Anarchist's Brunch- The whole sugaree…..

Anarchist's Brunch- The whole sugaree…..


Cubs rebounded from a God awful performance to giving you the kind of performance that inspires you both short term and long term as a Cubs fan. Taking advantage of great starting pitching from Travis Wood, the Cubs got enough offense then turned it over to two power arms who overwhelmed a Padres lineup. The offensive star was Luis Valbuena, wh scored two runs and knocked himself in with a home run to the right field "porch" in Petco Park. Hey, I didn't build it…. And Travis Wood made those three runs stand up until the 8th inning, when Carlos Quinten, perhaps the angriest man in baseball, just houndjacked a ball into left field. 3-2 Cubs. But Neil Ramirez came in and buckled some knees to get out of the 8th and Carlos Rondon threw 4 pitches to close the 9th- aided by two sensational defensive plays. One by Castro, the other by Rizzo who absolutely robbed Chase Headly of a double. The defense has been quietly very very effective and as much as we like to talk about the improvements Castro and Rizzo have made at the plate, having them be plus defenders at their positions on the field is also very welcome to see. So 2 out of 3 and a chance for the series win today before heading home and facing the NL leading San Francisco Giants.Jason Hammel vs. "Hey didn't you once use to be Ian Kennedy" for the Padres. Onwards.




Is it me or are games taking on a more "extreme" tone. Loses are treated like the end of the world and wins feel like they can repel the Cubs back into…..mediocrity…..worth talking about?……relevance. I don't know. I see a team with a Pythagorym above .500, A team that, before Friday, had a plus run differential…… How can I not be happy about that?  Well, other than to know it will go down like it did on Saturday? Then a game like Saturday comes and everyone acts like it was late August and we're challenging for 100 losses again.  The "Edwin Jackson sucks" booze cruise is sold out and partying again even though he had a really good May, and more and more people are starting to look att Starlin's recent slide and sing "I told you so"….  I think Castro will shrug it off and start hitting again. But that's me.

But there definitely seems to be some exaggerated reactions to the Cubs both good and bad. Maybe it's just that time of year.

Is it possible a year from now we're saying the best part of the Garza trade was Neil Ramirez? Heck, is it possible we're saying that in two months? Two weeks? Really like his stuff. His future should be interesting.

If Rodon is there the Cubs have to take him. Otherwise, I trust Cubs brass. Even if they over slot the catcher.

Tom Ricketts really needs a lesson or two in PR. That ridiculous video nearly undermined a move that every Cub fan was cheering. Honestly, a one sentence statement- The cubs are moving forward with renovation plans- would have been more than enough. Remember when Jordan just sent a fax that said "I'm back"…. Instead there this awful music and Ricketts trying to explain facilities. Get out of your own way….. Anyway, nice to hear that things are moving.

Does this mean we might be able to sign an actual player or two? You know, one that isn't a 27th or 26th man somewhere else? I'll go ahead and think yes…. Should make for a sobering winter.

Blackhawks have lost two games in the third period because they're playing a younger, deeper more talented team. Been a while since I've said that. But depth and Q's reliance on veterans is something that has worried me all year. Still, get this game Monday night, bring it back to the UC to a game 5 where Q teams have excelled…..

I know it's becoming kind of Hipster-cool to root for Samardzija to pitch well and not get a win for the rest of the season. But "Samardzija on a 5 game winning streak" brings some extra stuff to the bargaining table. and don't you want opposing GM's bringing every extra they can afford to bring? Thought so.

The new Coldplay album sucks. That's probably no shock. I was a fan of their first two, maybe three albums. I thought Eno would lift them to new heights…..he didn't. Probably should have known then. Now this album- a snooze. Oh well. When does Titus Andronicus release a new album….

Johnny Cash's "Live at Folsom Prison" is my Sunday music….


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  • Hear about manny Ramirez as the new AAA coach?

  • Great brunch and drumroll , Cubs just signed Manny Ramirez to be a player coach at Iowa , teach and mentor the young hitters coming thru. Gotta say , I like it.

  • cant hurt Baez to learn hitting from Manny .

  • I just saw that. I assume Arguello is on it as we speak.

    The dude totally understands hitting. Above all else. That man's approach is amazing. Can he translate that to younger players….Well, we'll see. Here's hoping.

  • well if any Cards fans start beaking off all have to say is 2 words, Mark McGuire

  • Hopefully Bryant can find his way to Iowa soon. I would love to see a game with Iowa having a Bryant-Baez-Ramirez 3-4-5.

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    It's hard to know what kind of an impact the lack of wins is going to have. The teams I'd think it would be the biggest factor for -- Tigers, Royals, DBacks -- all appear to be out for various reasons.

    Anthopoulos is possibly more new school than Theo, so any deal with the Blue Jays won't be impacted one iota. The Rockies keep very quiet on what they look for, so it's hard to know. However, they appear quite interested and serious about meeting Theo's sky-high price. So it seems that wins are a minor concern, if that, to them.

    It's possible that the wins are keeping a team like the Orioles on the sidelines, and that might hurt the return, but there isn't much evidence of that to this point.

  • In reply to Mike Moody:

    We fleeced Baltimore and Texas last year, so I doubt we'll be dealing with either of them.

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    In reply to HackWilson09:

    I'd be very surprised if the Rangers make a big move with anyone with the Injuries they're suffering through. Too many holes in the lineup and the AL West is not joke.

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    In reply to HackWilson09:

    I'm not sure it works that way. We didn't fleece anyone, we took players from Baltimore that they had given up on, and players from Texas that had very uncertain futures except for cje. If the trades worked out well for us, I can see the other GM learning from it and being more patient with his minor leaguers next time, but I can't imagine him somehow blaming theo and vowing never to deal with him again, do you?

  • Man Ram assuming the Jackie Moon role in the club house, love, love, love. Grooming him for the north side?? haha

  • I saw an article on Ramirez' work with Olt last year. Apparently, he's actually a pretty decent coach. I'm not thrilled with giving up at-bats to him, though, in place of a prospect.

    Felzzie, did Hector Rondon change his name to Carlos? Or were you just thinking too much about the N.C. State pitcher when you wrote this? :)

  • Mixed feelings on Ramirez. If he can impart hitting skills to free-swinging prospects, it'll be a plus. I don't care for the media circus that follows him, and really don't want to see the "Manny being Manny" attitude in future Cubs players. We'll see...

  • There's a very good chance I mixed up my Rondons and my Rodons…. Anyway, I doubt the White Sox let Rodon get by at 3 so it will be immaterial. I just hope the Cubs draft Joey PanCake in the later rounds….

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    In reply to felzz:

    Just curious: given your desire to add Rodon to the core, do you now wish the Cubs had split the series with the White Sox last year?

  • I still can't believe they intentionally walked the hitless wonder Darwin Barney to face Travis Wood, and there was already 2 out in the inning. Wood has significantly outhit Barney this year and last and boy did that come back to haunt the Padres.

  • In reply to SenatorMendoza:

    As hitters they are pretty close. Travis has a little higher average but I would not call it significant. Go Cubs!!

  • In reply to John57:

    Barney had hit a single already and Wood looked bad on a strikeout, so I excuse Buddy.

  • 1. "Is it possible a year from now we're saying the best part of the Garza trade was Neil Ramirez?" - No, it's not possible barring Edwards going down with a career ending injury, his fate will be far from decided a year from now....and I like Ramirez very much, but he is much better as a reliever.

    2. "Samardzija on a 5 game winning streak" brings some extra stuff to the bargaining table" - No, it doesn't. Nobody that's scouting or making a decision on Shark will be factoring in how many wins he has. Also as soon as he gets his first win, the "story" is over, it's better for him to continue to dominate, and the media to keep reminding everyone that he leads the league in ERA, and is setting a record for now wins. Everybody assigns the failure to acheive wins to the team not to Shark. So the press is good.

    3. I completely disagree. I thought the Ricketts video was very effective, and 98% of the comments that I've heard and read from Cubs fans and regular Chicagoans regarding it has been very positive. Many have cited the "batting cage" or lack thereof demonstration as very effective and "eye opening". Most people did not realize that the player facilities were so sub par, and as a result Ricketts and the Cubs have won over many in the court of public opinion. Which is who the video was aimed at in the first place. The Cubs are winning the battle for the public, even Sox fan friends of mine that saw that video have said the the rooftops should drop dead.

  • I'm just amazed that Rodon is being passed.

    I don't do the Well if the Cubs split this series then X would happen…. because who knows which way the butterfly wings are aimed. … What if that series excellerates the sell off and Theo gets less in the Garza trade….. No you ARE what your record says you are. I just think if people are going to out think themselves and let last year's #1 pick fall, the Cubs should take advantage.

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