Happy Birthday, John!

John was never one to make a big fuss about himself. But that never stopped us from making sure he felt loved!

He created this safe space for all of us to enjoy and talk about the sport we obsess over. There is no doubt that he loved the game of baseball more than anyone I've ever known. I personally think about him almost every Cubs game and I know we all miss him greatly.

So, raise your glasses! From all of us at Cubs Den, happy birthday, John!


[One more thing...]

John joined me for the first ever Cubs Den Podcast to talk about the Cubs making the World Series in 2016. It was one of my favorite baseball discussions I ever had with him. It's a great listen if you've got the time because you can hear his excitement. You can check it out here.



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  • Looks like I'll be raising a glass of Scotch tonight...

  • In reply to North Side Irish:

    Me too. I have a Bowmore 25 Year Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky I will break open for John's birthday!

  • A deeply beautiful human being. Still can't get my head around it. Happy birthday, John.

  • I posted this in the game recap in response to HefCa’s great comment:

    “I also could not help but think about Jon going into the season and how young this team is and the plan and growth rarely being linear, exept for the rare few. Thankfully, we have one of those rare few for at least the next 4 years, in Kris Bryant. But we are so lucky to have JA beat it into our heads when it all started.
    It wasn’t that long ago that 2018 was considered the year when it all comes together. Non linear indeed.”

    In 2012 my Cubs fandom was at a low. I was just getting into this blog stuff. I can’t ever begin to tell you how much this site meant to me and mine. Being able to get much more then a peak on a daily basis into the team from a MiLB level and at the same time from a FO view. From this guy, who had no credibility, other then his love for the Cubs. Credibility and talent, that in short order was apparent to be much much much more then that.

  • I still miss him. He was so good at the big picture with baseball and with life. I must say though, John left us with a lot and it still shows up in many ways on what is a pretty darn good(best) Cub blog.

  • Like he did for so many others, John helped me love baseball and the Cubs again to a level I hadn't been at in years. I'll echo your comments, Myles that I nearly always think of him when I'm watching the games, particularly when Willson Contreras comes to bat. Happy Birthday John! You are sorely missed.

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    Me too! Every awesome thing that Willy does, I always think of John first.

  • In reply to TC154:

    Well said TC, my sentiments exactly. John was such a beautiful and brilliant soul. I’ll raise a glass of Lagavulin in his honor.

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    Happy Birthday John! What a place he created here where we can all learn from each other and do so in a safe environment. We read that word "safe" a lot here and it is so important. I'm sure there is a wide spectrum of political beliefs reading this blog every day but we rarely are even given a glimpse of them and that's all John's doing and now continuing with Micheal and everyone else.
    I appreciate it so much and thank you John for all of this.

  • Happy Birthday John! And Myles thanks for the link. I'll be listening it tonight as watch the ballgame.

  • Happy Birthday John. I’ll raise a Dram to the Cubs for you tonight! Miss you! Cheers!

  • Happy Birthday John and let me echo the sentiments here. Thanks for creating this place that I am so glad that I found those years ago. You were a great guy and we miss your presence and great writing.

    I still can't stand scotch - but I have a very nice mezcal that I will use in its place as I tip one or two back in John's memory tonight.

  • Total Wine opened in Madison in the last few weeks. They have some amazing high end scotch bottles. One of the first things I thought of when I saw it, was John.

  • Happy birthday, John. Thanks so much for creating this place. It's brought so much joy and knowledge to myself and many others.

    I'm not a scotch man either, but I'm sure I can round up something. :)

    I do have one more question, John, on a topic I know was dear to you as well. Are there dogs in heaven?

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    Happy Bday John ! I would have to say John has been more accurate w his comps and predictions over the past 5 years then say,,,,,,,ole Billy Beane and his Barry Larkin comp.

    I hope there are dogs in heaven. If not, I hope they live on forever as in the movie "A Dogs Purpose"..........I don't ever cry, but that movie brought tears to my eyes.

  • Happy Birthday, John! Salute...

  • Happy birthday, John! I'm still grateful that you were able to experience 2016.

    Thanks to all the current Cubs Den writers for keeping John's spirit alive.

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