorial Day Holiday Weekend.

    I gotta a feeling the Cubs are on their way!

    Have a great weekend, everybody!

  • In reply to TTP:

    "Hey Hey Holy Mackerel!

  • In reply to 2016 Cubs:

    No doubt about it....

  • In reply to TTP:

    Hey what happened to the stars given at the end of the wrap ups? Just noticed they aren’t there anymore. Bring ‘em back. Who is in charge of the stars dept in this joint?

  • In reply to Wickdipper:

    No worries. I hereby appointment myself as head of the Stars Dept.

  • In reply to TTP:

    Ok good deal! I’ll second that!

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    That Crazy Gleyber did it again ! He hit a game winning homer for the Yanks and now has homered 4 games in a row ! After 3 in a row, he tied " The Mick" for youngest player to homer in 3 games in a row.

    I don't know if any of you guys watched the yankee/angels game on the MLB network but Bob Costas and John Smoltz ( nObOdY's/ hAcKs/ LiArS) said Gleyber has Javy Baez skills but w much better plate discipline. I don't think he's quite the athlete Javy is but I have only watched maybe 10 of his games, but thats some lofty praise.

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    In reply to Jim Odirakallumkal:

    I was watching. Gleyber has a smooth stroke but I don’t think he has the athleticism that Javy does, but he’s an awfully good ball player.
    Did you also see the throw from Aaron Judge? There was a ball off the RF wall and Judge threw it flat footed on a fly to second for the out. It looked like he was just tossing it in.

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    In reply to Jonathan Friedman:

    No doubt but to me what was the most impressive to me on Judges throws was his patience and calmness. Its like he has this internal clock and knew exactly how many milliseconds he had to get the runner at the plate and the catcher trying for a double.

    On the play in the 3rd inning on a single by Justin Upton, He so calmly charged the ball and then fired a controlled missile to home plate to get I believe Kole Calhoun. How many times have you seen a OF charge the ball so fast and either rush the throw or even bobble the ball. The fundamentals were so perfect, its how rbucuto would teach his kids.

    The play you described was attacked w the same calmness and impeccable fundamentals although I didn't realize he was flat footed but nothing wrong w that if your still able to make the throw perfectly !

  • In reply to Jim Odirakallumkal:

    What I was impressed with was how quick he got rid of it. He did a quick side step versus a full crow hop and it paid off. Now, if I could get a few Judge’s I may win our tourney this weekend. LOL.

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    Even when the Brewers blow a game, they still win. Lucky son of guns

  • In reply to Jim Odirakallumkal:

    Respectfully Jim but I keep hearing the logic that the Brewers aren't good because they can't sustain winning all of these close contests and as a guy who watches them a lot because my good friends a die hard Brewers fan I think that's a load of BS. In general practice I think winning close games is unsustainable but that's precisely what they said about those KC WS teams there can be outliers. What do the Brewers and KC have in common? An outstanding bullpen that seemingly never loses the game for them even when they slip up. I'm not saying the Brewers are the royals I don't think they are but I think they're bullpen while elite isn't quite up to that KC bullpens level but I feel Ike the Brewers have a lot of similarities with their athleticism and outstanding bullpen. I think in general teams that tend to outperform their team metrics generally have a lock down bullpen and I think Cubs fans are going to be disappointed if they expect this team to go away. It's going to be a tough division that's going to push us more than it has in the 2016-17 seasons and I hope our boys are mentally prepared for that. I don't think there's any question that we have the talent and the pieces but the focus needs to be flat out better on a game to game basis. We're also at a severe disadvantage having to play a ton of upcoming games due to our 6-7 games that we need to make up while the Brewers only have 1 game which I think is a bigger deal then a lot of people think. We have to play 23 straight games in a stretch from aug-sept

  • In reply to kkhiavi:

    And even if they don't win close games at quite the same pace I still believe they generally will win most of their close games with that elite pen and if you ask Brewers fans their offense is due for major positive regression with Braun and Thames hurt and Santana, pina, arcia, shaw to a degree struggling and they have Jimmy Nelson coming back besides any trade deadline pickups they're likely to make with a pretty deep farm system. I think the cards are pretty good too but I just don't get why a lot of people think the cards are the only threat

  • In reply to kkhiavi:

    I'm not trying to be argumentative, but I do wonder why you're concern over the Cubs overuse of their bullpen, doesn't apply to the that of even more overuse of the Brewers bullpen?

  • In reply to Cubber Lang:

    No problem CL and I think that's a fair point. I think both bullpens workloads are a concern and that's just the nature of how teams decide to use their bullpens in today's game. I think it is a concern for the Brewers ESP josh hader but I will say from watching hader the guy just looks like a specimen so I somewhat wonder if he's ever going to be hit hard even if he is fatigued during certain portions of the year. Keep in mind I'm not guaranteeing that the Brewers won't have issues down the line with bullpen fatigue but I still think they have a good team and my only point is that it seems like Cubs fans are treating the cards as the only threat in the division and I just find that kind of thinking surprising considering the Brewers won 86 games last season and there bullpen has improved from pretty good to elite. I think both teams are legit threats and I get the Brewers are a rising team and unproven but so were many teams at one point in time

    I admit I tend to be over dramatic in the moment like when Joe uses cishek in a 10-0 game and while I think it's important I sometimes make the pen bullpen usage bigger than it really. I generally trust Joe to find time to rest these guys he's always been very aware of resting guys but I just tend to vent when one of our top guys are brought in during a blowout when we have alternatives as has happened many times this year. I do think though that last season fatigue did hurt our bullpen down the stretch ESP Montgomery, strop and Edwards and I get that's partially bc of our starters not eating innings early on last season but I'd just like to see us be a bit more cautious at times with using the same guys. I think in some ways too this analytical movement of going to your pen earlier is partially to blame as well. I felt the fatigue of our bullpen was a HUGE reason why we lost to the Dodgers and when you really break down that series it was pretty darn even through the 1st 3 games through 5-6 innings but they just won the battle of the pens. I think that was in large part due to our pen being fatigued and I'd like to see us not repeat that same mistake this season.

  • In reply to kkhiavi:

    I'm admittedly what you call an opinionated "armchair" manager but I think I'm much more fair with my criticisms than most fans. I don't believe in criticizing moves in retrospect I only do so when I vehemently disagree in the moment and I generally don't bash a move that I may disagree with if I feel that Maddon has a good reason for going in that direction. I typically only criticize a move when I vehemently disagree with any defense that you can come up with to defend that move if that makes sense.

  • In reply to kkhiavi:

    It's all fair enough kkhiavi... I agree, too much reliance on the pen last year wore them down. It may do the same this year. Some of Joe's BP decisions sure can become Maddoning! I just can't get enough of that one... I'm hopeful that our team's versatility offensively, and the provided ability to carry 13 pitchers (sometimes 14 even) with help of the 10-day DL (just like brining up Rosario today in place of Darvish) will help with limiting the mileage on our most important BP arms.

    A couple points about our BP that may sometimes go overlooked. We rank in the bottom half of IP out of bullpen. Part of that is due to the rainouts of course. Morrow has had very limited usage, which should hopefully mean we can lean harder on him late in the season, hopefully not until the postseason. As long as our pitchers (starters and relievers, but especially starters) can begin to limit some walks, that will also alleviate the need to rely on the BP so much. If the BP limits their walks, they have the potential to be the best BP in MLB. They currently are giving up the lowest batting average against.

  • TC called it early yesterday when he said Hendricks looked sharp. He was on. Our SP needs to get on a roll. So Yu, Lester, Q, and now Kyle have all turned in very good starts mixed in with the clunker from Chatwood. Maybe another stellar time through will spur a little competition and get Chatwood to get the damn ball over the plate.

    Go Cubs!!!! #flythew

  • Watched the astros in the exact same situation as the cubs were in vs andrew miller and score 2 runs.Then bunted a run in vs cody miller in the 9th. The cubs are overrated and simply not as good as the astros and they have young players who can hit and execute.

  • In reply to bolla:

    Won't even mention the disparity in starting pitching. They don't have multiple 100 million contracts to starters.Instead they have charlie morton, gerrit cole verlander looking reborn. Also haven't traded multiple top 20 prospects to acquire rentals/bums like the cubs have.

  • In reply to bolla:

    blah blah blah blah!

  • In reply to 2016 Cubs:

    Truth hurts which is why you have no response.Go cry about joe maddon like the broken record you are.

  • In reply to bolla:

    Bolla........The Astros have traded many high profile farm hands over the past few years. They traded a package including Josh Hader, Domingo Santana and Brett Phillips to the Brewers for Carlos Gomez and Mike Fiers. They traded Jonathan Villar to the Brewers for nothing. They traded Daniel Mengden and Jacob Nottingham to the A's for a rental of Scott Kasmir. They gave up a potentially nice package to the Tigers for Justin Verlander and $12Mil per year of salary relief. I believe they greatly under paid in their package for Gerrit Cole. The trade for Ken Giles will likely end up a little in the Phillies favor in terms of WAR.

    The Astros had a deep farm system when Jeff Luhnow took over as GM. He did a great job in drafting Correa and McCullers with his 2 first round picks in 2012. His missed completely on the #1 overall picks in 2013 (Appel) and 2014 (the Aiken signing disaster). However, they picked Bregman with the comp pick they received for not signing Aiken.

    The Astros staff all pitch high in the zone. Not belt high, high. But, high like the called 3rd stike on Schwarber where he got tossed for arguing. The Astros radio analyst, Steve Sparks, commented the other day how hard it has been for Hector Rondon to adjust to throwing up in the zone. Through 17 innings this year, his ERA is just over 2. Their philosophy of pitching high in the zome has really paid off for Charlie Morton, Verlander and Cole.

  • In reply to TexasCubsFan:

    The astros traded all those prospects,graduated the rest & STILL have two top 20 prospects in whitley and tucker along with 2 more top 100 pitchers depending what site you check. What do the cubs have? NOTHING not even a top 100 prospect to call up for a spark or trade for a missing piece.For example look at what gleyberr torres is doing for the yankees. My point is I don't understand why and how they're so much better than the cubs there's no world series hangover excuses.That team executes the cubs have excuses.The astros got a better pitcher in cole and gave up WAY less than what the cubs got for that bum quintana and for verlander too. They are doing everything better than the cubs period

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    In reply to TexasCubsFan:

    Yea, I noticed them pitching in the zone when I watched a couple of there games in a row. Throwing up in the strike zone is a great neutralizer to those left handed uppercut swingers and its been paying off.

    The thing that really surprises me about their success is how Charlie Morton is suddenly throwing 95+ at 34. If you look at the top 5 in starters highest avg fastball, he's the only one that doesn't seem to belong.

    Regardless that pitching staff is doing something we have never seen in baseball so far. Honestly I am surprised they have lost more then 10 games when you dissect the numbers. Prob why they have underperformed their projected record.

  • In reply to TexasCubsFan:

    You're mention of the Astros pitching high in the zone is exactly what I wanted to talk about the other day after Kyle got tossed. I made a post about it, but the only replies were not concerning my thoughts that the Cubs needed to possibly change their pitching philosophy and having their harder throwers like Darvish, Quintana, and Chatwood all throwing their fastballs up in the zone more often.

    I know there was a change to the strike zone at the beginning of the 2017 season, just slightly raising it. I don't know if that change was also affecting the top end of the strike zone, but we've all seen how the Cubs pitchers have looked to get squeezed while hitting what used to be the very bottom of the strike zone (something they've excelled at in 2015 and '16) and not getting those calls as consistently any more. Yet it seems that there are a lot more consistent calls up high in the zone, where they used to be called balls more than strikes a couple years ago. The pitch that Kyle got struck out and tossed on was technically "in the strike zone," but has rarely been called in the past, but now its called way more often.

    I remember reading that when Darvish was traded to the Dodgers, they had him pitching more up in the zone and they related that to his success for his 2 months there. Obviously the tipping pitches thing was a huge problem in the World Series, and besides that, he was also missing his spots, so he was bound to get hit hard whether they knew what was coming or not. But with all the launch angle type swings many are prone to taking these days, and with the strike zone being way more consistent up top, I think it's a smart play to pitch hard up in the zone and take advantage of the called strikes, as well as the swings and misses that are way more likely (and happening at higher rates than ever before) from the "launch angle revolution."

  • In reply to bolla:

    Wow. This is extreme even for you. Bad night sleep? Lots of baseball left on ‘18. It’s ok the Astros are good. So are we. And they may be just better players. That’s ok too. Things can change a bunch over the next 100 games.

  • In reply to rbrucato:

    Yea things can change but realistically the astros have dominant pitching and a line up of guys who can actually hit with risp unlike the cubs they also seem to have much better coaching because gerrit cole,morton & verlander are dominant since joining them quintana & darvish have sucked for the most part since joining the cubs.They'll most likely be in the alcs again at the least,with a legit chance to repeat. Cubs have been inconsistent since opening day 2017 with a gang of excuses and a barren farm thanks to theo's stupid trades that he's been fleeced on. Altuve is a better hitter than anyone on the cubs roster,correa,bregman,springer all better hitters than anyone not named bryant. The cubs players are overrated call it like it is.houston also don't have albatross contracts like heywards he's never gonna improve he's awful.

  • In reply to bolla:

    I meant cody allen. Perfect execution in the 9th. Tied the game vs miller then took the lead vs the closer. Cubs can't even get a sacrifice fly with a man on 1st & 3rd 0 outs in a similar situation. I'm speaking out of frustration we can't keep making excuses or point fingers. Call it like it is the cubs simply aren't as good as houston. Also if the astros didn't blow the lead vs the royals in 2015 they'd be in multiple lcs just like the cubs.

  • The cubs sent down caratini and called up chris giminez.

  • In reply to bolla:

    Love this move although I'm guessing it won't be popular. As much as hate as David Ross has gotten on this site the team was something like 30 games over .500 and the pitching staff was lights out in games he caught even non Lester games. It's hard for me not to think that the pitching staff hasn't been hurt by having offensive minded young catchers in contreras and caratini and neither are good framer. Contreras alarmingly rates as the worst pitch framer in all of baseball this season but we obviously need to stick with him and I think it's a good idea to get an intelligent veteran catcher type that presents pitches well in the clubhouses to major provide some veteran insight in the pitching room as well as to work with darvish. Caratini will be back most likely but I've felt like we've needed a good defensive (not montero) and intelligent veteran catcher type in the locker room. It's hard not to notice the pitching staffs decline from when rossy was around to when he left and while he can't hit its hard not to wonder why the team pitched outstanding in games that he started only to decline when he didn't start

  • In reply to kkhiavi:

    Sorry not on this site but I know you're not too fond of him bolla

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to kkhiavi:

    I really like this move and been asking for it when Yu got off to such a poor start, but the reasons you pointed out like the Contreras pitch framing and mentoring make it a no brainer.

    If Gimenez shows he can actually not be a complete liability at the plate, I wouldn't mind seeing Contreras get a start a week in the OF to keep his legs fresh for the stretch run.

    I knew Contreras was a poor framer last year, but I don't know how its possible that he has gotten worse this year. Hopefully working w Gimenez can help him as working w our new coaching staff doesn't seem to have helped.

  • In reply to Jim Odirakallumkal:

    For contreras Joe Maddon vehemently disagreed with the assertion he's the worst framer in response to the athletics article about his poor pitch framing my that he's not the biggest fan of framing metrics because there's so many variables at play like the umpire, the pitchers he catches, etc. I think while calling him the worst framer maybe a stretch its hard to deny that he's not the greatest pitch presenter. In his defense and this is from Maddon they let caratini catch Hendricks typically and Q who both dot up their pitches pretty well leaving contreras to catch Lester, chatwood and darvish everyone of their starts and darvish and chatwood are considered two of the hardest guys to frame for with the wiffle ball like movement on their pitches.

    That said I agree I love this move I want a backup catcher that's a defensive specialist type ahd expert game planner in the locker room. Even if he's not here all year I think if he can help get the pitching staff on track and build up some of their confidence ESP with darvish then we'd be happy. I still think we may need to get another catcher later in the year but I think we'd be very happy with giminez if he can get darvish rolling a little bit and on a winning track and if he can work well with the other pitchers even better. I also think darvish can use a great pitch presenter with the movement on his pitches and I think he's more effective with a veteran minded catcher because I think darvish can be his worst enemy sometimes with his approach to hitters. For example not utilizing his other pitches for one and most importantly always nibbling to get the strikeout thus using a ton of pitches in the process. I'd like to see him pitch to contact a bit more he has outstanding stuff that most major leaguers aren't going to square up as shown his last start just throw strikes and let your defense work behind you. I like darvish stuff but his approach to hitters drives me nuts sometimes and I think giminez can help in this area Moreso than 2 young inexperienced catchers who are more known for their bats then their gloves

  • In reply to kkhiavi:

    Pitch framing is hard when your pitchers are all over the place. Every starter has had bouts with control. Hard to frame when pitchers are missing spots regularly.

  • In reply to rbrucato:

    I get what you're saying but chatwood is the only guy that I consider to be erratic and in my view he is probably in part to blame. Additionally are relievers can be all over the place. I personally don't think contreras is even in the conversation for worst framer but i think going by the eye test most of us would probably say that he's at least below average. I think he brings so many other things to the table that you live with it but I do think that maybe caratini and willson aren't the best complements to each other as a catching tandem being offensive minded poor framing catchers with very little experience in general. Giminez isn't Ross but I think we can use that type of veteran type of catcher in the locker room that is known for handling the pitching staff. You say what you want about David Ross but he won a ton of games when his name was in the lineup card and the pitching staff was lights out in days he played

  • In reply to kkhiavi:

    I would disagree with your view. Darvish has been wild as has Quintana. Aren’t all of the SP now posting career high BB/9 or at least significant increases from last year? That alone tells me how much more wild they have been. I don’t care to argue David Ross v Caratini. My opinion on that matter really doesn’t matter. I think he brought more in the clubhouse as a nice guy giving a rallying point for the young guys as well as a calm experienced voice. I’ll leave the argument on the field to others. I think placing any blame on Contreras is misguided.

  • In reply to rbrucato:

    I'm not blaming contreras I don't think it's fair to blame one guy for a staffs struggles but I don't think while he has impressive physical ability as a catcher he's not what I call an asset with his pitch framing and handling of the pitching staff while although I'm not advocating that he's terrible either. I think he more than makes up for these issues with his other skills but the fact is that our pitching splits with Davis Ross behind the plate were pretty significant. He was like 30 something games above .500 in games he caught in 2016.

    I think for the most part there probably isn't a way to change your viewpoint on this so I'm not going to really try but keep in mind walk rates don't really account for how erratic a pitcher is. To me Q Lester and Hendricks are pretty darn easy to catch and generally hit their spots more than most but I'd agree with you on darvish ahd chatwood especially. I think arrieta is another guy that's an example of a guy that's hard to catch though too yet he's gone. You may disagree but I'm not saying he's the worst framer I'm just presenting information that he's ranked as the worst framer and I realize not everyone's subscribed to the athletic so I wanted to just point out that alarming news. I think most of us love contreras but we'd also consider his pitch presenting to be at least somewhat of a weakness in his game

  • In reply to kkhiavi:

    I don't think he's as bad a pitch framer as the numbers say but let's just say I don't think he's what I call an asset in the areas of handling the pitching staff and pitch framing and I wonder if/how much that has impacted the staff because they came down pretty significantly from the 2015-16 seasons. And let me reiterate that I still think willson is one of the 3-5 best catchers in the league as well

  • In reply to kkhiavi:

    I’m not going to dig into the stats about Ross other than say when you catch the staff #1 or Ace on all his starts on an NLCS and World Series Team your W-L record would be excellent regardless of your contributions.

    This would be like proclaiming Rex Grossman was a great QB because he took a team to the Super Bowl. A lot of other stuff went into the wins he had as a QB much like the wins you claim Ross attained when the Catcher.

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    In reply to bolla:

    Is he going to be Darvish's personal caddy? Honestly if they were going to make this move, I wish they did it a couple weeks ago because I felt Yu needed a change and I felt Victor would benefit from playing everyday.

    Now it seems Darvish is pitching better and Caratini seems to be adjusting pretty well to the PT playing opportunity.

  • In reply to Jim Odirakallumkal:

    Early whispers are that Contreras will catch Dervish's next start, but nothing is set. The call-up has more to do with the opt-out in Gimenez's minor-leaguer deal. I like the move as well. I think he can give a boost to both Darvish and Contreras. Coaching is important, but I'm a believer that sometimes a message is better received coming from a peer. I think Contreras can really benefit from a veteran mentor.

    To make room on the 40-man for Gimenez, the Cubs let Navarro go.

  • In reply to BarleyPop:

    Agreed well put

  • In reply to Jim Odirakallumkal:

    we'll see tomorrow night. I'm assuming giminez will catch darvish

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