Please call my misses, and tell her not to cry. Pirates 2 Cubs 1.

Please call my misses, and tell her not to cry. Pirates 2 Cubs 1.

Cubs spoiled a fine pitching outing by Jason Hammel and let yet another no name rookie starter slice through their lineup in a 2-1 loss to the Pirates. THe Pirates would score two runs in the third. The first on a Travis Snider home run. The second on a Josh Harrison infield single. And that was kind of it. The Cubs got all of two hits against Pirate starter Brandon Cumpton. And while they rallied against closer Mark Melancon, it clearly wasn't enough, and the Pirates strolled out of Wrigley with what feels like their 25th straight series win against the Cubs. Let's try and get this done before the second half starts….


Jason Hammel had himself a darn good game. 7 IP just those 2 earned runs in the third on 6 hits while also striking out 6. Will take that all day long. Well, until Hammel is traded. But we'll definitely take it. The Regular rairez, Everyday Jimmy and vote for Pedro got through the last two innings.


Nice to see Beef Castillo back on the team, even if he did strike out n a rather crucial PH situation late in the game. The truth is, this team could really need an extra bat. And Beef has the ability to be that bat. Hopefully he learned a thing or two about framing pitches while watching from the sidelines.


Really been a big fan of most of these throwback uniforms. These 50's uniforms are no exception. Nice clean look. Kind of like the Cubs Score card.

So tired of Pirates. Good riddance. The least they could do is go out and be good against other teams and at least validate their domination against the Cubs. Oh well, no rest for the wicked as the Cincinnati Red legs come marching into town. Reds aren't the team the Cubs had all kinds of trouble with last year. But they're no pushover. Here's hoping tomorrow,You me and Ray Davies find better things. Onwards.



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    Felzz, one impact outfield bat and this team is sniffing 500

  • No mystery here. One thing that's common on good teams is that different players step up almost every day. Those that depend on one or two "stars" don't go very far. When Rizzo and Castro are hot, the Cubs win. When they have off days, there's not much else to step up.

    Add another bat or two, outfield, outhouse, infield, who cares, and it's a different team.

  • Well, I'd say one impact bat and this team is a little more consistent. Still don't know if they're .500. But the impact bat is in Iowa and he isn't coming up….



  • In reply to felzz:

    Alcantara might. And hed likely be a better bat than Barney the Dino or either one of the backup "catchers". Right now, the Cubs have 5 almost automatic outs in there lineup.

  • In reply to mutant beast:

    You're being generous. Yesterday's starting lineup had SIX automatic outs. And, lookout below, Valbuena's OBP has dropped 30 points this week.

    So, why not Logan Watkins? He's already on the 40 man roster, goes all out, and plays all over the field. Just don't bury him on the bench like last year.

  • I have watched baseball for a long time, and I cannot remember a more offensively challenged outfield in my life. If Bryant stays at third, which seems more and more likely every day, and with Soler, Schwarber and Almora so far from the majors, we need an impact bat or two in the outfield next year. I have seen enough of all the fifth outfielders that we have run out there the last three years. If we had an average major league outfield, this team could compete for a wild card. The pitching has been very good along with Castro, Rizzo and Valbuena. They say that hitting a baseball is the hardest thing to do in sports, if you watch our outfielders on a daily basis, it would be hard to argue with that statement. On a side note, why is Mike Olt not in Iowa getting every day swings. He can play 1B or DH.

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    Or outfield I hear. If Bryant plays third, put Olt in left.

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    Alcantara looks more and more likely to be the center fielder on opening day next year. That leaves two spots open.

    Soler has to move fast because he's running out of options. One way or another, we should know how that gamble plays out sooner rather than later. And it's not impossible that he's the guy who ends up being traded for immediate outfield help.

  • hammel will be gone in a week or 2 then wada will be gone by end of july to make room for hendricks.

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    Don't forget Samardzija.

  • i think samardizja isnt going anywhere this year (i hope i am right) if they dont work out a deal then he might be gone next year, we shall see. Keeping Shark would be great but..............

    ........I am excited because soon Bryant,Baez,Alcantera & Lopez will be taking the place of Baker,Barney,Schierholtz & Sweeney or Ruggiano, I cant wait !!!!

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    Add super sub Logan Watkins to your first wave; maybe they'll even let him off the bench this time.

    I also wish that Matt Szczur and Rubi Salvia had stepped up this year. With the Cub OF in shambles, they both had a golden opportunity to grab a ML job or at least the one that Chris Coghlan is struggling with.

  • Sweeney is signed through 2016.

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    He has a 500k buyout for next year that will be used if he continues playing like he is.

  • so what

  • Taking in the game at Wrigley Monday night. Haven't been there since Dusty was managing. That was a Reds game as well. Yes, it took me this long to recover. If you see a nondescript, quiet fellow in his mid-fifties, say hi.

  • It frustrates the heck out of me to see a pinch hitter take a called third strike, in particular with tying runs on base, 2 outs, and few chances left. I have a hard time fathoming not trying to protect the plate in this situation, even if the pitch is appears to be only modestly close to being a strike.

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