Jen-Ho Tseng V. Burlington Game Notes

Jen-Ho Tseng V. Burlington Game Notes
Jen-Ho Tseng (photo from Alvin)

Kane County Vs. Burlington May 3 2014

Tseng Pitching Line: 6 IP 8 HA 2 R 2 ER 0 BB 6 K

Jen-Ho Tseng had a good outing against Burlington but the stats aren't primary here. What came out of his hand is primary as the 19 year old Taiwanese pitcher showed some exciting stuff. He's 6'1 with a good, solid frame and I think he can add 10-15 good pounds as he ages. Tseng works with a high ¾ delivery with a deliberate motion. Arm action is good and the mechanics are polished. He's got some drop and drive to him.

Fastball It sat 90-94 and Tseng occasionally cranked it up to 95 a few times. It showed some interesting movement a few times as it looked like he rolled out a two seamer in a few at bats. He has a good idea of where it's going, he was able to move it around the zone and when he needed to hit the glove with it he did.

Curve Ball This is his whiff pitch. Tseng didn't have good command of it on May 3. When I saw him in Arizona he had a better idea of where it was going. It's a 10-4 offering that goes 72-75 MPH with good movement and snap when it's right. When he lost the feel for it Tseng leaves the pitch up or it gets extremely loopy. The command will need work but again, Tseng is 19 and that pitch is really nice to look at when it's snapping well. He made a Burlington hitters look silly with it.

Change Up The change is a feel pitch so I wasn't really expecting to see a good one from him today. He throws it around 82-85 and it flashed some fade. He left it up a few times and it got hit pretty well, he doesn't know where this one is going yet either. There's promise here though as his arm action with the changeup mirrored the fastball arm action very well and he threw 2-3 really good ones.

Overall Tseng lost some effictiveness as his outing when along and he started laboring in the 4th and 5th innings. Delivery became a little more high effort. Once it became clear he was coming out of the game soon he started airing it out at max effort and he got good results. Both the Fastball and the Curve are major league average pitches with a lot of good projection. The change is below average but there's projection there as well.

Tseng's command was spotty but all that will come with time. The arm slot is ideal for growth on his pitches and while C.J. Edwards is rightfully the top Cubs prospect right now but it would not surprise me at all if Tseng was the top dog by the end of the year.

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    Fantastic report! What type of pitcher would he project to be in the Majors? Front, middle or back end starter? Mid inning guy?

  • In reply to Brandon Halford:

    I think he's a mid-rotation guy with a chance to be a TOR arm depending on how he develops.

  • No comments on his Slider, I heard he was throwing it about 10-15% of the time...

  • A very good IFA pick up this year. Like your comment that he might be our top dog pitching prospect by the end of the year. Nice one FO!

  • Great Article Mauricio !

    Where does it look like Tseng ranks currently in the Cubs pitching prospects ? Do you think possibly 4th behind Edwards, Johnson and Blackburn, but ahead of Hendricks, Underwood, Skulina, Black, Maple & Zastryzny ?

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    In reply to SouthsideB:

    If he's healthy, Vizciano is the Cubs top pitching prospect. Without a doubt, no one else in the system can match his stuff.

  • In reply to SouthsideB:

    I am finding it difficult to put many prospects above Corey Black. Really, IMO, only Edwards and Vizcaino are definitely above him, and maybe Underwood and Maples will be by the end of the year. But Black really only struggles when his control is off....even today, when he is giving up runs, most of the runs came about due to walks (and a wild pitch on a strikeout scoring a run). He has dominated more than Johnson or Blackburn at a same or higher level. If he wasn't under 6 foot tall, he would be talked about more highly, but if he continues to perform, I think he can be a mid-rotation starter with #2 upside.

  • Wow. Interesting comment Mauricio.

    "Would not surprise me if he was top dog by the end of the year".

    Part of that is due to the fact the Cubs don't have a lot of top rated pitchers coming up, but I am excited to see there are some guys at KC who can project to being at minimum a mid rotation arm.

  • Wow, watching the Iowa Cubs game on MILB tv and Baez looks lost. The announcer stated that 7 out of 10 outs made by Baez in the series were via strikeout. I watched his second at bat more closely and it looked like he was pulling off some; that said, I cannot state I have any experience at judging batting performance, so that could be just a guess. Either way, in this second at bat, it was three straight swing and misses and he didn't look that close to the ball any time.

    I wonder if he is starting to doubt himself due to struggles and injury or push too hard. Not sure, but he didn't look anything like the AA Baez of last year, where everything just came easily and naturally. It is still early and I expect him to adjust but would be very interested in other's thoughts, especially if you have seen him play this year.

  • junior lake not starting today. instead we get darwin barney.
    lake is staring to heat up, 5 of his last 8 and he sets again.
    i just dont understand in the middle of a rebuild. oh well I will watch the game anyway.

  • Lake is sitting today?? He had his best offensive game of the season yesterday against a RH and is facing a RH today. I don't get this. Platoons are fine but when guys are hot, why sit them??

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    If he gets command of a two seamer to go with a solid change he wont be worried about lefty/righty splits. We're talking solid #2 guy I think.

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