The Call of Ktulu. Giants 4 Cubs 0.

The Call of Ktulu. Giants 4 Cubs 0.

We will Eschew our regular wrap format this morning. Because there's one thing and one thing only you needed to know about last night's game between the San Francisco Giants and the Chicago Cubs. The San Francisco Giants started Tim Hudson. The Chicago Cubs didn't. The Cubs started Jake Arrieta.  Stakes horse vs. Allowance horse.  Even at Hudson's advanced age- Hudson pitched. Arrieta threw. The difference was 4 runs.

You forget just how amazing Tim Hudson has been in his career. Hudson-Zito-Mulder carried the A's for generations while the team was being stripped of players year after year. Great stuff, good mechanics and a drive has kept Hudson solid all these years and helped overcome two gruesome injuries. Anyway, he was fabulous, keeping Cub hitters off balance all night. Hudson threw 7 shutout innings, scattering 6 hits and striking out 5. You just knew the Cubs weren't hitting him tonight.

Conversely, Jake Arrieta started for the Cubs, and he wasn't awful. In fact, the way we ultra baby our pitchers with kid gloves and always looking on the bright side of things- Arrieta's line of 6 innings pitched while only letting up one more hit than Hudson ( 7) while striking out one more player (Seven) might seem kinda good. But I see a guy with a full arsenal of weapons who has no idea how to shoot. And while I loathe to drape myself in the Hawk Harrelson "TWTW" flag, Arrieta has a fundamental approach to pitching that makes me question if he's ever going to get it. You can see the pitchers that want to be great. And when you throw mid-90's with the breaking stuff that Arrieta can throw, why isn't he throwing like Tim Hudson? I mean what's the point. He could be great….. Why wouldn't you want to be "Great"?…… You can see the pitchers that want to be great. Been seeing it on Hudson for 15 years now.  Shark wants it so bad it hits you in the face like bad BO. I think Arrieta's happy when he goes 6. Anyway, Sandoval and Posey acted like they could hit Arrieta anytime they wanted- and they did for RBI singles in the first and the fifth each. That there is your ballgame. I just wish his talent wasn't dwarfing his pitching ability the way it is right now.  I mean honestly…. a back end starter who throws mid-90's with killer off speed stuff who has no confidence and eats at your bullpen. Does that type of pitcher even make sense? You'd like to think he figured it out by now. Tim Hudson was 20-6 and would have been Cy Young had he not run into Pedro Martinez and one of the greatest seasons ever pitched in his second season as a pro.

Anyway, that's a bit much paralysis by over-analysys for this game. But short story- Hudson better than Arrieta. Giants better than Cubs. Rubber game late this afternoon. Timmy Smoke vs (hopefully) a good version of Edwin Jackson. Should be a fun one. Onwards.


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  • Wish it was Hammel on the bump today. It is unfortunately (Or is it fortunately? Who really knows which Multiple Ed will show up?) Jackson.

  • In reply to CubsFanInNorway:

    See……Coffee….THEN write the wrap.

    Will fix.

  • Like I said when Arrieta shut down the Padres, I'll be impressed when he does it against a lineup that doesn't have sub .200 hitters in the 4-7 spots of their batting order. Arrieta has the stuff of a #2 and the pitchability of a #6. He's fine as a 5th starter. Yes, he'll occasionally kill your bullpen, but that is kind of what all 5th starters do. The only glimmer of hope that I have seen with Arrieta this season is that he is actually striking a few more guys out than he normally does (first time in his career he has K'd more than a batter per inning). The guys that finally figured out how to pitch in their late 20s like Randy Johnson (and hopefully Shark) all seemingly had way better strikeout rates than Arrieta's career marks before they figured out the command/trust/whatever issues they had. Arrieta, for all his stuff, rarely dominates. Those other guys usually dominated and frustrated at the same time, or at least dominated in stretches. Arrieta has never really shown that.

  • I have a lot of confidence in Chris Bosio after seeing what he has done with our pitchers over the years (minus Marmol). I think Arrieta will continue to improve and eventually learn how to pitch.

  • In reply to Holy Cattle:

    If that's the case, he should be at AA until "he excels there" (Theo).

    Only real wrap up is that after an aberration yesterday, the Giants went back to acting like division leaders.

  • The Indiana Outlet Mall just got in a new shipment of Confidence - it's next aisle over from the Control stash that Jake raided two starts ago.

  • It's a shame they just ran out of the last box of TWTW.

  • Arrieta is the same pitcher that drove the Orioles so crazy that they finally threw in the towel. Same with Strop. Both have talent. Both have never learned how to harness it. Both for the same reason: Command.

    We may "catch lightning in a bottle" with Arrieta someday. Chances are he'll always be what he is now, a #5 starter. But there's always the chance that he'll figure things out, like Samardzija did. I'm not counting on it.

  • Did he really pitch that poorly? The hits in the first inning were all grounders, only the sacrifice fly was particularly hard hit. He was getting squeezed by the ump and in the past he would have run up his pitch count a lot more than he did. He got into some trouble and limited the damage for the most part. I have no problem with him as a 4th or 5th starter. I see progress in him and if he does put it together working with Chris Bosio, then we have a solid starter.

  • In reply to Cuyler:

    I agree with Cuyler. All the Giant runs got on base with ground ball hits, none hit particularly hard (through Arrieta's legs, through vacated 2nd base on a steal, and two close plays at first). Sandoval's 5th inning RBI blooped into the Bermuda triangle. I'm giving Arrieta credit for a pretty good game. Except for no offense, this could have been even closer. Giant announcer Krukow was giving Arrieta pretty good marks.

  • With Samardzija I always saw the drive, and the approach. I didn't think he had the repitoire but I saw a pitcher that wants the ball.

  • I just think that overall, Arrieta's command has improved. It's not linear but I see progress. He's not a core piece yet but I'd certainly rather have him in the 5th spot than Villanueva or Rusin. There's a lot of upside in him.

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    Arrieta has the same risk as Samardzija did two years ago, although Arrieta has had more chances to start and Samardzija clearly has a leg up control-wise on Arrieta. If anyone can make Arrieta into a good #2 or #3, it would be Bosio. I believe he deserves a rotation spot until he pitches his way out of it. I only watched the last half of the game but there was not alot of hard/loud contact off of Arrieta. It was a BABIP game the Giants. The balls found holes. There's not alot you can do about that.

  • Wait a minute. Hudson has been pitching for nearly 15 years. Arrieta is a relative newcomer. Don't you think Arrieta with some coaching can develop into a solid starter?

    How about Starlin Castro's last at bat? Those last two strikes, where he literally lunged over home plate and swung at down and out pitches that he missed by three or four inches? How long is he going to embarrass himself and his team. Everybody seems to cut him some slack. What about Arrieta?

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