Heyman says Cubs have shown interest in Stephen Drew. How would he fit?

Here's one bit of news nobody expected,


This one is a bit of a head-scratcher.  At this stage of his career, Drew is just a role player,  a veteran with a LH bat, good defense, and a solid approach.

So why would the Cubs have interest?

That is an interesting question.

We could be cynical and say the market for Drew is dry and his agent, Scott Boras, is trying to create more interest and get better offers.  Considering the source is Heyman, that is plausible, I suppose.

But the word "interest" can also mean so many things.  It could just be the Cubs doing their due diligence here and Boras used the opportunity to make it public.

But what if there is legitimate interest here, what would that mean?

Well, I have been told it right off the bat it has nothing to do with Starlin Castro, other than perhaps a LH bat to give him some rest from time to time.

But Drew is a good athlete with a good arm and should be able to handle any infield position.  He would make an ideal veteran utility infielder and insurance policy at multiple positions.

It could signal some moves ahead.  The Cubs are thought to be in some trade discussions right now -- could he replace a player who could be on the move?  If that is the case then Drew could initially be a bridge piece for Bryant, Baez, Alcantara, or  La Stella and then move to the bench when those players are ready to play full-time.

But maybe we shouldn't overthink this one too much. Drew is a veteran with good makeup and clubhouse presence who also happens to have the kind of grind-it-out approach and versatility the team is looking to add.  It seems natural the Cubs would show some interest.

And it doesn't hurt that new Cubs ace Jon Lester is a fan based on the time they spent together with the Red Sox,

"You don't know what a difference it makes,'' Lester says, "when you know that the plays will be made behind you. Stephen made every routine play and a lot of plays that weren't routine, too.''

An experienced clubhouse dude with some versatility and the right approach for Maddon and his group of young players?  Plus some solid defense for Lester and the rest of the pitching staff?

Yeah, I can see why the Cubs would do their due diligence and consider bringing him in as a role player, but I am not going to make too much more out of it until we get more information.


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    In reply to Phil James:

    No, sign all the former Red Sox.

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    In reply to SKMD:

    He fits like a wet sox oh Bo Sox go away take Gomes with you retire

  • How about making a play for Mookie Betts of the Red Sox to play CF and lead-off? What kind of package do you guys think would be required?

    IMO he is an ideal fit. He is already well versed in the philosophy the Cubs are trying to implement and is young/cost controlled.

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    In reply to Ricky Maravilla:

    It would take a lot. Betts is legit.

  • In reply to Ricky Maravilla:

    You would need Soler or Russell going back the other way. Even then, I bet teh Red Sox would keep their guy. Prospect for prospect trades rarely happen.

  • In reply to Ricky Maravilla:

    I'm not against it. I agreet it would be a good fit. Would not mind Victorino who fits as well and going in to the last year of his deal.

    I think the BoSox are high on Betts though. The price would be high I would assume.

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    In reply to Ricky Maravilla:

    They've made it clear he isn't available for Hamels. It's hard to imagine how we could get him.

  • In reply to Mike Moody:

    Yeah its unlikely. Was just throwing it out there. That kid looks like he will be one of the best lead-off hitters in the league.

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    I keep asking myself if the Cubs are really thinking they can win the division or was that just talk for the cameras? Does the additions they have made get them past both St Louis and Pittsburgh? I have my doubts.

    Then I ask, do you pay big money for a Jon Lester just to be setting yourself up for another big signing next year? What about 2015 and the idea of winning the division? I see another bold move a coming.

  • In reply to bocabobby:

    Those are some good questions to have. That's the feeling I've had but kept to myself seeing that everyone says not to expect any more big signings/moves. Theo and Jed are very hard to predict. Yes they've been completely transparent, they have been straight up and truthful this whole time.
    But...first of all, because of how rare that is to see in baseball out of front offices, you constantly want to question things. Also, those two being the masterminds that they are, I'm constantly thinking they got something up their sleeve, something is in the works.

  • In reply to bocabobby:

    I think you're right. Lester and some of the other moves indicate they're not just here to see 2015 go by, especially the deal with Motte IMO seems to hint that something else is on the horizon. It's unclear how many of the minor league players will be brought up. But Drew makes sense and so does Coco Crisp. I'd still like to see more pitching moves, but you need a bat too.

  • In reply to pricewriter:

    I'd love to see CoCo patrolling Wrigley outfield. I would have loved it more if he was 5 years younger, but I still love it

  • In reply to pricewriter:

    I agree the Cubs brass is going for it in 2015, but I say no to Crisp. He's 35 and his centerfield defense fell off a cliff last season. It may have been an outlier but the Cubs are emphasizing defense with these role players and it appears Crisp's solid defensive play may have passed him by.

  • In reply to Quedub:

    Between the signs that his defense is slipping and the fact he has two more years left on his deal at a significant salary, I would not be in favor of acquiring Crisp unless they were wanting to just dump his salary, which I don't think Oakland is looking to do.

  • He's terrible. Jon Lester likes him because he fields grounders. Talk about setting the bar low.
    Wonder if there'd still be interest if he never played for the beloved.

  • If Baez doesn't make the team they don't have much at SS to back up Castro. Drew on a 1 year deal as a utility guy makes sense to me. If he is unable to secure a starting gig elsewhere and is willing to sign as a backup, why wouldn't we want him?

  • In reply to mjvz:

    Would also give them more flexibility to deal Valbuena if the right offer comes along.

  • In reply to mjvz:

    That's what I was thinking. Replacement for Valbuena if he were to be traded.

  • In reply to mjvz:

    could be but Drew made $10M last year, even at a diminished value it is twice the price.

  • In reply to rnemanich:

    Don't think there is any way he makes that much this year. I think he ends up signing a 1 year 5-6M deal somewhere. It's still more than Valbuena, but Valbuena is a bargain right now, which means he could bring back a decent trade return. Even if they sign Drew I don't think anything would be imminent and they could keep Valbuena, it would just give them more flexibility.

  • In reply to mjvz:

    I'm sick of watching Cubs strike out.

    I'd rather see Logan Watkins fill in in an emergency. He'll hit 100 points higher than Drew.

  • this "interest" should put Baez on alert

  • Well this is interesting, it either is Boras being himself and he and his staff working the slow market for a once promising SS/2B who made $10M last year but was discarded and now is seeing his career being journeyman contributing bench/platoon player for a contending team. He is 32 yrs old so he could remake a 2nd career.

    Why would the Cubs show interest---more options. Have the two off season DR incidents finally hit a button up top in the Cubs FO. Castro or Tulowitzke in the NY trade market. Would the Cubs punt now and say this off season stuff is not part of the Cubs Way? Maybe the Ricketts family has a veto or suggestion that if Cubs have options at SS, maybe not ready yet (Russell or Baez) but they need a bridge.

    OR it is merely Boras.

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    Signing Drew makes perfect sense if you think Bryant is going to be moved to LF.

    Drew and Valbuena can man 3B for a year or two, until Russell is ready

  • In reply to Zonk:

    Drew seems like an expensive pairing with Valbuena, both bat left handed and as pointed out above he made 5-6x as much as Valbuena. Even if Drew ACCEPTS 5-6M he still is 2-3x Valbuena. Rather have Olt if it's 3b pairing with Valbuena.

    If they expect to trade Valbuena then I guess it becomes a Drew/Olt pairing at 3b. Neither of them hit .200 last year , perfect match (not!). Drew would probably want more than Castro/Baez/Olt combined.

  • I think it's the Cubs planning on not having Baez in Chicago. Since the last time I posted my concern about his progress, he's notched another golden sombrero and an 0-fer in the PR winter league. His K rate is now nearly 50% this winter. I don't care what his upside may be, you don't play a guy like that in the bigs. He's heading back to Iowa--where hopefully he can get things figured out--and that's why the FO needs to do some contingency planning. Drew wouldn't be my first choice, but I can see them kicking the tires here.

  • remember too many kids in the pool at once and the water will turn a funny color, get kind of clouded .........

  • In reply to Bryan Craven:

    LoL!! But they may not all be in the pool come Spring training... That's where this signing could make things interesting. Much like adding Ross to Castillo & Montero. The next move after or prior to it, might not be imminent, but wouldn't rule out a precursor. There's still a lot of offseason left.

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    I can see why Boras was so angry about the Cubs staying out of the market the past few years. Cause they are great to try to goose the market with. Boras loves using big market teams as leverage. Drew doesn't have a big market at the price he asks for. Look how long it took him to sign last year. Heyman is doing his typical help Boras reporting. This is much like the rumor of the Cubs interest Scherzer a few weeks back. I think it's all Boras, and the timing is interesting after Castro's issue so the Chicago media will jump on it.

  • In reply to Sean Holland:

    like the 2nd boondocks saints movie line " Ding mother%%%%% Dong " . nailed like a hanging curve

  • In reply to Sean Holland:

    That makes complete sense, hopefully that is the case. It's definitely getting a lot of people talking haha

  • I'm not crazy about Drew at first glance. Certainly not crazy about Heyman either. You know what though, if the Cubs and us fans are counting on Javy and Mendy to carry any kind of a load in 2015, especially early on, I think we'll all likely to be disappointed. From that standpoint, bringing in a solid, just another guy type veteran infielder isn't a bad idea.

  • In reply to Ben20:

    they got LaStella too for this reason i think besides OBP

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    In reply to Ben20:

    Agreed. Like a fungus, the idea of Drew on the Cubs is starting to grow on me.

  • In reply to Ray:

    Me too, Ray. He's a solid guy to have on a club.

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    This could mean exactly what the article alludes too, depth. Depth in case Castro gets hurt again. Depth in case Baez or LaStella gets hurt or struggles........or

    It could mean Drew ( versed in the redsox way, a grinder, a clubhouse favorite ) could be added which means a Castro trade is on the horizon. I find it odd that they would trade him now as coming off an injury and the bad publicity would probably mean selling low. Although the FO may believe they are capitalizing by moving him now as they believe he will never be the type of player they envision as their championship caliber shortstop.

    Also this one year stop gap opens up the position for Russell to seize come 2016.

    I don't really like the idea of trading Castro, but as an objective cub fan, it all depends on the return.

    For 2015 Wheeler and Montero ( along w drew at short ). > Castro


    Key is 2016 and on

    Wheeler, Montero,, and Russell > Castro

  • In reply to Jim Odirakallumkal:

    problem is Russell wont stick at SS unless a large number of very good scouts and people who have see him play are wrong . He is maturing and you can see how much thicker he is from the time he was drafted. 3B/ 2B is more likely .

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    In reply to Bryan Craven:

    I don't disagree, but my point is if they are actually serious about trading Castro, ( outside of just due diligence ) then they must believe Russell will be able to man the SS position at least for a few years.

    Some scouts actually believe Russell is the better defensive shortstop right now.

  • In reply to Jim Odirakallumkal:

    i think its way too early to make a move on any of our position players. I don't think they will either. Hopefully. Obviously they are thinking about it, but bottom line is that whatever vision the Cubs brass or anyone for that matter have of Castro...in terms of if they were expecting more out of him in the future ya know, he's been the most reliable and proven player on the roster for years. Can everyone agree with that? I'd like to us all to take a poll on something like that. Him and Rizzo both I guess, but the vibe over the years I get from hearing opinions on Castro seems as tho he's very undervalued. When you look at his avg across each season, you look at he's a 3-time allstar at the age of 24, I'm blanking but I believe he's been an allstar 3 out of 4 seasons in the majors, correct me if I'm wrong. He's still very very young, I think it's forgotten how young he is and how good he's been/is because hes a veteran on the Cubs because of how young the rest of the club is. I tend to keep writing for so long when I talk Castro, hah, because if everyone can try and envision Castro if he was never a cub and on any other team, you'd look at him as what he is, 3time all star good hitting, good pop; and his power is most likely to keep gaining with more experience...I mean when we talk about other players, or when articles or hot stove talks on players and how they're still in their prime, still have upside etc etc blah blah blah, the players they are talking about are maybe 26 but then its 27, 28, 29, 30, hell even early 30s...my point being, well Castro is only 24, so wouldn't it make sense that he's not even in his prime years compared to most all star caliber players out there. So he's still a young and has already has many many more years to come until he hits the time when analysts will start talking about him and declining. I could go on and on, and rant forever about him haha, I just wish people had more appreciation for the kid, the only reason he's gotten some bad press or speculation on whether he's not gonna live up to his expectations or whatever is said, is because of how young the rest of the guys around him are. Most teams, he would be considered the kid, our team he's been pressured to quickly adjust to a leader for others too look up to and follow, and his numbers show that he has proven himself. Nobody else on our team that plays middle infield has, the only other guys on the Cubs have proven anything is Rizzo and Valbuena. Alright I'll end my rant haha

  • In reply to Jim Odirakallumkal:

    Jim, the last time Drew had better season than Castro gave us last year was 2010. Castro doesn't need platoon protection. Our 2015 will take a step back if Castro's not in the lineup.

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    In reply to djriz:

    I by no mean advocating for a Drew pickup and a Castro trade. I am sorry if that's opinion my post gave off. Personally I like Castro mor them most people on this site.

    My point is that we if they are seriously considering picking him up, we shouldn't be shocked if Castro is traded.

  • In reply to Jim Odirakallumkal:

    And my reply to you in no way suggested that you were in the wrong or anything, so take no offense to it. I'm just supporting Castro, and hoping others will hop on

  • In reply to Jim Odirakallumkal:

    Damn you Heyman for bringing this on all of us! Lol
    It's brought all kinds of debates and madness haha. It's probably nothing at all, just to get a lot of people talking and get more rumors suffering so people can write more articles.

  • In reply to Jim Odirakallumkal:

    id be shocked if he was traded

  • Showing interest covers plenty of ground; it could mean the Cubs simply wanted to know what Drew's salary demands were. Seeing how Theo had always been a fan of his brother even when many others were unimpressed with the contract the Red Sox gave him there will be plenty of folks that would believe that there is a connection. I really hope there is not- the Cubs need to acquire a hitter that will add wins to the ledger and not someone that is a pal of Jon Lester's.

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    In reply to Paulson:

    I agree. They already brought in one pal and may be on the verge of bringing in another in Gomes.

  • In reply to Paulson:

    Yeah hope that's not the case either. They gave 155+million and his catcher already, there's no more need to kiss up to him, haha, he's already signed the dotted line.


    No Gomes, either.

    Zobrist and Shields, plz.

  • #1 - La Stella is anything but a sure thing. He has a total of 360 PA's at the MLB level during which he hit a rather empty .251/.328/.317 = .644 OPS. The Cubs Front Office likes him, but they are certainly not counting on him....they also talked about him getting reps at 3B in ST, and it's likely his ideal spot is as a utility guy.

    #2 - I didn't realize how terrible Drew was last year. He likely is looking for a 1 year deal to bounce back, so he can sign a better contract next year at age 32. The money being offered by teams is probably pretty similar, so Drew (Boras) is most likely looking for the best situation for playing time. If Baez struggles, Drew could have an opportunity at 2B with the Cubs (as well as backup for Castro, and possibly 3B too). Cubs wan't to help the club this year without locking themselves into long term agreements. This could be a good opportunity for both parties.

  • In reply to Ghost Dawg:

    Agree on point #1.
    I question point #2, not because you're wrong, but because I don't know the Cubs end game.
    -Drew will cost a lot of money for a back-up. (so would Zobrist, but he's been better).
    -Wouldn't they be better off giving the playing time to guys that could be here in the future?
    -Where do they see Bryant ending up, and when does he go there?
    and finally,
    -Do they *really* think we'll compete for a playoff spot this year?

  • In reply to djriz:

    Good points.

    Point A (money) - Drew hit .162/.237/.299 last year for a whopping .536 OPS last year. As I said in my post above, I don't think he is being offered that much, and he likely will only accept a 1 year deal at the current low rates he is being offered. The main point for him is playing time and an opportunity to show teams he is worth a 3-4 year solid deal next year.

    Point B (playing time) - as I addressed above, if Baez struggles he might very well end up the starting 2B this year (if he does bounce back), and between SS & 3B, and Maddon's ability to utilize players, he could likely end up with 500+ at bats if he plays well.

    Point C - Playing time for youngsters, again Maddon will move guys around, get guys at bats, and get everyone on the team involved. The best thing for youngsters isn't always playing every day, every at bat, no matter the situation. Maddon can put young players in a position to succeed, help hide some of their weaknesses while they work on them, and still have guys plenty enough involved to develop and improve.

    Point D (playoffs) - Yes, I think the Cubs FO truly wants the team to be competitive this year. Much of it has to do with how quickly the young players adjust, and develop, but that is why the Front Office wants a mix of veterans as well to give the team some stability. I think the team as presently constructed will be able to compete this year for a wild card spot. They could very well not get it, but as long as they are playing meaningful games late in the season, that would already be a large improvement. Also, depending on ho the team is doing, Theo-Jed could add at the trade deadline.As the Front Office has said numerous times, this year will be a balancing act between trying to win (get into the playoffs) and developing the young players.

  • In reply to Ghost Dawg:

    Yeah but if that's what Drew is seeking, which why wouldn't he be, he should be. The Cubs wouldn't be a good fit for him, so I'd say even if the Cubs have interest, Drew will choose a team where he won't have as much competition for playing time...or even he finds a starting spot which anything is possible. But if he were to join the Cubs, he definitely won't have a good chance at regaining his value for next offseason---I mean unless Cubs traded away one of our infielders, but even if we did, we still have so many that it wouldn't be in his best interest to sign with the Cubs.
    I don't see it happening either way. I think it's in the Cubs best interest to keep Valbuena well our new guys come up and adjust and then maybe trading him off. Even after say Bryant comes up and if Baez and everyone worked out, he would be the perfect utility guy long term for the Cubs. Hell the guy would be an everyday starter on most teams in baseball, if you've seen John's had articles showing comparisons with him verses Sandoval, no difference between them as I recall, I think Valbuena was even better in other areas but those two overall were like even across the board and he's getting 95mill, damnnnnn

  • I think there will be a surprise. I think James Shields is coming to town.

  • In reply to Ricky Maravilla:

    does he have a stop over in O'Hare or you know something?

  • In reply to Ricky Maravilla:

    What makes you say that? Just wishful or gut feeling, or do you know something we don't.....haha I wouldn't be surprised, I don't know how Id feel about it but having said that, Maddon is probably really involved with Theo and Jed's thinking, and I know he's talking up Shields and Zobrist. There was a report that one NL exec told a reporter they checked in on Longoria recently but was told he's not going anywhere, I don't know if you saw that, I bet it was the Cubs. Shields we might even be able to get for cheaper or shorter term contract but high annual sal. They all love Maddon and want to be with him. I'm sure there's tons of players across MLB that would love to be Cub now, under Maddon and now lester too.

  • In reply to WJL3:

    I don't have inside info... Lol I wish though!!

    The more I think about it the more it makes sense to me. He is not a top of the rotation arm I think of him as mid rotation guy and I think the price may be dropping to that level. Prolly wishful thinking but you never know.

    Instead of going for ex-Red Sox let's go for ex-Rays now lol. New market inefficiency

  • Drew looks lousy in Cubby Blue.

    I'd rather have Lake, even a few months ago before he gave us a little hope in winter ball by showing he know how to take a walk.

  • Hard pass on Stephen Drew. He was below replacement level last season, and doesn't really check any marks for the Cubs.

    He'll be 32 at the start of the season, has played in less than 100 games in every season but one since 2010, and not to mention that he would require every-day at bats, which is something the Cubs are better off NOT having (negative WAR player in two of the past three seasons).

    This is just due diligence and a ploy by Scott Boras to drive up the market value and demand of Drew.

  • In reply to Average Samaritan:

    the guy sucks... not good. cubs looking for players, Boras looking for money.. thats all. Good agent playing the market. I hope

  • In reply to Scott715:

    How do you know when Boras is lying when his lips are moving

  • I would like Drew. I think he makes sense. If the Cubs are going to compete for many years then we need to start thinking about qualifying offer type players to maintain a high draft pick. I've bought it up before but perhaps this thread is a more relevant place. A Castro + trade to the bronx (I'm sure they would still love Castro even after getting Gregorious) for some combination of Pineda, Gardner, Severino, Judge and have Drew play short till Russell is ready. Then maybe trade him or throw him a QO at the end of the year if he rebounds for the draft pick compensation opportunity.

  • In reply to NZCub:

    We're talking about Drew off the scrap heap. I doubt he is worthy of QA ever again.

  • In reply to Cincycub:

    *QO sorry

  • Hey John! And everyone else....

    I meant to bring this up before, but nows a perfect time with the rumors of the interest in Drew.

    What about resigning Emilio Bonifacio???!!! His name hasn't popped up at all which is very surprising. He did great for the Cubs in every category. He fits there needs. He can play just about anywhere, he's as versatile as they come. Would it be wrong to compare him to Ben Zobrist, who we all want the Cubs to get. He's perfect for Maddon, did mention he's speed on the bases. He could be a platoon option for every position.
    I think everyone has forgot about this guy.
    I'd love to hear opinions on this guy!!!

  • In reply to WJL3:

    I'm in favor of bringing him back b/c of his versatility and cost. He's not my 1st choice anywhere, but he's insurance everywhere.

  • In reply to Cincycub:

    Right? It makes perfect sense. Obviously we always want better. But in terms of say if they were looking at acquiring infield backup, like drew, Bonifacio definitely is a better option by far.
    If they add Bonifacio and a veteran outfielder, whoever that may be, that definitely puts them in a great position for success. Bonifacio could be/is a super utility guy, if not a starter, say if Baez or Alcantra aren't doing well. I mean he started last year. The guy killed it at Wrigley, he broke multiple records last year in the first half. You gotta believe he'd love to come back to the Cubs after putting up the numbers he did, remember how shocked everyone was at how good he was out of nowhere. Hes the perfect guy for Maddon to have, just like Valbuena will be.

  • In reply to WJL3:

    I agree with this.

  • Please No Drew No Shields No Gomes.
    Zobrist! Zobrist! Zobrist!

  • Before I even finished the title I thought boras needs a market for drew. Only so many spots for IFers on the 25, and while I think Bryant ends up in LF, people more informed than me believe he's at 3B this year. Drew, la Stella, valbuena, Baez,Castro, rizzo, Bryant? Olt? I wouldn't offer drew more than minor league deal at this point. He was terrible last year, Ejax bad. Would you give Ejax a MLB contract?

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    Steven drew doesn't fit at all. Where would he play?

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