Arismendy Alcantara Arrives (For Two Days)

Arismendy Alcantara Arrives (For Two Days)
Arismendy Alcantara

The Cubs incumbent secondbaseman Darwin Barney is leaving on Paternity Leave for two days leaving a vacant spot on the 25 man squad. There were a few different scenarios I had in mind for who would get the call but never did I dare imagine Arismendy Alcantara getting the call for a quick two day audition. But well, here we are as the Cubs have announced the call up of their do everything former shortstop.

The system is loaded with a lot of top end talent; the type of players who possess loud tools and difficult to miss profiles. Alcantara has a skillset that's difficult to appreciate in a lot of ways. He doesn't have one tool that stands out. Rather, he is an assortment of talents. He can hit for some power, he has some good bat to ball skills. He's got above average speed, and he's a versatile defender. That doesn't quite scream at you like Kris Bryant's profile but he's a sum of his parts type player (to use a tired cliche).

For the short term this is a quick roster patch call up. He's likely to go back down as soon as Barney returns to playing duty. In the long term, however, this is a clear sign that Alcantara is the closest to receiving regular Major League playing time. The Cubs were already dropping hints when they started playing him out in centerfield to maximize his positional flexibility, it seems likely that he'll get another call up later in the year.

It's also likely that when he comes back he'll be here to stay.

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  • I could always tell he was going to be something special when I watched him play in the Southern League. I hope he makes the most of his chance and is soon a regular.

  • I was spoiled when I got to see him homer in person a couple weeks back. Is it too much to ask that he get at least 3 days with the big club? I'm taking my son to his first game at Wrigley on Friday.

  • Big shout out to Ghost Dawg who broke the news in th3 Felzz thread. This is great news for AA, Barney's family and Cub fans.

  • In reply to Greggie Jackson:

    Thanks - H/T to Dave Kaplan

  • I have been listening to Cubs games with one ear. Now I will be watching Cubs games with both eyes!

  • Congrats AA. The first of many!

  • While I wish the Barney family all the best wishes and good luck in the world, can I still hope for Wally Pip Act II here?

  • Congratulations to Darwin Barney,.... and to Alcantara. Make the most of it Kid!

  • TBD: if he gets a start.

    It would be great to see him leading off playing CF, but I'm guessing hitting 8th and playing 2B will be a more likely spot since. Not sure he's had enough seasoning in the minors at CF.

  • In reply to cowboy2024:

    Maybe not enough time in CF, but he sure has had more than Junior Lake had before he was thrown out in the outfield. You gotta start sometime. Put him out there and if the alternative to him leading off is someone with a "Mendoza" like BA ...put Mindy in the leadoff. Let him see what could be waiting for him ...what the Cubs have in store for him.

  • I like the fact that Alcantara is going get a couple of days exposure to the show before he is expected to produce on an ongoing basis. This should help his comfort level for the next call.

  • In reply to 44slug:

    Good point. Get rid of the 1st time jitters and next time won't be such a whirlwind.

  • Barney needs to take advantage of FMLA, stay home for 12 weeks.

  • I had my first opportunity to see AA in person last night at the Omaha-Iowa game, having taken a mini Cubs Prospects Self Indulgence Trip (CPSIT) from my home in NE Kansas. My first impression of him - which held throughout the game - is that he has really solid baseball instincts. Watching him drive a hard grounder through the right side for a base hit, it's easy to see why he has so many extra base hits; he was thinking two right out of the gate and it wasn't close. His type of baserunning puts defenders on alert and forces them into mistakes I'll bet. He got what appeared to be a good jump on everything hit his way in CF. He went 1-for-4 with a double, a deep flyout to center, a comebacker and was caught looking on a wicked Chris Dwyer slider in his final at bat. I'll try to post some other observations in the minor league recap but since this one was about AA (or maybe AA-1 with Almora as AA-2?), here's to a well-deserved promotion for Arismendy Alcantary!

  • So this is really interesting to me, because Logan Watkins was really the obvious choice rather than Alcantara based upon the narrative to date. Kudos to the FO for allowing him to get his feet wet. The first core prospect up will have enormous expectations. I kind of wanted that person to be Soler. But if Alcantara can come up for a couple of days and start this next phase of system development then hopefully it lessens the pressure even a little bit.

    From a mental standpoint, the extended losing and desire for success has crushed a few in the past (Patterson?) I hope the press gets on board and helps the cause rather than scathing knee-jerk articles about how the plan is not working while these guys adjust to the MLB.

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    Barney's having another kid? Great. More "ammunition" for the Barney apologists club.
    . In 2012 it was "He had a baby. He was tired. Blah, blah, blah." Then in 2013 it was, "He was hurt to start the year and never fully recovered. It's not his fault." Now we're going to hear, "His wife was pregnant for half the season, then he had a baby. That's really hard on a family. No wonder he was tired. But just as he always does, he gave it his all. He'll be a good hitter next year."

    In all seriousness, congrats to the Barney family on the new addition. Take all the time you need, kid.

  • AA could be auditioning for another team. Its no secret that more trades are on the way. I hope to have him around for a long time to come, but as others pointed out he isn't quite the logical choice so maybe there could be something else going on here.

  • Congrats to AA. He's earned the call up. Very intriguing player, considering he has gotten better each year in the org...

  • There is no way he gets even a 2-day call up unless the Cubs are satisfied that he's about ready for full-time ML service. This starts his service clock ticking, so as soon as they move an OF or middle IF in a trade, I expect him to come back to stay.

  • In reply to tenncub:

    Very true. This FO isn't going to start a high caliber prospects clock and then stash him in AAA. He will be up to stay by the 31st trade deadline at the absolute latest.

  • look For Valbuena to get traded soon.. and Alcantara will be up playing every day. DAT EXCITEMENT

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