Just like Crazy Otto. Just like Wolfman Jack. Giants 5 Cubs 0.

We take a brief respite from all the Jeff Samardzija rumors to inform you that the Cubs didn't hit and the Cubs didn't win….. Oay there was a little more to it than that. The Giants and the Cubs wrapped up a series with one of the most painful to watch games you'll ever experience. Low on offense, low on strikes. Just a lot of mouth breathing on the mound with pressure on the pitchers solely from the pitchers. If you told me today was Saturday, I'd believe you. Tim Lincecum and and Edwin jackson held the game scoreless for the first five innings. But both pitchers had pitch counts into the 90's. So when former Cub Angel Pagan doubled and Underpants walked, Rich Rent decided to go to Everyday Jimmy to face the Kung-Fu Panda……Oops. Pablo Sandoval Hit the ball right back up the middle for a 1-0 lead. Beard and hair who throws lefty out, beard and hair who throws righty in. Brian Schlitter would get Hector Sanchez to fly out but the former Cub Tyler Colvin……TYLER COLVIN!, would lace a double down the line and Underpants would make it 2-0. The Giants would pile on in the 7th, all three runs unearned because Mike Olt waved at a ground ball as it strolled by him. 5-0 Series over, let's try and beat traffic to the airport.


It was nothing to look at but, it was a pretty good Edwin Jackson performance. 5.1 innings 4 hits, 2 ER, 2 BB 9K. He struck out 9. He was dealing. That doesn't mean he had confidence. The fidgeting, the long waits while pitching in the stretch- all Blood pressure skyrocketingly present.  But it's been a year and a half of this, it's simply what it's going to be. Would like him to pitch to contact just a tad more so he's not 96 pitches in the 5th, but still, pretty good for E max today. Everyday Jimmy, Every day Schlitty, and Everyday grimy have had better days than today in relief.

MIKE OLE!!!!!!!!

Mike Olt was billed as a very steady defensive 3rd sacker. And you see the skills. He moves in on balls very well, he has a very strong and accurate arm. But he has these lapses in concentration, lapses his teammate who lines up to his left gets killed for, on some of the simplest plays. There was no excuse for letting that Buster Posey hit get by. That was a routine grounder. It led to three un earned runs. Olt had made a sensational play on Angel Pagan earlier. Almost makes the Posey Fo-pah worse.


Old friend Tyler Colvin bit his former team with another RBI. He was one of Theo's first trades. Trading Colvin and DJ Lemaihiu for underachieving pain-in-the-ass Ian Stewart. OOPS!!!!!! Really have no problem with Theo trading Colvin, an over drafted outfielder by henry back when the farm system was run by a shoebox full of singles Hendry kept next to the Scotch in his desk. What's sad is that it's been three years and we haven't had an outfielder that's clearly superior to Colvin, who has released by the Rockies and signed with the Giants as a free agent. Speaking of Scotch…..

So that was awful. I wish I never saw it. But I did. I'm never gonna understand how bats can just vanish like that. Hudson I understood. But Lincecum wasn't that impressive……Arrggghhhh. Anyway, we'll let you get back to the Samardzija rumors. Day off tomorrow before the Cubs return to Suds R Us and the Milwaukee Brewers for the weekend. This California trip had a lot of good in it. Bummer that it's ending on something oh so familiar. Anyway, Onwards!



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  • Not much to say about this one... Jackson threw well enough to win. I don't know what to do with Olt. He looks bad at the plate. Even tho he had nice play on the bunt he looked terrible on the ground ball and looked weak on the tag at 3b.
    Why hasn't Wellington started the last 2 days?

  • In reply to WaitTilNextYear:

    Beef started Tuesday night's game, was rested for the following (Wed.) afternoon game.

  • anyone know why Bruno out after 1 AB in Smokies game?

  • In reply to Bryan Craven:

    Injured himself slipping on wet grass on a pop up. No specifics mentioned on injury or as to severity.

  • This game was predictable. Cubs lineup had Schierholz (about 200) at the 5 hole, 6,7,8,9 all batting less than 200. Had a chance for three early runs in the first. Good play at 3rd by the Panda to stop a potential double by Castro, and Schierholz killed a liner that was caught at first. Pretty much end of game.

  • I think I've figured something out. Do you its Theo's plan to make an offensive benchmark so low, that when those highly touted offensive rookies are called up, if they struggle, it will still seem like an improvement over the current crap-show, so no one will get down on them. Ie, what would Baez have to be at the plate to be worse than Barney. What would Bryant have to do to seem worse than Scheirholtz.

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    In reply to SenatorMendoza:

    Baez and Bryant are going to be criticized after 3-for-4 games if they don't hit a home run.

  • In reply to SenatorMendoza:

    Bill Mueller to Schierholtz: "What the hell were you doing hitting that home run the other day? Come on, you've been doing great. Don't screw it up now."

    Schierholtz: "This is ridiculous. I've got a family. I'm in the last year of my contract."

    Mueller: "What about your current contract? That was the agreement, Nate. You could hit last year but not this year."

    Schierholtz: "I should've never allowed that clause to be included."

    Theo's master plan at work...

  • In reply to SenatorMendoza:

    I hope you're kidding. Please tell me you're kidding.

  • In reply to TheThinBlueLine:

    yes I was kidding. however, this will likely be a positive side effect. Ie. If Baez comes up and hits a .190, with a ton of Ks for a month, I'd still be relieved that I don't have to watch banjo-Barney at the plate.

    The same way when I look at the lineup and see Mike Olt starting, I just shrug my shoulders, but when I see Barney starting at 2B, I can't help but groan.

  • In reply to SenatorMendoza:

    "what would Baez have to be at the plate to be worse than Barney"


  • In reply to Ghost Dawg:

    its funny because its true.

  • Yeah, I don't think the plan is to let the bar so low that the rookies look good by comparison……you want the rookies to be good period.

    I thought Shcierholtz was about to go on a little run too…..C'est la vie…..

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    What do you do it this point? Release some of outfield guys? Send to AAA and try Jackson, vitters or sczur??

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    In reply to WaitTilNextYear:

    Vitters and Jackson both blow. Vitters is also (surprise) on the DL again.

  • In reply to Mike Partipilo:

    Trying to see what our options are. Can't b much worse then what we have. Just like to see a shake up.

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    Tennessee has 4 hits tonight,3 of them by Kris Bryant including a double and his 14th home run. He is now batting 349!

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    In reply to Ironman McGinnity:

    Small edit: That was his 15th HR.

  • In reply to Ironman McGinnity:

    Yep. Just another ho-hum night for Kris Bryant. He's now 4-4 on the night.

  • No, the one thing I love about the Epstoyer regime is you have to EARN your promotion…..

    Not that I wouldn't have loved seeing Vitters or Sczrur earn a promo. But they simply haven't. I don't know what you do, maybe you include stud outfielder prospect in the Shark deal….. I know Alcantarra is about to get a start in the OF…..that makes sense. maybe a trade for a disgruntled OF….. But would love to see something done.

  • Chris Valaika and Logan Watkins are playing good baseball at Triple A. Bring one of them up.

    Send Olt down, send Christian V down to Double A, bring Bryant up to Triple A (have him/Olt play a little bit of left field mixed with 3B).

    Cut Nate S. Guy has no trade value now and is just blocking spots for more productive players. I would rather see what Kalish has in the tank the next two months as opposed to Nate.

    Or, bring Alcantra up, instead of Kalish, put him at 2nd when the prospect deadline passes, and move Boni to the outfield.

    Darwin Barney I feel should be kept as a piece in a trade package sometime in the next couple of months, but should not start anymore, no matter the cries from pitchers. (Late inning replacement, sure)

    Someone may want his defense. If not, after the trade deadline, cut him.

    I think these moves get us closer to a .500 baseball team than what we have now, and the best is may yet still come.

  • This also means it is near impossible to get any real assessment of RR's management skills. 90% of the blame for this mess of a team goes to Jed and Theo.

  • What about trading Shark + Alcantara to Atlanta for Jason Heyward + their best pitching prospect?

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    In reply to baseballet:

    Makes no sense. Heyward will be a free agent after next year.

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