Myles Monday Meltdown: Comebacks and Narrative

I came back to Chicago this past week for Opening Day, a birthday, and a wedding. I was looking forward to some warm(er) weather and spending time with family and friends. The latter happened. The former did not. But all-in-all, it was a wonderful trip and I'm looking forward to settling in to the baseball season.

Speaking of...

The Comeback
Leading up to the weekend, the Cubs weren't in a good way. Pitchers were having trouble going deep into ball games. Hitters seemed to be pressing. And the weather was weathering. Then Saturday happened.

On my way to meet up with a group of friends before a wedding, I was following the game against the Braves from my phone. It got to a point on the drive that it almost wasn't worth following. The conditions were awful and the play by the Cubs wasn't much better. Ozzie Albies and Dansby Swanson seemed to be taking over the game at every opportunity.

We ended up leaving for the wedding together and heard that the game got as bad as 9-1 at one point. We just had to laugh. Whatever. We'll check them out Sunday in hopes they can avoid the sweep. But as the wedding ended, we made our way to a bar and tuned in to see maybe some blowout fun in the form of a position player pitching or something. But what we got was a dumpster fire of a Braves bullpen and a Cubs lineup that saw struggling pitchers and pounced.

I don't know about you, but when Javy Baez took a count to 3-2 and then was able to hit a base-clearing double, I lost my mind. Is it possible that he's growing up at the plate right in front of our eyes?

So who is this team?

Really. Who are they? Are they a championship caliber team with the best starting rotation in all of baseball? Or are they poopy? The narrative going into this week is vastly different from what it could have been had the Cubs not pulled off that improbable comeback. It could've been very, very ugly. Just look at what Sahadev Sharma of the Athletic said in the middle of the game on Saturday:

Sahadev is my favorite person on the beat. And he's not normally this glib. But man, things did not look good. But then...

And then finally...

Who knows what ends up happening the rest of the month. But man, that win seems larger now than I think any of us even realize. Think about that narrative if they don't win that game Saturday. Since the beginning of the season, there's only been a handful of games that have even been close. Sure, it's early. It's super early. But you'd love to see a Championship caliber team play better than they have.

Let's see if they can continue the winnings ways.

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    God I am hoping they build off of this in go on a run like they did to start 2016 and post all star break last year. It kinda sucks they couldn't have played yesterday as the Cubs had to be feeling good, and the Braves down after the collapse plus a beaten up tired bullpen should have equaled a cubs win, cubs series win!

    Hopefully the weather will allow us to carry that momentum and unleash it on the red birds.

    Glad you had a great time in Chicago sans the weather. Have a safe flight home !

  • It was an all-time classic comeback by the Cubs, and I'm so happy they won the game...but the team still has some serious flaws on offense and inconsistency in the starting pitching.

    It can't totally be the weather, because the Braves came into town and their offense, despite the cold temps, totally roasted two of our starters (Darvish and Q) who are supposed to be top-talent starters in this league.

    That being said, I'm more concerned about our offensive struggles than our starting pitching right now. Was really hoping Russell/Heyward/Happ would have shown some progression this year in their results, but nothing so far.

    Happ can't continue to strikeout at a 50% clip and expect to have a job.

    Heyward can't continue to hit weak ground balls or laser beams right at the defense instead of rocketing balls of the wall or over the wall.

    Russell can't continue to hit .210 and struggle with .OBP.

    Javy is Javy, but I would love to see him be more consistent hitting-wise and less streaky.

    Rizzo's long cold streaks...well that's another issue for the 4-hole.

  • I was watching the game on television and reassessing my lifestyle. How is it I have nothing better to do. When Javy smoked that double, I was in a state euphoria. Lesson learned!

  • The cubs definitely need to play better. The starting pitching has been just as inconsistent as the offense.To be fair the dodgers & nationals are both under .500 and the dodgers in particular have looked awful(missing turner) both teams ran away with their divisions last season.The yankees have been struggling and are .500 just like the cubs and are already 5.5 out 1st. The pirates may overachieve but I doubt they sustain the way they've been playing and just lost harrison to a broken hand. Things could be much worse and a lot of teams with high expectations aren't playing good right now not just the cubs.

  • In reply to bolla:

    I know baseball is random but the reds have 2 wins one was vs the cubs and the marlins have 4 wins and 2 were vs the cubs. That concerns me because they've been getting beat badly vs everybody else and the cubs struggled vs both teams.

  • Yeah, anybody can have a good game, and still SSS, but it seems like every SP is having a good game against us. Lord, Anibal Sanchez hasn't gotten anybody out for 3 years. I'd love to see us develop some young contact hitter(s).

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