St. Louis Cemetery Blues. Cards 10 Cubs 4.

St. Louis Cemetery Blues. Cards 10 Cubs 4.

Being hungover in St. Louis is nothing new. In fact, it might be preferred and there was a time when it was required. But today had the feel of a hangover day, coming off the jubilation of an extra inning win last night. Unfortunately, the St. Louis Cardinals are one of the best teams in the National league. And they're much better equipped to rebound from a tough loss than the Cubs are from an emotional win. And the Cardinals did just that, taking the Cubs behind the wood shed and paddling them to a 10-4 win. The game got off to a great start, with Junior Lake depositing the very first pitch from Adam Wainwright into the left field stands for a 1-0 Cubs lead. But in the second, Matt "the mammoth" Adams would equalize with a homer of his own and that would trigger a 4 run inning….Decalso, Craig, Wainright, Matt Carpenter, basically everyone got hits. The Cardinals would put the M-80 in the toilet in the 4th, Another Matt Carpenter RBI single, Kolten Wong laid notice that he's going to be an annoying pain in the tookus for the next 6 years with an RBI single…..Matt Holliday. Yeesh. Every Cardinal drove in every Cardinal. The Cubs would get two more runs but so what. Let's declare this sucker over already.


Carlos Villavueva had nothing today. 9 earned runs on 10 hits in 3 innings. Ouch babe. Part of Villanueva's problem is his versatility. he can relieve, he can start, etc. that He really didn't get a spring training to prepare to be a starter. That doesn't excuse today, as he was bad from the start. But a little earlier identification of what his role would be would've surely helped. Chris Rusin, fresh from Iowa, came in and lobbed a lot of meat before settling down and giving the Cubs 5 pen saving innings. Look for Rusin to probably take over starting duties.


Not a whole lot of positives to take out of this game, but what was noticeable today, and all season, has been Starlin Castro's attention while in the field. Castro has been much more locked in, and while he still makes an error or two that he shouldn't his range has increased and he's simply applying himself more.

This was simply an old fashion ass-paddlin. Hopefully one we can forget. Tomorrow we spin the wheel and see which Edwin Jackson we get, while Mike Moody's least favorite player in the world Michael Wacha takes the bump for St. Louis. Might be a good time to breakout the slideshow wrap for that one…. All for now. Onwards.

Editor's Note:

Wanted to add to Felzz's post here quickly that Jose Veras is no longer "the" closer.  No details yet but the implication is closer by committee.  I applaud the move as I don't want to see the Cubs let a another season get away from them by the first week of May. -- John



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  • I started to get disappointed when we lost the lead, but sat back and realized that our 5th starter was going up against the Cards ace, and realized I should have seen this game coming before it even started.

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    The fact that they scored another 2 runs after that nightmare run explosion gives me a tiny bit of hope, which is all we can grasp for at this point. Usually they just shut down and go 1,2,3 for the rest of the game.

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    And for the good news Almora 2-2 HR , SB

  • Mike moody do you think wacha is overrated ? I really haven't seen him enough to say, I'm looking forward to tomorrow's game to finally see him pitch.

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    Not entirely sure what that come from. He's very good. Shouldn't have lasted as long as he did and, from the stories I remember immediately following that draft, even the Cardinals were surprised by how good his breaking stuff was after they drafted him.

  • Would have been fun to listen in to whatever phone call Renteria took from the brain trust last night in regards to Veras. Glad to see somebody is minding the store.

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    Or maybe he wanted to speak to him in person to give him the news first instead of just announcing it to the media last night....

  • Aug 1 can't come soon enough

  • That's good news John. Nothing can be more demoralizing to a young team, particularly the starting pitching staff, then to see their good work blown in an instant by someone without The Right Stuff. Vaya con dios Jose.

  • I feel like I remember that Veras agreed to sign with the Cubs when they assured him he would be the closer. If so, it makes sense that Renteria would not remove him from the job without the OK from upstairs.

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