Cubs select hard-throwing, fast-rising LHP Brendan Little with the 27th overall pick in the 2017 MLB Draft

After a long wait and so many possibilities, the Cubs selection finally came and they made their decision and they got themselves a rare commodity.   A LHP with a mid 90s FB and solid control, though the command isn't quite there yet.  Little also throws a very promising curve.

He was a name that we saw earlier but mentioned him for the first time today. He has quick, clean arm action, something that is important to the Cubs. He misses bats, which is what you want to see from a guy with this stuff at this level.

My colleague at 2080 Baseball, Nick Faleris, loves this pick.

Here is some video on the 19 year old lefty..

The main thing to improve is his consistency, command, and his change-up, which isn't unusual for a player of his age and experience.  Faleris believes Little can get MLB hitters out now and he may yet factor in the bullpen down the stretch.  He has thrown in the upper 90s in short stints and the power curve gives him a second potential plus pitch.

The Cubs will likely try to develop him as a starter long term.  He has the athleticism to learn to repeat and improve his command while also showing an early feel for pitching  This is a nice upside pick who I thought they might take with their 30th pick, but the Cubs obviously liked him more than another hard thrower, Nate Pearson, as well as a couple of more polished arms in Griffin Canning and Alex Lange.

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  • The more I read/see vid of him, the more I like it. That's some nice speed to go w/good curve. Hopefully they get his command/control developed.

  • Like it. We need pitching and if he ends up in the pen so what? We need a stud lefty reliever.

  • Peter Gammons seemed very smitten with this pick.

  • Yes, Lange. Not Martin but nice.

  • My guess is these 2 guys move quickly. Help our pen. Like it.

  • Interesting that one of the takes is that he can come in and contribute by the end of the year.

    What's even more interesting is that the analysts compared him to Brandon Finnegan, who did just that when he was drafted and pitched in the MLB later on that same year.

    I like this pick.

  • I like the arm action. Nice and straight - not a lot of side to side movement.

  • fb_avatar

    Both are very good picks. Both have 2 plus pitches. I heard someone in the radio today say that batters are timing up mid 90 FB but pitchers are having much more success with breaking balls now--e.g. Rich Hill. I am excited to see these two in the minors right now.

  • Like the motion. Could get a little help on the landing, but pretty solid overall. Not sure I see a SP with his arm action, but the stuff play up big out of the pen.

    I am happy--although I admit I was homing for Pearson as 102 MPH are few and far between.

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