Thank you, John

Thank you, John

All I can say in this moment is that there is no easy way to encapsulate John Arguello. Not in life or words. His passions extended beyond baseball but his passion for baseball is the reason most of us here came to know him. His thirst for all Cubs-related knowledge was unique, as was his ability to disseminate it while connecting with so many of us through Cubs Den, increasing our own passion and knowledge in turn. The community he created and fostered here is everything I always craved as a baseball and Cubs fan. And the fact that he managed to build a site based around civil sports discourse, on the internet of all places, is a great testament to his character.

Baseball is far from the most important part of life, but it provides an avenue for people across the globe to come together and share a passion, and I for one think that in a world filled with so many divisions anything that facilitates bringing people together and encourages discussion is of prime importance. Like the sport he loved, John was also such a facilitator. I will be forever grateful for the opportunities he provided me, first as a commenter, then eventually as a contributor for this community. I'm a happier person because of him and Cubs Den. Simple as that.

My deepest condolences to Stacey and all his family and friends.


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  • Well said! He was our gift.

  • I've never before shed tears for someone I've never met. I'll be eternally grateful for the journey John's taken me on over the last 5+ years. God bless John and the Arguello family.

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    We were so fortunate to meet up with him in ST of 2016. We talked Cubs and strategies and pitching. He said " listen to Eloy's bat when he hits it." I learned a lot. He was the calm, positive voice that could articulate what we couldn't whether it was baseball or politics. What a guy. Thanks, John. We're lucky.

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    Me to Stubbs. As soon as Sean broke the news I had tears flowing down my cheeks. I lost my father almost 3 years ago to cancer. And that was the last time I shed tears. My heart breaks for John and the Arguello's.

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    Can't say I've ever pulled harder for someone I didn't personally know. Haven't been on the site for a couple of days and this news truly breaks my heart. Very best to his family and friends.

    The civil discourse he created here is what drew myself and probably most to the site. His character has always been apparent on this blog even in absence. I hope that legacy is respected and lives on.

  • RIP Mr. John Arguello. Thank you for every single thing I learned from you due to your writing. And thank you to all the 'Denizens' that contributed with me to the latest GoFundMe we did for him. I sent the money to he and Stacey a few weeks ago. John kept me coming to Cubs Den everyday for 5 yrs. Most times more than once a day. What a great writer. What a better person. God bless you, John. And if you're reading this, thank you Stacey for sharing him with us. I, for one, am lucky to have known him.

  • My heart is heavy and I am saddened to hear of John’s passing. I found Cubs Den years ago and it got me through a Cubs rebuild all the way to a World Series victory. John’s eloquent writing and thoughtful and levelheaded analysis made me a better baseball fan and a more well-informed Cub fan. John was able to build a group of knowledgeable writers and a community of commentators who are not only knowledgeable but are also respectful of opposing opinions and open to new ideas. A true trick indeed these days and a tribute to how much he was respected by all. Rest in Peace John Arguello, you will be missed.

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    John got me hooked on Cubs Den with his passion and knowledge of all things Cub. He will be missed. My condolences to his family.

  • My prayers are with John and his family.

  • I am so sad to hear this. This is by far the best community I've been on in 20-ish years of being a Cubs fan after the internet. I never met John, but feel we would have got along great. I'm very glad he got to enjoy last year after all the prospect knowledge and hope he gave us during the lean years.

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    Also I'm not a fan of scotch, but I will drink a glass of bourbon tonight while watching the game in his honor.

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    me too.

  • Sad day.I've been reading this blog for years ,feels like a family member is gone.I appreciate the insight john provided I learned a lot from this mr arguello

  • So sad to hear this news. John's writing was always insightful and I looked forward to reading it and the comments that followed. Condolences to his family. He will be missed.

  • To have lived so fully, so honestly, and so passionately, #JohnArguello @cubsden has given us all a road-map for our lives.

    My heart is full of sadness & joy right now. I'll turn the sadness into joy because that's what John's words always gave to me.

    Good-nite, good man.

  • An awesome person who brought a treasure trove of high level knowledge to us serious Cubs fans. I had the pleasure of meeting him at an AFL game and he couldn't have been nicer. This community will miss him a ton. Deepest condolences to his family and loved ones.

  • I'm saddened and stunned. So sorry to hear this news. John had a rare gift of building a great community of followers. I enjoyed his writing a lot and believe I learned much from him about the nuances of analyzing this great game. I'll never forget his Monty Hall article several years ago. It was such a fun article to think about well after he wrote it.

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    Woah. Heartbreaking news.

  • Posted this in the earlier thread as well...and like many of you I'm also in tears tonight.

    This is such sad news. My deepest condolences go out to all of John Arguello's friends and family.

    Cubs Den has been the most thoughtful and well-written Cubs site for the past several years, and John was the reason why.

    I never got to meet him in person but from reading his work for so long, and from our email and online interactions, I felt like I knew John personally. I'm sure many, many people felt that way. He was one of the brightest lights during the darkest years of the rebuild. Cubs Den was always the place to go for hope, and it is still the first place I go to every morning and the last place I check at night.

    Rest In Peace John.

  • Simply awful news. John and the Cubs Den rekindled/revived my interest in not only the Cubs, but baseball in general after years and years of disappointment in both the product on the field and the commentary off of it.

    His scouting reports and minor league write ups got me excited for the future of the Cubs and his thoughtful pieces that explicated the process that Theo and Jed were going through really helped me understand how this rebuild was, in fact, different than anything the Cubs had done before (or at least for many, many years).

    I never had the pleasure of meeting him, but I'll always remember him fondly and I feel like we have all lost a true friend and kindred spirit. God speed, John. You loss diminishes us all.

  • Well said Michael. My condolences to his family. RIP John.

  • Well said Michael. Cubs Den has been and continues to be the best source of Cubs information and thoughtful and informed opinions. All because of the work of John. You will be missed. Prayers.

  • Well said. This is an insightful, civil place and I'm thankful for it and him. I'm also greatful that he got to experience the championship and see all the great prospects up in Chicago. During the tough rebuild his recaps gave me a lot of hope for the future. Keep grinding!

  • I started reading reading Cubs Den a few years ago. John's minor league recaps and thoughtful articles along with Adam's witty recaps helped me get through the rebuild while broadening my understand of the Cubs organization and their prospects from top to bottom. Even though we never met, John felt like a friend. You will be missed, John.

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    Wow, I am saddened by this news of John passing. I am on this site daily and he was a great Cubs fan , writer and person...I regret now not meeting him in Az. God Bless His entire Family.

  • Such a sad day for so many Cubs fans. My condolences to John's family.

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    So tragic. F Cancer! John was a ray of hope with his tremendous coverage of prospects during the worst of times and always loved his coverage as we headed to the World Series title. His passion will be missed. My condolences to his family and friends. RIP, John!

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    I can't believe this. Words can't express the emotions I feel right now for someone I've never met in person, but I feel like I lost a family member. I have so much to thank John for, not just as a blogger but a friend, mentor, and a teacher. Honestly, without him I wouldn't be where I am today. Not just in terms of baseball knowledge but life in general.

    I wasn't even old enough to drink when I came here and the advice John has given me over the years is invaluable. He taught me that words and the way you use them could bring people together. No matter the background. He taught me that if you follow your passions and build the skills necessary to turn that passion into something that creates impact, the success will follow.

    Beyond all, I'm truly happy to know that he got to see us win it all before it ended. Knowing him, he'd have it no other way.

    Maybe Felzz can take a whack at that nasty changeup...after a nice round of scotch of course. He's got good company now. The best company. Rest In Peace.


  • This is very, very sad news. John had a way of making everyone feel respected and your opinions was valued. Condolences to John's family and friends.

  • I hate cancer. It always takes the good ones. I am going to open a bottle of scotch that been sitting here for months in his honor.

    But on a positive side, John did what he loved in life and that was writing and the Cubs. I really admire him. Not past tense. I still do. Hopefully he inspired you like he did me. I like to write too (not in the same way John did) and although I never met him personally I emailed him a few times. He always emailed back. I am glad he got to see the Cubs win one and that he got to see John Wick 2. We know he loved those movies.

    The Cubs Den faithful will miss always you.

  • Like all of you I'm heartbroken tonight. I've learned more about baseball from John than any other sportswriter. In fact, more than all other sportswriters combined.

    But more importantly the thing I admired most about John was his character and spirit. His was such a gentle heart. Nurturing, caring, and respectful. What he created here was a community, a true community, and there's no greater achievement than that.

    RIP John and my deepest condolences to Stacey and all of John's family. I'll poor a glass of Lagavulin in your honor my friend.

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  • Thank you, Michael. I just got home and turned on the game and Cubs Den and I'm stunned and heartbroken. Rest in peace, friend. John's family can take consolation in knowing he touched many souls young and old and was respected and admired by all.

  • RIP.

  • He got to see Champions! I am glad for that.

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    My sentiments too.

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    he also WAS a champion

  • This is heartbreaking.

    I had the pleasure of interacting a bit with John after he moved here to Arizona, and he was unfailingly generous with his insights, his humor, and knowledge of all things Cub.

    Three years ago we lost our son, and I confided to John that the Den played a major role in our still-continuing recovery. I will continue to rely on the Den and John's legacy to move ahead.

    Charlotte and I express our most sincere condolences to Stacey and John's extended Den family.

  • Thank you John for the best, most informative Cubs blog anywhere. Though I read more than I contributed, the last 5+ years have been great. My sincerest condolences to the Arguello family.

  • This is heartbreaking.

    I had the pleasure of interacting a bit with John after he moved here to Arizona, and he was unfailingly generous with his insights, his humor, and knowledge of all things Cub.

    Three years ago we lost our son, and I confided to John that the Den played a major role in our still-continuing recovery. I will continue to rely on the Den and his legacy to move ahead.

    Charlotte and I express our most sincere condolences to Stacey and John's extended Den family.

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    Rest in peace, John. Our thoughts are with the Arguello family

  • Oh no! I'm simply stunned. We lost a good one.

    I never met the man, but can tell by his writing that he was full of hope, always believing in the inherent good and ability of people. He created and fostered a wonderful community, here at Cubs Den. He made me feel welcome, and it was, and still is, the first Cubs related page I go to. This is a testament to the spirit of the man; it's the main reason I keep coming back here.

    John, RIP, I'm glad you were able to experience the Cubs winning the World Series in your lifetime. I'm sure you have lots to talk about with Ron and Ernie.

    Miss you.

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    I also think we should thank John for his ability to spot and hire writers with wit and knowledge. This Den is John's, but he is helped along by all the contributors also, so thank you Michael and Myles and--you know, my mind is blank, I can't think of all of the rest of you.
    I would love to have a brief bio of his life too if it's not too intrusive. I only knew John from here but have no idea of how he got here. I just know of his Portuguese heritage.
    I'm sorry for all you writers that I can't recall at the moment. You do count and I'm thankful that John contacted and hired you for Cubs Den.

  • I am a first time poster, but long time reader. I travel a lot for my job, and reading John's posts made the travel a bit easier.

    He was like family, and I love this site and all the collaborators. Hopefully his legacy of kindness Andy strength in the face of adversity will pass on to others.

    God bless you, John!

  • I had a nice day with the family, hanging out at the pool, going for dinner, and coming home to watch the Cubs. I pulled up Cubs Den as I tend to do during the games and saw this. It's like a gut punch.

    My condolences to the Arguello family. RIP John.

  • I'm stunned and heartbroken. God bless John and his family. I can't breath or believe this news.

  • Wow what a loss. This is by far the best sports-related blog I've ever read. Some say a man's greatness is measured by the number of people he has served. By that measure, John has done remarkably great things. I follow this blog religiously, like many others, and although I never met him I think of John as a friend. RIP John, and thanks for you have done.

  • Really sad, John was a great guy and got so many of us through the rebuild with optimism thanks to this blog. A lot of the Cubs' current and former minor leaguers are having nothing but great things to say about him.

    Thanks for everything, John, the world's a better place because you were here. So glad you got to see them win it all.

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    I write a different blog at ChicagoNow and have met John three or four times. You'll never meet a kinder, more well rounded person.
    In the few years I've known him we've talked about other sports, music, politics, writing and of course The Cubs.
    Last month I was in Myrtle Beach and tried to find a Pelicans hat to send to him. Couldn't find one in the entire town. Should have looked harder.
    Damn damn's another FuckCancer night.

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    I'm so saddened to hear of John's passing. I've been a fan of Cubs Den for several years and specifically enjoyed John's writing. I've never commented before but now seems apropos. I happen to have John Wick 2 from Netflix queued up, and a little Johnnie to toast to one of the good ones. I'm ecstatic that he got to witness the wonder of last October with us. Deepest condolences and RIP John.

  • I was so sad when I heard the news during the Cubs game. While I never met John in person, I felt like I got to know him through his writing on here, and he introduced me to all the Cubs minor leaguers that I otherwise wouldn't have paid attention to. John built up this wonderful blog where Cubs fans can come and actually have civilized discussions, where we can read about every Cubs team top to bottom and keep up with random goings on around the league. While I'm sad I won't be able to read John's words, I know they will continue to live on in this community.

  • This is a very hard day for all Cubs Den bloggers and workers. He was like a family member to us. We were praying for the best but, we have no control of our fate> Prayers are with the entire family! We will miss him every day! He was the class of all Cubs Blogs.RIP John

  • So sad. John was one of the best and always so friendly. Truly a huge loss to the entire Cubs universe. I agree with the sentiment to name an organizational award for him.

  • As blogs go, Cubs Den is far and away the best I've seen. Given the current state of discourse, setting the parameters to discuss all things Cub without vitriol is nothing short of miraculous.

    I am heartbroken for his family
    And for fellow denizens.

    May Cubs Den continue to maintain excellence in its writing and its posts.

  • Also, never heard a bad word about him. And if anyone said one about him, **** them.

  • My condolences to Stacey and John's family and close friends.

    Michael, a very well done piece. John would be proud.

    John and I go back a long time, when we used to meet at the Kane County Cougars stadium to watch the then Cubs' affiliate, the Peoria Chiefs. I invited John several times to join me in the press box, but he would have none of it. John preferred being down in the seats and close to the action. Just listening to John and how he was able to pick up on the little things on any player that I could not even see changed me. I knew that I could not compete with that kind of ability. so I concentrated on reporting facts and relating stories, leaving the analysis to someone better.

    Last January, when the site that I used to write for essentially folded, it took John about ten seconds to offer me a slot once he had heard. When a former reader from the other site tried to troll me at Cubs Den, John would have none of it! John immediately went after him, and he hasn't been heard from since.

    I will miss my very respected colleague, and regret that the two of us did not have one more time to sit down, face to face, and talk baseball.

  • I hope the administrator doesn't eat the comment I just posted.

  • Heyward did that for John!

  • I have been reading Cubs Den for a few years and while this is my second post and I had not met John I respected his work greatly. He found wonderful writers that not only shared his passion for baseball and the Cubs but shared his values for quality work and respect for the readers. This was a site where wonderful insights and years of knowledge were presented to people like myself in a way that we could understand and see a broader picture of the game we love. Happily, we witnessed the Cubs win the World Series last year and I was blessed by the writing here and enjoyed the moment all the more because of Cubs Den.
    May God bless John and his family in the tough time, they are in my prayers along with those that knew him most.

  • Thank you john I stumbled on to this site a few years ago. I really enjoyed your writing and your passion for the cubs I don't know you personally but I feel like I lost a friend. Rest in peace

  • Thank you, John...Rest in Peace...!

  • John,
    I can truly say this is personally the best web site I've ever had the pleasure to join and read. In this day and age, you've shown us how social media and internet community can be civil and welcoming. I'm so happy that you got to witness a championship, and I'm sad that I never got to buy you that glass of scotch. Thank you, John.

  • Back in 2013, when the rebuild was still in its low stages, I frequented the comment section on ESPN, and in regards to the Cubs, it was always a divided forum full of trolling and uneducated drivel. Someone mentioned this sight to me because I was tired of all the negativity and ignorance regarding the rebuild and John's Minor League recaps and great elaboration at what Epstein and Co. were doing helped make the rebuild more tolerable, as well as excited for the days to come. Thank you, John, for bringing us what is perhaps the best Cubs site out there. Glad you were able to see the Cubs win it all before you passed.

  • This win was for John. I hope he is enjoying a scotch right now with all the other Cub greats

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  • Having come here in late 2014 I was blessed to see the rise of the Cubs through the lens of Cubs Den and the wonderful writing of John. He made the game richer, deeper and the experience of watching these kids turn into champions even more sweeter. Thank you John for giving this lifelong Cubs fan so much joy.

    And like every great leader you've brought the right people together to continue your legacy.

    A toast to you and the beautiful community you created!

    P.S. Cubs win!

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    I found this amazing blog about 4 years ago, and I can easily say this is the best Cubs coverage where else did I see our rebuild covered so well giving us loyal Cubs fans a reason to hope....that was because of John. From all the minor league updates, prospect rankings, and the expectation that all views are respected....that all led to this being the first place I went to for all and everything Cubs. Thank you, John. My prayers are with you and your family.

  • Rest in Piece, John. Following the Cubs won't be the same without you.

  • OMG. I didn't realize. So sad. Maybe a small thing, but I am very happy he was able to see the Cubs become World Champs.

  • Oh man, bummer.... He was a great Cub fan & great blog man. I am selfishly saddened for our great loss here, but also truly saddened for his family, close friends & the people that just called him friend. This sucks.

  • Thanks for sharing your knowledge and passion for baseball and the cubs John. I found this site a few years ago and it is part of my daily routine. Thanks again John, you will be missed. Rest In Peace.

  • It's strange the effect that somebody you've only met once can have on you - I'm sat in the desert in Kuwait blubbing for the loss of this great man.

    John I only met you the once - at a Kane County Cougars (with Willson Contreras catching). It was my honour to buy you a beer and spend time in your company just behind home plate.

    I'm told that after meeting you I was happier than the day I met my previous great Cubs "love" Reed Johnson.

    You will be much missed by all of us for your balanced views, glass half full disposition and general love of the game - Andy for keeping us away from the window ledge from 2010-15.

    My deepest condolences to the Arguello family.

    Now those great Cubs in the sky have a great man to keep them up to date with current news and tell them how it felt to live through the 2017 Worlds Series.

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    John has made many nights for me good nights with his baseball Intel and knowledge of the game. I'll never forget that. Good bye my friend.

  • I am heartbroken. I come home from a Minor League Baseball game and see a Dylan Cease tweet about John passing. Says a lot of his impact.

    Thank you to John and everything he did for my fandom. Blessings to Stacey and the family.


  • I can't believe John is gone. He was such a wonderful leader for Cub fans. Also, I can't imagine how much his wife and family will miss him. I'm really pleased the team had a nice victory tonight, maybe it eases our loss just a little.


    Not just missed by us on here. What a wonderful number of tweets on this link.

    Apologies that the link may contain other stuff - I'm not very media savvy.

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    Thanks Hustlelikereed. Those are wonderful reads. Also, on Evan Altman wrote a very nice tribute to John.
    This win tonight is for you John.

  • Such a loss. We'll miss him. God bless John and Adam and their respective families. They were the two best baseball writers I've ever read

  • Thoughts and Prayers

  • Ironically, I was at a Minor League Baseball Game tonight. Came home to see on Twitter the likes of Dylan Cease and Justin Steele tweeting about John passing. Shows his impact on peoples lives.

    John got me through 2011-2014 with this blog. I am a better fan, and I enjoyed 2016 more because of him.

    Blessings to Sarah and his family on this tragic loss. RIP John.

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    This guy seemed like such a genuine person...I've never met him but have been here for years now, and can say the Cubs nation lost a good one. The one thing that makes me smile is that he got to see his beloved Cubbies finally win a series. We will miss you bud, RIP

  • I am in such shock. I didn't really know anything until John wrote an article about a month ago. He did a fabulous job keeping the den current and going strong. His passion for keeping on top of the farm system was amazing. I send my thoughts and prayers to his family.

  • Like many readers here, I've been following this site for a few years..I had been getting tired of the relentless negativity from the mass media and almost every other Cubs blog during the rebuild. This site stood out because it calmly acknowledged that things sucked at the moment but there was a big, bright light at the end of the tunnel..that things were going to get and stay good for the franchise.

    And as the team started climbing back to contention, this site was there for every step all the way to the summit. And then, even when things looked doubtful and the negative rhetoric was raging, Cubs Den stayed calm and kept everything in perspective. For that, I am ever grateful.

    I can't think of anything else coherent to say. I know this site will go on, that it is in the hands of very capable individuals..nothing against said individuals, but it won't be quite the same.

    I'll raise a glass to him tonight, remembering the old German drinking song..

    "Ein Prosit, ein Prosit
    Der Gemütlichkeit!
    Ein Prosit, ein Prosit
    Der Gemütlichkeit!
    Oans, zwoa, drei, g’suffa!"


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    I haven't posted here for quite a while. I posted a statement of my respects on Bleedcubbieblue. The headline of this post says it all - thanks John for all the hard work you did and for making us all better cub fans and baseball fans. It's the gift that never stops giving.

  • Thank you John. RIP

    Thank you Stacey, all of us here know that this blog would never have become what it is without John's better half. My condolences to you

  • Oh, no! Our leader is gone? Awful, terrible news. Too upset to type anything else, other than:

    Thank you, John!

    Rest in peace.

  • I'd like to add too that John did so much to foster this community and support its writers. Not everyone leaves behind a legacy, but John surely does.

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    PIPPIN: I didn't think it would end this way.
    GANDALF: End? No, the journey doesn't end here. Death is just another path, one that we all must take. The grey rain-curtain of this world rolls back, and all turns to silver glass, and then you see it.
    PIPPIN: What? Gandalf? See what?
    GANDALF: *sighs softly while looking into the sunset* White shores, and beyond, a far green country under a swift sunrise.
    PIPPIN: Well, that isn't so bad.
    GANDALF: No. No, it isn't.

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    In his last postseason the Cubs won the World Series!

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    I'm guessing the site will live on as usual? In his memory.

  • John....Thank you for creating the best sports site ever. RIP.

  • Stunned to hear about John but had been wondering if it was not going well since we hadn't seen any writing from him recently. He willed be missed! Prayers and thoughts for his wife and family. Sorry I never got to meet him in person. But I count him as a friend.

  • Damn. Sincerest condolences to family and friends.

  • Heaven is getting quite a bit of value on this one.

  • In reply to Ben20:

    Surplus value. Lots and lots of surplus value.

  • I have followed this blog through the rebuild to the World Series and it is the first place I come to every day to check on the "Farm" or to read in-depth interviews on players. It felt like all of those articles that I read were written by John. His voice and in-sight about everything Chicago Cub will be truly missed and my deepest condolences to his loved ones. May his work and deeds be remembered. For as much as he has done for the Cubs, I would love if maybe the broadcast booth would speak of him in kind.

  • My condolences to John's family. Thank you John for everything you did. John sure did help a lot of us get through a long Cub's rough patch that's for dang sure.

  • This is heartbreaking.

    I had the pleasure of interacting a bit with John after he moved here to Arizona, and he was unfailingly generous with his insights, his humor, and knowledge of all things Cub.

    Three years ago we lost our son, and I confided to John that the Den played a major role in our still-continuing recovery. I will continue to rely on the Den and his legacy to move ahead.

    Charlotte and I express our most sincere condolences to Stacey and John’s extended Den family.

  • This is devastating news. Not living in the Chicago area, I've always felt somewhat isolated as a Cubs fan (though we really are all over!), and it was exciting to discover a site that provided great, insightful writing. In addition, its commenters could understand a Chuck Rainey reference, and discuss it with great respect and civility, and I think it's that civility that raises this site over so many spaces on the internet today.

    Fortunately I discovered this site in enough time to read about the rebuild and enjoy the championship run, and I'm thrilled that John got to enjoy it too. Rest in peace, John, and know how many lives you bettered along your journey,

  • This is heartbreaking.
    I had the pleasure of interacting a bit with John after he moved here to Arizona, and he was unfailingly generous with his insights, his humor, and knowledge of all things Cub.
    Three years ago we lost our son, and I confided to John that the Den played a major role in our still-continuing recovery. I will continue to rely on the Den and his legacy to move ahead.
    Charlotte and I express our most sincere condolences to Stacey, John's Chicago family and John’s extended Den family.

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    What horribly sad news.
    Like many here, I never met John (although I was hoping to meet him at Spring Training at some stage) but his passing deeply saddens me. He made the game brighter, deeper and a lot more fun for this fan (as the much missed Ron Santo did too in his special way)
    All our very deepest and sincere condolences to John's family

  • This is the only Cubs blog I read, and it is thanks to John. I've always loved baseball, but John opened up the world of prospects and minor leagues to me. Thank you, and I wish the best for his family.

  • Cancer should not get to take people like this. He beat it once. Let him live.

    Had cancer. Sucked. I got luckier. That's not fair.

    A huge life inequity for many that he's not a living person.This is a great site, with great writers. Thanks tons to all the grunt work he and others did to inform me on prospects.

  • What a brave fight, John. They say you die twice.. once when your heart stops beating, and once when everyone impacted by your life is gone. John Arguelles, by this measure, is still with us, and will remain on this Earth for as long as Cubs fans remember the oracles of that first World Series in 108 years. I hate that you left us so soon, but I love that we will keep you around as long as we remember your voice as an essential part is Cubs lore.

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    So deeply saddened by this news. I found his blog about 5 years ago and I've never followed a writer more religiously than John. He opened a new perspective to a game I've always loved in such an amazing way. He always took the time to interact with his readers and I can honestly say I have never been more sad about the passing of someone I have never met. Rest in peace and condolences to your family and friends.

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    This is so sad to hear. I'm not much of a commenter but read the blog religiously. John got me hooked on minor league baseball. Started at the cougars games. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends he will be greatly missed by me and everyone who is here

  • Shortly after Theo was hired I found the CubsDen.
    At that time I was going through a bumpy road in my life, and looking back no matter how bad my situation was, I always looked forward to capping off my day by reading John and the CubsDen.
    I loved reading his articles and learned so much from him about the process of what we as Cubs fans were witnessing from our team.
    I never met him but I new him, he was one of the good guys.

    Thank you John my friend for everything R.I.P.
    Prayers have been sent...

  • So sad.So so sad. I didn't think it would happen. Good-bye John

  • Dear Stacey Arguello and all of your and John’s Family and Friends;

    When someone you love this much passes too soon, they leave a hole in your heart that feels endless and immeasurable. All of us here at Cubs Den wish we could change that, but we can’t. No one can.

    What we can do is to be here, and stand with you at the edge of that hole, and scream into it with you.

    Lean on us all here at Cubs Den. Our good Lord knows we have all leaned on John here at one time or another. Thank you for sharing him with us.

    May God continue to be with you always.

    Joe and Sherry Landry
    Cary, North Carolina

  • Well said Mike. I found this site about 6 years ago and to be honest, it's been a site that I think I have checked on a daily basis since then. I loved reading John's work as it brought so much hope to all the fans on what might eventually be. I really appreciate that John took the time and the risk to get the site going and was thankful for all of his contributions. The news today is very sad. We lost a great one today. A great Cub fan, a great writer, but most of all a great person and it's sad today just like when Felzzy left us a couple years back. John will never know how many people his writing touched. I just thank God that he gave John the strength to find his talents so he could touch so many people. I'm going to miss him and my heart goes out to his family on this very difficult day.

  • Heartbroken. John touched us through his writing and his humanity. I will miss him dearly. Condolences to Stacy and all of John's family and friends.

  • Very sad news about John. He was a gift and he will be missed. The Cubs community lost a friend and a great writer. I am glad John got to see a Cubs WS win. I am very saddened by this news.

  • First time poster here and really don't know what to say. I've been reading Cubs Den for 5 years now and this is the second time I've been in tears reading the comments section. One was the night the Cubs won the World Series and the second is tonight. I'll always remember reading those posts from that championship night when everyone was talking about winning one for their loved ones that were no longer with them, but were there in spirit. This goes out to John, from all the readers here of Cubs Den, John we love you and your spirit will live on forever in the minds and hearts of all Cubs Den followers forever. RIP John

  • Terrible news. Thank you John for allowing me to follow the Cubs from Sydney Australia with as much insight as if I was living in the US. My deepest condolences to the family and friends. Like many I have followed this site for years because of your writing. You will be missed but never forgotten.

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    Thank you, John, for teaching a guy from Portugal a lot about baseball. Thank you for teaching me how to be passionate about the Cubs and about prospects. Glad we could share some portuguese words.

    Rest in Peace my friend
    Descansa em Paz amigo

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    RIP brother. You will definitely be missed.

  • RIP, John. May this corner of the internet continue to embody your spirit.

  • fb_avatar

    I never had the pleasure of meeting John in person and I envy those who could name him among their friends in the traditional rather than "blog/facebook" type friend. In fact, if presented with the option of meeting a "mystery" Cub player or John I would have chosen John.

    Some things I learned from him:
    1. Treat everyone with respect. Many of us who wrote/commented on here have experienced that respect whether we deserved it at the time or not.

    2. Don't assume you know everything. Leave open the possibility that someone might actually know more than you do.

    3. Share your knowledge freely. How many times have we said, "I can't believe this information isn't behind a pay-wall.

    4. Remember that while we all like talking baseball life is bigger than that.

    Finally, I can't get this image out of my head:

    Upon arrival at the "Pearly Gates" John is greeted by a:
    John! We've been waiting for you. There are a couple of us here that would like to hear your impressions of a couple of Cubs minor leaguers. What do you think about..."

  • As Saturday rolled into Sunday morning you would think that I, a 56 year old man, would have begun to stop grieving for a man I never met in person but although I never had the honor of shaking his hand in friendship, I knew John. His optimism, his zest for life and baseball and his attention not only to the surface of a thing but to the heart of it (trust the process) are things that I too strive for and hope to achieve in my best self. Who that has been here for a long time doesn't remember the first time John wrote about Willson Contreras in 2013? Here was a kid, a converted infielder learning to catch, that wasn't doing much with the bat and yet John saw something. "Watch out for this kid" John said and watched out. I will never watch Contreras' play without thinking of how I learned of him and the journey we all took following his improbably, yet rewarding, journey. So I will continue to grieve because the man we have lost impacted our lives. That is all any one of us could ever hope to do. My heart breaks for Stacey and his family.

  • A very sad day, my condolences to John's family and friends.

    For me this is just a gut shot, I have moved halfway around the world the past year, I knew John fought cancer, but remember celebrating his good diagnosis. I am not on as much as before living essentially a different day, but I knew from some comments, and the fact he was no longer writing that something very bad was going on, I just didn't realize it was quite this bad.

    My initial thoughts were around the Cubs, that is the way I knew him. While happy he saw them at their highest moment, I am also terribly sad that he will not get to "read" all the chapters in this book. He started us on this journey, detailing the rebuild, and for 2.5 years he got to see the fruit, and what a beautiful ride it has been. But I know there is much more to this story, and it breaks my heart that John doesn't get to see it to its proper end.

    Then something snapped in my brain, for as sad as that may be, the fact he will never see any of the people he loved, nor they will see him, that is infinitely more heartbreaking.

    So to those that loved John, and were loved by him, thank you for sharing this great gift of a man. He truly made people's lives better. There are tears pouring around the world today, for a man many never even met in person, that is how he touched lives.

  • In reply to bleedblue:

    Wow! Great post! You too Joel and many many others.

  • RIP John. You will be missed.

  • Pole-axed by this. Extraordinary writer and a great soul. We learned about more than baseball from him. There was a moral clarity and compassion that enriched us. Condolences to John's family.

  • fb_avatar

    Like most readers of Cubs Den, I never met John in person. But, I feel like I got to know him a bit through his writing about our shared love of baseball and the Cubs. He built what is absolutely my favorite Cubs website and it was a pleasure sharing the ride with him through the rebuilding years all the way to the World Series. I will miss his sense of humor, enthusiasm for all things Cub, and ability to look at the team from both an objective and utterly devoted fan/subjective position.

    He helped deepen my baseball knowledge and become an even more ardent Cub fan, if that is possible.

    He will be missed and my thoughts go out to his family, friends, and my fellow readers here at Cubs Den.

  • So saddened by this news. My Deepest condolences go out to the Arguello family. John's words lifted and inspired so many people. Rest in Peace, Mr. Arguello.

  • Terrible news. Condolences to John's family and friends. He will be missed but always remembered.

  • I've only been here a short time - as an occasional poster. (Been reading here for a while now.)

    I ran into John on Facebook - mutual friends with Al Yellon, over at Bleed Cubbie Blue, which is where I spend somewhat more time.

    John was immediately welcoming and extended an invitation to come on in and start commenting. I did so straightaway.

    And we had good exchanges on other topics as well, with his insight and humor always front and center.

    Rest as well as you lived, John. And thank you.

  • Terrible news. Thank You, John for writing so well and helping Cubs fans from all over the world to better understand the rebuild and the great things that happened after it. You'll be missed. Descanse em paz, John.

  • Like so many others commenting, I never met John face to face but I feel like I've lost a very close friend. I came here to read about Cubs baseball and I always got so much more. I just assumed that he would win his battle with cancer because that just seemed to be the sort of man he was. Always grinding, right? No one could be more deserving of a long and joyous life. I'm so thankful to have found this blog and I offer my sincerest condolences to all of John's family and friends. You are all so lucky to have been able to know him personally. The outpouring of kind words from all over Cubs nation says so much about John. It is amazing!

  • For those who haven't read it, John's wife Stacey posted a lengthy, heartfelt comment overnight on Mike Banghart's abbreviated game recap, "Cubs Win One for John (But It Feels Empty)". stv711 had the great idea of re-publishing it as a separate post, but with the staff rightfully taking some time off, I don't know if that can happen soon.

    Please take the time to read that post and respond to Mrs. Arguello directly if you choose to. I plan to, I just want to take the time to get my words right in expressing my condolences to her and how much John and this sight has meant to me.

  • I can't help thinking of John as our angel. He was sent in the darkest days of Cubdom, to teach, to explain, to provide insight where none had before existed. I found Cubs Den coming into the 2013 season. In those seasons where the Cubs were unwatchable, and baseball was essentially taken from us, he brought it back. Never have the Iowa Cubs, Tennessee Smokies, etc been so exciting.

    His insight was so dead on, it could only have come from other source. Steadfastly supporting the draft of Kris Bryant when most others wanted a starting pitcher. Finding this hidden gem in Willson Contreras. Explaining that Kyle Hendricks could outperform his measurables -- just maybe. And on and on.

    In the wasteland of the rebuild, Cubs Den was the only oasis. He continued leading and took us all up through the World Series. The Championship. The promised land.

    We've now seen it done. We know better how to think about baseball. How to think about numbers in conjunction with the eye-test. How to run an organization. How to treat others and interact. John's work with us was truly done.

    A job well done, our angel.

  • For anyone who missed it, John's wife Stacey posted a lengthy, heartfelt comment overnight on Mike Banghart's abbreviated game recap "Cubs Win One for John (But It Feels Empty)". stv711 had the great idea to re-publish it as a seperate post, but with the staff rightfully taking some time off, I don't know if that can happen.

    Please visit that game recap and respond to Mrs. Arguello if you want to. I plan to, I just need some time to get my words right in expressing my condolences to her and how much John and this community he created has meant to me.

  • In reply to BarleyPop:

    Thank you to whoever is clearing the filter. We all have heavy hearts and are expressing some difficult emotions. Your efforts in your time of grief are much appreciated.

  • In reply to BarleyPop:

    Agreed. Thank you.

  • my condolences to the Arguello family. i have been reading the Cubs Den for a few years and loved John's insights and passion for the young players. i learned a lot from him and will truly miss his writings. RIP John.

  • I'm saddened beyond words by the loss of a friend I never met, even though I felt that I knew and enjoyed him well. I pass my and my family's deepest sympathies to the Arguello family, starting with John's first love, Stacey.

  • My deepest condolences and prayers to the Arguello family. Wow. John, you are in a better place but we will certainly miss you. -Dave C

  • I had the same type of cancer John had the first time and feared greatly for him when he told us that he had another much more serious cancer.

    I prayed that this day would not come.
    But I'm also happy that he got to see the ultimate triumph.

  • R.I.P. my friend. Deepest and sincere condolences to his family.

  • Long-time Denizen but never had the pleasure of meeting John in person. John and I had a bit of a downstate connection which was neat. He took his craft seriously and we proudly had a front seat at how hard John worked to better both his scouting and his writing. He wanted to be viewed as a professional. I think the classy response by the Cubs organization with the news of John's passing says it all. He was a professional in every aspect. Thanks to John's family and friends for gifting us with him. Onwards indeed ... with heavy hearts.

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    Rest in peace John, you've got the best seat in the house now to watch our Cubbies. Your loved ones are in my prayers.

  • Rest in peace John. Thank you so much for everything you have done.

  • fb_avatar

    Very sad. He always did his work with a lot of integrity and seemed like such a kind man. RIP. Prayers for your loved ones!!

  • No

  • Even casual visitors like myself lost a dear friend. So sad. All the love in the world to his family and those close to him.

  • This is devastating. Hard to describe the sadness I feel. Prayers to his family and all close to him. What a wonderful man.

  • There are no words. A major loss for Cubs fans everywhere and this community. Thoughts are with his Family and friends. He will be forever missed.

  • I followed this site pretty religiously last year, haven't been here as much this year. But I had read a few months ago about his diagnosis and noticed he hadn't been posting much of late. Was hoping he was just battling through treatment, unfortunately that was not the case:(

    Just wanted to offer condolences and let everyone know how good a writer a John was. His coverage of the Cubs the last few years was absolutely phenomenal! Very sad, he will be sorely missed!

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    RIP , John. You brought much joy to many people. So glad you got to be part of the Championship last year! Prayers to your family.

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