This room smells like hotel illness. Braves 3 Cubs 2.

This room smells like hotel illness. Braves 3 Cubs 2.

Not to complain about doing my job. But the Cubs not only lost to the Braves 3-2 Friday night, they ruined a very simple wrap.  Here was the wrap. "Mike Olt hit a home run. Jason Hammel let in two runs. Cubs lost." That was it. That was the entire wrap. Because that's all there was to say. The Cubs had one hit- A Mike Olt homer. And were losing going into the ninth. Julio Teheren was just awesome. But the Cubs muscled a run off of closer Craig Kimbrel when Ryan Kalish, who I'm personally MF'ing into a starter's job singled in Craig Coughlin and all of the sudden it was 2-2. But in the 10th the Cubs went into Vapor lock. Justin Heyward would walk (Mistake #1), then get picked off but because Wesley Wright took so much time getting the ball to Anthony Rizzo, Heyward would wind up stealing second. (Mistake #2) Then R2 would "Play the percentages" and walk Justin Upton and face Freddie Freeman (Mistake #3) and Freeman would slap the percentages into center field for an easy game winning single.  It was a nice 14 word wrap….Now it isn't. Let's discuss.


Jason Hammel overcame some early control problems to turn in another solid performance. 7 innings, 2 earned runs on 7 hits while walking one and striking out five. There was some pre game rain and the ball might not have been as easy to grip. But after the first and third innings Hammel shut the Braves down. Please continue good sir. Zac Rosscup and Hector Rondon went two scoreless before Weslet Wright came in and did what he did in the 10th.


So Mike Olt hit another home run. And every time he does Cub fans just start screaming "play him everyday, play him everyday." It reminds me so much of Richard Dreyfuss in "What About Bob" when Bob is helping Siggy get the confidence to dive and Siggy dives and Dreyfuss is like "I'll take it from here. I'll take it from here….."  Isn't this whole rebuild based on drafting and DEVELOPING players. Maybe this plan is the right course for Olt. Heck he has 7 HR and 17 RBI, that's more than Castro and one less than Rizzo. He's going to get plenty of AB's Maybe the development plan that we've trusted these guys with implementing is working fine the way it is….. Let it breathe.


The last inning just stings my tuckus something fierce. Heyward's on second. So you walk Upton to "Face the lefty" Only the lefty is Freddie Freeman- The Braves three hitter. Who's only hitting .320. You walked a player to face the Braves best hitter. How high do you think the righty-lefty percentages are that they have to overcome the Braves best hitter? Not that Juston Upton is a walk in the park… But walking him to get to the Braves best hitter…….I'll never understand.

So that happened. Teheren looked like he was really dealing. So to battle in the 9th when he got out of there is Something I guess. But what a silly 10th. Ah well…. Shark vs. Ervin Santanna tomorrow. Maybe better luck then. Onwards.



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    Just speaking for myself here, but my calls for Olt to be playing every day aren't about wanting to try to get 40 bombs out if him, but more about the fact that (even despite the homers) he doesn't look all that comfortable.

    The development is exactly why I want everyday play.

    That, and my blood pressure goes up when Darwin Barney bats.

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    I'm sure Theo is going to take into account your opinion lol

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    Giffmo, like most of our good commenters, likes to interact with other readers (and the writers) and give his opinion. He adds to the great forum we have here.

    If you prefer making anti-social comments under the guise of anonymity, then that's your thing, but please don't mistaken that for wit or think it contributes anything to the good conversation.

  • Olt admits his approach at the plate to start the year was really bad, but now he's getting more and more comfortable knowing what he needs to do. I think his own awareness is cause for hope. He has the power, no doubt, so he just needs to stop getting himself out. Any rookie has to go through that phase as a hitter, so I'm gaining confidence in him.

  • the real mistake ios that the clown Wesley wrong is on the roster period. When are we going to cut bait with the clowns named Wright and Russell and find us a real LH releif pitrcher who can actually retire sub-200 hitting lefties.?

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    Really, that was his first bad outing in like a month! I'm certainly not in love with his abilities, but you want to cut a lefty reliever with a 2.38 ERA (even the FIP is a very respectable 3.26)? And that lefty that hit the game winner off of him, Freddie Freeman, he's hitting .289/.349/.500 against lefties this year...

  • It's getting tougher and tougher to watch this team struggle offensively. Through the first 34 games, we've been limited to 6 or fewer hits in 50% of them.
    When your team has so few men on base and then add a BA with RISP of only .201 and BA with 2 outs of .205, it makes little sense to suggest we're even a competitive team. Can anyone imagine Shark's frame of mind after 7/7 quality starts and ZERO wins?

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    Has there ever been a starting pitcher make the all star team with no wins?

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    Has there ever been a starting pitcher go winless and make the all star team?

  • The team is struggling so much offensively because of the veterans - Sweeney, Ruggiano down, Schierholtz, Baker, Barney haven't hit a lick, only exception is Bonifacio.

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    Agreed. The role players haven't done their part.

  • I - like pretty much a majority of 'us' around here want to see Olt get all the PT and development time he can handle.

    I will consider it to have been a successful development year from Olt if he gets 350-400 plate appearances, gets back his mojo defensively, and can get that batting average up over ~0.230 without losing too much of his HR power. 25 HR and 70-80 RBI and he could be in the running for ROY.

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    I keep forgetting that Olt is a rookie!

  • Loving the power numbers Olt is putting up. Other than a little inconsistent with the glove at times this is pretty much exactly what I think most of us were expecting from Olt. lower average with high strikeouts, walks and power numbers. Low BABIP so hopefully that will turn around and help the average, although we know he probably will never be a .280 up hitter. Which is fine with the good defense and higher .iso

  • Finally RR is putting his best 8 hitters in the lineup tonight. My only question is why are 4 of your 1st 5 hitters lefthanded then 6 thru 9 are right handed? Oh well at least we have our best guys in there.

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