Here comes the Boom. Cubs 8 Phillies 3.

Here comes the Boom. Cubs 8 Phillies 3.

The Cubs doubled their fun today. No. Really. They had 8 runs in their previous 5 games coming in to todays game against AJ Burnett and the Phillies. They got 8 runs today. The Cubs took advantage of a wild AJ Burnett in the first inning. Joey Buttafucco led of by getting on base with a walk, He immediately circled the bases when Ryan Kalish tripled. Anthony Rizzo then walked. Kalish would come home on a Nate Schierholtz sac fly. Luis Valbuena would then do a 90 foot four ball strut of his own.They would both come home after Starlin Castro laced a double and Ryan Sweeney sac flied. 4-0 Cubs. Carlos Villanueva, not-so-fresh after two unnecessary relief appearances, slugged it out for 5 innings and the bullpen did the rest. The Cubs delivered the death blow in the 6th with four more runs thanks to a two RBI double by Kalish and a nice RBI single by Rizzo.  And that put the first win in the 100th year at Wrigley Field in the books. Let's get the grill and have dinner outside….


Carlos Villanueva did yeoman's work getting through his 5 innings- surrendering 1 run on 6 hits while walking nobody and striking out 6. Villanueva did his best work with runners on base- none better when he pitched out of a one-out bases loaded jam thanks to a Starlin Castro muff. A 1-2 force out followed by a fly ball. The Reggie LeDoux looking Brian Schlitter and Hector Rondon were stellar in relief. Veras and Strop were anything but in a 2 run, just-get-them-out-already ninth.


The hitting star today was Ryan Kalish, who took the torch from Reed Johnson as hustling, grundy white outfielder who deserves more time. Unlike Sam Fuld and Tony Campana, whose stardom rose on their lack of height and grandness, Kalish is an all out grinder. He grinds out at bats, He grinds in the outfield, he grinds running the bases, his dentist just gave him a new mouth guard because he grinds his teeth at night… get the idea. Naturally, Cub fans love him. Did like his approach at the plate. but before we throw Junior lake out of a peering car, let's see a few more games….


Where Lendy Castillo wasted everyones time, it appears Hector Rondon was a nice little rule 5 pickup for Theo and company. What makes Rondon interesting is he's now gone 2 innings twice with really no problem. Is their a thought to stretching him out? Or is he a late inning guy in waiting? Either option must sound appealing as Rondon has simply put his foot down on opponents so far while pitching.

So a win. Ye hah! And while 2-4 is no great shakes ( It's more like regular shakes….) If the hitting improves just a tick and the pitching holds…..well there might be reason to keep playing these games. Which would be nice. Kinda like this baseball thing. Day off tomorrow then the Pirates come into town. Multiple Edwin Jackson against Charlie Morton. Until then. Onwards.



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  • I know I have been critical of FO but I have to give some credit. Cubs played well today. Hit the ball hard, patient approach at the plate. Seemed like defense was always in the right spot, bullpen did well and mustache battled. Just hope this isn't a one game a week thing. Would like to see kalish play more. And
    Olt needs to play a lot somewhere.

    Also I am happy for Ryno. I really did want him here or at least an interview but glad Ryno has phillies playing well.

  • Great sports day. Hawks over the Blues with the bottom six playing well. Hit & Run was really good today. The best Cubs game of the year. Loved the hitting approaches, defense for the most part, Rondon and Mustache toughing it out.

  • Don't forget Liverpool staying atop the Prem with a gutsy 2-1 win over West ham…….Okay that might be reaching.

    Was nice seeing the bus play this kind of game. Now to keep the offense going. Key to a good team is consistency.

  • In reply to felzz:

    I only caught a couple of minutes of the Liverpool match. Robbie Keane turned me into a Spurs fan but I don't catch them much anymore. Last night, I watched the condensed version of the Fulham win. It was entertaining.

  • In reply to felzz:

    right city, wrong team.

  • So after his defensive blunders in the 6th, did JRoll mutter "Who cares" again?

  • In reply to DropThePuck:

    I'm gonna have to go over to the Phillies' sites and check out the Philly newspapers tomorrow. Thanks for reminding me.

  • as soon as we can lets get barney & schierholtz playing for someone else. i want to see olt,kalish & lake in the lineup everyday.


  • So good to see guys taking a pitch today and capitalize

  • Was nice to see some coherent offense this game,.... here's hoping it continues on Tuesday.

  • Kalish definitely earned himself a non-platoon start today in my opinion. Let's hope that happens and Olt sees what he has to do and follows suit.

  • Wow felzz, a beautifully played "National Lampoon's Vacation" and "Troy" reference along with a dash of Foreigner. The force is strong with this one...

  • In reply to YouCannotBeSerious:

    Don't forget the "True Detective" shout out. Might have gone w/ Shakespeare "Let him who would a sreech-owl, aye, becalled go into Troy and say there 'Hector's' dead."

  • This was inevitable. As below-average as this offense might seem, you can't put that many runners on base without breaking through eventually. Glad to see it behind Villanueva, given how he's taken his fair share of lumps thus far.

  • Good stuff Felzzy, keep up the grungy, grinding good work that us CDers so desperately need.

  • I'm ready to go Judge Smails on John regarding the Sunday installment of the Minors Updates. Like "John...we're waiting....we're waaiiittttingg!!!"

  • In reply to HefCA:

    Ha! I just finished the recap. Usually going to do it late at night even if the games finish earlier. Sometimes want to catch archived games and it's just easier for me.

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    The victory was sweet but Philly defense pretty much gave us 4 runs and watching Veras is like getting a root canal...Not sure I want to see him with a one-run lead...

  • In reply to Lee Shannon:

    Strop should be closing.
    It may not be long before this comes to pass.

    I'm not a fan of these platoons. It's hard to get in any kind of a groove when you're playing sporadically. I'm hoping a couple of these guys step up like Bonafacio and make Ricky play them every day.

  • In reply to Lee Shannon:

    Seems like we signed Carlos MarmHole 2.0.

  • Signs of Castro and Rizzo getting more comfortable at the plate?

  • castro looks confident & aggressive. rizzo looks much better, now we need castillo to get rolling. lets get kalish,olt & lake in the lineup daily please.

  • Unless we think sweeney, schierholtz, barney & valbuena are taking us to the world series then by all means put them on the lineup card.

    IMO, as soon as we unload schierholtz & barney the only platoon would be valbuena at 2nd against most righties and Bonafacio in CF. Then against lefties Ruggiano in CF and Bonafacio at 2nd. So hopefully when Baez comes up in July there would be no platoons. You would have a young great defensive outfield and if Castro can start playing some defense (a good infield defense) as well.

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