Out the Window. Cubs 87 Brewers 0

So I dog the Cubs offense, Moody breaks down just how bad the offense has been, So naturally what happens? The Cubs go up against one of the Brewers nastiest pitchers and clown him. Anthony Rizzo hit two home runs off of Wily Peralta and poured on some more late. Meanwhile Jason Hammel left the Brewers on ice for 7 straight innings and just as ugly as last night's game was, today's 7-0 shutout was equally as sweet. It almost made all those exposed butt cheeks from Brewer fans bearable…… Almost. Let's get happy.


Second time Jason Hammel has  pitched at Miller Park. Second time Jason Hammel has gone 7 shutout innings. What more do you want? Hammel was simply dominant- striking out 8 Brewers. The draft is next week and then all the talk will turn to who we can trade Jason Hammel and Jeff Samardzija too. It would be smart, even from a trade perspective, to at least say you're talking to Hammel's agent about an extension. It's not like there aren't any long term openings on the Cubs roster for pitchers. Whatever. Enjoying him pitch while he's still here. Everyday Grimmy and Pedro Strop closed it out for the Cubs.


So after Anthony Rizzo hit his first home run both the Milwaukee and Cub announcers made it a point to say that Anthony Rizzo was coming off his first day off of the year. A quick check of twitter showed 700 references to the fact that Rizzo had a day off the day before and that's why he hit a home run today. My father spoke to me from Heaven and said the reason Anthony Rizzo hit a home run was because he had a day off the day before. So next time someone asks you why Rizzo had such a great day today…..tell them you don't know.


Recent plans had Asmiraldy Alcantarra playing a game in CF. Those plans changed due to rain, but it was a good idea then, it's a good idea now.  Even with the big offensive explosion today Junior lake was 0-4 and nate Schierholtz was 0-3 while getting thrown out on of the silliest stolen base attempts I've seen. There are vacancies in the outfield short term and long….. No reason not to fill them.

So that was much more fun than Friday night. Wish the Cubs showed more of this version of the Cubs and less like the light hitting goofballs we saw during the week. Sadly the answer is a combo of both. But that doesn't mean we can't believe we're moving towards a winning team. Shark is on the mound tomorrow while Kyle Loshe takes the bump for the Brewers. Should be a good time, assuming the Brewer fans can keep their pants up, which I doubt. Perhaps if we can fool them into thinking they're going to Church….ehhh. Just one more day, nothing we ain't seen. Onwards.



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  • I do wish Rizzo and Castro would get an extra day off every once in a while. Nothing excessive, but you have to think there's a bit of fatigue when a guy plays 160/162 games every year. The great Billy Williams said he believes every player should get a game off every two weeks. I don't know what the right number is, but the one like Rizzo got where it's positioned near an off day once per month seems like it could only be helpful.

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    I'm going to put in a random comment here because I think felzz's recaps always deserve recognition and the blank comment section makes me sad. I think it's a reflection of people's attention wandering away from this gawd-awful team on the field.

  • In reply to SKMD:

    Awesome of you to do that! I post infrequently, but had the same thought that you beat me to!

    I enjoy your stuff, felzz

  • Fantastic summary (as usual). And I fully agree as to the question of why (for the 3rd year in a row) the Cubs won't even talk about extending a guy on a 1-year contract that's pitching fantastic for them.

    Maholm, Feldman and now Hammel and it's always about what we can get for them vs. whether they'd like to become a part of the pitching 'core.'

    Yet, we continue to talk about the need for 'waves and waves of pitching' at the same time we trade waves and waves of it every year.

    Oh, well...onwards....

  • In reply to Deacon:

    It's worth noting that none of the four starting pitchers we've traded lately are still with the teams we traded them to, and that only Dempster managed to have a winning record (7-3, with an ugly 5.09 ERA) with their next team. Meanwhile, the Cubs have Arrieta, Strop, Grimm, Ramirez and Olt on the MLB roster, Edwards, Vizcaino, Hendricks and Christian Villanueva among our top 20 prospects and arguably higher draft choices in 2012 and 2013 as a result of those deals.

  • In reply to Deacon:

    I hear what you're saying, Deacon. However, I really like what we received for Maholm & Feldman. I assume that extending Hammeltime is a strong consideration if they can't get an overpay in a trade.

  • It seems like the Cubs have one game a week where they hit the hell out of the ball, and others when they can't hit anything. Maybe a little more frequently than that, since they hit the Padres, Giants and Yankees each in one game, but still the multiday droughts between them, thereby explaining the overall record in the 300s (.377 at the moment).

  • Felzzy...

    I love your recaps!! As other have said... you make a bad team bearable. Your commentary is always accurate and filled with pith and vinegar... and wit!

    The second RizzOMG HR was part of a 5 run outburst with two outs. Gasp!! Okay, it was against Zac Duke. But he has an ERA under 2. And he's a lefty... they used to be kryptonite to 44. Quoth the Rizzo... never more!!

    And Shark takes the bump tomorrow. Here's hoping for a series win and that the denizens of Brew City can keep their pants up!!

    Oh... and Go Hawks!!

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    If Shark's up, he'll have to pitch a shutout.

  • In reply to jack:

    ... and drive in a couple of runs.

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    In reply to MoneyBoy:

    Two completely independent thoughts:
    1. Zach Duke? I didn't realize he was still around. In 2005 Pirate fans made the argument that there wasn't that great a difference between he and Mark Prior and they were interested to see how their careers turned out. Is it even more interesting 9 years later?
    2. I will take Rizzos line this year
    vs. LH: 309/.415/.564/.982.
    vs RH: .252/.389/.427/.816
    It is only 50-60 ABs vs LH but I wouldn't be surprised to see other teams put in a RH pitcher against him unless they have a GOOD LH.

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    Good recap Felzz.

    For once I actually wouldn't mind hanging on to one of our flip guys for another year or two. Hammel the Hammer has looked as good as Feldman and Malcolm except his progression appears sustainable.

    However, if we can fleece another team like we have many times before then bye-bye Hammel.

  • In reply to Marcel Jenkins:

    The Cubs fleecing teams is as big a myth as the Cards churning out every prospect into a star.

    Get rid of Hammel. He's been great. Sell high while the stock is big.

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    In reply to Tippy:

    I wouldn't say it's a myth.

    Ryan Dempster
    Matt Garza
    Paul Maholm
    Scott Feldman

    Cubs turned 2 months worth of those pitchers into

    Mike Olt
    Neil Ramirez
    Kyle Hendricks
    CJ Edwards
    Christian Villanueva
    Arodys Vizcaino
    Justin Grimm
    Pedro Strop
    Jake Arrieta

    All cost controlled for multiple seasons.

    I would say that's quite the haul for a few pitchers we weren't going to keep anyway, Even more impressive considering the teams they got traded too didn't keep them either.

    If that's not highway robbery I don't know what is.

  • In reply to Marcel Jenkins:

    So far 0 of them have made a significant major league impact. You're crowning them before they have done anything. 0 have become core pieces.

    Can they become core pieces? Absolutely! But none have done it yet.

  • What could a Russell and Bonifacio trade package get the Cubs in return? I doubt it would be very much at this point

  • I read everything Felzz posts, but haven't commented in awhile mostly cause I've had rocks in my jaws and probably do oo much bitching here. Have tried to cure my condition by self medicating with heavy doses of apathy. Wasn't worked well. So, may I bitch a little today?

    Keeping Bryant in AA. This FO doesn't have hasn't shown even a hint of urgency. Aggravating.

    Castro and Rizzo rebounds? Castro .248 in May,was Rizzo .255. Worrisome.

    Maybe Szeum wasn't the problem. Maybe he worked wonders with Schierholtz last year cause Nate is lost without him. Scapegoat?

    I want to throw my iPad every time some one gleefully writes about trading Shark. Mudda . . .

    The acceptance of 3 years of sucking like the suckiest team in history has never sucked before really, really, really sucks.

    Wait til next year?

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