Anarchist's Brunch- The Bull Market of Spring…..

So the first pressing need is to work out a package deal of Darwin Barney and Nate Schierholtz to the Tigers. But if the Tigers sign Stephen Drew then that's off but we could probably still trade Schierholtz and then send Barney to the Yankees or possibly the Mets or Marlins. Hammel is clearly this year's rehab and trade candidate, but others are hoping Edwin jackson can rebound enough so that Theo and Jed can "unload" him and get out of what really isn't all that burdensome of a contract. Carlos "The Moose-tache" Villanueva is going to get the 5th starter's job over Rusin so he can be showcased and all of this is just the opening act until we trade Jeff Samardzija to…..who is it these days? The Rangers? Really? The Rangers again?!!!!? Aren't they getting tired of Cubs pitchers? I would be.

Well anyway, the big Koo-deh-gras will be trading Jeff Samardzija for 40 cents on the dollar. I heard Luke Jackson mentioned the other day. I hadn't heard of him either. Anyway, we've gone from "Archie Bradley AND Boz Skaggs" to "possibly Luke Jackson" Nice downward trajectory you have there Theo…. No talk of resigning him. Well except from the GM, but nobody believes him and instead we hear things from people on the Radio and in Blogs and now we're pencilling in "possibly Luke Jackson" for our 2016 rotation….Which is good. Possibly Luke Jackson is a long name, gonna take quite awhile to stitch.

Please, please, please tell me this is the last year we have to go through this trade rigamarole?

This isn't Felzzy not understanding or rallying against the big plan. All for the big plan. But the Big plan involves turning a corner. The Plan involves liking what you have and looking for ways to add to it. To "Accelerating the build" if you will. And I understand that now that Javy Baez has been sent down (More on him later…) that interest in Cubs baseball has plummeted through the floor. That there's a belief that what we see on the field is actually starting to work. And we want to encourage that by supplementing it with players that aren't on the floor after fallen out of the bargain bin, but people that are actually quite good at baseball.

Nobody remembers Corey Black. Nobody knows who he is. Cub fans tried for years to trade Alfonso Soriano, screamed for it, demanded it, held their breath and turned blue about it. Then he finally gets traded, And even though Corey Black, It is Corey Black right?!!??, even though Black would go on and pitch great for Daytona, he's not on anyone's radar. What was all that trading fuss about then? If and when Black does make it, it will be considered a bonus right. Better yet, if Black washes out, it's not like we're gonna debate who the Cubs SHOULD have gotten.

I understand the Cubs are STILL in the position where they should move present day pieces for pieces that will help down the road,  but shouldn't that piss you off? Shouldn't that piss the GM and the president off…..?

And I love trades. I really really do. But these trades above just sound like a team that's given up. Justin Hammel is supposedly a rebuild and trade at the deadline guy right? Here's a better candidate…..Mike Olt. If you were to start Mike Olt everyday, get 25 HR out of him you could get back a significant pitcher or two Possibly Luke Jackson. The Cubs are stacked at 3B prospects- Bryant, Olt, Villanueva, Candaleirio, they can't all play, there's a trade that's worth discussing. Not what Darwin Barney is going to get you.

Heck, most people say not every member of the core four aren't gonna make it. Could you speculate on what Jorge Soler might fetch…. Now that will get the blood humming.

Instead we fall into this woe is us where we don't see winning present, we may as well put on the Red wig and think about tomorrow, trade Shark, trade Schierholtz. The tide is already turning on Starlin Castro they'll soon want to trade him to make room for Baez and when Baez stumbles out of the gate…because he's a rookie and that's what most rookies do, and Baez might be  surrounded by a bunch of Valbuenas and we see how Rizzo and Castro did with that….people will say "Well Baez wasn't a Theo draft pick…." and want to trade him too……and the vicious circle will keep going and going….

I don't hold out much hope for Samardzija staying. I'd love to watch this season unencumbered just to see how he adjusts, and can he trust his other pitches more, get ahead more, economize his pitches better. There are so many stories with Jeff Samardzija that I'd love to see talked about or made the focal point. But it won't happen. After every start the damn trade meter is gonna go up.  "Maybe now Stronman is in play….." Who?!!?!??! Whatever.

Please, Please, please let this be the last year of this.

Odds and Sodds

IF ONE MORE PERSON FEELS THEY HAVE TO GET ON THEIR SOAP BOX AND TELL ME WHY THE CUBS ARE SENDING DOWN JAVY BAEZ I'M GONNA DRINK GASOLINE ALL DAY THEN SET MY PEE ON FIRE!!!!!!  Most Cub fans understand why he's going to Iowa. To develop and to save service time. There. Yet anytime someone shows disappointment at having an uninteresting Cubs season till he gets here, they're immediately considered stupid and lectured by the "know-it-alls" who have baseball prospectus memberships and a gripe about almost everything except craft beer and Arcade Fire.

Oh and by the way, Arcade Fire is insufferable.

I understand why Javy Baez is going down. I still wish he was with the Cubs because the Cubs would be more interesting. I'm allowed to house both thoughts. So shut up already.

Here's an over-analasys of Masahiro Tanaka in Spring training. Only 7 more years of this….

Rusin seems to be having a very good spring.

Conversely, Justin Grimm's fastball seems to be straighter than a Bud Abbot "Who's on first"…..

If you have an hour or three, check out this Rany Jazayerli piece on the Cubs. All faith will be restored if you do.

Van Morrison's "Astrial Weeks" is my Sunday music. Sometimes I think "Into the Mystic" is the greatest song ever written anywhere by anyone at any time in any universe.

So Hawk Beat writers sit there like sheep as Joel Quenville compares Teuvo Terravainen's skills to Patrick mane's, Stan Bowman hypes the kid for weeks (since the trading deadline at the beginning of the month) and Blackhawk management decides to webcast his first practice in a Hawk uniform, and then turns around and tells fans they're getting too excited and putting unreal expectations on the kid………OHHHHHHHHHHHH Kay!!!!!!!

For a revamped bullpen……seeing a lot of blown leads this Spring. Coincidence I'm sure.


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  • At least Scherzer will reach free agency. There's someone to dream on to accelerate the rebuild.

  • I know you would like to see an end to the reclamation projects in the rotation, but with a team that is rebuilding and pitching being farther behind than the hitters, it will be around for awhile, and honestly maybe longer.

    Think about it, if a team has a steady stream of young pitchers coming up, the service time issue and the controlling of innings will always be there. So why would the Cubs not continue to sign the Maholm's, Feldman's, Villaneuva's, Hammels of the world to start the year and let a young CJ Edwards type pitch in AAA and control his innings a little more, than flip the vet and call up the young prospect. This would be a great way to fill the back of the rotation and not have to shut down young arms in September, when hopefully, we will be playing meaningful games soon, not just getting an early start on next years spring training.

  • When you set your pee on fire could you record it and post a link? That would be cool.

  • I like craft beer.

  • In reply to SamFels:

    Here here! And yeah I dig Van Morrison also.

    I look at the little trades like scratching tickets and hoping for three cherries in a row. Not even remotely likely but a lot of fun when it does.

  • My man Felzz!!!! Loved this, and believe you me there are good number of us Cubs fans like you that can hold two thoughts in their simultaneously: that is probably the "right" thing long term for Baez to be sent down to Iowa while also noting that this season would be more fun for many of us to be able to see Baez put in work in Wrigley.

    Ideally the Cubs should be both 90+ game winners AND entertaining. Its fair to note that they were neither during either of the Dale Sveum seasons, and without Baez and some of the other prodigies called up in 2014 will probably be neither this season. Doesn't mean "the plan" is wrong, just means many of us are tired of watching bad, non-entertaining baseball within the Friendly Confines.

    And yes, Arcade Fire is insufferable.

  • I'd love to see Olt be too good to trade. Trade Sheirholtz and Barney at the deadline and bring up Baez after his Super 2 expires, Hammels surprise enough to stay. Sign Smarj and trade Edwin instead. Give the Jackson money to him. I'd much rather see Jeff than Edwin. Then send Candelario and Solar in a trade for pitching prospects. Say goodbye to Vitters and give Jackson 1 more try before giving him the boot.

  • In reply to CubsBuck22:

    I don't see the Cubs trading Olt this year,.... BUT IF Baez is hitting and fielding (be it at 2B, SS or 3B) come July, AND Castro is more like the Castro we loved a couple seasons ago, AND Barney/Roberts/Valbuena are doing the job at 2B, AND it looks like Alcantara is the 2B for 2015 and beyond, and Bryant just has to play somewhere,....

    Olt - especially if he is hitting >0.260 and smacking 25+ HR makes an excellent trade candidate who would likely generate significant interest and return if traded.

    If Barney can be traded for any sort of value - I hope they do it as he's NOT the 2B of the future in Wrigley. I like the guy - and wouldn't mind seeing him get a fair shake elsewhere if the Cubs can make a trade work that makes sense. Even IF Barney is traded - the Cubs management is going to have to figure out how the pieces fit together in 2015 and beyond.

    But isn't that a fine problem to have - rather than the problems our Cubs have been having most of my Cubs-watching lifetime?

    And - btw - Arcade Fire most decidely DOES stink.

  • In reply to CubsBuck22:

    Wonder how much of Jacksons contract the Cubs will have to 'EAT' if/when we trade him.

    I believe we got Jackson because we have to put a team on the field every day till the kids grow up In our 4-6 year plan to be permanent contenders. He was supposed to eat 200 innings each year and probably be a No. 3 pitcher who looks better than he is compared to the rest of our staff. That was the plan.

    Well after Year #1, not so much. After spring training of Year 2, not so much, Again. Is there hope for this guy????

    Sure there is..,as long as we trade Jeff S...... , and the others get worse. Not my day for optimism.

  • Wow, Felzz! I could almost cry. Finally some words of reason.

  • I'm of the opinion that you will know when the rebuild turn and burn is done. Look at a team like Baltimore who went from 69 wins to 93. They didn't do it on the back of FA signings. They signed JJ Hardy for $5 mil in 2011, Jason Hammel for around $5 mil and Wei-Yin Chen as an IFA in 2012. The majority of their improvement came from players reaching their maturity. In other words, when they are ready to stop selling off pieces the team will let you know on the field.

    While I'm not thrilled by the idea of trading off players like Shark 2 years before they become FAs, the thing to remember is we're talking a 29 year old pitcher who's been inconsistent. If he were willing to work with the cubs and sign long term on a probably cub favored deal then sure, roll the dice on him becoming the type of pitcher he could be. To a lessor extent, Olt also falls in that category. He'll be 26 in August and if he's inconsistent as Shark has been over the next 2 years you'll be looking at a similar situation. Contrasting that with something like Rizzo and Castro who are 24 and you're talking about large ares of their prime years ahead.

    To me that's the difference you're talking about. I'm more willing to buy the "if" on players who are 24 than those who are in their upper 20's and have yet to put together that "breakout" season. Combine that with the fact that the team hasn't "let you know" that they are out of the rebuild you have to consider moving them. To quote Parcells, "You are what your record says you are." Last year in the first half the cubs were on pace for 73 wins. That's a sell off team. If they are on the same pace this year, you sell off short term pieces.

  • In reply to beckdawg:

    Absolutely, if the Cubs are on a 73 win pace (or even an 83 win pace) they should sell of the short term pieces.

    But Olt is not a short term piece. They have control over him for about 6 years. If he does poorly this year, there is little reason to trade him because he will have little or no value. But if he is on a pace to hit 25 home runs, it should take a substantial return to entice a trade.

    Baez is likely to end up at second base. Bryant is striking out half of his at bats, and can easily switch to RF it he develops. Alcantara can play just about anywhere, and can take the Bonifacio role of super sub if there is not set place for him. Let's face it. The Cubs do not have a surplus at ANY position such that it will block a top prospect from reaching the majors.

    Power hitters are becoming a scarce (and thus valuable) commodity, and this isn't going to change in the near future. A power hitter that can play gold glove defense at a critical position is even more scarce. If Olt has a first-half season that looks like he is fulfilling his promise, the last thing they should do is trade him.

    Unless, of course, they are blown away. But that can be said for Baez, Almora, Castro, Bryant, or any of the core players. If you can get surplus value by trading ANYONE, you should do so. But wanting to trade a core piece, which Olt will be with a good half season, doesn't make sense if the reason is because he is surplus to our needs.

  • "Heck, most people say not every member of the core four aren't gonna make it."

    -Still trying to figure out what that double negative means. Maybe a bloody Mary will help.

    Astral Weeks..... you got this old hippie smiling.

  • In reply to Oneear:


  • LOL!

  • Just pulled up "Into the Mystic" on Spotify and I think I am in the same place. I have always felt Van Morrison was underrated. Not sure why that is, but I always have loved his music.

    Regarding Baez, I made the investment in this year simply to watch spring training. I know it will be a crap investment, but it gives me the opportunity to be excited about baseball and being a Cubs fan. I think the Cubs are sending Baez down simply to protect me and my wellbeing. If he came to the majors to start the season and failed, my entire baseball season would be ruined. I get at least another year of seeing a few prospects put up video game numbers in the minors.

  • Fels, I'm a long-time BP subscriber -not a real craft beer or Arcade Fire- but, like you, have grown irritated with the pedantic tone of some of the self-anointed "rebuild aficionados". Their reflexive responses to any criticism of the "plan" is that the critic is either serially impatient and/or desires a Hendry-like orgy of foolish spending. This isn't a binary situation; the future can't always be a distant horizon.

  • Right on, Felzz!

    If that Super 2 rule didn't exist, I suspect Baez would be in the Opening Day line up. Yeah, yeah, he could could use ABs at AAA and work on his game, blah, blah, blah. But if we're not thinking postseason, he is without question good enough to learn the same lessons he'd learn at AAA in the majors. So it's all about Super 2 and cost control. I hate that rule. And it is depriving us of the huge buzz we'd all have if Baez was in the line up on April 4 at Wrigley. But hopefully Olt is in the Opening Day line up and Kalish is at least on the roster, so we'll have that -- just a few days before the Blackhawks go for the first of 16 wins.

    So the excitement and anticipation builds cause Baez is coming this summer and the others won't be far behind. And I still think this team is going to be one of the big surprises.

    I can hardly wait. Because we're gonna have a lot of fun this spring and summer. It's coming!

  • In reply to TTP:

    I think Baez right now is a better hitter than any one we can play at 2nd. I agree the FA status plays a part but so does having him work on pitch recognition and giving Barney time to show he can hit so he can be traded before he comes to chicago

  • In reply to bleachercreature:

    Agreed - and showcasing Barney is not a trivial point if the goal is to trade him for value at some point.

  • In reply to drkazmd65:

    Not a "trivial" point, but not a priority. All the GMs in baseball know what Barney brings to the table and what he lacks, so no matter what he does the first two months of the season, we'd pretty much get in trade in whatever we'd get now -- which won't be much. And, BTW, I really like Barney but he just ain't part of our future for sure. In any event, I doubt the notion of showcasing Barney had anything to do with Baez being sent down. And, yes, Felzz's baseball aficionados are right: Baez starting is AAA is the smart thing to do. Getting reps and the Super 2 thing and all. I just wish it wasn't so.

  • In reply to bleachercreature:

    I think you are correct. I have been thinking for months that 2B is where he is gonna end up. Maybe not. Maybe the Cubs brass have a different outlook. For now, that outlook seems to be "We'll See" in the next year, and if its not at short, he can learn in the next off-season.

  • I am among those who 'gets' both the Ying and Yang of sending Baez down to AAA to work on 'things'.

    It serves two purposes - as you point out. AAA pitching and fielding practice to hone his game so that when he does make it to Wrigley, he is as set up for 'success' as the management can make him. BUT it does most decidely also serve the purpose of keeping his pricetag more under control by the team.

    Anybody who doesn't recognize the logic of doing what management is doing is not being forward-thinking. However - anybody who doesn't also simulatniously recognize that Baez 'now' would probably be an above replacement level guy because of his bat is also not grounded in reality.

    It is possible to keep both sets of ideas in my head at the same time. I suspect it is so for most of us.

  • Felzz, I keep saying this the Cubs are only 2 studs away (I know easier said than done) a power hitting left handed outfielder and a top starter.

    Here is my take:
    1. trade barney to make room for bonafacio and then baez
    2. lake starts in CF if he isnt cutting by end of june and bonafacio is, bring up baez move bonafacio to CF
    3. if alcantera is killing in AAA and Olt is having a solid year I could see trading Olt (but it should be for a really good package).
    4. Kalish in LF and Schierholtz in RF if you do include Schierholtz in a package then you platoon Sweeney/Ruggioni in RF
    5. Trade Hammel,Russell & Villanueva
    6. Trade either Shark or Jackson
    7. Bring up Bryant in Sept to play RF
    Here comes the hard part:
    1. Go get: Scherzer or Price or?
    2. Go get CarGo or Heyward or?

    This means we are with in 2 guys of being a very solid team.
    1. Bonafacio CF (keeping it warm for Almora?)
    2. Castro SS
    3. Gonzalez LF
    4. Baez 3B or 2B
    5. Rizzo 1B
    6. Bryant RF
    7. Alcantera/Olt 2B or 3B
    8. Castillo C

    1. Scherzer
    2. Shark
    3. Wood
    4. sign veteran or the #4 pick in the draft or you pick 2
    5. Hendrick,Edwards,Arrieta,Grimm,Jokisch,Johnson,Ramirez

    We arent that far from being a contender so we probably need to sell off all the mediocre players this summer. We have to make roster room anyway.

  • Nice of Tom to give Gordon Wittenmeyer a column

  • I keep seeing people blaming Super 2 as to why guys like Baez are not going to start the year with their team.

    Not true.

    Super 2 is why you wouldn't call him up in late April or May.

    Free agency is why he is going to Iowa to start the year, to make sure he isn't a free agent after 2019 and will be after 2020.

    Super 2 was done to keep teams from sending them down for a week or two, then calling them up. Super 2 is a benefit to those players as at least they get arbitration after their almost 3 seasons, even though they won't be a free agent until after their 7th season, due to not be able to get 6 full years of service time in their first 6 years.

  • I've had so many thoughts about Baez, just this morning!

    Will he play SS, or 2B, or 3B?

    Well, here are some other questions I think have to be answered first.

    1--Will Barney start, be a back-up or get traded.???

    2--Will Olt become the regular 3B, part of a platoon, or sent down for more seasoning or rehab on the shoulder???

    3--How fast will Bryant reveal his true position, 3B or Outfield.

    I honestly think the Brass needs time to answer these questions, and figures, heh, we got the time because we aren't goin anywhere with this pitchin staff. So lets let it play itself out a bit.

    Man, I hope their patience pays off.

  • fb_avatar

    The Javy Baez hype train really needs to get back into the station. He's got amazing power. Those of us who have been following him have known that since he was drafted. But this is spring training. He did great spring training 2013, too, before starting off in a horrible slump in Daytona which eventually led to John writing its too early to give up on Javier Baez.

    His hands mean he doesn't miss mistakes. That's a huge benefit and could play in the majors right now. But good pitchers have been able to get him out stunningly easily this spring by working him in and out and throwing him off speed stuff. If you put him in the majors right now -- to steal a line applied to Sori -- he has a better chance of seeing a unicorn than a fastball.

    He has to learn to control his aggressiveness. I think that AAA is going to be a bumpy start for him, much like AA and A+ were. And the benefit is that he can learn how pitchers will work him and to handle off-speed pitches without having to worry about 100 mph fastballs offsetting them or Sean Marshall's curve falling off the table.

    He has all the raw talent in the world and could probably be a major league player right now. But if he wants to reach his lofty ceiling, he has a lot to work on. That's precisely what the minors are for.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Mike Moody:

    Well said.
    The floor seems high enough to be pretty decent major leaguer.
    But the ceiling is still substantially higher with refined approach.
    I still think he's up by the all-star break. But a sobering month of AAA ball could be the best thing to happen for him, long term.

  • I am always shocked at how many people have never heard "Into The Mystic". I danced to it at my wedding and couldn't believe how many times we were asked what song it was. There's a lot more to Van Morrison than "Brown Eyed Girl".

  • Hey Felzz, I might be a little crazy, but I put Baez on my Fantasy BB League. I feel he'll only be down for a short time. Freak injuries happen all of the time. Maybe Barnyard will get traded. I think the Cubs FO has a clue on what to do with the "core four", altho I count 7 players as being part of their future. What will they do with Jackson & Vitters? My music for today is The Stones Grrr Album disc 2

  • fb_avatar

    Aww man, I love craft beer! And all Arcade Fire- "Funeral" was a pretty innovative album during an increasingly mainstream era of indie rock.
    But, did anyone see them play "Reflektor" on SNL? I dribbled a little bit of pee laughing at the singer miming around in a glass case of senseless emotion. So goofy. Boring album, too.

    As for the surplus of infielders in the system, I agree-
    Obviously, we need LH bats and starting pitching. Ideally, Olt puts together a really nice season. That gives us a young, cost-controlled power hitting, defensively gifted option to trade. If Alcantara struggles, we keep Olt. Baez plays 2B, and the trick becomes acquiring one more lefty outfield bat. Which probably does requires parting with Soler/Vogelbach and others in a package for CarGo.

    I'd like to see a free agent pitching signing in the offseason. Masterson, Shields or Scherzer. That's absolutely essential if we do trade Samardzija. But the start of a formidable rotation if we keep Jeff. I'd actually prefer to sell high on Travis Wood rather than Samardzija. Get whatever we can for Hammel. And eat some of Edwin's contract just to save some face in attempt to acquire a little talent. Start 2015 with Jeff, a TOR free agent signing and Arrieta, Hendricks and allow Vizcaino another chance to start. Arrieta becomes trade bait depending on Edwards/Pierce. By then, Bryant/Almora should be close. And we'd still have a surplus of position players to make a trade for another TOR pitcher to replace Hendricks. Consider the assets acquired from the 2014 sell-off and a #4 draft pick. We may still have a top 10 system.

    But hey- At the end of the day I trust Theo and Jed.
    I've never seen a Cubs team run like this in my lifetime.

  • fb_avatar

    Kaplan tweet: Rangers GM Jon Daniels on Garza deal w/Cubs. "I thought way too short term w/that deal. That one's got a chance to haunt us + haunt me."

  • In reply to Mike Moody:

    5 of our top 20 are Texas exes right? So decent chance he's right. But if they'd contended for a title then I would say well worth it. Cubs will get to be buyers soon enough.

  • fb_avatar

    I can't help but chuckle anytime people imply we're trying to get "value" for Barney. Trading Barney brings us nothing more than an organizational guy.
    However, it does:
    1) Free up a position.
    2) Allow Darwin the opportunity to play as a defensive specialist with another organization.

    At the very best, he's a toss in with Nate/Russell/Hammel/Samardzija, etc.
    If we're expecting a teams top 10 prospect for Darwin Barney, we're developing into a delusional fanbase.

  • Great article, Felzz! I completely agree!

  • I think as fans we probably would all like to see Baez up in Wrigley. To be honest, we all probably feel the way you do on this Felzz. We aren't masochists (at least I don't think we are). We aren't putting ourselves through this pain and boredom for the fun of it. I think we all understand it has to be this way, but I think most of us wish it didn't. I think most of us would love it if he could come up on Opening Day with no consequences to the team or to the player himself.

  • In reply to John Arguello:


    It's not just when Baez will come up(my guess is when the Cubs get that extra year) but where will he play. 3B,2B, or SS. Lots involved with that choice..,don't you think?

  • In reply to rakmessiah:

    I think it's very likely to be 2B at this point unless the Cubs make other changes, but you're right. A lot can change from now until even mid-season.

  • fb_avatar

    I could care less about craft beers and the next good Arcade Fire song I hear will be the first. I do, however, occasionally feel the need to explain why Baez will get sent down, as most people who think they're baseball geniuses don't know super two from a number two. Sorry if that causes you to pour a shot or two of 91 octane.

  • realistically we are next year then the year after before we start contending. that's technically 3 yes away. samardzija really won't be in our plans then. I say flip him

  • Nice call. Astral Weeks is the best album of all time, IMO. Van Morrison is my favorite. Good show.
    Not a huge Arcade Fire fan but they've got a couple good tunes. The National opened up for them a while ago. They're my favorite band right now.
    Hammel has to get on top of his fastball or he's gonna be up and straight. Hope he does.
    I really liked the way Sanchez threw on Friday. I know he prolly gets sent down but he may surprise.

  • junior starting to heat up

  • Baez seems to get out on his front foot. I know his swing was compared to frank Thomas the other day and I can see what they mean but frank was very quiet while being violent. Javier is very loud while being violent. I hope that is what the organization is trying to get him to work on. He won't be able to turn on the breaking ball the way he's capable if he doesn't keep his weight back better. I really like his swing. I'm giving the front office the benefit of the doubt on this one though. He's not just being sent down due to super two. He has to keep his hands back on the breaking ball better. His weight transfer makes that tough. He gets on that front foot a little. He has to recognize pitches better than most hitters because he comes up off of that back foot. He has less room for error. Gonna hit it a ton when he does though. He's proven that.

  • Great article, Felzz! Not to rub salt in a wound but with Jurickson Profar now out 8-12 weeks for our monogamous trading partner brace yourself for more "possibly Luke Jackon" rumors!!

  • fb_avatar

    I have zero interest in Luke Jackson.
    Unless Texas loses their minds and gives him up for Hammel.

  • Felz,

    I enjoy this blog because people can share their opinions in a respectful manner, so please don't tell people to shut up. Secondly, it sounds like your turning into Paul Sullivan.

  • I definitely understand the sentiment here, felzz. No one wants to be listening to/watching two and a half months of the team spinning its wheels to another catastrophic, embarrassing finish. I think the Epstoyer regime will have the green light to acquire/promote talent IF (and it's a big IF) the team can find a way to win in the first three months of the season. Renteria and the boys will have to make the case with their performance on the field before they will force the hands of the FO, though. Otherwise, your frustration will prove, unsurprisingly, to be completely and entirely justified.

  • You should check out the new War On Drugs record, "Lost In The Dream," felzz. Also, I'd be really curious about your opinion on Tame Impala's "Lonerism" and Oasis's "Definitely Maybe."

  • So if you're tired of all the bitching and trade talk, why add to it? You have the platform here to talk about any number of those things you mentioned, yet week after week it's bitching. Arcade Fire rules. And I'm done with Brunch, honestly. It's like listening to the radio.

  • fb_avatar

    Love the mystic song by Van.

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