Everybody else watching TV screens. Watchin big time miles and miles away. Brewers 878 Cubs 5

Sorry for the late wrap. But the game went long and it was a Friday night. Besides the Blackhawks were, and still are, participating in one of the best hockey series they have ever played in their entire existence. Plus I thought I'd let Arguello tell you all about how Kris Bryant hit his 19th dinger or whatever it is. The truth is the Cubs aren't really worthy of the prime spot in my attention span right now. Nor yours. Yes, this is a Cubs Blog and we'll breakdown last night's tilt with the Brewers- which felt like a lot of games with the Brewers . Travis Wood couldn't have served balls up better if he placed them on a batting tee as the Brewers scored five 1st inning runs.  The Brewers would add another before the Cubs could counter with two runs of their own- both on hits that wouldn't leave the infield. Hey, Bonifaccio and Lake using their speed is a good thing.  Anyway, Travis would give one more run back when Brewers catcher Martin Maldanado ( Candy's kid?) singled home Rickee Weeks and his 80 lbs of dreadlocks. That was it for Travis. And it was pretty much it for the Cubs as the Brewers tagged the Moose-tache for 4 runs in the 5th. The Cubs would get some garbage runs but who cares. Game over. Brewers 11 Cubs 5. Hopefully, the Brewers fans will wear their pants a little more appropriately around their waist tomorrow…. We can hope.


Travis Wood was so bad you almost feared he was hurt.  Pancacke flat fastballs with lack of movement breaking balls. It was over before it started. Either Wood has a dead arm or it really was "One of those games".  As for the "Moose-tache" I'm not sure what you do. Didn't they already try the mystery ailment trip to the DL? He seems completely lost. I'd like to think a release might be in order. Wada couldn't be worse than what Villanueva's giving right?….. Oh. With the Brewers sporting 6-9 run leads, Jose Veras got in two innings of very solid relief work. Do anything for you? Thought not. Wesley Wright, fresh off the paternity list, cleaned up…..get used to that.


I'm not one of those guys that need their manager to turn over the clubhouse spread after a loss to show the fans he cares.  But I do see a malaise setting in on this team when they get down early. It's very Sveum-ish.  And it got Sveum shown the door a year or two early. And while Rich Rent is doing much better work with the two kids, he is manager of the CHICAGO CUBS. Anyway, if this week where you only score runs when you're down by 5 doesn't call for some kind of meeting or move….then what does?


Justin Ruggiano was the Cubs big pickup this winter, traded for a player the Cubs picked up off the waiver wire. I remember some of Arguello's #nerdflu posse pointing to some deeper numbers saying this might be a nice pickup. Hopefully those numbers appear again because the .227/.306./.341 he's posting in limited action does nothing for me. I understand he's a placeholder until one of the Cubs wet dreams arrives. But there's a difference between ordering a place holder from Crate & Barrell and covering a hole with some 2X4's and some duct tape and calling it a "placeholder"…. He needs to play better.

So that was miserable. Thankfully the Hawks took most of my attention away an hour into it. Won't be the case later today however. But it is a good pitching matchup as Jason Hammel takes on Wily Peralta….Suuuuuuper Genius! Hopefully this game can survive on a competitive nature and not because of the loyalty of the viewers. Again, we can hope. Onwards.




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  • I know the team has similar record to last year, but this years team is decidedly less watchable...

  • Blame everything on Crane Kenney!

  • Cold comfort to be sure, but Dave Cameron over at Fangraphs just posted an analysis pegging the Cubs as the 13th best team in baseball. He bases that on an Expected Run Differentials formula - http://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/the-best-and-worst-teams-two-months-in/

  • In reply to October:

    Bottom line is WIns and losses.

  • Don't get down on the cubs. It was expected, unfortunately. Watch a minor league team is suggested as a remedy for now, but if it continues next year maybe the FO should be held more accountable.

  • If Wood had his stuff last night, you would be talking about how the offense found its way to the ballpark after getting lost in San Francisco two days in a row.

    But since the pitching sucked, you claim there is a malaise on the team since they "only" scored 5 runs.

    I'm not saying there isn't a malaise, but it seems like the time to bring it up would be after the two shut outs.

  • The Hawks, NBA playoffs, reruns of Rockford Files have all superseded the Cubs as the prime source of my viewing pleasure.

    I've got one game that I recorded earlier in the year that I can refer to and replay if necessary. Imagine different uniforms on the opposition...otherwise the story and outcome is identical.

    Heck, I even jump now when the wife tells me to take out the garbage.

  • I knew this year's team would be bad, but I hoped it would be more exciting.

    How lucky is this city to have the Blackhawks? What a team. I still believe a similar renaissance is around the corner for the Cubs.

  • In reply to mjvz:

    Hawks are the blueprint on how to do it right. Just think, all those years they stunk becuase Bill Wirtz had the attitude of "we cant afford to win". Amazing how quickly Rocky Wirtz changed that. Same with the Cubs ownership. Hate on Ricketts, hes a far better owner than the Trib or Phil Wrigley were.

  • The media is who made the Ruggiano move a big deal. To the front office and to anyone who has a clue it was a very small move, not "the Cubs big pickup this winter". There shouldn't be any more expectations for Ruggiano than there were for Bogusevic. It was a 1 to 1 trade for platoon hitting 4th-5th outfielders... Nothing more.

  • In reply to nmu’catsbball:

    I agree with you. All cubs have done is make sideways moves.

  • In reply to WaitTilNextYear:

    That's definitely all that happened this offseason and it was by design, but I think the next will be different. The front office didn't try to fool anyone and make the Ruggiano deal out to be a headliner.

  • In reply to nmu’catsbball:

    This is all true. But if Bogusevic was hitting as badly as Ruggiano is I'd be disappointed in him too. He was brought in as a bounce back candidate. He's yet to Bounce or back…. And just because he's placeholder until someone else, he should still be held to higher expectations. If Ruggiano was hitting .320/.390./.540 everyone would be saying "Look at the way Epstoyer finds diamonds in the rough and turns them around for prospects…." Goes both ways….

  • In reply to felzz:

    Fair enough. He has been too pathetic to be defended on the field. And you're absolutely right about if he were to do well.

  • This past week has been tough to watch. My question is."What's going on with Starlin Castro's hitting?" He has embarrassed himself badly at the plate at least three times this week (and I've missed several games). He is swinging at balls so far out of the strike zone he reminds me of myself when I first started playing Little Leagues.What do the batting coach and manager say about it?

    Needless to say, I'm very disappointed in the Cubs so far. Yeah, I know about Kris Bryant and the others coming up from the minors. But it's little consolation when the Cubs play like an average AA team.

  • I knew before pitch 1 that Wood was going to get smacked against THAT LINEUP with HIS STUFF.

    I find it amazing sometimes in a million dollar game that dumb moves like this are made. Wood is going to get his value tanked over this a bit, and it's just wholly unnecessary.

    They should have went with right handers for every game starting. Anything other than that is foolish unless you are trotting out someone like Clayton Kershaw.

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