Rumor Thread: Buzz on David Price, Javier Baez ,Starlin Castro. Plus Kris Bryant tops one prospect list

Rumor Thread: Buzz on David Price, Javier Baez ,Starlin Castro. Plus Kris Bryant tops one prospect list

There has been a distinct lack of Cubs-related rumors the past 10 days or so, but with 16 days remaining until the non-waiver deadline things will hopefully start to pick up. There are several teams actively seeking relief help, such as the Braves and Angels, which is actually one area the Cubs could afford to deal from depth. For once, the Cubs actually have too many viable lefties in the bullpen with James Russell and Wesley Wright performing well in the majors and Zac Rosscup waiting at AAA. With the big league club frequently sporting an eight man pen and relievers such as Blake Parker, Arodys Vizcaino and Armando Rivero ready to come up, I wouldn't be surprised to see the Cubs move both a RH and LH reliever this deadline.

With Emilio Bonafacio close to returning from injury and Arismendy Alcantara doing his best to avoid the return bus to Iowa, the Cubs could also look to move a middle infielder, such as Bonifcaio, Darwin Barney or even Luis Valbuena. I think that is also the order of likeliness to be traded, since it is doubtful the Cubs could acquire full value for Valbuena or any real value for Barney.

The last area where the Cubs could make a trade is from their stockpile of reserve outfielders, some of whom are unfortunately starters on the Cubs. Recent solid performances by Chris Coughlan and Justian Ruggiano has likely increased their value, while both Nate Schierholtz and Ryan Sweeney would be solid reserve OFers on a playoff team. However, I don't expect any of these players to provide a return of any note, though bundling one of them with a bullpen arm could bump up the Cubs return a little. So while the Cubs probably do not have any major moves left, there are still some pieces likely to be moved in order to make room for new faces from Iowa.

  •  Following the acquisition of Addison Russell, there was rampant speculation that the Cubs would look to move Starlin Castro, with the Mets as a likely trade partner. However, David Lennon of Newsday reports that the Cubs will not trade Castro this year and that he could be the Cubs starting third basemen in 2015.
  • Lennon also notes that Javier Baez "could be dangled in trade discussions" if the Cubs do look to trade one of their shortstops. As much as I would hate to see Baez go, I do think he is the most likely of the three to get traded. With Castro already signed to a reasonable deal long-term and Russell the best defensive player of the three, I think they are safer options for the Cubs. Baez has unquestionably the highest ceiling of the three offensively, but his approach makes him the least likely to reach their potential. However, I would be very surprised to see any of them moved this season and would expect the Cubs FO to take their time evaluating Russell before making any trades.
  • Adam Rubin of ESPN NY echoes these reports and writes that the Mets are looking to upgrade at shortstop long-term. In his blog, Rubin refers to Baez as "a realistic target" for the Mets. With the Mets well stocked with pitching prospects and needing a shortstop, I'm sure we will continue to hear these types of links to the Cubs for the foreseeable future.  One industry source told us here at Cubs Den, "With Castro, Baez is trade bait for a stud arm and above average position player."
  • Not at all trade related, but Jon Sickels of released his mid-season Top 75 prospect list today with Kris Bryant in the top spot. Bryant ranked #12 on Sickels' pre-season list, but "I think he’s done enough to rank number one." The Cubs are well-represented on this list with Russell (#5), Baez (#15), Jorge Soler (#24), Alcantara (#34), and Albert Almora (#57) all making the cut. In addition, C.J. Edwards, Pierce Johnson, and Billy McKinney all made the "Others Considered" list.
  • (Mike) Yesterday, word broke that David Price is intrigued by coming to Chicago as a free agent, "You could take that all the way to a last-place team like the Cubs. With the talent they have coming up they could be a very special team in a few years as well. That would probably be the coolest city to win a championship in."  Clearly, this is an interesting possibility.  The Cubs would (presumably) have significant money to sign him and he has shown a desire to play here, not an insignificant thing.  The industry source quoted above also said that Baez could potentially be traded straight up for Price in the offseason.  When asked if the velocity drop was a concern, he said, "All velocity tends to go down, his issue is just needs to rest...I think even pro pitchers need to sit 8-12 weeks now a days."  Further, Price has shown this year that he is capable of pitching with decreased velocity, putting up some of the strongest peripherals of his career.  This is worth monitoring in the weeks and months ahead.
  • (John): Another industry source told me the price for Price may be higher than just Baez.  it could cost the Cubs Starlin Castro and one of their big time hitting prospects.


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    I kind of put Ruggiano with his control he has left as a very good comp to Gabby Sanchez and what Pitt paid for him 2 years ago. So the "Question of the Day" should be is if we put Raggs and Villenueva together do we have the beginnings of a deal for KC's comp pick and some other pieces? I do not know that is just where my mind has been since I saw the reports on them being interested in both.

  • In reply to Richard Hood:

    The drawing for the comp picks isn't scheduled until after the last day for draftees other than college seniors to sign (July 18). So KC may not even have a comp pick in the 2015 draft, or they might have a pick between rounds 2 and 3 instead of 1 and 2.

  • I think it's going to be a very busy winter/off-season this year compared to last. Obviously any team that needs a position player is going to contact the Cubs. I just think it's going to be guys like Villanueva, etc that get moved and not any of our top 5 guys.

    we could conceivably have Bryant/AA/Soler in the OF and Baez,

  • Good piece as always, but never thought of the Baez for Price swap.

    So, what would be the thinking? See if you can win it in 2015, and if you have another bad year, trade him at the deadline?

    Who would pull more at next year's deadline, hypothetically? I think I would vote Price as most likely.

  • In reply to givejonadollar:

    I would have no problem whatsoever in doing a Baez for Price straight up trade.

    However, I do not put much stock in that rumor.

  • In reply to IrwinFletcher:

    I would have total problems with trading Baez for Price, unless he could be signed to a long term contract BEFORE the trade, which just isn't going to happen.

    Trading Baez for one year of a pitcher who will not make the team a contender that year would be the height of stupidity.

    Price will certainly not be easier to sign that Samardzija was.

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    In reply to DaveP:

    Agree 100%. I'm sorry people but i really don't see why so many people are placing Russell above Baez. What has Russell really done so far in his minor league career that makes so many people believe he is going to be better than Castro or Baez? All i see is a kid who has a .275 career minor league average. I don't care how much people are hyping this kid...he better stay healthy and have a big 2nd half in AA tenn if he wants to impress me enough that i would be willing to move Castro or Baez to make room for him.

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    In reply to Greg Simmons: the wrong stats on Russell.. Looks like he has a .299 career minor league average. I still want to see what the kid can do during a full AA season.

  • In reply to IrwinFletcher:

    Irwin, any relation to Kenny?

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    In reply to givejonadollar:

    It would need to come with an extension.

  • In reply to Mike Moody:

    If he was willing to extend though Mike, do you not do that trade in a heartbeat, especially since we have good organizational depth at SS?

  • In reply to Ryno2Grace:

    I see a Baez for Price being a fair trade, but I can't see the Cubs doing anything more for him. The timing of it all is just not right. The Cub's system is not as weak in pitching as it once was. There is a realistic possibility that the system will produce a pitcher a year that has a ceiling of at least a #3 for the foreseeable future. I think it is very likely that the Cub's sign Lester or Scherzer this offseason. Hell, they could easily afford them both at $25 mill a year if they were so inclined. So I don't see pitching as a real problem in the future. They should get a solid 4 guy out of one of Hendricks, Beeler or Wada, and a rotation of Lester, Arrieta, Wood, Hendricks or Co. and Jackson is pretty solid. Jackson obviously is a weak link, but with more offense he'd be an average #5. I believe Wood is more the pitcher we've saw last year. I'd say that's a solid playoff rotation as well, and if Wood doesn't get it together or Jackson challenges the all time loss record for fun then there are guys like Jokisch, Edwards, Johnson and Corey Black that could be knocking on the door this time next year. They'll still be in a position to make a midseason deal if they're in the race next year and don't have enough pitching. I wouldn't trade anyone for pitching right now unless the Cub's were getting a more than fair deal. Jed, Theo and team have put all the pieces in place that they need to capitalize when the time is right while still improving the system. They can truly wait and just see how it develops.

  • In reply to Mike Moody:

    Not sure I agree with tthis thought (not the need for extension, but even signing Price to an extension). Do we want to trade a 21 year old hitter with our highest ceiling for a pitcher that will be 30 when we acquire him and likely sign an extension through his 37 year old season?

    I see no reason to trade Baez and doubt it will happen. But I'd rather not trade anyone and look for the prospects to fill is unlikely that all prospects succeed and I'd prefer not to have an opening that could have been filled by Baez and a pitcher with diminishing velocity under a $150 contract.

  • In reply to givejonadollar:

    I am not opposed to trading Baez or Castro at some point (although, like the author, I see no rush to clear a future logjam prematurely). But boy, there seems no reason to trade Baez for Price if Price would actually consider coming to Chicago via free agency anyways. You'd save a compensation draft pick by trading instead of FA signing, but would give up a far more prized and tested draft pick in Baez. And for what? A year and a half to negotiate an extension with no guarantee of signing him. Doubtful this FO will like that math.

  • I doubt we shop or "dangle" Baez. Dudes got 40HR potential and a penchant for hitting them when they really count.

    The only way we move any of these guys is if someone comes to us looking for a position player and blows us away with an offer.

  • In reply to HoosierDaddy:

    Amen HoosierDaddy!

  • In reply to HoosierDaddy:

    All the pressure that is going to come with breaking the drought, Javy is the one guy I feel most confident will not wilt when the pressure mounts. He is going to hit many glorious postseason HRs for the Cubs.

  • In reply to mjvz:

    not HR's, but behemothian BOMBS!! :D

  • In reply to HoosierDaddy:

    Yeah, I agree here. Until we can put an offense on the field that doesn't have any glaring holes and until we're a legitimate playoff threat, I don't see why we would trade a long-term asset for a short-term one.

  • In reply to HoosierDaddy:

    From your lips to Cubs FO's ears!

  • I don't get all this Castro trade talks, the Cubs have to build around someone, but I also don't get the Baez trade talk.

    People say Baez will get traded because he is not a Theo guy and that makes absolutely no sense to me... The other reason is his approach at the plate, but hasn't Baez been walking like 16% of the time or something crazy like that since Bryant and Manny were added to Iowa?

    And didn't the Cubs manage to help guys with similar approach become better in Castro and Alcantara? Even Castillo showed improvement in his approach prior to this season.

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    In reply to Caps:

    The front office will not trade Baez. These writers sit around making things up and I can not figure out why. Baez is an untradeable. What he is going to do for the Cubs is too hard to put into words. He isn't going to be traded for anyone.

  • In reply to RClax3:

    I don't think that anyone's untradeable. Not when you're trying to build a perennial contender.

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    In reply to Caps:

    If they offered Harvey for any of our SS' the FO should accept before the mets change their mind

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    I'd swallow hard, but I'd dangle Baez (or Russell for that matter) for Syndergaard, Kevin Plawecki, and one lesser prospect. I think.

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    In reply to Sandy Johnston:

    A deal like that would seem to fill some gaps. Thor could be TOR and Plawecki has seen his stock go up. Castillo seems to be a good backup.

  • In reply to Sandy Johnston:

    That's the trade I offer if I felt I wanted to trade Baez. If Baez is untouchable unless blown away (as I think he should be), I'd offer Baez and Pierce Johnson for Syndergaard and Matt Harvey. Fine if they reject it (as they should), but that is the price I'd want.

  • Sounds like NYers thinking they can steal one of the Cubs SS's off them on the cheap. I doubt it is happening and they will just be moved to different positions. Baez is not a "realistic target" as the Cubs would only move him if they got a king's ransom. And I do not expect Castro to be traded. He is staying put as him & Rizzo are the cornerstones of this franchise and the rebuild.

  • In reply to Behn Wilson:

    I have 2 cousins who are met fans.. they both talked to me a few days after the samardzija trade. Both asking who do the Mets need to give up for one of ur ss's.. I said Harvey and syndegaard.. they both hung up on me... Lol

  • In reply to CubfanInUT:

    I think Harvey and Wheeler would be what I would ask for. If they don't like it then we keep our SS and they keep their pitching.

  • In reply to CubfanInUT:

    I think NYers on both sides are just expecting the Cubs to toss a SS in their laps - I don't get why they think this. Since when does Theo give away value? Given TINSTAAPP, the minimum I'd want for Baez or Castro is Wheeler and Syndegaard. If the Mets don't want to play ball, then they can find themselves another stud SS or stay with the status quo.

  • In reply to JasonB:

    Harvey before he got hurt had Clayton Kershaw numbers.. Id ask for Harvey (sell that tommy john puts a chink in his value - even though technically he will probably pitch just the same) and some other B+ prospects. Harvey I think is still a perennial Cy Young candidate.

  • In reply to CubfanInUT:

    I never said I wouldn't ASK for Harvey - I just said that the minimum I would accept is Wheeler and Syndegaard :)

  • In reply to CubfanInUT:

    But I could definitely see why you would want to hold out for Harvey and think it's easily justified.

    Maybe you're helping me change my mind!

  • Rumors= whatever the writer of said rumor thinks is a good idea.

  • In reply to CubfanInUT:

    No kidding. And then Lennon in his article quoted his source as someone 'familiar with their thinking."

  • I'd be surprised if they went after Price in the off season. That would just be dumb! The only way that happens is at the deadline if we are serious contenders. I'm tired of saying the same thing over and over and over.........As a free agent, yes but trading for a year of him at a high arb price? Idiocy! I'm going to stop now.

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    I cannot fathom Baez getting traded...period.

  • This^^^

    I think we keep all of our shortstop respects and move them to different in field positions down the line. They r all average or better defenders and have great bats in their own right. I think the Theo is building a new murderers row and will piece together pitching when he needs to.

  • Baez for Price? Why do that? Cubs aren't going anywhere next year and his $20 mm salary would be wasted in the effort. Price will a free agent in 2016. If there is still interest go after him then. And it wont cost them a guy like Baez.

  • In reply to xhooper:

    I wouldn't do Baez for Price, but respectfully, I think the Cubs have a legit shot at the wildcard next year. And I'm a realist, not one who always thinks the glass is 3/4 full.

  • Why not just let price get traded where ever.. hope he doesn't sign an extension.. then offer him in free agency.. yay!

  • In reply to CubfanInUT:

    Then he only costs money and the Cubs should be able to offer as much as anyone.

  • In reply to hoffpauir6:

    Well it may cost them a draft pick too if Price's team gives him a QO.

  • In reply to John57:

    A compensation pick (end of the 1st round) has much less value than Baez who is a top 10 prospect in all of baseball. is already playing in AAA at age 21, and was a top 10 pick in the 1st round when he was drafted.

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    Good points, to me the main purpose of trading anyone right now is to clear roster spots for younger players, like Alcantara or a younger bullpen arm. We won't get a whole lot back, so I don't see why we would do it for a marginal return.

  • Only way Baez get's dealt is to Miami for Stanton. I think Baez plus 2-3 lower level guys gets it done. No way they give up that much power for unproven pitching. They'll trade him for a proven hitter like Stanton and buy the arms another way. Or deal both Baez to Miami and Castro to NY for the pitchers they want.

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    In reply to Kicker of Elves:

    Castro is an established major league all star and Baez is having a bumpy season in AAA. Castro should return significantly more than Baez in any deal.

  • In reply to Mike Moody:

    if ny comes to us for baez though, that wouldnt matter. we would trade Baez off his possible ceiling.. if we went to NY and dangled Baez then that would be the case. IMO

  • In reply to Mike Moody:

    Wouldn't that also mean selling low on Baez? I think Baez or Castro for Stanton is a terrible idea, not because Stanton is bad (heck no) but because it doesn't really make sense... You want a right handed power hitting RF then move Baez to RF.

    I can't envision the Cubs trading guys close to the bigs like Russell, Soler, Baez or Bryant or their young mlb stars.

    Now, Almora, Blackburn, Torrez, Amaya and other guys a couple of years away, that might be different... The Cubs are not contending, I don't know what the point is in trying to sell their prospects.

  • In reply to Caps:

    The Cubs are already going to have 2 potential right handed power hitters in RF (Bryant, Soler) and a third that could do it if there is no room in the IF (Baez). I love Stanton, and it may sound stupid for saying this, but he just isn't going to be needed on this team.

  • It just does not seem like there are many peices left to trade or much value coming back. Really, Who would want our reserve outfeilders, and how much do you really give up to get a middle innings reliever?

  • I'd like to see the Cubs go after Shields and Masterson in the offseason. Both seem like the type that would be good around a young team and could win at Wrigley.
    Then, if the Cubs are in it they can think about trading for a big arm like Price at this time next season.
    I also wonder what Kurt Suzuki would want on a three or four year deal. 3 years at $15M would be a decent deal.
    If the Dodgers would eat some of the contract; Carl Crawford for Edwin Jackson (and a couple other pieces like Barney and Lake) could be a good swap. Jackson would probably pitch much better in that ballpark and division.

  • In reply to Kodak11:

    15M ad 3 years for a 31 year old Kurt Suzuki is a terrible idea. He is a low OBP, no power hitter that has been bad the 3 previous years. I like the idea of upgrading at catcher but the FA class is really bad A trade seems like a better idea I they want to pursue an upgrade or maybe wait a season and see how Weiters recovers from surgery next year.

    Masterson on anything other than a 1 year make good contract is a bad idea. He has alterated good and bad seasons, but even in his good years his command has always been below average. Any team that makes him multiyear offer will regret it. Ubaldo Jiminez the sequal.

  • In reply to mjvz:

    This website is awesome. Great writers and commenters on this site. Great Cubs fans.
    I appreciate your opinion but disagree. I'd give that deal to Suzuki. It makes Castillo better. It'd be a nice platoon. I wouldn't give Suzuki much more but I'd give him that particular deal. That sure doesn't make me right though. I absolutely see your point.
    I know what you're saying about Masterson but he is fun to watch pitch. When he's right, his stuff stays down. He's not having a great year but that could be advantageous for the Cubs. It's one of the reasons I'm interested in him. He could be a very good buy low candidate. That said; I'd love to see the Cubs get him on a Phil Hughes type deal.
    Lastly, (and this is the one you'll disagree with most) I like the Jimenez deal. I'd trade Junior Lake and Barney to the Orioles for him right now. He's got good stuff. I realize I'm in the minority on that but only time will tell. I still think he'll average about 13-14 wins a season for the next 6-7 years and has one or two big-time (16-20 win) seasons in him still.

  • In reply to mjvz:

    I like Weiters better by the way. I'm very interested in him. I absolutely agree with you there.
    I just worry that he'd sign with the Orioles on the one year (get healthy) contract he's about to sign since he's spent his entire career there.

  • I really enjoy reading these threads btw. Just as I do everything else on the site.

  • I pointed this out on a Bleacher Nation post about the topic of Price's decreased velocity and it is worth noting that much of that is unfounded rumor. Sure, Price's velocity is down from his high point in the mid-96 range, but his current velocity is just a tick below 95 MPH, and trending up as the season progresses.

  • One of our ss could be traded down the road, but it won't happen this season unless the front office has figured out something most of the rest of us have not.

  • Baez at 15. Behind Betts (seriously, in what realm is he a top 10 player?), Walker (this guy hasn't looked dominant in 2 years), Stephenson (arm strength, no command), Giolito (Javy showed what he can do to his curveball recently) and Syndergaard (command). Somebody is going to look foolish in the coming years...

    Oh, and don't trade Javy. Its a bad idea. Always has been. Always will be.

  • i think Alcantara's trade value is sky high right now btw.. lol -- just saying

  • In reply to CubfanInUT:

    So is Bryants. What is your point?

  • so lineup wise next year when Bryant and Baez do get called up.. how do you do it? Bryant has to hit behind Baez to let him get a few pitches to hit, no? if Baez hits lets say sixth.. no one is gonna pitch to him.

    1)Coghlan LF
    2) Alcantara CF
    3) Rizzo 1B
    4) Baez 2B
    5) Bryant 3B
    6) Castro SS
    7) vet OF - ruggs/Sweeney
    8) Castillo C

    or do you keep the younger guys down in the lineup till they show they can do consistent damage?

    1)Coghlan LF
    2) Alcantara CF
    3) Rizzo 1B
    4) Castro SS
    5) Bryant 3B
    6) Baez 2B
    7) Vet RF
    8) Castillo C

  • In reply to CubfanInUT:

    Assuming Alcantara is in CF as you have him, the Cubs would be looking to fill a corner OF spot. The pickings are slim, but they're out there.

    The decent ones are Melky Cabrera, Colby Rasmus (plays CF and can easily move over and Nick Markakis (has a club option for 17.5 mill that could be declined). Nelly Cruz will be a FA but his defense is widely considered DH worthy.

    A trade is also a possibility. Given the short list above, maybe even a probability and preferred route depending on who the Cubs would have to give up.

  • In reply to Quedub:

    With soler and Russel only one year away after next (possibly moving Bryant to the OF). I doubt we sign a big time vet. Not sure melky, markakis or rasmus take anything less than 3-5 yrs.. I doubt we are looking for anything more than yearly deals

  • In reply to CubfanInUT:

    Agreed, but besides those guys, I don't really see anyone out there that would be appreciably better than Ruggiano and Coghlan. They could always be traded, I guess, if/when others are deemed ready. Which would be another good problem to have.

    There are some other possibilites, I guess. Michael Cuddyer hits righty. I'd prefer a lefty bat, but not mandatory. Denorfia, a lefty, is a possibility but he's not much of an upgrade over what they already have. 39 year old Torii Hunter? Johnny Gomes? Mike Morse? Josh Willingham? All righties and only marginal upgrades if that.

    Do you have someone in mind?

  • In reply to Quedub:

    Gomes wouldnt be bad if he takes a 1 yr deal.. Great Glue guy for the clubhouse - world series/playoff Experience who could have a positive influence on the young guys.. Willingham wouldnt be bad.. but other than that no. I dont have anyone in mind.. I would prefer we keep it low key. and keep the spots open for Soler/Bryant. I am in the opinion that we dont do too much with the OF positon next off season.. our big acquisitions will most likely be pitching..

  • In reply to CubfanInUT:

    I find it interesting that Baez always seems to slot a place ahead of Bryant in lineups. I'm curious why it wouldn't be the other way around? Wouldn't you rather have the higher on base guy hitting higher in the lineup, which seems like Bryant to me?

    Regardless, I like that baseball team!

  • In reply to JasonB:

    Typically yes. But Baez who will need protection and crushes fastballs. So with Bryant behind him he will get a few more fastballs.. if Baez doesn't have protection behind him you can throw breaking balls all day and let him get himself out with his aggressive nature. Just my opinion

  • Why trade a top prospect now for one year of Price when all he's going to cost in December 2015 is money? (Well and a draft pick)

    Regardless, one of our top prospects or Castro for one year of Price in a year where we're probably going to have too many growing pains to contend is too steep of a price to pay. I don't see any reason Theo or Jed even contemplate this move.

  • In reply to JasonB:

    I agree with you here but you can make a case for a trade other than Price' value to the team.
    It depends on how much the Cubs value their draft pick. They have a little bit of a 40 man roster crunch right now. You can trade a few of the guys that you don't value as much as another team does and don't lose your draft pick to sign Price. The guy you draft won't have to be added to the 40 man roster for a long time. It's a way to keep the waves coming.
    Again, I agree with you that it would be best to wait it out and then sign him. I'm just saying that an argument can be made that the Cubs would value a draft pick and Price more than what they give up for him.

  • In reply to Kodak11:

    That's certainly a possibility that I had never considered. I just wonder how down on a guy Thoyer would have to be to take one year of Price and a chance that some guy they want now will still be available to them a year from now?

  • In reply to JasonB:

    This front office has every right to feel like whoever they draft can be a game changer though. They've done some exciting things with that first round pick and some very interesting things with later picks (especially with the Sox).
    I understand the CBA plays a role but I can see how this front office could value a draft pick in the same way they do a very good prospect.

  • In reply to Kodak11:

    The Cubs really don't have a 40 man crunch at all. There's about 15 guys that can either easily be removed or are FAs.

  • In reply to TulaneCubs:

    I don't see it that way. I still value guys like Jackson and Vitters. I think both will be big leaguers eventually. I also think they'll sign 4-6 free agents this offseason and there are some more guys they'll have to add this winter.

  • fb_avatar

    Keep: Castro rizzo Arietta Alcantara Castillo
    Offer: everyone else.

  • Personally, I wouldn't trade any of our hitting prospects until we run out of room to put them. Javy could play at pretty much any position but catcher. I just wouldn't feel comfortable trading a guy with that much potential.

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    Agree. Would NOT do Castro + hitter for price.

  • I don't understand why we would give up anything for Price. Makes absolutely no sense.

    Just to have him for one year, in a season that we likely won't be competing? When we can probably just sign him after '15?

    Thankfully, that doesn't seem like something Theo would do.

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    Fangraphs also ranks Bryant #1, Russell 4, Baez I forget ?6, Alcantara would have been in top 25 if not called up

  • In reply to SKMD:

    1. Bryant
    2. Buxton
    3. Lindor!?!
    4. Russell
    5. Correa
    6. Seager
    7. T. Walker
    8. Baez

  • I would be getting someone unrelated enough to the Cubs front office to talk to Price's representatives or Price himself right away.

    The conversation would be to gauge his level of interest in signing with a theoretical team with great up and coming talent in a hypothetical city that will lionize you as a hero forever if you win a world series there. It would also find out whether he'd be willing to forgo signing an extension with whichever team he's traded to for an unofficial guarantee of a certain length contract with a certain dollar value.

    Would it be tampering if John did it under the guise of an interview...that would never be published...or made public in any way...ever? Theo's inner circle would not be consider "public", would it?


  • In reply to Quedub:


  • In reply to Quedub:

    That's just crazy enough to work

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    I agree with many other in this thread. Baez' ceiling is a franchise-level player. . Can't risk that kind of potential in a trade.

    Castro with his production in combination with his steal of a contract is also too valuable to deal.

    Russell, like Baez, is also too risky to trade away. We're talking about Barry Larkin with more power here lol

    Tldr. Keep them all. Not many of the deals I've seen make sense and the ones that do make sense would take an idiotic and desperate GM to go through with. The price will be insanely high. And it should be.

  • no way i send Castro plus a top spect for a year and change of Price unless He signs a reasonable extention as part of the deal no way , Baez plus is more valuable long term, just get Lester and bring up some kids, trust the Cubs FO and its drafts / trades to get the other couple arms needed to destroy the central. Keep the bats!!!!!!!!!

  • In reply to Bryan Craven:

    Agreed. I wouldn't do it either.

  • I think the KEY to take from Price's comments is not that the Cubs will want to trade for him, because they aren't going to do that.

    What I take from Price's comments is that potential FA are taking notice as to what is going on in Chicago. That they will want to come here and be part of something.

  • In reply to bleachercreature:

    Mauricio also said something like that and I agree with both of you there.

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    In reply to John Arguello:

    Apparently Samardzija and Tanaka were too short-sighted to see it.

  • In reply to bleachercreature:

    Great pount

  • In reply to bleachercreature:

    It's a great point too

  • In reply to bleachercreature:

    Very good point!!

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    so I attended the Daytona game this past weekend in Jupiter and happened to notice that Almora has changed his swing and doesn't use the high leg kick anymore. Has he been doing that all year? Am I late to the party on this information? could that contribute to his struggles?

  • In reply to Ryan Kalasz:

    Interesting. I know they wanted to cut that down. That could very easily have been part of the issue.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to John Arguello:

    It's basically gone. Now he raises his left leg up on his toe and turns it inward to initiate his swing. I'm hoping with him hitting for the cycle it will take his mind off of his struggles and get him back on track . It seemed as if it was affecting his defense as well as he threw to the wrong base a couple times. It was disappointing to see him play such poor instinctual defense.

  • fb_avatar

    I still find it funny how many people want to get "value" for players such as Barney and Schierholz. It isn't that they aren't worth anything. It is that they are not worth very much. Keep in mind they don't have much value to the Cubs either.

    "But if that is the case, why trade them?" To clear roster spots. I suppose we could just non-tender him and clear a spot, but if we could get an "organizational player" they why not take a flyer. Lower our asking price and see if we can get ANYTHING for him. Something is better than nothing. The other possibility for both of them is to use them as sweeteners. Suddenly trading Russell AND Barney allows us to go from getting a top 90 prospect to getting a top 80 prospect. Not huge, but it is something.

  • In reply to Joel Mayer:

    Agree about Nate but I think Barney can help a team in the playoffs. You can probably get an under the radar arm for him and shed his salary.

  • In reply to Kodak11:

    I wouldn't mind if the Cubs brought Nate back on a minimum contract. Could be a good left handed bat to have around the young right handed prospects.

  • In reply to Joel Mayer:

    I think it was 3 years ago I heard my favorite trade proposal to get value for value. I heard the same proposal twice in one week on MLB. Two Yankee fans called the show and proposed Phil Hughes for Mike Stanton, because, "we don't want him, he's terrible!"

  • Man will I be happy when people stop talking about trading for David Price either before the deadline or in the offseason.

  • Trading our best prospects (or Castro) for the right to pay $200 million plus to Stanton or Price is just silly IMHO. We have plenty of OF prospects in high-A and above (Soler, Schwarber, Almora, McKinney, Hannemann) and one or more of our surplus infielders (Bryant, Baez, Russell), plus others like Jimenez and Candelario who can fill those three spots, even if half of them fail. If they want an expensive SP, they can keep their prospects and sign Price or Samardzija after the 2015 season.

  • In reply to cubsin:

    Hear, hear!

    First off it isn't their money so it is easy as a politician to spend it. Second, they are fascinated by celebrity. Stanton is a huge talent when healthy. So perhaps you trade 4 above average potential starters for one super star and what do you get? A lineup with a super-star in the middle. Look at Robinson Cano! What if for that $150 million or whatever it was they could get an above average SS, 2B, 1B, and OF. Which would help more? Hey, but there's that name, Cano on the lineup card!

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    In reply to cubsin:

    Samardzija will be a Yankee. he loves the attention and the Yankees can give him every dime he thinks he deserves.

  • Baez for Price is totally stupid, can' t believe this is even a discussion but at the same time I can because it's Chicago and rumors fly around here all the time. Just because Price said he wants to pitch in Chicago everyone thinks we should trade for him, NO WAY! For Baez!!! What!? Price is almost 30 has alot of millage on his arm say he gets injured and your out a top prospect and trust me if we trade any of these guys they will turn into all stars and or a hall of famer with our track record of great trades! Why not sign Price in free agency where he will eventually end up! The FO spent all this time rebuilding and developing and stupid Cubs fans want to trade a top tier 1 prospect. Get a grip for anyone who takes this serious and would even consider this trade. If you do consider this trade your not a Cubs fan and don't know baseball!

  • What I think is irrelevant. Pretty much I feel what most here think is irrelevant. I read the posts for entertainment and sometimes, though not all the time, new angles to personnel issues.

    What is relevant is what John reminds us about all the time. "Value". 1 year of Price is not worth Baez's career. If Baez reached his potential, and say he was only a 35 homer SS with a .280 BA and 100 rbi, what would his value be as a free agent? $20million/yr perhaps? If the Cubs signed Price, who is not always the Ace he has seemed to be in the past for say $25 million a year, aren't you going to pay him that anyway after one season and free agency? So perhaps you trade Baez for Price, and loose all that "Value". Instead keep Baez, and sign Price as a free agent. I would prefer to pay him an extra $5 million than lose Baez. After all, we are paying Jackson, what, $10 million a year for nothing!

  • In reply to Quasimodo:

    Secondly, considering the FO attitude toward the risk of pitcher's high in the draft, why would they increase current risk with a trade for a higher ceiling position player? There are several pitchers this year on the Prospects list, like Archie Bradley who have fallen further down the list due to command. Others fell because of injury. In the mean time, did injury hurt Addison Russell's status? No! So any trade will probably not occur this off-season, but as some have mentioned, after we figure out the bats.

  • Yes!!!! Agree thank you!!!

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