Three, three, three for my heartache. Brewers 9 Cubs 0

Three, three, three for my heartache. Brewers 9 Cubs 0

Jeff Samardzija did his best Travis Wood impersonation and Cub fans got an early jump onto I-94 as the brewers routed the Cubs 9-0 for the series win at Miller Park. Roidy Braun led off the scoring with his second first inning home run of the series. Before then he hadn't homered in Miller Park in the first inning all year. Happy to help. In the next inning, Kyle Loshe, the pitcher, hit the first of his two RBI singles, scoring the ever annoying Scooter Ginnett. Then the Brewers broke the game open in the 3rd.  Meanwhile on offense……the Brewers broke the game open in the 3rd. Nothing to see here folks. Except lots of Brewers fans with pants that don't quite cover their ass and smiles on their faces. Let's put this in the mail with no return address.


Shark stunk today. Very similar to Wood's outing. No movement. No real command and no ….well no nothing. Shark's ERA rose to 2.54 after giving up 8 runs in just 3 innings. It was Shark's shortest outing of the year. No real reason to chalk it up to anything other than one of those starts. But I'm sure wannabe GM's are arranging their boards. Because if you're a wannabe GM you have time on your hands. Anyway, Everyday Grimmy, for 2, Duck Dynasty Brian Schlitter for two and Everyday Jimmy for one inning of one run ball mopping up after the Shark.


Junior Lake had a hit. Nate Schierholtz had a hit and relief pitcher Brian Schlitter had a hit. That was your offense from the Chicago Cubs. They weren't even as productive as one Scooter Ginnett.


Anthony Rizzo got bounced from the game after arguing strikes with the Umpire. This forced an infield shift that saw Bonafacio move to 3rd and Mike Olt move to 1st. Olt made several nice plays scooping up throws at 1st. He's shown flashes at 3rd too but has been beaten by the routine play. Not the case at 1st where the man was a vacuum. Rizzo is going to be a stay there for awhile. But it's nice to see some defensive versatility out of Mr. Olt.

Yeesh. Well, at least it was quick. What can you say about games like that. They're over so quick. Would've hated to have actually played in them. The Cubs showed on Saturday you can shake a bad game off and come back with a good game. Can you shake off two? Well, we'll find out Tuesday as the Mets come in to town. Zack Wheeler, the kind of pitching prospect the Cubs are hoping to acquire, takes the bump against Jake Arrieta, the kind of pitching prospect the Cubs have been acquiring.  Two teams in different stages of massive rebuilds. Should make for an interesting series. Onwards. (And Go Hawks!)



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  • Eighty something pitches in a complete game... Thats something you can only pull off against the cubs. Terrible...

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    In reply to Csanad:

    I once saw the Master, Greg Maddux, toss a 72 pitch CG. That game was over quick. Less than two hours, I believe.

  • In reply to Mike Partipilo:

    Contrast that to Edwin Jackson who seems to take two hours to get through one inning.

  • In reply to Csanad:

    You knew it was going to be quick when Lohse got out of the first with 8 pitches, and JD said "no sense waiting for him to give you a pitch to hit."

  • In reply to Csanad:

    Agreed! that was a horrible game strategy against Lohse today (especially with Bonifacio setting the tone by swinging at the very first pitch of the game).

    Looked like the teams wasn't mentally into it today at all.

    I'm sure the coaches saw that too, but can only say things like, "Hey, its a long season".

    this team is really frustrating on offense right now.

  • Things sure look bleak.

  • Since the all star break last year, this team is 43 and 79. No small sample size, that is 3/4 of a season.
    It translates to a 56-106 record. Horrific bad. Absurdly lousy.
    Sure wish somebody would start worrying about the team they are putting on the field. The Ricketts are a disaster, cub fans deserve much more.

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    You can't expect much offense when your 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th hitters are all batting under .200, and you don't have a single hitter over .275.

  • Wish I knew what to say….darkest before the dawn?

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    Hell of a game to mark the 1/3 point in the season.

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    Renteria/Jedd/Theo need to shake things up quickly....

    Send Olt back to AAA before his confidence is shattered. Promote Kris Bryant to AAA....and promote Alcantara to play second base, then move Valbuena to Third....Chris Valaika should also be promoted....

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    In reply to Bob from Salem:

    To accomplish... what?

  • In reply to Giffmo:

    Just to try something different. If something isn't working after 1/3 of season I think a mix up is justified.

  • The only thing to say about this game today and this season is.... Go Hawks!!!!

  • I said yesterday "Shark has to throw a shutout" and someone else said "and drive a couple in." Looks like Lohse somehow fit the description, especially after Braun erased the shutout in the second at bat.

    Before Rizzo was tossed, they showed Renteria playing with the lineup board, and then playing a lot more with it after Rizzo was tossed. Don't they have an Android tablet app for that?

    Rizzo was at least lucky he wasn't facing Tom Glavine or Mariano Rivera, as far as PitchTrax saying it was slightly outside. At least JD doesn't get all Hawk about the balls and strikes call, and said the ump could have called it either way.

  • It is already being suggested that the reason this game moved along so fast was that Cub players wanted to get back for the Hawks game. If that is so I cannot have much respect for them just hacking away. The only way to salvage some interest in this team is to start promoting prospects up the ladder and unloading the placeholders that would have a hard time making ANY roster. Within two years I could see Barney, Veras, Russell, Kalish, Coghlan, & Baker totally out of baseball- let alone another team. And outside of Castro & Rizzo there is little offensive talent to depend on for daily production. I hope Theo & Jed are taking a strong look at the motivation on this team because there are some serious problems percolating beneath the surface. When Rizzo gets as pissed as he was today it has to be more than getting rung up in a blow-out loss.

  • In reply to Paulson:

    Why not throw Jackson, Schierholtz, Sweeney* and Ruggiano into your list? Baker might get a pass, as team always needs a backup catcher.

    The only reason all this detritus is up here now seems to be the one explored in Cubs Insider a couple of days ago--finances.

    *Wondered why I didn't see him in the active roster; is on 15 day DL.

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    Stupid question that needs to be asked but does this game affect Samardzija's trade value?

    I remember last year they said a hot streak by Garza near the deadline did not have that much of an impact, but I tend to disagree because we got such a haul for him. I have been reading the reports of a trade for Gausman or Bundy and Hunter Harvey (the 10th ranked prospect for all of baseball on Keith Law's list.) If that is what is being offered I will drive Samardzija to Baltimore myself.

    If his next start is shit than it might be time to be worried and if it is a new trend than we are screwed. I think Samardzija it is safe to say that Jeff is closer to being the guy that had a 4.34 ERA last year than the guy that started the day with a 1.68.

    If he is in a Cubs uniform by his next start I hope he turns it around. (If he is not in our uniform he can do whatever he damn well pleases.)

  • In reply to Daniel Rosenberg:

    Scouts and FOs look at it differently, they have a pretty good idea what Samardzija is by now. Only thing that will affect value is an injury at this point.

  • Rizzo didn't do his team any good by being tossed.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Can't really blame was definitely a "heat-of-the-moment" thing, and he was justified accordinging to the pitch trax.

    Much of the team swinging at the first pitch (like Bonafacio did in the first inning) probably hurt the team more than Rizzo getting tossed.

  • In reply to DetroitCubFan:

    The pitches were not horrible, more borderline than anything else. But I think the usual level headed Rizzo's blow up runs deeper, Wrigley questions, trade questions, knowing 40% of your pitching staff will be gone soon, as a fan I'm at my whit's end with this ownership and the constant losing, I can't imagine going to the ballpark everyday and having to face it. Although the money is not bad!

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Do you really watch every game just to see what Rizzo/Castro do wrong? Seems like something a Sox fan would do...

  • Lohse always seems to be kryptonite to the Cubs.

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