Anarchist's Brunch- Let's gripe about two.

Anarchist's Brunch- Let's gripe about two.

The Cubs had their first scheduled double header since 1983 and now have their first Sunday off since the 1930's.  And they can use that day off because after winning the first two games of the series Thursday and Friday, the Cubs came out trying, ended up folding, and wound up getting swept in the double header and tied in the series. Let's sift through the ashes of a lost day in an otherwise interesting season.


There was actually some hype going into this game. Dallas Beeler was making his first professional start for the Cubs. Theo Epstien say that whether he was throwing a complete game shutout or getting lit up like Marshall Fields windows at Christmas, he was being returned to Iowa after the game. It was meant as a "just calm down and throw your game" pep talk. And it worked. Beeler matched Cub-Nemisis for 6 innings. However, a tiring Beeler allowed his one and only run after a wild pitch. The Nats would add two more on the Cubs bullpen and since Gio Gonzalez was Gio Gonzalez that was kind of it for the ball game.


The big story was Dallas Beeler. And why not. Standing 6'5" Beeler has a presence on the mound. MASN, whose broadcast I was shoved into watching, showed a side by side of Beeler's delivery next to Roy Halladay. Perfect match. Now that's a totally unfair comparison for Beeler, but Halladay seemed to do okay, and he was a big ol 6'5"  pitcher too. Anyway it was a very encouraging start. And since Samardzija and Hammel both could be…….wait for it……..PITCHING THEIR LAST GAMES AS CHICAGO CUBS…… It's nice to know someone like Beeler will be down in Iowa ready to take over. Speaking of which.


So classic second guess and all but but Jeff Samardzija comes out and pitches the 6th inning after a 45 minute rain delay. Of course, Shark thinks he can do it. He's Notre Dame- USC 24/7 he always wants the ball. But What is the next stage of this rebuild? It's this trade deadline right? Isn't Samardzija the Cubs biggest asset  for this deadline. If I'm an opposing GM I certainly don't want to see him go out there after calcium has been building up in the arm for 45 minutes. How does Renterria send him out there? How does Epstoyer let him?  ridiculous.


Dallas Beeler has done it. Josh Vitters and Brett Jackson did it two years ago. Mike Olt did it in April. Fans are simply encouraged/interested to see prospects from the farm team play. And while I agree that we don't give the fans "Cookies"- I bristle at the idea of Cub fans needing a treat to stay interested, I sure as heck wouldn't mind seeing more players from Iowa playing on the roster right now. Kris Bryant too valuable, needs to develop? Fine. What about Alcantarra? I'd rather see Vitters or Zcsrucr than Coghlan while we're at it. If this rebuild is gonna be successful, doesn't the farm system have to pump out more than a star player every two…make that three…..quite possibly four years? Shouldn't the farm system be producing players on a yearly basis. So far the only place the farm system has produced players is with the Cubs bullpen. AND HELLO, IT'S THE BEST ASPECT OF THE TEAM…… Not asking for a cookie, just would rather use our own soda machine when getting the Soda.


So Cubs don't hit Gio Gonzalez….I get that. He's Gio Gonzalez.But Blake Trienen? Asking for a friend.


Kind of anti-rainbow going with the WHite Album. But "I'm So Tired" has been a very true song for me recently. Anyone who red Thursday's wrap where I went the whole article referring to the Nationals as the Senators can testify. All Star Break can't get here soon enough. Anyway, Disc 1 of the White Album. Gay Pride will just have to work white into their rainbow….

By the way, my animosity towards this parade is strictly logistical. Today and that damn air show the city is in gridlock. You can't get anywhere. Yick….



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  • I agree on shark coming back after the rain delay. Was a questionable move.
    Dallas looked solid. What a great story line and proof you can find guys in late rounds.
    I agree with calling up players. It doesn't have to be the elite ones but bring in some fresh blood for
    the terrible outfield and miserable hitting Olt and Barney.

  • Bryant is ready for the show. Probably was last year. Tired of this babying, afraid of our shadow, we might ruin him, he's gotta get 500 useless unnecessary at-bat, rememer the pie-patterson, you gotta eat all you meat before you can have your pudding, see I'm a baseball genius because I am patient and way too smart to ever rush anything because only an would ever rush anything, especially if that means we'd have one less year of control and we want to lose anyway cause so we can get another top 5 pick.

    Or, yeah, at least how about Alcantatra? ASAP.

  • In reply to TTP:

    What made you think Bryant was ready? He had a 30% strikeout rate and by the time he was moved up yo AAA he was at 20% in his last few games... Right now it is at 30% or so again... Let him cut it down again before promoting him.

    I'd like to see him ready with the "useless ab's" than to rush him and ruin him just to give him more "useless ab's" at the MLB level just so fans have something good to look at.

  • In reply to TTP:

    Regardless of the fact Bryant still does have things to work on, gaining an extra year of control while he is in his prime when the Cubs should be very good is reason enough to leave him down until the end of April 2015. To bring him up this year to appease the fans and maybe win a few extra games would be idiotic. It's amazing that people just can't accept that.

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    I agree that Bryant is probably ready, and will definitely be ready by the end of July. But I don't think he'll be called up because of financial reasons (push back his clock), and the philosophy that if the team is going to lose it may as well lose as much as possible. I definitely don't agree with the first reason, and I'm not sure about the second. If I owned the team, I would like to see Bryant in Chicago in September, if not sooner.

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    In reply to Cubs Win 009:

    Forget the finances. We're talking about an extra year of control if we bring him up two weeks into next season. We would insane not to do that.

  • In reply to Mike Moody:

    If we wait til week 3, then we get a year of control? What happens during spring training
    if he earns a starting spot?

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    In reply to Mike Moody:

    So is that all that is would take - just two weeks? Yeah, I guess I would have to agree with you then. Especially considering that the team isn't going anyway this year. I do look forward to Rizzo/Bryant in the middle of the lineup. Although they could get those years of control by just signing him to a long-term contract, which is what I like to think is what I would do if I owned the team.

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    In reply to Cubs Win 009:

    Unless they've changed things (and they may have) he requires over 172 games played next year to acquire a year of service time. There are roughly 183 days in the season. Super 2 is a different animal: if they rank in the top 22% of players with more than two years of service time, they get an extra year of arbitration. That's why Polanco and Rizzo were kept in the minors until June. The rules are arcane and complicated but I believe that is how they work.

    One problem with extending him: Scott Boras. He almost always takes his players to free agency. I don't have any problem with paying the man when he hit free agency but you just never know what's going to happen at that point.

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    In reply to Mike Moody:

    That's exactly right on the rules. And while the difference between Bryant hitting FA in 2021 or 2022 doesn't seem like a big deal now, if he's what everyone hopes he is, that makes an enormous difference in 7 years. Like $30 mil difference. Can we wait 12 more games for that? I think so.

    Pushing him back on Super-Two could mean $15 mil or so in savings, but Cubs may bite the bullet on that one if he's still raking in AAA next year. That doesn't change team control, it just converts one year at minimum salary into another year of Arb eligibility.

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    In reply to Mike Moody:

    One more less important, but still important point that everyone forgets: the 40-man spot. Bryant does not have to be added to the 40-man this offseason, and should not be. Having more 40-man spots allows you to pick-up bench players that other teams don't have room for. Hector Rondon and Luis Valbuena are on our roster because the Indians ran out of 40-man slots. Let's not be that team......

  • In reply to Mike Moody:

    At the end of the day if the Cubs offer him a really good extension offer in the next couple of years and he likes it he's going to take it. Boras or no Boras. It's his money.

    An offer to have you down to your great-great-grandkids and beyond set for life that is reasonable to Bryant won't be turned down. The Boras effect is overblown.

  • In reply to Chrissy T:

    I would dare him to turn down a 7 year/$100 million offer (probably after next season if he progresses like we think he would) Which still gives him a chance at another huge contract after it's over.

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    In reply to Chrissy T:

    Why in the name of God would you offer him 7/$100 in his first season? That buys out one year of free agency at roughly $70 million. (That $70 million is lowish estimate.)

    Your argument is great in theory but if you look at actual Boras clients only Jered Weaver has taken the deal of late. The signing bonus of $6.7 million lets Bryant bank on himself.

  • In reply to Mike Moody:

    Then add on a year or two and lower the annual price.

    This is a new phenomenon, locking guys up very early. The Cubs do have a history with it with Castro/Rizzo so the offer will be on the table. Who the agent is is irrelevant. He's going to take the money if he likes the deal.

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    In reply to Chrissy T:

    Keep believing that. I remember years ago a Yankee fan making a similar argument about Robinson Cano.

  • In reply to Mike Moody:

    "No, I'm not going to accept this great offer from the Cubs that I like because my agent doesn't like it."

    Solid logic there.

  • In reply to Chrissy T:

    If Bryant hits 35 HR as a rookie he's going to piss on any long term offer the Cubs put in front of him. He's going to make a substantial amount through arbitration so why would he tie himself up with a long term deal and lose out on an extra $60 or $90 million?

  • In reply to Northside Neuman:

    I wouldn't hold my breath on that. The list of rookies will 35+ home runs is extremely short. Especially if he doesn't make the team out of spring training. That's a pretty big "if".

  • In reply to Cubs Win 009:

    Probably more important than the reasons you mentioned is that he would have to be added to the 40 man roster in order to come up this year. That means one less prospect can be protected from the draft. And as the farm system progresses, that becomes a substantial problem.

  • In reply to DaveP:


    "That means one less prospect can be protected from the draft."


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    Wouldn't this lineup be great soon, rotation could be different if we get some pithing for samardjiza and hammel. Grimm going down to get stretched out. Salvage ejax by making him Villanueva, could be a decent 2 inning reliever.

    Kalish-rf / ruggiano
    Watkins / lake - lf



  • So their ace beats our callup and their callup beats our "ace". Disappointing that out of the 4 starters yesterday Samardjia had the worst outing. Being as it was the 2nd game of a doubleheader the game right before an off day and Shark pitching chances were small that Cubs were going to win. Oh well onward.

  • Time to admit we made a mistake with Kyle Schwarber. Just joking but similar to Bryant maybe he should have just skipped Kane county and gone right to Daytona. Glad he did hit Kane however, if you're reading this Kyle thanks for autographing my kid's hat, stuff like that really means a lot to an 11 year old. Really need to start bringing some of these kids up. Frankly if I was running the team I'd switch Bryant and Olt and then I'd dump Barney and bring up Alcantara. Maybe play AA in the OF, Valbuena deserves to keep his starting job. Funny how I never mentioned Baez, lets give him another month and see where he is at.

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    In reply to ruby2626:

    Schwarber is doing what an advanced colllege hitter should be doing: Owning single-A ball. That's not to diminish his accomplishments, it's very encouraging. But we should expect an advanced college bat to rake at low levels. It does validate the high pick for sure.

    If he keeps this up, he has to be moved to A+, and probably Arizona Fall League, unless that's too much baseball (Kris Bryant had a month off before signing last year, but Schwarber signed immediately, so it may be a bit much to ask to continue into fall league)

  • Sorry felz, no excuses for Shark... The Bats rookie seemed to do OK after the 45 mins... And it was a DH in which about 3 relievers had been used already... Shark needs to be an ace... He wants ace money, he better show he deserves it... He turned down a reasonable offer so he's gonna be held to higher standards.

  • I think we have surprises coming.

    Of the "keep Hammel" and "keep Samardzija" variety.

    Jettison EJax. Sign Markakis. Bring up Alcantara and Bryant and one of Beeler/Wada/Hendrix early next year. Add Baez when he is ready.

    This isn't that hard. What IS hard is finding good starting pitching. We already have it. Let's keep it. Extensions are cheaper than free agents. Trading Samardzija and Hammel is really a step back for a team that needs nothing more than a boost in offense. We have the boost in AAA. Add Markakis.

    This would be the fastest, smartest and best route. What is about to happen is... Dumb.

  • In reply to HackWilson09:

    You talk as if the Cubs were in total control. But Samardzija has made no secret of the fact that he wants to test the free agency market. If he doesn't want to sign, the Cubs would be idiots to keep him until he becomes a free agent, and get nothing more than a second round draft choice for him.

    I suspect that they are trying to extend Hammel. But one thing that this front office has been successful at has been taking middle-of-the-road veteran pitchers and turning them into plus pitchers. Maholm, Feldman, Hammel were all plucked out of a rather mediocre free agency field. Do we really want to sign this Hammel for 12 million per year rather than sign the next Hammel at 6 million and in addition get prospects for the current one? Samardzija is not easily replaceable, and we should sign him if it is at all possible and reasonable. But Hammel might easily be replaced at a lower cost in both money and in lost prospects.

    That said, I hope they can extend Hammel. But the choice isn't that cut and dry.

  • In reply to DaveP:

    The Cubs are lowballing Samarzija. The price of pitching continues to rise. We can't likely afford Scherzer at $250 mil or Lester at $175. I do not think I am exaggerating. Samardzija is worth a $100+ extension right now. Pay him the going rate and he may accept. He loves Chicago.

    On Hammel, I've always felt he was a gem sidetracked by injuries. Give him 3x10 to stay. Or 4x10.

    Look at what EJax got... The 4/5 guys cost too much. We can't keep getting lucky like this on our sign/flips. Hammel is healthy. Keep him.

  • In reply to HackWilson09:

    lowballing , you have got to be kidding me , they offered 17M a year for a mid rotation guy based on his body of work, You are either a Notre Dame fan or not watching the same guy. The day after Shark puts together just 1, ENTIRE season of 1 or 2 in the rotation results then I will change my opinjion, but I don't think I will ever have to, He is good for a few months then He is EJAX .

  • In reply to Bryan Craven:

    It's Market Value. Sorry, but it is what it is. Lots of inflation in baseball. Simply look at the numbers, they don't lie. I hate it too.

  • In reply to HackWilson09:

    you answered your own argument, why overpay for a 3 when you can get a couple cost controlled good young arms who can be just as good as Shark, not that hard to do by the way if you leave out 6 months of dominance in his career .Trade him and let someone else be foolish with their payroll. 17 M was more than fair for the guy. Notre Dame itis he has , thinks He is Elite without proving it .

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    In reply to Bryan Craven:

    amen, Bryan.

  • In reply to HackWilson09:

    dumb would be to grossly overpay for Shark, He is starting to replicate 2013, strong 1st half and EJax 2nd half, his last few outings he Has shown glipses of why He isn't an Ace. Better to get top level prospects and all the years of control for Him now, The guys they get should line up with the bats that are on the way. Theo and Jed are doing this thing right, fans want to settle for a 3 that thinks He is a 1 , I say trade Him, I would rather see Hammel signed to a 2 year say 16- 18M contract extention than keep Shark.

  • In reply to Bryan Craven:

    For all the same reason you mention on not signing shark, is the same reason teams will not give a top rotation arm. You may get a couple 3-4 projected arms and hope one progresses and can be an ace.
    I do think he is a lot better then Ejax tho

  • In reply to WaitTilNextYear:

    stuff wise he is better but He hasn't put together 1 full season of 1 or 2 in the rotation results and until he does I wouldn't pay him that kind of money till he does, and because of the trade deadline frenzy I do expect Theo to get 1 team out there to overpay and the Cubs will get a TOR type arm who isn't far away.

  • In reply to Bryan Craven:

    I agree on put whole season together but if you were looking at are rotation now one would have to say shark is 1 or 2 and Jackson is without a doubt the 5.

    I would rather get three guys who the think are mid rotation and have a chance for one to suprise us then 1 guy they project as a 1 and nobody else. I just get nervous putting all eggs in one basket.

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    This team is not contending this year, and probably won't be contending next year. With the way the business of baseball is set up I don't expect Bryant or Baiez to be in the Show until sometime next June (past the "Super Two" deadline). From a fan's point of view this sucks as who care is the Cubs have control over Baez and Bryant until 2021 as a good many of us may be dead by then to be a little grim about it. Schwaber may be up in 2016 if 1) he continues to hit like this and 2) if the Cubs are a possible contender in 2016 (I don't think the Epstoyer would do something as insulting to their fans with Schwaber that PIrates have done with Polanco, something that may have cost the Pirates four games in the standings when they could be realistically contending.)

  • In reply to Rick Kane:

    My point is: this team easily contend next year. We can't keep dumping pitchers year after year. Demp and Garza did not have long-term futures here. Maholm and Feldman were a godsend, but both had chronic injuries that made them perfect for sign/flip. Now we have a very different situation.

    I disagree that Samardzija is a fluke. He's strong and young. He may not be the "ace", but he's part of a strong rotation.

    Contending in 2015 is as simple as this:

    Keep all the pitching, but let go of Villanueva, EJax and Wright.

    Let go og Schierholtz, Barney, Coghlan, demote Olt. Add Bryant, Alcantara. Sign Markakis. Gradually add Baez and Lopez. This is a huge boost for an offense that simply needs to improve its core.

    We're a .500 team since mid-May, you know. This is simply about turning around some on-run losses.

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    In reply to HackWilson09:

    The logical flaw here is that trading Samardzija and Hammel will necessarily result in players who won't contribute next year. One of the reasons we may be able to contend next year is because we DID trade Feldman and acquired Jake Arrieta in the deal. IF we acquire, say, James Paxton for Hammel it isn't at all clear to me that we wouldn't be better off than if we extended Hammel. I agree it is hard to see getting someone who will replace Samardzija in the rotation next year but if we can pry Aaron Sanchez away from the Blue Jays we just might.

  • fb_avatar

    The only part of the afternoon that didn't suck: Someone lighting up Arrieta with seeds in the dugout during that nationally broadcasted interview.
    Good stuff right there.

  • fb_avatar

    Has anyone looked at next years FA class and pitchers coming back from TJ to see who next year's Feldman/hammel might be? Is there in fact anyone?

  • In reply to SKMD:

    Chad Billingsley, Brandon Morrow, or Edinson Volquez may fit that mold. They'll be cheaper than the Justin Masterson type tier.

  • Getting back to the current team on the field, I'm getting a little tired of a situation that has come up too often. Beeler pitches 6 innings, but before he leaves he takes his at bat in the bottom of the 6th in a 1-0 game. Kasper mentions that the short bench necessitates this move. Does this team really need to carry 13 pitchers? It has been playing short handed on the bench for over 2 months now.

  • In reply to Dave S:

    I think they are protecting Some veteran arms since some of these guys have had so many appearances in the last three years. I also think this a result of having so many young guys in the pen they want to break them all in slowly and not over extend them in their first seasons. Trying to spread the appearances around. Also helps in arbitration when one guy doesn't have 50 saves when he's 25 years old like Rondon or Ramirez.

  • Right on Felzz. The Shark thing last night was uh...puzzling to say the least. And why we're still being subjected to this OF is insane. At this point, why wouldn't they start Alcantara and the other young guys and see what they can do.

    RR is a nice guy and seems to have created an environment that suits Rizzo and Castro well, and he deserves credit for that. At the same time, his bullpen management, lineup construction, and in game strategic moves have been mind-numbingly awful far too often. He'd better go to Manager 101 school in the offseason or Theo will be looking for his third manager in short order. There are a lot of good, young pitchers on this club and you could make a strong case the Cubs should have three All Stars (Rizzo, Castro, Shark) and yet we're the worst team in baseball. Something seems amiss....

    And why do we continue to see Barney at 2B and Valbuena at 3B?Sure Olt hasn't maximized the opportunities he's had and has struggled to make contact. Is that so uncommon for young players? Haven't many great players had similar starts to their careers? The man still leads all NL rookies in HR and RBIs and yet he plays once or twice a week? How can a young player, especially a power hitter, get into any kind of rhythm playing so infrequently and always looking over his shoulder. Can we please just put Olt at 3B and Luis at 2B and leave them there at this point?

    I've swallowed the Kool Aid and I believe in the Plan. I fully expect them to narrowly miss the playoffs next year and then make them in 2016 and be perennial contenders thereafter. I love what the Cubs have done and are doing long term.

    Still, for all the talk of patience and supposed candor; I don't ever seem to recall Theo saying that a critical aspect of The Plan's success is that the big league club will have to be a raging dumpster fire for at least three years.

  • In reply to YouCannotBeSerious:

    Theo did say the ML team would be bad for a number of years and then have non linear improvement to become a consistent playoff team. I will agree with you that he did not use your words and say " be a raging dumpster fire for at least three years".

  • End result was disappointing as regards Beeler - but you can't fault a guy up from the minors for a first time who gives up one unearned run in 6 decent innings pitched.

    I like what I saw in Beeler - and assuming that Shark & Hammel are gone at some point in the near future - we could do worse than him filling one of those rotation spots.

    And the guy was a 41st round pick too? Now that's cool. The previous regime got some milage for the club on that pick.

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