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Happy Thanksgiving, Denizens. I spent some time earlier today thinking about this site, especially the difference it has made in so many peoples' lives, and I wanted to reflect on that a little more openly. For an outsider, that would probably seem lofty -- it's just a blog, after all -- but this place is unique.

That uniqueness is almost entirely John Arguello's footprint, and even months after his passing, it's still daunting to think about attempting to carry on in a way that comes even marginally close to the work that he did. Collectively, we hope to do that, but as we have seen already, it's not a perfect transition. I'm incredibly thankful for the years of work that John did to make Cubs Den what it is, and I'm also still blown away that, two years ago, he let me join his team here.

I'm a small piece of the puzzle, so I'm especially thankful for the group of writers who tirelessly devote their time to following baseball, this team, and to carefully producing content for a blog that has always thrived on the simplicity of good writing and a love for the Cubs. For Mike (dabynsky), for leading the recap team and being far wiser than he lets on, Myles, for injecting his own flavor into the recaps and for taking the lead on the podcast, Dan, for monitoring the goings-on around the league and faithfully laying it all out for us, Sean Atchley, for stepping up and coming out of retirement last summer when we badly needed it, Sean Holland, for his willingness to do whatever he is asked and for his admirable devotion to this site, Sam Fels, for so consistently giving us food for thought on Sundays, Tom U for his attention to the minor leagues and keeping us attuned to what's going on through the fall and winter, Stephanie for arranging interviews with prospects in the system and giving us a window into their humanity, and Michael for carrying on the part of this site that I think was most important to John: the daily coverage of the farm system.

The other side of all of that, of course, is all of you. The readers who come here every day. You are such a rarity, and we plan to keep preserving that. I'm incredibly thankful for the people who read and interact with what we write here, and who nearly always avoid the ugliness in the comments section that is such an easy trap anywhere else. John fostered the community here in the early years, but you adopted it.

We will continue, as best as we can, to be what Cubs Den has always been; like the backfields in Mesa, Arizona that John loved so much, it's free of the frills and dazzle that draw the eye away from the simple beauty of what's happening on the field. Thank you, readers, for being such a large part of what has made Cubs Den great. I'm excited to continue the work.


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  • I am thankful for all the writers who put their hearts and souls into their work. John would be proud Cubs Den continues to deliver an excellent blog. I am confident and grateful any challenges will be met and overcome.
    Happy Thanksgiving to All.

  • Happy Thanksgiving Denizens. It’s rare in this world to have such a fantastic on-line community that is open to a lot of different thoughts without I­t­ turning into a flame war. Special place with special people.

    Thanks Cubs Den staff for continuing to honor John and his work with your writing and passion for all things Cubs. I am very grateful for all of you!!!!

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    Thank you also for mentioning all the people who work behind the scenes. This column is like an iceberg--we read it but so much of the work is behind the scenes and for all those who do it out of sight I thank you.
    This site has been a source of great knowledge of a subject I love--the Chicago Cubs, both on the major league level and all the other players and teams that will eventually come up. John started something so special and as we've said many times, it's an island of civility in the turbulent world outside. It's a haven we need and it's been maintained to that high level since John's passing.
    Thank you Jared and for all of you, have a Happy Thanksgiving. btw, last night my wife and I made a beautiful pecan pie and I have to wait to tonight to eat it.

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    Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I would also like to thank our writers for making this this place a Cub's Delight. I come here daily too and always appreciate the thoughtful posts and my fellow brothers' thoughts and comments on all things Cubs and MLB. Blessings to each and everyone of you.

  • A blessed Thanksgiving to all in the Cubs Den community! John's little blog did so much more than spark a new method of informing Cubs fans about their team, he truly broke ground to build something unique. Other sites may help inform - this is the only one that makes us BETTER fans. I'm thankful for those writers and administrators who are carrying on John's dream and for all the Denizens who support and contribute to the effort.

  • Thanks to everyone in this community, this site continues to be the best out there and that says a lot.

    I love logging in and seeing John’s picture up top. I think we are all thankful for what he has done and we will not soon forget him.

  • Happy Thanksgiving to All. I appreciate all the time, research and effort that goes into providing us Denizens a place to gobble up all things Cubs. Thank you to the entire staff for carrying on John's vision. Thank you to all who read, post and comment for creating an inviting community.

  • In reply to TexasCubsFan:

    a Blessed Thanksgiving to all and thank you Jared and team for your wonderful and insightful work...The Cubs Den is opened everyday before the coffee is ready!

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    Happy Thanksgiving, Jared. And thanks to all the other writers and contributors. I learn every day from all of you.

  • Happy Thanksgiving to all. So thankful for each of you that write and to my fellow Denizens who comment with intelligence and respect.

  • Thanks to my fellow writers for continuing on with the site in John's memory.

    And an even bigger thank you to all the readers and community here for sticking with us through the transition period.

    Happy Holiday season to everyone.

  • I've said before, I'll say it again: John Arguello's Cubs Den was without a doubt the "Paper of Record" for the Cubs Rebuild from Day One. I'm so thankful that I discovered this place early on. I'm so thankful John lived to see the CHICAGO CUBS WIN THE WORLD SERIES! I'm so thankful for all the writers, including so many of the Denizens who comment here regular and offer truly outstanding knowledge insight.

    More than anything else, for me, Thanksgiving is first and foremost about family. This is a family here at Cubs Den.

    Happy Thanksgiving, my fellow Denizens!

    Peace, joy, love to you all.

  • Happy Thanksgiving to everyone here as well. Writers, John's wife & all of the readers/commenters.

    Thankful for you all keeping this site going.

  • Haven't commented much of late, but am very thankful for the Cubs Den, its writers, and all the Denizens.

  • Happy Thanksgiving to All, and To All a Good Night (oops, wrong holiday).

    And like John insisted on the site, avoid politics and religion for a truly happy meal.

    Writers, readers and commenters -- Thanks for your contributions to this terrific place.

  • I'm thankful I found this site during the dark days of the rebuild and for the time I had reading and learning from Mr. John Arguello, lessons that often went beyond the Cubs and baseball.

    Thank you to the writers who undoubtedly went through trying and uncertain times to continue this wonderful site, and to John's wife Stacey for giving her stamp of approval.

    Thanks to all the readers and commenters who make this such a unique community and extend the knowledge and insight beyond the top-notch content of the published pieces themselves.

    And as always, a very special thank you to the men and women who serve to protect our freedom and allow us to enjoy the beautiful game of baseball.

  • ...and I'm thankful for the Cubs Den staff members who monitor and rescue comments from the filter.

  • Happy Thanksgiving to All.
    Writers, readers and commenters -- Thanks for your contributions to this great Cubs site.

  • Happy thanksgiving to all the writers, commentators, and readers of the Cubs
    Den. We are all friends and many of you and, of course, mostly John, have touched our hearts in big and small ways. Thank you!

  • Happy Thanksgiving to the entire Cubs Den family and special wishes of love and peace to Stacey and the Arguello family this holiday season.

  • How much is the most money they can spend on a Atlanta Braves

  • In reply to emartinezjr:

    The answer is complicated. The answer right now is 4.75 million. The reason is that MLB is allowing teams to spend either left over money from 2017-2018, which the Cubs have a ton of due to the 300K bonus limit, or money from 2018-2019. The Cubs could theoritically spend all the way up to the 4.75 million limit in 2018-2019 if they wanted to, but there are several catches here. The first and most important is that it is now a hard cap, and that hard cap is lowered by 500k for each FA they signed tied to compensation such as Alex Cobb. The other is that the Cubs probably have already spent a lot of the 2018-2019 cap. It is just the way business is done in Latin America (and is at least in part what the Braves were being punished for), but all teams have deals probably in place for many of the top guys already. Sure you can back out of those deals for the chance to land a talent like Kevin Maitan, but doing so carries a lot of risk in environment that is so dependent on trust and relationships. The Cubs will be in play on many of these guys I am sure, but the unfortunate situation is that the teams that fail to land Ohtani with millions left are probably in the best spot to land the cream of the Braves prospects released.

  • In reply to Mike Banghart:

    That's a great answer to an ever-evolving situation, as they are making up the rules as they go in this unique scenario. I would add that MLB is allowing teams to exempt the first $200K in bonus money given to these particular players, meaning the Cubs could go as high as $500K in bonuses to these prospects under this year's rules. I agree with you that we are unlikely to blow our allotment for next year in order to sign Maitan, but that cushion could allow us to target some of the lower-ranked guys.

    Ohtani and Stanton are holding up everything. Ohtani needs to be signed shortly before Christmas, and teams will likely wait to see where that goes before pursuing Maitan. I was reading another site that had a poll/prediction asking who would be the first big-money FA to sign, and one commenter noted that with Ohtani and Stanton bringing things to a standstill, the first big FA signing could be Bryce Harper next offseason.

  • thank you guys for continuing this site and honoring john's memory. He was the voice of the rebuild for me and the reason why I had no qualms bringing my girlfriend (now wife and mother to my child) into the fold of fandom to a 100 loss team. I held my two month old last year during the final out to win it all and I remember feeling grateful that I didn't whine about all the scrubs during 11-14 because good things were on the way. I still visit daily and continue to do so. Keep up the fantastic work and Happy Thanksgiving

  • I'm very late to this party but I am certainly thankful for this place and everyone in it. I'm grateful that John started a blog that became such a beacon of knowledge and thoughtful discussion (and anomaly to be sure) and I'm very glad and thankful that Jared and the rest of the staff have kept this place afloat after John's untimely passing. I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend and now, for the love of all that is holy, could we please get some player movement in this hot stove season?? So far in all of MLB we've got minor deals and Doug Fister. Sheesh.

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