Myles Monday Meltdown: Javy Stuff, Willy is Good, and 4th Place?

I know I talk about the weather a lot. But man, it's going to be 80 degrees in Seattle today. That's insane. You know what's even more insane though? The fact that no one in the pacific northwest has air conditioning. It's just not a thing here. It's not a thing here because "it doesn't really get that hot" and "it's just not needed."

I'm calling bologna on that one.

Our hallway in our building has air conditioning. Think about that for a minute. Our hallway in our building has a/c. That means that when it gets hot, people in our condo building prop open their doors like a college dorm. And this is normal for this area! Not me, man. I lasted one summer without a cooling system. This year we are flying high with our LG 14000 BTU Portable A/C.

He's currently slashing .282/.318/.613. His wRC+ is 141. He's tied for 2nd in the MLB for RBI's at 36. Oh and he still does stuff like this:

That should be possible. This is like Jordan switching hands on a lay-up. He's sliding full force in one direction, sees the ball in the glove, changes direction, and then comes back to touch the bag. Think about being on a Slip N' Slide and at the end there's a donut. But you can't have the donut unless you stay on the Slipe N' Slide. Then someone stands over the donut holding a cobra. Now, not only do you have to make it all the way to the end for the donut, you've gotta navigate the fangs of a stupid cobra (and a jerk holding a stupid cobra) while still concentrating on getting that donut.

That's what Javy did though. That's how good he is. He's slip-n'-slidin'-donut-grabbin'-cobra-dodgin' good.

Willson Contreras
Every time this man has a crazy game like the one he did this weekend, I can't help but think of John. He saw something in Willy before any of us did, that's a fact.

Willson finished the game on Friday against the White Sox with 2 homers and 7 RBIs. Before that game he hadn't homered with being in Cleveland on April 24th. Then on Saturday, he homered again. 

You can watch Maddon's comments on that crazy Friday game here:

Cubs' Joe Maddon on Willson Contreras' 2 homers, 7 RBIs: 'It was just a matter of time'

Cubs manager Joe Maddon on Willson Contreras' 2 homers, 7 RBIs: 'It was just a matter of time.' (Paul Sullivan/Chicago Tribune)

The Standings
Cubs are still currently forth in the NL Central. But first and forth place is only separated by a mere three wins. The problem? The Cardinals, Brewers, and Pirates are all winning too. In the last 10 games, the three aforementioned teams are 6-4. The Cubs are 5-5. And it doesn't look to get much easier with the first place (!) Braves as the next opponent.

The first game of this "series" is actually a make-up game that was supposed to take place on Jackie Robinson day (the two clubs will honor him this afternoon). The clubs will play one game at Wrigley before traveling to Atlanta for the regularly scheduled three-game set. The Braves have looked good so far this year, and this second time around against the Cubs they have their star prospect Ronald Acuna Jr. in the lineup (presumably).

Baseball is long. We all know that. But I sure would love a bit of help from the division right now. How about a mini losing streak over the next two weeks for everyone not named the Cubs? That'd be nice. Chicago is playing well, I think we can all see that. But I'm getting a little antsy. Talk me out of it.


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  • An amazing thing about the Javy slide, to me, is the umpire not even hesitating when he called him safe. Even the umpires around the league know that you have to look closely when the throw beats him to the bag, because El Mago does El Mago things.

  • Well said.

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    My favorite part about that slide is that the ump called Javy safe and the Sox didn't challenge. When Javy started doing that he would routinely get called out because the umpire couldn't believe that a slide could negate being thrown out by 3 steps. Now the umpire knows to wait and trust his eyes.

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    In reply to Joel Mayer:

    Sorry, this was meant as a response to HefCA.

  • I'll go on record as saying the Cubs offense will be very good to great this year, good enough to win another championship. They have four guys now in Rizzo, KB, Contreras, and now Javy who are legit elite-level hitters in the middle of their lineup. Stir in Schwarber, who is having a good year and is going to get even better, and Zo who is the consummate pro, then sprinkle in the young guys who are just around the bend in Almora, Happ, Russell, and (dare I say it?) Bote, and this offense has the makings of a boiling cauldron of deliciousness that would make Gordon Ramsey proud.

    Sure, there is going to be inconsistency at times with this team being so young. But the O as a unit is measurably getting better. Even yesterday, they took 7 walks. Yes, only 3 hits, but if you watched the game there were a lot of hard hit balls that were hit right at players. That just happens in this game. Plus, give the Sox credit. They played better overall. That happens, too.

    Our only flaw is that our starting pitcher depth is not very good. We have guys, but they are just guys, if you know what I mean.

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