Anarchist's Brunch- Beware the Baseball cops…...

Anarchist's Brunch- Beware the Baseball cops…...

So it was a very infant Friday night. The Cubs were putting the finishing touches on a very exciting win. Justin Ruggiano, who has been stuffing it up my giggy since I called him one of the worst players in the game…Ooops. Mea culpa, just drove in Asmirendy Alcantara and the Cubs had a victory over the Atlanta Braves. I was making a joyous walk over to the Southport L stop when I was hastily pulled over by the baseball cops.

"Baseball fan card and proof you've been drinking in the last ten minutes please….."

I handed him a Cubs pocket schedule- the equivalent to a bond card, and then obnoxiously breathed all over them. Needless to say I passed.

"Do you know why we pulled you over sir?

"Nary a clue" I retorted.

"You seem to be celebrating the victory a little too hard sir. Just want to make sure you understand that wins aren't necessarily a good thing and that you're in accordance with the "Big Plan".

"Big Plan"

Yes, the Big plan. You build up prospects through the draft and then in a few years, when the scoreboard and the TV deals have positioned the Cubs with tons of Cash, then you make your move. and win numerous titles on end…"

"Sounds like a hell of a plan."

It is. So until then, no cheering please…..

"But this was just one game. This didn't affect their draft position in the least. What if I just enjoy the victory till I get on the train. Then the obnoxious lady who won't get off her cell phone will depress me. Just to the train stop…..please. I don't ask much.

"Sorry sir. Gonna have to insist that you don't cheer at all. If you cheer, then she cheers. She cheers then they cheer. Before you know it, it's legitimately fun up in here. Then what? Winning streaks? People calling for FA signings over the winter…… Anarchy.

" I suggested they should try and acquire a hitter at this year's deadline….. Like Colby Rasmus-"

" I SHOULD HAVE YOU LOCKED UP FOR JUST THINKING THAT!!!!!!!! You listen up and you listen up good. You think draft pick son. Not just draft pick.But Draft pick pool allocation money… you say that back to me.

Isn't that like just a couple hundred thousand dollars- the equivalent to a HS pitcher or something….?"


I was getting tired. And I had to pee. "Sigh. Draft pick pool allocation money."

"That's better. Here's your schedule. You have a nice night….."

But officer." I countered. "Wasn't this victory the result of "building through the draft" and thus a verification that the Big plan is working……? Am I not showing that I'm supporting the big plan by going when they lose and supporting the players that are going to be here when the Cubs are a competitive club?

"That's for the Lawyers. All I'll tell you is that you're bringing sense and logic into it. And when you do that, you're gonna get yourself in trouble. Unless you're gonna totally neanderthal it, stay behind and "Sing 'Go Cubs Go', go to Sluggers and have a pitching machine brake you in the nuts, you're gonna be considered a fairly intelligent baseball fan. And right now, we can't have fairly intelligent baseball fans cheering after Cubs wins…"

There was a long pause. I might have been broken. I might have fallen asleep. I'm not sure.

"I hear ya officer. I'll try and keep it stupid. Here? How about this?" I started to soil myself.

The officer smiled. "That's what we like to see…."

Go Cubs.

Odds and Sodds.

Gasol strikes me as a much cheaper Carlos Boozer panic plan B move. He would have been a great move if they got him from Memphis back in the day…..where does he play? Down low where Taj is. At the Elbow where Noah is. Is Thibs even gonna let him see the floor if he feels like he needs a stop or two? I guess it's interesting. But I don't see where they got better.

Don't get me wrong. I love having Asmirendy Alcantara on the team. Although I'm more psyched about the 2015 version. But a lll these people that want to just throw Darwin Barney to the fishes….this was his last play before going on paternity leave There's value in that.

I'm listening to Elvis Costello's "My Aim is True" as my Sunday music.

And I'm trying to decide if the new Effed up album is a classic or someone trying too hard…… I'm afraid it's the latter. Comes with the territory when you name your band Effed up.

I noticed the vitriol has been cranked up on Edwin Jackson. And he hasn't been good. But I'm not sure what he's done to get all the vitriol. He I'snt blocking anyone. You would have signed the same contract. Maybe because Shark and Hammel are gone his starts have bigger spotlights? Maybe. Anyway, Can't help but notice….

Shark vs.the King Friday night was as cool as it got baseball wise.


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    Speaking of Bloody Marys, one of the best I've had was actually at Miller Park in Milwaukee. Really good one! $10, but I didn't think that was as crazy as other ballpark prices.

    I love Wrigley, but the concessions are way behind other parks, IMO, and way too expensive

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    In reply to Zonk:

    Compare wrigley food to the Morton Arboretum or the botanic gardens - both serve thousands of people every day, but I'd actually drive to eat at one of those places. No reason wrigley can't have some tasty, nutritious food options.

  • Genius, Felzz.

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    You get it, felzz.

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  • I noticed that there's been some more discussion of how to pronounce AA's name--correctly, that is.

    The correct pronunciation is Al-CAN-ta-ra, with that third syllable often being somewhat elided so that it can sometimes sound a bit like Al-CON-tra to English speaking ears. The reason for this is that the name--like so many Spanish words that begin with "al"--isn't a native Spanish (Latin derived) word but was borrowed from Arabic. Here's the first paragraph from the Wikipedia page, and notice where the accents are placed:

    Alcantara, Alcântara (Portuguese), Alcántara (Spanish), Alcàntara, Alcàntera, El-Qantarah and (El) Kantara are all transliterations of the Arabic word al qantara (القنطرة), meaning "the bridge". It can be found not only in Arab countries, but also in the Iberian Peninsula, where the name persisted past the Reconquista, and Latin America, derived from Iberian place names and other places that were under Arab influence in the past.

    I'm impressed that the announcers went to the trouble of trying to determine the correct pronunciation, rather than going with the common mispronunciation of Al-can-TA-ra.

    BTW, this is my first post here and I want to say how much I appreciate the timely info and insightful analysis here.

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    In reply to markw:

    Great. Now Pat & Ron need to work on pronouncing Tanner Roark.

  • In reply to markw:

    Very interesting. Will have to change how I've been pronouncing it to myself.

  • In reply to markw:

    I've been pronouncing it as you say for awhile now. How is that possible? The correct pronunciation was described here at Cubs Den by someone or other several weeks ago (or longer ago than that maybe...)

    Now, I have mispronounced Arismendy until just the other day...I do not remember where I was corrected. Here on the blog? Or in a minor league highlight video.....

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    In reply to markw:

    If cantara means bridge, same root as cantilever?

  • In reply to SKMD:

    Actually, probably not. An interesting story to that, per Wiktionary:

    Registered first in the 17th Century: 1660s, probably from cant (2) + lever, but earliest form (c.1610) was cantlapper. First element also may be Sp. can - "dog", an architect's term for an end of timber jutting out of a wall, on which beams rested.

    Etymology = endless fun on the internet!

    More trivia. Szczur is Polish for "rat."

  • In reply to markw:

    Glad to have you aboard, markw.

    But all the announcers did was ask Alcantara how he pronounces his name. It didn't require extensive research. The amazing thing is that there are announcers who DON'T do that.

  • In reply to DaveP:

    "The amazing thing is that there are announcers who DON'T do that."

    Right. It would seem the professional thing to do.

  • My issue with Jackson is he seems to be allergic to having a lead--give him some runs and he'll give them right back and then some. An innings-eater yes, but leaves pitches well up in the strike zone, kind of a batting practice all-star.

  • Edwin Jackson is hardly an innings eater. He is a starter who puts strain on a teams bullpen. He has averaged 5 and a third innings pitched this year and last year. He has gotten past the 6th inning in 3 of his 19 starts in 2014. All with an era over 5.00. He belongs in the bullpen.

  • Not to quibble, not innings per start, innings per season, around 200. Only because he doesn't miss a start, typically.

  • Edwin has about as much idea of where the pitch is going as Carlos Marmol did. His first pitch missed the target by three feet.

    He could probably be a solid reliever once he is done racking up losses this year - just focus on an inning or two. Maybe then he can be worth at least a portion of his salary.

    Mendy looks wonderful. His last two outs were long and loud, even. When Bonifacio comes back, it would be criminal to send Alcantara down, so somebody's gotta go. Lake and Olt look like they're living in one of the nine circles of hell right now, so please send them down?

  • In reply to HackWilson09:

    I have long been an advocate of sending Olt down to get regular at bats. But I think it is too late to do so now.

    Olt has two option years left. As long as he remains on the 25 man roster, he can spend 2015 and 2016 in the minors to learn how to make use of his substantial talents. But if we send him down now, he gets a month and a half of minor league time, but blows one if his option years.

    Olt is a very long shot to ever reach his potential ceiling. But that ceiling is so high that I wouldn't want to waste ANY chance of his reaching it merely to win an extra couple of games in a throw-away season.

  • EJax has turned out to be a painful and expensive mistake. Now the the wheels are coming off at the trade deadline. I recall one person on this board saying he "earned his contract last year". No, he didn't. And a bounce back year isn't in the cards either. You can't keep him in the rotation with these results. There has to be accountability even on the worst team in baseball.

  • I disagree with the barney comment. He seems like a nice guy and he is a try hard, which you have to respect. However, are you telling me that anyone of our stud athletes couldn`t make similar plays?!?! (Baez, alcantara, russell, even castro if he moves to 2nd). If he has value how come 29 other teams don`t see it that way? I think the fact that he is one of the longest tenured cubs makes it hard to grasp that he just really isn't good offensively. Its time to take the bulls strategy and start sacrificing defense for offense.

  • In reply to trojancoach:

    Could those you mention make the same plays as Barney. Absolutely not. At least not the best 10 percent of them.

    All of those you mentioned would almost certainly provide more value to the team when you take into account offensive contribution.
    But I have never seen anyone to match Barney's defense since Bill Mazerowski, who played before most on this board were born.

    Sandberg was an extremely good defensive second baseman. He was not as good as Barney. Joe Morgan was probably the closest, but even he was not as good.

    Barney's offense is worse than horrible. But that doesn't mean that his defense is meaningless. The reason that he is still on the Cubs is because no one has offered this front office what they want in trade. If he were put on waivers, more than a dozen teams would claim him.

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    In reply to DaveP:

    Morgan was not even close to Sandberg defensively. He couldn't go to his right at all. If you look at his offensive numbers, he appears to be a candidate for PED's. A lot in his era were guilty too.

  • Perhaps the best brunch yet. Loved the story and the message.

  • I think the vitriol towards EJax stems from the combination of his large FA contract and his large ERA (92nd of 93 qualifiers)... Not a good combo. Add in the frustration of the recently departed SP's and the knowledge that EJax is still on the books for two more years and will likely be taking the bump every 5 days from now until then... And he is simply painful to watch pitch....

  • In reply to ErnieB:

    Plus, he looks uncoachable. It appears like he doesn't listen to bosio. I think a demotion to the pen might focus him to work on some things. Something needs to change or he will be gone. They might give him till the end of the year, but this continues I think they might bite the bullet. 20 something million is a lot to dump over 2 years ,but the payroll is low and they can give wada, hendricks, and beeler opportunities for minimum cost. You also open up a valuable 40 man spot for someone else.

  • My unhappiness is the new regime for the misguided decision to sign what has turned into another reminder of buyers remorse.

    Even I did not think it would be this bad.

    Watching Jackson pitch is a struggle and just makes it hard to stay tuned into cubs baseball.

    Listening to amazon prime jazz mix.

  • The Cubs have traded for Wood and signed Maholm, Feldman, Hammel and Jackson.

    How many front offices are stupid enough to miss on one out of five pitching acquisitions.

  • In reply to DaveP:

    Maholm 1 year $4.25M
    Feldman 1 year $6M
    Hammel 1 year $6M
    EJax 4 Years $52M

    They've done a great job acquiring and flipping pitchers for young talent. They missed on a on longer term, expensive deal that didn't fit with the overall rebuild plan or timeline.

  • In reply to ccia:

    EXACTLY.... Could not agree more ccia......

  • In reply to ccia:

    & Scott Baker, 1 year, $5M. So we've got 3 effective years signed and 3 ineffective, and 2 up in the air.

  • Even though I am a draft position Nazi. This article was great stuff felz.

  • This brought a smile to my face. Good stuff! Maybe we should have count-down clock that ticks down to the time when it is acceptable to actually root for Cub wins. If only to prevent having to read for the 400th time why high draft picks, and the associated draft slot money, are so important to building the farm system, and our FO is so good at drafting...yada yada yada...

    EJax seems like a nice guy, doesn't make excuses, at times even looks good. But I think there were about 500,000 fans who could have predicted he would cough up the 2-0 lead within 2 innings at the latest.

    He gets the yips when he's given an early lead, and is poison to the bullpen due to his inability of pitching past the 5th inning. He probably needs a different role, or a different team...

  • Why does Edwin Jackson get so much hate but Wood is considered widely to be a part of the rebuild. Wood should have been traded when he actually had value. His FB is sitting 88 and he looks to be throwing batting practice out there. He is horrible.

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    In reply to MashBrotherMania:

    He gets the love because of his prowess w the bat ........kinda of sad, we look for offense from out pitchers while real teams look for their pitchers to pitch

    Chris Johnson is just killing us......back to back laughers at Wrigley

  • In reply to MashBrotherMania:

    Wood isn't pitching well this year, but he was great last year, so folks are more forgiving of him. Besides it's easy to think he just didn't lose his ability to pitch in less than a year, and he'll get his mojo back.

    E.Jax has been consistently bad for the last 2 years, not much to cheer about for him in a Cubs uniform. Maybe something will click for him, but until then it's just difficult to stomach so many bad performances.

  • In reply to HefCA:

    Also, hate is a very strong word. People should use that word less often when describing other people. You are the only person to use it in this thread. I don't hate E. Jax. Disappointed, yes. Frustrated, definitely. He's getting paid $13M per year, when the Cubs could get equivalent (or better) value by bringing up a minimum salary pitcher from AAA.

    I doubt most Cubs fans hate the guy. I have never read it here in Cubs Den either, and I read pretty much everything.

  • In reply to HefCA:

    Actually, I think Jackson is getting $11MM a year, he got a first year bonus if I recall. The AAV of the contract is 13MM, but I'm pretty sure he got big money in year 1 and from here on out it's the 11. Still about 10 too many.........

  • In reply to MashBrotherMania:

    Travis wood shows willingness to change his approach and get coaching help. He might be hurt too.

  • Does anybody know why Addison Russell is once again not in the starting lineup? Watching Samardzija pitch like an ace and seeing Straily throwing AAA bp yesterday and Addison Russell without an xbh through his first week while sitting out what seems to be 50% of the games, is disturbing. I don't want to go into panic mode but the package is certainly not looking as good as people made it out to be. Russell doesn't look like such a "can't miss" prospect as some make him out to be.

  • In reply to MashBrotherMania:

    It's only been a week. Step back from the ledge.

  • In reply to MashBrotherMania:

    AA is extremely aggressive for a 20 year old kid (he's 4.5 years younger than the league average age) and moving from the Texas League to the Southern League means that he's seeing every pitcher he faces for the first time. Add that to the culture change and the pressure of being a centerpiece of a high-profile trade, and it's understandable he hasn't come out hitting .500 with XBH galore.

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    In reply to MKE cubs:

    Schwarber and Bryant have spoiled us.

  • In reply to SKMD:

    Mr. Soler says, "Hola!"

    I hope he stays healthy. He's exciting to watch. Crushing the ball again today.

  • Javy just blasted that curve!!!

  • In reply to Peter Chicago:

    he only needed to see one pitch. lol

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