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Luis (The Ten Yard Line and BleacherNation) and I will be recording another episode of The Den Podcast this Thursday evening. But we want to hear from you!

Submit your questions by Thursday at 12pm CST to be part of our show! Use the comments below, tweet us here or here or here, OR send an email to

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    Just saw this today. So awesome.

  • In reply to Peredonov:

    I've seen that sign on the web.
    If I ever get to Mesa, I'm gonna find it.

  • John's wife Stacy had that posted recently

  • When do you think Maples will join the club?

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    Can a man love a man without being the type of man who loves other men?

  • In reply to TheoLeo:

    Yes. I retain my love of and for Reed Johnson long after he became an ex-Cub.

    Strangely enough I don’t feel such affection for any of the current Cubs but the closest I’d say is Javy.

  • In reply to Hustlelikereed:

    I had an unexplained affinity, or a "man-crush", for Sam Fuld. Like Reed, I've always loved the guys who outperform their tools and projections through sheer will.

    I love Javier Baez, and I love Jennie Finch. I love watching Baez play baseball, and I love watching Finch. And I'm sure this line of comments is making people's heads spin.

  • In reply to BarleyPop:

    That’s just it. I know it’s a primitive thing but I love the hustling players... the ones who get there through sheer will.

    The team these days are far more able and talented, but for me give me a player who shows that he feels blessed and demonstrates the exuberance of/to be doing what most of us can only dream of over the player who says me me me...

  • Assuming no injuries in ST how do you see the starting pitchers slotted to start the year?

  • Who are 1 or 2 guys that aren't usually talked about who may be primed to really help out this team?

  • Can you discuss Mike Montgomery's status on the Cubs after the Yu Darvish signing? Does he have any trade value as a starter or is he more valuable to the Cubs as the next starter in line in the event that 1 of the 5 starters goes down or they need an extra spot start from him during the long stretches when they do not have many off days?

  • If the Cubs signed Ditka, what would their projections be.

  • Great question.

  • Now that the roster is more or less settled. Lets look ahead to next year! With another WS ring in hand and the teams seeming intent on signing Harper. Let’s say Heyward has that team MVP year, Schwarber has a great year and AA or Happ proves to be the answer in CF.
    Do the Cubs still trade Heyward, while they can? (I believe after this year and next there is a limited NTC.) Switch gears and go after Machado? Or neither?

  • Mike Montgomery, his main concern is how hard it is to prepare for one role, let alone another, and then another and they all suffer, as a result. He admitted he was gassed in the playoffs last year. Which is no wonder when u look at his usage. An example being pitching 6 innings one day and coming back THE NEXT DAY to get 4 outs. He his a unicorn in his own way. He pitches solid innings out of the pen, filling many roles AND starts 10-15 games. He threw 130 innings last year, that is insane! His #’s in relief are better. But I do not think anyone has any idea, at this point, what his ceiling as a starter is. My guess is that his floor is a solid 5th starter. He’s at the same time a throwback and fits with the new RP usage . An Andrew Miller who also starts 10-15 games a year.

    He see’s the writing on the wall; and don’t like what he sees. He is 29 June 1 and the Cubs control him for 4 more years? And he has been told more then once, he will get a shot as the 5th starter.

    This is a guy that fills a huge role on the team and will get screwed in arb, when he reaches it (yeah, the guy that got the last out, made the league minimum in 2016). And has more value, because of his usage, to the Cubs, then anyone.

    He wants a legitimate chance to start, but also has made it clear, he wants to win and will do whatever the team needs. And at the very least, the team admits they leaned on him too much last year.
    The Cubs need to step up, and buy out/extend them years, right?

  • Let’s say the Harpers and Machado’s get their $ next year, but still at a “discount”. And there are 50 ballplayers unsigned when pitchers and catchers report. What then?
    I’ve seen it suggested that the players stop signing buyouts/extensions leading up to the next CBA, as a show of unity. Obviously some kinks would need to be worked out, but there are a lot more players in their 20’s then 30’s to lead that charge.

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