Let me lie to you. I'll be nice when I deceive you. Reds 4 Cubs 1.

Let me lie to you. I'll be nice when I deceive you. Reds 4 Cubs 1.

MAybe Jeff Samardzija just knew a lot of good jokes. Perhaps Jason Hammel ran a card game that was the Cubs bonding social event of the season. Maybe the Cubs are just no darn good against the Reds. Whatever, the reason, the Cubs looked overmatched, overwilled, and just got fed their heads by a Reds squad for the 4th game in a row. This game was coming off the hangover of losing both ends of the doubleheader, the second game in which saw the Cubs blow a 5-0 lead. Tonight was nothing as dramatic. Tonight's offense was provided by….surprise….. Anthony Rizzo. Rizzo hit his 20th HR of the year. First lefty to do that on the Cubs before the all-star break since Rick Monday. Rizzo's HR tied the game at 1 and would stay that way until the 5th. The ever annoying Zack Cosart on 1st and Billy Hamilton at the plate. Now everyone knows that Billy Hamilton can run a whole in the fabric of time but doesn't hit well enough to get on base. Gve him more games against the Cubs. Hamilton Hit what felt like his 9th hit of the series into the gap and was on third within three winks of an eye. Why the 3rd base coach didn't let him go home is anyone's guess. It did trigger a nice little hit parade with Brandon Phillips, and Jay Bruce, and that was it for Dallas Beeler, and that was it for the Cubs. And why is Thom Breneman still talking? Who have I angered now? Skyline Chili still sucks.


I like Dallas Beeler a lot. I only have one draw back. I like everything about Dallas Beeler except for that small time from when the ball leaves his hand to the time the ball crosses the plate.  Other than that, he's great. Like his frame, his size, his work ethic, he has a great delivery and some movement to work with. He just doesn't have much in the way of stuff.  He's like a boxer who can't throw a knockout punch. His pitch count soared as Red batters quickly found out there's no pitch to look out for. Foul off foul off foul off. Next thing you know it's the 5th, Beeler is approaching 100 pitches and doing the ol' huff n' puff. Everyday Grimmy pitched the 6th and Rock N Roll McDonalds Wesley Wright went 2 innings to finish the game.


So tonight marked the debut of Asmireldy Alcantara and my spelling going straight into the outhouse. Alcantara is subbing for Darwin Barney who is home with his wife as they deliver their third baby. Anyway, I saw a kid with pretty big  disney eyes. That he went 0-4 with two K's is almost beside the point. It's that he's here. Play him tomorrow, let him get something positive out of the experience and give him a carrot to get back up here as soon as possible.


Rizzo has just been a beast. Pretty much all year. He basically stands on the plate and dares the pitcher to come inside. Anyway, if you haven't done it, go hashtag #VoteRizzo or go vote for him at THis dude deserves our love. Not to mention, every time I've voted for him, he's hit a home run.

So four in a row to thhe Reds. I understand the Reds are a better team. And the Reds are on a roll. I refuse to think the trading of two Cub pitchers has sent the Cubs back into futility. Pitching hasn't really been the problem. Anyway, Cubs try and save face and not get a 5 game broom hit them on the ass tomorrow. Cub Call Up Kyle Hendricks takes the bump against Homer Bailey Money……what? His name is just Homer Bailey? You know….we threw the term Homer Bailey Money around so much I just figured he changed his name…… Anyway, Homer Bailey vs. Kyle Hendricks to avoid a 5 game sweep. No pressure kid. I can not wait till we no longer have to play the Cincinnati Reds. Onwards.



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  • Kyle Hendricks Money too. Reds are a fun team to get whupped by.

  • Cubs now tied for #3 and closing in on #1 draft pick. Need to start Villanueva and Rusin in back to back games next

  • I like Skyline Chili

  • I truly feel bad for the cub players. They are trying hard and have little room for mistakes. To make things worse FO trades (not complaining)the 2 most competitive guys on the team it makes it so hard. Hope to find some swagger soon.

  • In reply to WaitTilNextYear:

    Baez and Bryant will give em all the swag they need next year.. BALLIN!!

  • In reply to WaitTilNextYear:

    Yeah, they really should put guys out of their misery and just option Arrieta, Wood, the bullpen, Rizzo, Castro, and Beef down to AAA for the rest of the season so that they can play some fun, winning baseball....

  • In reply to cubbie steve:

    I see you are missing the point. Even tho it wouldn't hurt beef to get some hits in AAA.

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    half game out of last place! Let's go for it!

    I realize it's unrelated but I am very interested to see if the Rangers have the stones for a fire sale. I've never seen a team THIS injured and they might as well capitalize. Beltre and Rios alone could probably bring back some nice pieces. They have a glut of second baseman in Profar, Odor, Sardinas, etc. I wouldn't want to give up Profar but I'd listen.

    Hell, they should "listen" on Yu Darvish. 10MM/year for that guy is insanity value. There probably are no teams with the ammo to make it happen, but it can't hurt to listen.

    They still have a pretty strong farm system

    It just seams like the Rangers could do the baseball version of the Spurs getting Duncan after Robinson got injured.

  • In reply to Giffmo:

    "No teams with the ammo to make it happen"

    Except for... Come on, you tee'd that one up.... the Cubs.

    It'll never happen, because I don't think they have the stones to do a fire sale at this point , and even if they did Darvish would undoubtedly be the one they don't listen on much like Rizzo. But if any team had the ammo to pull it off it would be the Cubs. Castro-Baez-Soler-Edwards should get it done. Heh.

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    In reply to nmu’catsbball:

    Eh, no thanks. If they want Olt and Villanueva back, then ok. lol.

    They don't need middle infielders, and we aren't giving up Bryant. (ugh could you imagine Bryant and Gallo on the same team?)

  • In reply to nmu’catsbball:

    The only Ranger I'd really like the Cubs to acquire is Gallo...well as long as we're collecting power hitters and SS, could throw in Profar too.

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    In reply to cubbie steve:

    Yea, who wants a top 5 pitcher in baseball. A complete work horse on an affordable contract ( for performance )

    A guy whose coming off a 5.8 war season pitching in that stadium in the AL who happened to strike out 277 guys last year.

    Oh, I forgot the best part, he's only 27

  • In reply to Giffmo:

    i think they already said they wont sell.. they are gonna sit tight and go at it again next year. just an amazing amount of injuries.

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    In reply to CubfanInUT:

    That's really dumb of them. Beltre is extremely old but playing strong baseball this year. As is Rios. Realistically, it won't even be a "rebuild" so to speak, just making the best of a bad situation.

  • In reply to Giffmo:

    I dont care.. I want the Cubs to get Daz Cameron next year! LOL

  • In reply to Giffmo:

    35 isn't extremely old.

  • I caught the game on Fox Indiana network. Reds announcers are brutal. First time Alcantara came up, they were busy campaigning for Simon to be named an all star due to pitchers named pitching on Sunday. The graphic displayed said Miguel Gonzales, # 7. Only mentioned his first at bat well after the at bat was over. Not enough time for the research department, I guess? They kept calling him Al Can Tar A, which I suppose is not a surprise. Also, called Beeler David most of the night. And said all Cubs top prospects were mostly still in low A ball. You would think Thom Brennaman would know a little more about the Cubs than that. And I was completely put off by Brennaman's non-stop talking. Take a breath will you? One massive Reds commercial. Do people think this of our Cubbie broadcasts? Are they annoying to outsiders?

  • In reply to Missed Signal:

    I can't speak for all opposing fans (obviously), but I can tell you I have a couple of Reds fans in my family, all of whom think the Reds announcers (radio and tv) are annoying.
    They will occasionally watch and/or listen to a Cubs game as well, and I don't hear them complaining about the Cubs announcers the way they do the Reds'.

  • i wouldnt give up that package for Yu myself, Castro and Baeaz your giving up young Jeter and Gary Schefield plus Soler and Edwards that might as well make the last 3 year rebuild worthless when they couldve got Yu for just dollars, on principle no thanks . I want to see those 4 in Wrigley

  • In reply to Bryan Craven:

    I totally agree. I wouldn't ever make that trade, but you know that's the type of haul they'd ask for.

    My point was mainly that I think the Cubs and maybe the Twins have the only farm systems with the amount of talent needed to grab a Darvish type young ace. But the conundrum is that no one would ever trade a Darvish type young ace that far from free agency. So I guess it's really a moot point.

  • Rizzo is now in the voting lead for the all star game!

  • Thanks Felz. You know what happened when you said Arietta was a bad pitcher.

  • Beeler... not a bat misser, plus he walked guys.
    That's good for a ticket back to AAA.

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    In reply to hoffpauir6:

    Beeler should stay right where he is. He is going to help the Cubs with draft position.

  • In reply to Michael Caldwell:

    I think the Cubs are gonna get that #1 spot regardless. Only a half game out now and I'm sure they have a few more guys with 85 mph fastballs they can run out there.

    Texas just needs a couple of guys to get healthy and we're in!

  • Wow fans are happy to get #1 or #2 draft position. That is sick. Theo will only keep them minors for 3 yrs. I thought the idea was to win in Chicago. We just got set back another year.

  • In reply to mailmanrod:

    The idea is to win more than once a decade. Would you prefer we let the next Kris Bryant go to another team so that the Cubs can win 75 games?

    You also don't know what the Cubs are going to be up to over the winter. Cubs have no payroll so I think they're going to be buyers, plus this pipeline that you dislike so much is going to start feeding talent to the big club.

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    In reply to hoffpauir6:

    "Pipeline that you dislike so much"? I didn't really find that in his comments. Just because you want your mlb team to not be a laughing stock doesn't mean you dislike the process of building it up. It's just enough already. There are valid opinions out there about other ways to rebuild.

  • In reply to SKMD:

    When he says wanting to get another high pick is "sick", that was good indication of disliking the process.

    I could care less if the Cubs are a laughing stock now. The goal is to win the World Series, not to make the playoffs every once in awhile.

    I say do whatever it takes to reach the Promised Land.

  • In reply to SKMD:

    thats nice.. the plan has been laid out since day 1 and been followed to a tee. it be counter intuitive to deviate from it now.

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    In reply to hoffpauir6:

    They had tons of payroll flexibility last winter unless you still pretend we are a small market rays/marlins franchise.

    Long is this is the last year of intentionally being bad, I alright with it.

    By the time I was my nephews age, I kept a pocket cubs schedule in my pocket and made sure I was in front of the tv all summer watching the games. Kids are now watching and playing soccer. ( nothing wrong w soccer, but baseball is America's fav past time, right )

    I honestly believe this will be the last summer of gloom for us fans. The new generation of cubs will start at soon as free agency starts........

  • In reply to Jim Odirakallumkal:

    They did make a solid run at Tanaka but the Yankees would not be denied.
    Now it looks like the Cubs might be winners by losing that deal.
    We win twice if the Yanks end up trading for EJax.

  • In reply to hoffpauir6:

    Don't worry about the Yanks. They will have Arod coming back next year to save them. Couldn't happen to a better team.

  • In reply to Jim Odirakallumkal:

    I think you will find the off season to be disappointing. Yes, they will be willing to spend a lot to sign a TOR free agent pitcher. Other than that, I do not see them spending much in free agency.

    It is still too soon to see where the holes are or even if there will be holes.

  • In reply to mailmanrod:

    The idea is to win. It just so happens that that idea to win is a long-term goal, not some short-term Tribune/Hendry teaser special. It is called sustained success. There is no point of winning every few days. There is no reward for having a .500 team or almost making the playoffs. The only rewards are making the playoffs or getting a top draft pick. It is what it is.

    And what it is is a team with the #1 farm system, money to spend in FA in the off season, and the big market to hold on to all of the players that come through that farm system and succeed. If all goes right, could be looking at a sustained dynasty like the one the Yankees started with before Steinbrenner got so FA signing happy.

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    In reply to cubbie steve:

    Yup, expect them to make some real big moves this winter. A couple of trades and free agent signings coming.

    Who do you think the Yankees will prefer, John Danks or Edwin Jackson? Both over paid and available for salary relief.

    To me, I think Danks is a little better, but he costs more $

  • In reply to mailmanrod:

    We did not get "set back another year."

    This year is a lost cause. Any other result was dependent on some from the collection of 4th and 5th outfielders playing like a starter. That was always a long shot. It could have happened. It didn't.

    But when did anyone say that there would be success in three years?

    There has been no set back.

  • In reply to mailmanrod:

    the idea is to win in chicago. hence why the #1 pick is crucial

  • Judging by his performance, I think that Alcantara took that "fill-in for Barney" role a too literally.

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    In reply to SenatorMendoza:

    I know your joking, but I really hope they keep him up a little longer then one game. I would hate for him to go down after an 0-8 0-9 w 4-5ks . Let him get his first major league hit ! Isn't his development /confidence much more important then wins rt now ?

    His defense and arm looked good. He will be fine in the outfield and as a back up SS. Got to believe he plays SS as good as Derek Jeter right now

  • Olt needs to sent down. Hel looked scared and completely lost.

  • Thanks SKMD. Exactly my point.

  • KC Royals have a problem. We might be able to help. LHP Jason Vargas had to have an emergency appendectomy, he'll be out for a few weeks at least, and Alex Gordon has a wrist injury. We've got Wada and Ruggiano. They've got good prospects. We could help them save their season.

  • Alcantara showed me something I had seen in the 7 games in AAA, cool and calm, when a Red tried to take an extra base on their first run he turned in control and spied the runner and threw a strike to 3B. When Hamilton was thinking of an insider the park, Alcantara got the relay and simply and calmly trotted in the ball, where I have seen Cubs (Castro) wheel and fire home potentially inviting an error.

    He will adjust at the plate, little doubts, but he has the moxy to be a field leader where ever he plays.

  • In reply to rnemanich:

    l liked that too... he looked at home and seeing no chance there gunned the guy down at third.

    No panic at all. Veteran quality play.

  • In reply to hoffpauir6:

    These young guys show calm confidence. Some may call it swagger. Rizzo definitely has it too.

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