Trade Rumors: Heyman Says There's "Zero Chance" of Samardzija to the Blue Jays

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These are the kinds of things that make this time of year so much fun.  A day after Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports said that the Blue Jays remain interested in Jeff Samardzija but are waiting to see how the market develops, Jon Heyman says, "My client, Brock Lesnar..."  sorry, wrong Heyman.  Jon Heyman says that the Cubs and Blue Jays have not exchanged offers yet but that there is "zero chance" that the Blue Jays would agree to the Aaron Sanchez, Daniel Norris, and Dalton Pompey package.

The problem the Jays have, according to Heyman, is that they have no chance of extending Samardzija, unlike R.A. Dickey, who signed an extension before completing the trade to Toronto, and Jose Reyes and Mark Buehrle, who trusted Jeffrey Loria.

Heyman says that the Blue Jays are more likely to pursue a cheaper, rental player -- and Jason Hammel's name is specifically brought up.  Justin Masteron, Francisco Liriano, and Jake Peavey are also mentioned.  My take on this is that there's a lot of posturing going on.  The Blue Jays have an incentive to avoid a bidding war and putting it out there that they are absolutely not interested -- and certainly not for those three prospects -- helps do that.

In a separate article, Heyman mentions that the Mariners have been in frequent contact with the Cubs on Jeff Samardzija.  The intriguing piece of this article is that Mariners' GM Jack Zduriencik was evasive when asked about RHP Taijuan Walker "He's going to be around for a number of years, and if you think he's the real deal ... we're not selling the farm. We're not doing anything foolish."  It would certainly be a nice haul but I have to think if the Mariners trade Walker, it will be for David Price, not Jeff Samardzija.


Buster Olney jumps into the fray with some news on the Giants.  Though they've been widely believed to be major players in the Samardzija trade market, Olney claims that with the holes they currently have to fill in 2015, the monetary and prospect cost of either Jeff Samardzija or David Price is hard to fit into their blueprint.

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  • Reinforces either my view that pitchers are not the return, or there was some reason why Bruce Levine ducked the question "Is the reason the Samardzija trade has not gone down yet is that nobody is offering what the Cubs are demanding?"

  • How money of an agent would Paul Heyman be!? Nice piece, Mike!

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    In reply to Ben20:


  • I think Cubs have to ask for a lot right now for Shark. I expect Hammel to get moved around July 2 and then Price to get moved right around the all-star break and then Shark right at the deadline. I think Cubs will get good package for Shark but maybe not 4 players unless they take a deal like Garza with some question marks on the return

  • I love the WWE reference (the 1 in 21-1). I think that the front office will be able to acquire some nice talent for Hammel (e.g. Arrieta, Strop).

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    In reply to Eskimo:

    I've been saving that one for a while. I'm only a casual fan at this point but when I was in college he was running ECW and I was a big fan back then.

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    Hunter Harvey, Eduardo Rodriguez, TJ Macfarland, and Ohlman/Cisco from Orioles for Shark and Valbuena.

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    In reply to Lou Sofianos:

    Very little buzz coming from Baltimore. They seem to be out of it.

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    In reply to Mike Moody:

    Nah, there not out. It's too early. No way in that AL league and with Machado just beginning to hit. Wildcard still available to them. I think it's more correct to say that Sanchez doesn't leave Toronto, which means Shark isn't going there. Would like to see KC get involved for Shark though with a package centered around Kyle Zimmer.

  • In reply to Lou Sofianos:

    But they Bal, are wary of a repeat of last year. Arrieta looks like our number 1.

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    In reply to Bilbo161:

    Not saying I disagree with either of you, but if Baltimore doesn't go after more, then they're sellers.

  • Edwin Jackson you kill me.... Watching the game told my friends I think Jackson gives up 2 runs this inning right after the Cubs tie it up. He will probably give up more than 2 runs.

    3 ball counts on 4 straight batters, he drives me crazy..............

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    I hate posturing, I'm not good at doing it and terrible at seeing through it. I'm just afraid the cubs are going to fall between two stools with samardzija. I don't see enough teams that are just on the cusp of winning the next couple of years, that would be desperate enough to go for it with him.

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    In reply to SKMD:

    It depends on whether or not Theo wants centerpiece of trade to be available to Cubs next year or two years from now. If it's a high-level prospect in single A ball, then a deal could be struck.

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    Schwarber 2-4, HR

  • I'm starting to get the feel that we are going to get a lot less for Samardzija then we think

  • In reply to Irish8:

    I'm been sure of that for a long time. Except that, it will appear to be a lot less than many think, but over time it might develop that it was a pretty good trade.

  • They won't take less than they got in the Garza deal. They would prefer to keep him next year and either work on an extension or still have the ability to flip him like they did with Garza.

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    In reply to hawkmcd:

    His value plummets the second next season starts and takes a hit after the trade deadline this year. The offer for Garza in 2012 was significantly better than the haul they eventually got for him. Barring an injury, there is almost zero chance he makes it past the deadline.

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    In reply to Mike Moody:

    There is also value in keeping him through next year if they don't get what they want in a trade, and even if they don't extend him, since they can then give him a qualifying offer and either retain him in 2016 or see him leave and get the draft pick comp. Right? So you'd have to balance whether he is more valuable to keep over the next 1 1/2 (potentially 2 1/2) years as a near-TOR pitcher, possibly trying to trade him again at the deadline next year, the potential of extending, or even getting a draft pick comp for him leaving.

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    In reply to Michael Standaert:

    The comp pick is a floor on any returns but it's honestly a pretty low floor. It is near impossible to imagine someone not beating that. Daniel Norris, alone, is worth far more than the comp pick.

  • In reply to Mike Moody:

    If I were the Cubs I would take Norris straight up for Hammel right now. That would be a win for both organizations. Jays get a top rental starter, and the Cubs trade half a year of Hammel for a young cost controlled pitcher who should be ready be the 2nd half of next year and has #2 Starter upside in my opinion.

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    In reply to Ghost Dawg:

    I'd do that if I were the Cubs. I'm not sure I'd do it if I'm the Blue Jays. Debatable overpay for three months of Hammel but the real problem the Blue Jays have -- and they'll never admit it -- is they have to be able to trade for Samardzija if for no other reason than to keep him away from the Yankees. If they trade Norris, they're counting on the Royals or the Mariners to meet the Cubs' price on Samardzija. It probably happens but, if it doesn't, they are in real trouble.

  • In reply to Mike Moody:

    Hammel by the numbers:

    2.99 ERA - 3.07 FIP - 15 Starts / 96 IP - 1.017 WHIP - 0.7 HR/9
    1.9 BB/9 - 8.5 SO/9 = 4.55 SO/BB Ratio

    I think we have taken for granted just how good Hammel has been this year and he is showing no signs of slowing down and none of his numbers predict regression. If anything he might be settling in. His last 5 starts: 32 IP - 2.81 ERA - 36 K - 5 BB and that was with a BABIP of .381 which actually suggest he caught some tough breaks. I think he could really help a contender down the stretch and in the playoffs.

  • the Yankees in the end will pay the prospects, I am not a huge fan but they will give up 3 legit prospects , Severino, Carcher and another arm, Clarkin type

  • In reply to Bryan Craven:

    I agree the yankees are also in win now mode. One of the more underrated Yankees prospects in a potential deal is Jake Cave (CF). He has had some injury problems, but he is a guy that will make it to the big leagues, because he is a plus defender. I can't figure out why he is not in the top 10 of any yankees prospect's list that I have looked at.

  • Yankees dont look at prospects in the same currency way the rebuildng Cubs do, I guarantee Cashman would give the nessesary spects to get Shark pitching behind Tanaka , I would ask for Pineda , Clarkin and Severino myself and see if Cashman blinks

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    In reply to Bryan Craven:

    Not really interested in anything they have. Pineda's velocity is way down after shoulder surgery. Clarkin and Severino are both A ball guys. Really, we need more at the top in a deal for Samardzija.

  • I agree Mike that the Yanks system isn't full of impact but my point is as some teams say not interested , in the end the Yanks would put a package together to get Shark behind Tanka in their rotation. I would prefer other teams as well. Boston would be a system to extract happily from. as would Bal, Pit a few more . I guess my point is Yanks are down the pecking list but they could put a package together that is worth something.

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    In reply to Bryan Craven:

    If the Cubs drop the price to the level the Yankees can compete, I have a very hard time imagining the Blue Jays not beating any offer the Yankees can make. Their incentive to do so is enormous. Norris, alone, is probably worth more than your 3 player proposal. Add in Pompey -- Blue Jays keeping Sanchez -- and its a slam dunk.

  • I would prefer Tor package as well , Theo will get good value in the end .

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