Anarchist's Brunch- Move upside and let the man go through.

Anarchist's Brunch- Move upside and let the man go through.

The Ricketts need to take a vacation. From themselves. I mean, they can be who they are and all. Todd can lead the Bike parade to Milwaukee (Is that this weekend?) Tom can hand out cards and take pictures.

But they should be more owner and less employee and let some people do their jobs. Most notably Julian Green.

Julian Green has been a successful PR guy for over 15 years, for people like Barack Obama and Miller Coors. And yet the Cubs are a PR disaster. If for no other reason than every time something happens a Ricketts grabs a microphone or a video camera and makes it worse.

The Cubs cake incident.

The video with the awful music and Tom Ricketts as Sally Struthers.

Letting Crane Kenny out of his cage.

Soon there will be an announcement about the Cubs shifting their radio to WBBM. It really shouldn't be that big of a deal. But it could be if not handled right. And with a Rickets at the podium, it almost certainly isn't going to be handled right.

If the Cubs have something to say, Julian Green should say it. If the reporters go chumming up to Rickettses for answers they should defer to Julian Green. You hired this man to do a job. Please, for the love of everything, let him do it.

Odds and Sodds-

I only know of one person who's upset that the Cubs radio might be leaving WGN. And he's 150 years old. I consider myself a traditionalist on a lot of things but radio stations right now are app buttons on my phone or numbered buttons in my car. There's not a ton of loyalty there. And Pat Hughes is 99.9% coming over and that's really all that matters. The days of listening to Bob Collins or Wally Phillips into your Cubs day…..I mean who lives that way these days? Whatever. The Cubs will always be on #2 in my car.

I can't tell you how nervous/excited/amazed/interested I am in tonight's game 7 between the Hawks and Kings. What a series. Might be the best series the Hawks have ever played. I haven't liked the job either Bowman or Quenneville have done all year, and yet, here they sit 60 minutes away from a possible 3rd Stanley Cup appearance in 5 years. Hopefully the Cubs get to this kind of level.

It sounds to me like the three teams ahead of the Cubs will likely dictate who the Cubs draft. But the idea that the Cubs can go high schooler as easily as college arm shows me that 1) the Cubs don't draft for need. and 2) the Cubs don't have a specific date as to when everYthing should start clicking...

Listening to a variety of Blitzen Trapper this morning, most notably "Wild Mountain Nation" and "Furr". They're playing across the street Tuesday. Thought I'd catch up...

Loved the endings to Hannibal and Mad Men. Specifically Mad Men. Because there was a hint at some soul and that show usually doesn't do that.  Which means I'm down to two shows- Fargo and Game of Thrones….

The Samardzija trade has to be a slam dunk. Like twice the Garza trade. We're celebrating the Garza trade now but back then the result was "Lots of side dishes…no steak." There needs to be some steak in a Samardzija deal.

I think I like Stephen Bruno busting out. Have no idea where/if he plays…… But if the rebid is going to be a successful one, it will need more players like Stephen Bruno coming out of nowhere.



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  • Question on trading Shark. Do the Cubs really need to trade him? Could there possibly be a better outcome in signing him and showing the rest of baseball that the Cubs are done with the fire sales and maybe, just maybe, that would help them land a #1 arm in the free agent bidding? If the minor league depth really is there and developing the Cubs should be able to package some of these young players up for a key outfield piece (Stanton for example). Then as the Cubs top prospects come up in the next year - year and a half things can really take off.

  • In reply to rob1872:

    That is part of the reason I would like for the Cubs to re-sign him. Hammel is pitching lights out and one would believe Theo could get a similar package that he got for Maholm/Feldman/Dempster.

    That package, along w/ this years #4 pick and next years top 3 pick puts the Cubs in a real good position moving forward while still having an Ace to build around.

  • In reply to rob1872:

    You really think that re-signing Shark will land the Cubs a #1 arm in FA? #1 arms are landed by lots and lots of $$$$. Besides that, you pretend that players and agents are blind to the Cubs' rebuilding and the prospects they have pushing at the door. Next, your comment pretends that the Cubs have all the control in re-signing Shark.

    If he won't sign (notice that he has the most control in the issue) an extension now, the best thing for the Cubs to do is to trade him for future talent, not to just watch him walk away for a supplemental pick two years from now. The dude wants to taste free agency and get wowed by a huge, huge contract.

  • Should have been "Odds and Saads" for today in honor of the man-child.

  • In reply to nmu’catsbball:

    Love it NMU!!!

  • In reply to MoneyBoy:

    Big day today

  • Or "Odds and Suds" in honor of Harry Carey.

  • Out of curiosity, what's #1 in your car, XRT? Was mine, when I lived there.

  • Agreed with the move from WGN radio. I'm an out-of-state fan, so I have to admit that there is no sentimental connection to listening to 720. I do listen on my phone now, though. I enjoy Pat Hughes, and think Coomer is a huge improvement over Moreland. We don't need to worry about losing broadcasters, as they are typically hired by the team. I am personally thankful that next year I won't have to listen to the stupidest 10 second promos for WGN personalities that I couldn't care less about ("I don't want to tell Rich Renteria how to do his job, but when is Steve Trachsel coming in?").

    If anything, the radio contract just points to something we probably already knew. When the tv contract is up, games will be elsewhere. That has bigger implications for fans that consider themselves traditionalists, in my opinion.

  • If you need a show or two to start watching, check out Justified (FX, on season 5 but so worth starting from beginning) and House of Cards (Netflix, on season 2).

  • In reply to Swmrdak79:

    I like Louie on FX too, quality writing. Currently in the middle of season 4.

  • Wally Phillips...hehe.

  • Oh yeah. Love the Soul Coughing.

  • fb_avatar

    As things are shaking out, you could be very happy, indeed, with this draft.

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