Facebook Live interview with Victor Caratini

Hi all, just a quick word that I will be interviewing Victor Caratini at noon tomorrow from the Cubs Convention. If you are going to be there, come to the Mayfair Room (you can also see Cubs Insider's Evan Altman interview Dillon Maples and Mark Zagunis if you hang out for a while), or if you aren't going to be there, you can watch on the Myrtle Beach Pelicans' Facebook page. They'll be broadcasting it live at the time of the interview.

I'll share a link to the interview here afterward, and if you want to get some Pelicans gear, you can use the promo code "CubsDen18" to get 30% off!


I hope to get a chance to say hi to any Den readers who will be at the convention, and don't forget, swing by Lizzie McNeill's tonight if you're in Chicago!

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  • Cool. Look forward to the interview.

    Not sure if you’re planning to ask him, but I’d be interested from his player/catcher’s perspective, to know which pitchers in the org “he” feels could be a breakout/star pitcher. A pitcher he’s caught or seen in the organization. And maybe an under the radar guy who might surprise the fans.

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    I like that question. I'll be sure to ask him that!

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    In reply to Jared Wyllys:

    Great question.

  • Don't forget to ask what color he likes the best.

  • j/k

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    I just saw on MLB Trade Rumors that KB avoided arbitration and signed for $10.85 MM and Addy for $3.2 MM .

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  • Yankees announcer michael kay said new york offered darvish 7 years 160 million and gave him 48 hours to accept and didn't accept so they pulled the offer.

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    darvish says yankees never made an offer.I hope that's the case because turning down 7 years 160 is ridiculous imo and the cubs don't have a realistic shot.

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    The Cubs also avoided arbitration with Hendricks, Grimm and TLS according to Tony Andracki.

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    In reply to Jonathan Friedman:

    Not Grimm but Justin Wilson.

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