Like a wave on the ocean romanced. Cubs 2 Phillies 1.

Like a wave on the ocean romanced. Cubs 2 Phillies 1.

Another Milton Berle game for the Cubs as they got just enough offense to defeat the Phillies 2-1. The offense was supplied by Starlin Castro, who hit a two run home run in the 4th inning. Meanwhile, Jake Arrieta possibly could have had an "arrival" game as he held the the Phillies to just two hits over 7 innings. While the Cubs Bullpen wasn't exactly solid, it got through the two remaining innings with the lead in tact. Pats or Geno's? ( Although every Philadelphian tells me they're both terrible….)


The star was Jake Arrieta, who was just cold blooded in his 7 innings of work. Arrieta gave up a double in the 5th and a single in the 7th and that was it. Arrieta struck out 9. Arrieta did appear to work backwards several times starting Phillie batters off with breaking pitches instead of fastballs. But whatever. What was gone was the holding the ball for an eternity and the self doubt. Just get the ball and throw. The result was his best start of the year and for all the talk of how well Hammel and Shark have pitched….Arrieta somehow has an ERA of 2.09.


The Umpires tonight took nothing and made something out of it in the 6th inning. Starlin Castro was at bat- his first since homering in the 4th. Hernandez plunked him. Looked like it just got away. But with the Machado incident and the most recent incident in Atlanta the Umpires were overly sensitive…. or they received a directive from baseball to take tighter control of the games. Whatever. Home plate umpire Mark Rippenger threw Hernandez out of the game and then threw Ryno out after he justifiably stuck up for his pitcher. What nonsense.


Recently we've looked at some teams- the Mets, Perhaps the Pirates and Fish that are similar to the Cubs in that they are young, rebuilding, and the future looks bright.  Tonight we see a team that shows you where the Cubs were. The Phillies are slow, old, bad and incredibly overpaid. 176 Million for this awful team. And its not like the young Iron Pigs are everywhere ready to take over. Ryno is in for some tough years. Sometimes t seems like the Cubs aren't making progress. When you consider the Cubs were once in the Phillies boat, they've travelled miles and miles….

Alright. That's the way to start the weekend. Really encouraging performance by Arrieta. I know he's had these before and he still needs to be consistent. But this was a very confident and engaged Jake Arrieta. Looking forward to his next start in five days. But until then, we get tomorrow, where it's guess which form of Edwin jackson takes the mound against David Buchannan. No reason not to let the good times roll. Onwards.



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  • I am not at all familiar with the Phillies roster or farm system, but if the Cubs FO really think they can be respectable next year, do the Phillies have a young player that we can get cheaply by taking an overpriced vet off their hands.

    Utley and prospect?

    Rollins and prospect?

    Anyone else and prospect?

    Aging first baseman and prospect?

  • In reply to DaveP:

    They're actually kind of deep at catcher, might be able to lure Tommy Joseph or Cameron Rupp out of Philly without much issue. Beyond that their pitching system's pretty bare (top pitching prospect Jesse Biddle profiles as a #3), and they've mostly got outfielders.

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    Great to see Arietta dominate for more than 3 or 4 innings.

  • In an AWESOME professional debut. Kyle Schwarber is 3-4 so far with a 3 run HR. Great start!!

  • In reply to Alex:

    Schwarber probably should just live out of his suitcase, this could be a short trip in Boise.

  • In reply to bleedblue:

    I hope Schwarber passes through Kane County this season and doesn't jump straight to Daytona like Bryant did.

  • In reply to Alex:

    Video of Schwarber's HR.

  • In reply to Alex:

    Nice! Here's hoping that Schwarber makes the management look every bit as smart as Bryant has so far.

  • Great write up Felzz!

    Arrietta is giving us reason to dream, he clearly has the arm to be a TOR guy. This will probably be his best start of the year so this is a bit of cherry picking but his bb/ip goes below 3 after tonight's start. Since that is his Achilles Heel it is a very encouraging start to his season!

  • I know that when the Phillies were thinking of adding Soriano for a "Playoff Push" the Cubs were interested in Dominic Brown. Of course, Brown has improved since then.

    The Cubs infield is going to be set in a year. You don't want Utley or Rollins and their cash slowing everyone down…….

    And my guess is the price tag on Cliff Lee will not make him worth it…..

  • In reply to felzz:

    Just wait a couple years for the old guys on the Phillies to regress further, Hamels will be available, and with the minor league depth the Cubs have assembled, they should be frontrunners to get him.

  • It is definately games like this where you see the promise in Arietta,.... and why he should be given every chance to get himself figured out as a potential starting pitcher for this year's, and hopefully next year's team.

    Especially if Shark and Hammel are shipped out - he'll be needed as a guy to complement Wood, Jackson, and whatever retred or current AAA guy they pencil in once the big guns on the top of the rotation are gone.

  • Pat's OR Geno's. I'm no native, but I did marry one, and I just so happened to live there for a year. Both are great. They're touristy, but oh do they deliver!

    Anyway - first comment; funny the things that bring you out, huh? Over from ESPN/troll hell. Been reading ever since somebody over there mentioned it to me about a month or so ago. Love the comments, the writing (I can even live with the apparent lack of an editor), and the refreshing analysis/perspective. I'm so used to these cautious-type of journalists that report from the perspective of "just because the Cubs sucked before, they will continue to suck" (...until they win a WS, of course).

  • In reply to RizzowiththeStick:

    This is the most insightful and informative site out there for Cubs news up and down the whole organization from both the writers and commenteers.

  • The Cubs are 14 and 11 over there last 25 games. It really seems like the talent level on this team is a lot closer to 500 than their record shows. Sure hoping for a big jump next year. Hell, I might even settle for a 500 April. Then we wouldn't think the season was over by May 1st.

  • To me this is a much more enjoyable team than the last couple years, because they have a trustworthy bullpen. Rizzo is quietly having a monster offensive season. A couple more reliable bats and they could beat anybody on a given Thursday.

  • In reply to wastrel:

    Isn't it so much nicer seeing Rondon-Ramirez-Grimm at the end of games instead of Gregg-Russell-Marmol everyday (even though that group was almost entertaining for different reasons...)? That's 25% of the game that was impossible to enjoy last year.

  • In reply to wastrel:

    Definitely. At least there appears to be some culmination of a plan at the big league level. We can see it starting to come together. In 2012, I couldn't tell you (beyond Castro) who wouldn't be traded and who would be. In 2014, I think we have at least 12 players that will still be here "when the Cubs are good again". Plus, we have another half dozen that appear to be within 100 games of making their MLB debut.

    A few off season impact signings and this could be an interesting club next year, and a potent one thereafter.

  • Domonic Brown might be a guy the cubs could buy low on. He's having a poor season ,but was good last year. I wonder if theirs a match, between them. If Alcantara could play ss they could use him next year.

  • In reply to Mitchener:

    I would not trade Alcantara for Brown. Maybe one of Olt/Villanueva, but I will be happy with whatever Theo does trade wise. The trade, Feldman for Strop and Arrieta is working for me.

  • In reply to John57:

    Alcantara is a better player if he reaches his ceiling, but Brown has shown he can hit at the big league level with 27 home runs.

    Also, we need outfield help.

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