Looking, looking for me somewhere. Brewers 5 Cubs 2.

Looking, looking for me somewhere. Brewers 5 Cubs 2.

The Cubs traveled 90 miles north to face their rivals the Milwaukee Brewers and former teammate Matt Garza. Garza was known for being a jovial teammate, constantly keeping the clubhouse light and cracking jokes. Well, tonight the joke was on the Cubs as Garza made good on his promise to "shove it up the Cubs giggy every chance he got." Garza went 7 strong innings while Carlos Villanueva did not. Opening inning singles by Scooter Ginnet and Needles McGee AKA Ryan Braun and it was 2-0 Brewers.The Cubs would get one back in the third on a Emilio Bonafacio single but before you could think you had a ball game the Brewers scored 3 runs in the next three innings- including a Lyle Overbay home run. Did you know Lyle Overbay was still playing baseball? Well he is. Anyway, that was kind of your ball game. Let's turn water into… flavored water.


The Brewers pounded Carlos Villanueva like a Marquette fraternity beer bong. Carlos Villanueva's fastball was flatter than a Wednesday PBR. Carlos Villanueva's results were more stale than…..You see where this is all going. Villavueva was awful again. 11 hits in 5 innings tonight. That makes 27 hits i his last three starts and 40 over his last 18 innings pitched. My neck is sore just typing it. He's a drain on a taxed, uneven bullpen. He really shouldn't be starting anymore. Neil Ramirez looked ok in his one inning of work and Rock n Roll McDonalds (Wesley Wright) pitched the last two innings effectively for the Cubs.


I've been told since day one of the Epstoyer era that a new breed of hitter is coming for the Cubs. One that works counts and sees a lot of pitches….Well, still waiting. Luis Valbuena and Anthony Rizzo can be excused as they saw 19 and 23 pitches in their four at bats. But everyone else? Bonafacio-14 for 4, Castro 12 for 4, Lake 8 for 3 and Casttillo 10 for 3. That's half your lineup. That's how opposing starters go deep and how opposing bullpens stay fresh.


Matt Garza echoed what Alfonso Soriano had said about how nice it is to be on a team that actually tries to win instead of being on a team that talks about winning. Now, they're being much more short sighted and smaller picture than Epstoyer are, but they're athletes, that's what they do. And for all the people who keep dreaming of a haul for Samardzija, what happens if he goes to the press, says " I hate losing, get me out of here" and the trade becomes a dump job…..What if Travis does the same thing? Theo's right….losing sucks.

SO not the best way to start a road trip. The Cubs will try and correct it with two of their more effective pitchers this weekend- Travis Wood, and Jason Hammel. While the Brewers counter with Marco Estrada and hard throwing Wily Peralta. Cubs find themselves in a losing streak again. So playing with some urgency will be nice to see. Let's hope that happens. Onwards.




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  • Felzz,

    Have to give you credit, you called this a couple of days ago. Saw this morning that Veras has a mysterious "oblique" injury and will be out for the Brewers series. Also, that there was no one incident that this injury resulted from but just from general "workload". This looks like the first sign of the Cubs waiving the white flag on this deal...

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    You forgot to mention the way Lake played "defense" in the 1st inning.

  • Yeah, I did admit the Lake-effect double as it were. Maybe I was trying to forget it…. It was his only gaffe defensively so I let it go. The problem is is that its not like there's any good OF options to challenge Junior for playing time…..

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    Throwing towards home to try to get that runner out was a poor decision as well.

  • I will say one thing last about last night. Braun seemed to have real issues picking up Ramirez. Didnt have one really decent swing against him. Maybe the Cubs actually have something with Neal Ramirez.

  • sure miss Dave MacKay

  • Hey fellas yeah I miss Mckay to he is awesome like I miss Aramis offense.. It kills me to see a guy like Abreu who is the best baseball player in Chicago and may very well be for a long time.and a guy like Tanaka do awesome when they were two guys who could have gotten this past off season who are young and could be part of the core. And we really , really suck. I was happy for Garza last night.

  • Happy for Garza? I don't know how anyone can root for him, let alone against our Cubbies, no matter if we're bad or....just bad right now. There is a brighter future, and I believe that. But boy, I couldn't root for Garza, no matter the situation.

  • What kills me is to see how well Abreu is doing and knowing that he was available via Free Agency. Epstoyer traded Cashner, a frontline starter, for a 1B! Now granted in their infinite wisdom they saw him as a reliever only but it's much easier to acquire a 1B than a frontline starter. That positional basic knowledge is something I'm shocked they get a mulligan on. But then again they had already traded for Rizzo twice and Cashner was a Hendry draft pick...

  • In reply to Deacon:

    Tell that to the Padres. Their 1B is hitting .182 with zero home runs.

    Funny how the critics of the Rizzo trade (too early to evaluate, IMO) think that good hitting/defense 1Bs with power (who, BTW, play every day) are a dime-a-dozen. Meanwhile, Cashner is 2-3 with the Padres (gave up 4 runs in 6 IP last night). The Padres were shut out. So, everyone, tell me again why it was so important to have Garza and Cashner these last two years? The next two years?

  • Deacon, i agree we have not seen a move the front office has made that is viable for our future. Jury is still out on Rizzo, we still have zero pitching depth. We lost out on Darvish and Tanaka. Not impressed with the moves they have made.

  • Ya Deacon and we should have offered Tanaka & Cano a contract an offer they couldnt refuse and for that matter we could use Pujols as well. Why we didnt shoot for the moon to get Cespedes & Puig is beyond my imagination.

  • It sure is easy to cherry-pick the ones that got away. I like the most of the moves the FO has made some not so much. This FO has been operating on the big picture (neglecting the MLB talent) to this point. I think we will see them addressing the big club this year and off-season. They know their window for success is down to a year or two, so they will need to start bringing in talent this off-season.

    If they dont then they will be looking for employment. If ownership is holding them back then I dont think Theo & Jed will hang around.

    We need to find out this summer if: Hendricks,Ramirez,Rosscup,Arrieta,Grimm,Rondon,Strop,Lake,Olt,Kalish,Bryant,Alcantera,Baez are legitimate big leaguers or to have enough talent to play 3B,2B LF we will have to go sign talent from outside the organization..

  • In reply to bleachercreature:

    Nobody is cherry picking. Bottom line is FO was made a few good moves and a lot of wtf moves. I am not sure what a good ratio should be but it should be a lot better then this. I like 1 trade and 3 free agents they have signed.

  • I am happy for garza. Glad he threw well. Think of this rotation shark, wood, garza, Cashner, and malohm. Not too bad. Then 50 plus million could have found another 1b. I would rather lose to garza then the chump if diamondbacks
    Is Grimm or Ramierez deemed as a starter? If so why can't they bump mustache or start at Iowa?

  • In reply to WaitTilNextYear:

    I like the rotation of Shark, Cashner, Archer, Wood, and Rusin. I know that means we would not have Hendricks, Edwards, Ramirez, Olt, Grim, Rizzo, and Marshall in the system and I am fine with that. I like the idea of re-building with front-line starters (and yes, I know that the Archer deal was done with the previous regime but it is still possible to have the starters mentioned above).

  • In reply to travelguy:

    In mine I didn't included dempster cause of Hendricks. I forgot about Archer.

  • In reply to WaitTilNextYear:

    You mean the Matt Garza who was 0-2 (starting for a team that was 16-6) with a 4.50 ERA before last night? That guy?

    Funny how he pitches one decent game against the Cubs (you know, the team we've been talking about with the black hole for an offense) and we're ready to give him the Cy Young.

    It's a bit early in the season for that. I don't miss Garza. I'd rather have the haul we got for him. If he was 0-2 for the Brewers, what good would he have been to us with our offense? Let's revisit this issue at the end of the season, or, better yet, at the end of 2015.

    As for his classless comments about what he'd like to do to the Cubs, I'm glad that Hendry-era a$$-clown is in our rear view mirror.

  • In reply to TheThinBlueLine:

    Yea that guy. I always thought garza was a quality major league pitcher and competitor. And he is. Nobody said anything about Cy Young. Point was that would be a nice rotation.
    As for what we got for him? What did we get? A 3b who was untouchable year before then all of a sudden can be thrown in with 4 ppl. A nice pitching prospect on the DL and ramierz. A major league bullpen guy. Seems like at the stage it is a wash out.
    I have no problem with the competive quote. Sorry it hurt your feelings.

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    Had tickets to this game due to a friend from Milwaukee and MAN did we suck last night.

    Junior Lake is just awful.

    On the Upside, Ramirez pitched a very strong inning against the top of the lineup current best team in baseball and he looked damn good doing it. Wright didn't embarass himself either.

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    In reply to Giffmo:

    Also, it hurts to admit but Miller Park is gorgeous. I'm a Wrigley fan, but it looks like a 40,000 seat outhouse compared to Miller.

    Makes you wonder about a new stadium in Rosemont.

  • In reply to Giffmo:

    I know what you mean. A couple years ago my son and I went to see the Cubs play in Milwaukee. Their stadium is very nice. I like the idea of closing the roof when the weather is bad. All the modern amenities with no moochers stealing your product.

    But there won't be a stadium in Rosemont because they don't have enough room there and the jet noise would be awful. But I could see it somewhere else. DuPage would be nice for me. But I think Ricketts is in love with Wrigley field and doesn't really want to move. But who knows the roof top owners may just force him to move.

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    In reply to John57:

    You have a point about the noise. But they definitely have to room, as Rosemont's mayor has offered to give them 25 acres, which is way more than Wrigley currently occupies.

    I'm sure the noise could be mitigated if they made a retractable dome like Miller.
    The Allstate arena and Stephens Convention center are both a stones throw away from the site.

    I think they should push forward with Rosemont plans HARD. If nothing else it would give them leverage about the Wrigley renovation. All this talk hasn't gotten them anywhere.

  • In reply to Giffmo:

    It didn't look any better watching lake on TV. The play where he over threw home and mustache threw it to center field had me shaking my head
    Will ramierz be a starter down the road?

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    In reply to WaitTilNextYear:

    I was watching that game at a local (I live in Wisconsin) bar and grill last night. When Lake dropped the ball I just shook my head, then when he tried to make up for it by trying to throw the runner out at home I started swearing at the TV. People were looking at me like I was nuts. Also, I'm predicting that this offense will get no-hit before the season's over.

  • In reply to Ray:

    Hahaha. My wife ask me why do you do it to yourself?? How wasn't that lake play not a error on fly ball. I believe no hit could happen a lot.

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